International Minority Rights Day Quick Facts

Event NameInternational Minority Rights Day ()
Event Started18 December 1992
Event LevelInternational Day
Observed byUnited Nations

International Minority Rights Day Brief

International Minority Rights Day is celebrated every year on 18 December all over the world. This day is celebrated every year since 1992 by the United Nations to protect the rights of minority communities, to ensure the protection of their Language, Caste, Religion, Culture, Tradition, etc.

International Minority Rights Day History

International Minority Rights Day began with a declaration by the United Nations on 18 December 1992.

International Minority Rights Day Objective

In India, the Ministry of Minority Affairs focuses on issues relating to minorities and also undertakes overall policy formulation, planning, coordination, evaluation and review of regulatory framework and regulatory development programs for the interests of the minority community.

The goal of the ministry includes development of minorities. For the development and growth of the minorities in India, the Ministry of Minority Affairs is ensuring the following:-

  • Right to Education.
  • Constitutional right.
  • Economic empowerment.
  • Empowerment of women.
  • Equal opportunity.
  • Protection and protection under the law.
  • Protection of valuable assets such as waqf assets.
  • Participation in the planning process.

More info about International Minority Rights Day

Meaning of Minority:

A UN Special Rapporteur, Francisco Copotorti, gave a global definition, according to which – “the communities living in a nation-state that are small in number and socially, politically and economically weak and whose race, religion, language etc. In spite of being different from the majority, if they make significant contribution in the building, development, unity, culture, tradition and maintenance of the national language, then such communities should be considered as a minority in that nation-state.

National Commission for Minorities:

Religion and language have been considered as the basis of minority in the Constitution of India. Minority communities constitute an estimated 19 percent of the total population of India. This includes Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and Parsis. Jains, Bahá'ís and Jews are minorities, but do not enjoy the respective constitutional rights.

The Government of India constituted the Minorities Commission in 1978 to provide protection to minority rights. It was later passed in 1992 as a law under the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992.

The National Commission for Minorities was placed under the Ministry of Minority Affairs by the UPA Government in January 2006. It has got all the constitutional rights that civil courts have. The formation of this commission is also important for India because there is no such commission in any country in the whole of Europe. Today many other states of India also have State Minorities Commissions.

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International Minority Rights Day FAQs:

International Minority Rights Day is observed every year on 18 December.

Yes, International Minority Rights Day is an International Day that is celebrated every year on December all over the World.

International Minority Rights Day started on 18 December 1992.

International Minority Rights Day is observed every year by United Nations.

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