The Chief Minister of Karnataka, formerly known as the Chief Minister of Mysore, serves as the chief executive officer of the government of the Indian state of Karnataka. According to the Constitution of India, the Governor of Karnataka holds the title of legal head of the state, but actual executive authority rests with the Chief Minister.

Karnataka's Chief Minister: Quick Facts

Current Chief MinisterSiddaramaiah
Political PartyIndian National Congress
Term of office5 years
Oath taking date20 May 2023
First Chief MinisterK. C. Reddy

Current Chief Minister of Karnataka 2023

Siddaramaiah is an Indian politician who is currently the Chief Minister of Karnataka in 2023. He is currently the leader of the Indian National Congress, before this he has been a member of several Janata Parivar parties. As a member of Janata Dal, he has also been the Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka twice. He was previously the Chief Minister of Karnataka from 2013 to 2018. He belongs to the Indian National Congress and is currently the leader of the Congress Legislature Party.

He represented Varuna assembly constituency before 2023, Badami assembly constituency from 2008 to 2018, Badami assembly constituency from 2018 to 2023 and Chamundeshwari assembly constituency from 2004 to 2007, 1994 to 1999 and 1983 to 1989 in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly.

History of Chief Minister of Karnataka

Historically, this office replaced the office of Diwan of the erstwhile Kingdom of Mysore as a republic with the Constitution of India. Since 1947, there have been a total of twenty-three Chief Ministers of Mysore (as the state was known before 1 November 1973) or Karnataka. The first Chief Minister of Karnataka was K. from Congress Party. C. Reddy. The longest serving Chief Minister was D. Devaraj Urs, holding office for more than seven years in the 1970s. The largest gap between the two terms (over eighteen years) was that of Virendra Patil of the Congress.

B.S. Yediyurappa, who was the first Chief Minister of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), served as Chief Minister of the state four times in 2007, 2008, 2018 and 2019, the only person to do so in the history of Karnataka.

Complete List of Chief Ministers of Karnataka (1947-2023)

Here is the Latest updated Complete List of Karnataka CM from 1947 to 2023 with Names, Service Period, and Political Parties Information:

Name of Chief MinisterTenure Party/Political Party
K. C. Reddy 25 October 1947-30 March 1952Indian National Congress
Kengal Hanumanta 30 March 1952-19 August 1956Indian National Congress
Kadidal Manjappa19 August 1956-31 October 1956Indian National Congress
S. Nijalingappa01 November 1956-16 May 1958Indian National Congress
B. D. Jatti16 May 1958-09 March 1962Indian National Congress
S. R. Kanthi14 March 1962-20 June 1962Indian National Congress
S. Nijalingappa21 June 1962-29 May 1968 Indian National Congress
Virendra Patil29 May 1968-18 March 1971Indian National Congress

President's Rule (19 March 1971 – 20 March 1972)

D. Devraj Urs20 March 1972-31 December 1977Indian National Congress

President's Rule (31 December 1977-28 February 1978)

D. Devraj Urs28 February 1978-07 January 1980Indian National Congress
R. Gundu Rao12 January 1980-06 January 1983 Indian National Congress
Ramakrishna Hegde10 January 1983-29 December 1984Janata Party
Ramakrishna Hegde29 December 1984-08 March 1985 Janata Party
Ramakrishna Hegde08 March 1985-13 February 1986Janata Party
Ramakrishna Hegde16 February 1986-10 August 1988Janata Party
S. R. Bomanai13 August 1988-21 April 1989Janata Party

President's Rule (21 April 1989 - 30 November 1989)

Virendra Patil30 November 1989-10 October 1990Indian National Congress

President's Rule (10 October 1990 - 17 October 1990)

S. Bangarappa17 October 1990-19 November 1992Indian National Congress
M. Veerappa Moily19 November 1992-11 December 1994 Indian National Congress
HD Deve Gowda11 December 1994-31 May 1996 Janata Dal
J. H. Patel31 May 1996-07 October 1999 Janata Dal
S. M. Krishna11 October 1999-28 May 2004Indian National Congress
Dharam Singh28 May 2004-28 January 2006Indian National Congress
HD Kumaraswamy03 February 2006-08 October 2007Janata Dal (Secular)

President's Rule (09 October 2007 - 11 November 2007)

B. S. Yeddyurappa12 November 2007-19 November 2007Bharatiya Janata Party

President's Rule (20 November 2007 - 27 May 2008)

B. S. Yeddyurappa30 May 2008-31 July 2011Bharatiya Janata Party
D. V. Sadananda Gowda04 August 2011-12 July 2012Bharatiya Janata Party
Jagdish Shettar 12 July 2012-12 May 2013Bharatiya Janata Party
Siddaramaiah13 May 2013-16 May 2018Indian National Congress
B. S. Yeddyurappa 17 May 2018-23 May 2018Bharatiya Janata Party
HD Kumaraswamy 23 May 2018 - 26 July 2011Janata Dal Secular (JDS)
AB. S. Yeddyurappa 26 July 2011-26 July 2021 Bharatiya Janata Party
Basavaraj Bommai28 July 2021 - 17 May 2023 Bharatiya Janata Party
Siddaramaiah20 May 2023 - Till nowIndian National Congress

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