The Chief Minister of Bihar is the chief executive of the state of Bihar, India. According to the Constitution of India, the Governor of Bihar is the legal head of the state, but actual executive authority rests with the Chief Minister. After the elections to the Bihar Legislative Assembly, the Governor usually invites the party with a majority to form the government. The Governor appoints the Chief Minister, whose council of ministers is collectively responsible to the Legislative Assembly.

Bihar's Chief Minister: Quick Facts

Current Chief MinisterNitish Kumar
Political partyJanata Dal (United)
Term of office5 years
Oath taking date27 July 2017
First Chief MinisterKrishna Singh

Current Chief Minister of Bihar 2023

Nitish Kumar is an Indian politician who has been working as the Chief Minister of Bihar since 22 February 2015, he first held this position from 2005 to 2014 and for some time in 2000. He was a member of the Samata Party from 2005 and the Janata Dal from 1989 to 1994. Kumar first entered politics as a member of the Janata Dal, became an MLA in 1985.

Kumar founded a Samajwadi Samata Party in 1994 with George Fernandes. In 1996, he was elected to the Lok Sabha, and served as a Union Minister in the government. In 2003, his party merged with Janata Dal (United) and Kumar became its leader. In 2005, the NDA won a majority in the Bihar Legislative Assembly and Kumar became the Chief Minister leading the alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party.

History of Chief Minister of Bihar

In the state of Bihar, since 1946 till now, 23 people have been the Chief Minister of this state. The first Chief Minister of Bihar was Shri Krishna Sinha. He also remained the longest serving Chief Minister of Bihar, serving for 14 years, 304 days. Satish Prasad Singh remained the shortest serving Chief Minister of Bihar for five days in 1968. The current incumbent is Nitish Kumar who has been in power since 22 February 2015.

Complete List of Chief Ministers of Bihar (1946-2023)

Here is the Latest updated Complete List of Bihar CM from 1946 to 2023 with Names, Service Period, and Political Parties Information:

Serial numberName of chief ministerTake officePost freePolitical party
1Shri Krishna Singh (Three times)2 April 194631 January 1961Indian National Congress
2Deep Narayan Singh1 February 196118 February 1961Indian National Congress
3Binodanand Jha18 February 19612 October 1963Indian National Congress
4K. B. Sahai2 October 19635 March 1967Indian National Congress
5Mahamaya Prasad Sinha5 March 196728 January 1968Jan Kranti Dal
6Satish Prasad Singh28 January 19681 February 1968Indian National Congress
7B. P. Mandal1 February 19682 March 1968Indian National Congress
8Bhola Paswan Shastri22 March 196829 June 1968Indian National Congress

President's Rule (29 June 1968 - 26 February 1969)

9Harihar Singh26 February 196922 June 1969Indian National Congress
10Bhola Paswan Shastri (second time)22 June 19694 July 1969Indian National Congress (Organisation)

President's Rule (6 July 1969 - 16 February 1970)

11Daroga Prasad Rai16 February 197022 December 1970Indian National Congress
12Karpuri Thakur22 December 197002 June 1971Socialist Party (India)
13Bhola Paswan Shastri (3rd time)02 June 197109 January 1972Indian National Congress

President's Rule (9 January 1972 - 19 March 1972)

14Kedar Pandey19 March 197202 July 1973Indian National Congress
15Abdul Ghafoor02 July 197311 April 1975Indian National Congress
16Jagannath Mishra11 April 197530 April 1977Indian National Congress

President's Rule (30 April 1977 - 24 June 1977)

17Karpuri Thakur (second time)24 June 197721 April 1979Janata Party
18Ram Sundar Das21 April 1979 17 February 1980Janata Party

President's Rule (17 February 1980 - 8 June 1980)

19Jagannath Mishra (second time)08 June 198014 August 1983Indian National Congress
20Chandrashekhar Singh14 August 198312 March 1985Indian National Congress
21Bindeshwari Dubey12 March 1985 13 February 1988Indian National Congress
22Bhagwat Jha Azad14 February 198810 March 1989Indian National Congress
23Satyendra Narayan Singh11 March 198906 December 1989 Indian National Congress
24Jagannath Mishra (3rd time)06 December 198910 March 1990Indian National Congress
25Lalu Prasad Yadav 10 March 199028 March 1995Janata Dal

President's Rule (28 March 1995 - 4 April 1995)

26Lalu Prasad Yadav (second time)04 April 199525 July 1997Janata Dal, Rashtriya Janata Dal
27Rabri Devi 25 July 199711 February 1999Rashtriya Janata Dal

President's Rule (11 February 1999 - 9 March 1999)

28Rabri Devi (2nd time)09 March 1999 02 March 2000Rashtriya Janata Dal
29Nitish Kumar03 March 2000 10 March 2000Janata Dal (United)
30Rabri Devi (3rd time)11 March 200006 March 2005Rashtriya Janata Dal

President's Rule (7 March 2005 - 24 November 2005)

31Nitish Kumar (second time)24 November 200524 November 2010Janata Dal (United)
32Nitish Kumar (3rd time)26 November 201020 May 2014Janata Dal (United)
33Jitan Ram Manjhi20 May 2014 20 February 2015Janata Dal (United)
34Nitish Kumar (fifth time)22 February 2015 19 November 2015 JDU
35Nitish Kumar (sixth time)20 November 201526 July 2017JDU
36Nitish Kumar (seventh time)July 27, 2017Till nowJDU+BJP

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