World AIDS Day Quick Facts

Event NameWorld AIDS Day ()
Event Started1988
Event LevelInternational Day
Observed byWorld Health Organization

World AIDS Day Brief

World AIDS Day is celebrated every year on 1st December all over the world to make people aware about AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome). AIDS is an epidemic disease caused by infection with the human immunodeficiency (HIV) virus. World Health Day was first celebrated in the year 1988.

World AIDS Day History

World AIDS Day was First conceived in the month of August in 1987 by Thomas Netter and James W. Bunn. Thomas Netter and James W. Bunn were both public information officers for the WHO (World Health Organisation) AIDS Global Program in Geneva, Switzerland. He shared his idea of ​​AIDS Day with Dr. Johnathan Mann (Director of AIDS Global Programme), who approved the idea and started celebrating 01 December as World AIDS Day in the year 1988. It was decided by him to celebrate 1st of December every year as World AIDS Day.

More info about World AIDS Day

What is AIDS or what is it called?

AIDS (immune deficiency syndrome or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is caused by HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), which attacks the human body's immune system. The disease was first recognized in 1981. It was first known as AIDS on 27 July 1982.

Major symptoms of AIDS:

Influenza (flu), Headache, Fever, Sore throat, Muscle pain, Sores (ulcers) in the mouth or genitals, Swollen lymph glands mainly in the neck, Joint pain, Persistent tiredness, Unexplained weight loss, Tendency to get infections, Diarrhoea/diarrhoea/diarrhoea, Cough and shortness of breath, Persistent white patches or unusual sores in mouth or tongue, Night sweats, Skin rash, Blurred and distorted vision.

Major causes of AIDS:

  • Sexual contact: The most common cause of HIV transmission is having sexual contact with an infected person.
  • Use of infected needles: HIV is transmitted through infected needles and blood and contaminated syringes.
  • Blood transfusion: In some cases the virus can be transmitted from person to person through blood transfusion.
  • Mother-to-child: Pregnant women infected with the HIV virus can pass on to the fetus through their shared blood circulation. Infected women can also infect their newborn through breastfeeding.

How AIDS can be prevented:

The simplest way to avoid AIDS is to follow the ABCs:

  • To spread awareness among the public.
  • Use condoms to reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS.
  • Use of auto disposable syringes helps to prevent HIV infection.
  • Select male circumcision. For this, surgical removal of the foreskin (prepuce) from the human penis helps.
  • Blood transfusion should be taken only from safe, authorized and recognized blood banks.
  • A positive expectant mother with HIV infection should be counseled on how to prevent the transmission of HIV to her child (PPTCT).

Important Days of December Month - (National Days and International Days):

Day Event Name - Event Level
01 DecemberWorld AIDS Day - International Day
02 DecemberInternational Slave Eradication Day - International Day
03 DecemberWorld Disability Day - International Day
04 DecemberIndian Navy Day - National Day
05 DecemberWorld Soil Day - International Day
05 DecemberInternational Volunteer Day - International Day
07 DecemberInternational Civil Aviation Day - International Day
09 DecemberInternational Anti-Corruption Day - International Day
10 DecemberInternational Human Rights Day - International Day
11 DecemberInternational Mountains Day - International Day
14 DecemberNational Energy Conservation Day - National Day
16 DecemberNational Victory Day - National Day
18 DecemberInternational Minority Rights Day - International Day
20 DecemberInternational Human Unity Day - International Day
22 DecemberNational Mathematics Day - National Day
23 DecemberNational Farmers Day - National Day
24 DecemberNational Consumer Day - National Day
25 DecemberChristmas Day - International Day

World AIDS Day FAQs:

World AIDS Day is observed every year on 01 December.

Yes, World AIDS Day is an International Day that is celebrated every year on December all over the World.

World AIDS Day started on 1988.

World AIDS Day is observed every year by World Health Organization.

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