Botswana has a different place in the geography of the world. There are many such things in this country that separate this country from other countries such as language, living style, dress, culture, religion, business. Let us know about some such unique facts related to the country of Botswana and important events related to history, knowing which your knowledge will increase.

Botswana Country Quick General Knowledge

CurrencyBotswana pula
GroupAfrican Union
ConstitutionSeptember 30, 1966
National Anthem of CountryFatshe leno la rona, (Blessed Be This Noble Land)

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Archaeological experts have shown that hominids have lived in Botswana for almost two million years. The remains of stone tools and fauna have revealed that all areas of the country were inhabited at least 400,000 years ago. In 1824 the first written record related to modern Botswana appears. These records suggest that Bangwaket had become the dominant force in the region.

Under the rule of Macaba II, Bangwetse housed vast herds of cattle in well-protected desert areas. When the Union of South Africa was formed from the main British colonies of the region in 1910, the high-powered territories - Bechuanaland Protectorate, Basutoland (now Lesotho), and Swaziland (now Elatini) were not included, but provision was made for June. In 1964, the United Kingdom accepted proposals for a democratic self-government in Botswana.The seat of government was moved from Mahikeng in South Africa in 1965 to the newly established Gaborone, which lies near the border of Botswana with South Africa. Based on the 1965 Constitution, the country held its first general election under universal suffrage and gained independence on 30 September 1966.

Botswana is the 48th largest country in the world. It is similar in size to Madagascar or France. The Okavango Delta, one of the world's largest inland deltas, is to the northwest. Makgadikgadi paan, a large salt pan, is located to the north. Botswana has diverse areas of wildlife habitat. In addition to the delta and desert areas, there are grasslands and savannas, where blue wildebeest, antelope and other mammals and birds are found. Northern Botswana has one of the few remaining large populations of endangered African wild dogs. The Chobe National Park, found in the Chobe district, has the world's largest density of African elephants. The Okavango Delta is one of the major semi-forested wetlands in Botswana and the largest inland delta in the world; It is an important ecosystem for the survival of many animals.
Since independence, Botswana has had the fastest growth rate in per capita income in the world. Botswana has transformed itself from one of the poorest countries in the world to a high middle-income country. GDP per capita increased from $ 1,344 in 1950 to $ 15,015 in 2016. Although Botswana was resource-rich, a good institutional framework allowed the country to recreate resource-income to generate stable future income. According to one estimate, it is the fourth largest gross national income on purchasing power parity in Africa. Botswana is a member of the African Union, the Southern African Development Community, the Commonwealth and the United Nations. The Bank of Botswana acts as a central bank. The currency of the country is Botswana Pula.
The official language of Botswana is English, although Setswana is widely spoken across the country. In Setswana, prefixes are more important, as they are in many other languages, because Setswana is a Bantu language and is a noun class from these prefixes. They include Bo, which refers to the country, Ba, which refers to the people, Mo, which is a person, and Se which is the language. For example, the main ethnic group of Botswana is the Tswana people, hence its name Botswana. People as a whole are Batswana, a person is Motswana, and the language they speak is Setswana.
  • The Republic of Botswana gained independence from the United Kingdom of Britain on 30 September 1966, before which it was known as Bechuanaland.
  • The Kalahari Desert is spread over about 70% of Botswana and is a flat country. The residents of Botswana are called 'Batswana'.
  • Botswana is bordered by Namibia to the west and north, and Zambia to a point in the north, and Zimbabwe to the northeast, and South Africa to the southwest, making it a landlocked country.
  • The area of ​​Botswana is 581,730 sq km. (224,610 sq mi), and according to the 2010 census it has a population of 2,155,784.
  • The currency of Botswana is named Botswanai Pula.
  • English and Tswana are the official languages ​​of Botswana and the national language is Saitswana.
  • Botswana is the third largest diamond producer in the world, along with exports of copper, nickel, diamonds and beef in abundance.
  • According to a 2007 report, Botswana has more elephants than other African nations. The number of elephants in Botswana is around 133,829.
  • Tsodilo hills is the highest place in Botswana, with an altitude of 1,489 meters above sea level.
  • Only soft bags with a limit of 15 kg are allowed on aircraft for travel to Botswana.
  • Botswana has a large inland river delta to the north, the Okavango Delta, known for its vast grassy plains that, when flooded seasonally, become a spectacular animal habitat.
  • The border between Botswana and Zambia is only 150 meters, making it the shortest border in the world. This border is crossed by the Kazungula ferry.
  • 30 September 1966 - Seratse Khama became the first President of Botswana, when Bachuanland Protecturet gained independence from the United Kingdom.
  • 30 September 1966 - Bechuanaland, the British protected state of South Africa, declared independence and became the Republic of Botswana.
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Botswana FAQs:

The capital of Botswana is Gaborone.

The currency of Botswana is Botswana pula.

Botswana is the part of Africa continent.

The languages spoken in Botswana are English, Setswana.

The national anthem of Botswana is "Fatshe leno la rona, (Blessed Be This Noble Land)".

Botswana country part of the African Union like large International groups.

Botswana country founded on September 30, 1966.

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