1904 in History – What happened in year 1904

In history, year 1904 has its own importance and known for many memorable events like famous birthdays, inventions, natural disaster, treaties, change of rulers, special days etc. Find below a list of important historical events which happened during the year 1904.

Top Historical Events of the Year 1904:

Date/MonthEvent / Incidence / Incident
08 januaryBlackstone Library , the first branch of the Chicago Public Library system, was dedicated.
07 februaryThe Great Baltimore Fire in Maryland began, and would destroy over 1,500 buildings in 30 hours.
17 februaryItalian composer Giacomo Puccini's Madama Butterfly premiered at La Scala in Milan, generating negative reviews that forced him to rewrite the opera.
08 aprilLongacre Square in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, was renamed Times Square after The New York Times building.
08 aprilBritish occultist and writer Aleister Crowley began transcribing The Book of the Law, a Holy Book in Thelema.
24 aprilRealizing that the Russfication of Lithuania was not working, the Russian Empire lifted the 40-year-old ban on publications using the Lithuanian language.
05 mayPitcher Cy Young of the Boston Americans threw the first perfect game in the modern era of professional baseball.
21 mayThe Fédération Internationale de Football Association, theinternational sport governing body of association football, was foundedin Paris.
16 juneIrish author James Joyce began his relationship with NoraBarnacle, and subsequently used the date to set the actions for his 1922novel Ulysses.
10 augustRusso-Japanese War-The first major confrontation betweenmodern steel battleship fleets took place in the Battle of the YellowSea.
08 octoberThe Canadian cities of Edmonton, Alberta, and Prince Albert,Saskatchewan, were both incorporated.
19 octoberThe Polytechnic University of the Philippines, the country'slargest university in terms of enrollment, opened as the Manila BusinessSchool.
03 decemberHimalia, the largest irregular satellite of Jupiter, was discovered by astronomer Charles Dillon Perrine at the Lick Observatoryin San Jose, California.
27 decemberThe stage play Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up by Scottish author and dramatist J. M. Barrie, about a mischievous little boy who can fly, premiered in London.
21 MayThe International Football Federation (FIFA), the highest football football body, was established in Paris.
23 MayThe first Wrestling World Championship was held in Vienna.
15 JulyFirst Buddhist temple built in Los Angeles, USA.
02 OctoberLal Bahadur Shastri, the second Prime Minister of India, was born in Mughalsarai, Uttar Pradesh.
17 OctoberBank of Italy opened to the general public.
26 DecemberThe country's first cross country motorcar rally was inaugurated between Delhi and Mumbai.
25 JanuaryThe coal mine explosion in Cheswick, Pennsylvania killed 179 people.
06 FebruaryThe Japan-Russian War began with the invasion of Japanese forces on the armies of Russia and China.
07 February1500 buildings burned to ashes due to a tremendous fire in Baltimore, USA.
12 JanuaryHenry Ford set a new automobile land speed record of 147.05 km.
23 FebruaryFor $ 10 million, the United States acquired control of the Panama Canal Zone.
26 March80,000 protesters protested against the import of Chinese workers into Hyde Park, London.
08 AprilBritain and France signed the Entente Cordial.
04 MayUnited States Army engineers began work on the Panama Canal.
14 AugustIsmail Montes became President of Bolivia South America.
17 AugustChris Watson resigned as Prime Minister of Australia and George Reid succeeded him

Famous birthdays in the year 1904:

Date/MonthName / Profession / Country
01 MayBill Brandt / Journalist / United Kingdom
04 AugustJoe Tate / Footballer / United Kingdom
05 AugustKenneth V. Thimann / Biologist / United States of America
05 JulyHarold Acton / Author / United Kingdom
05 AprilRichard Eberhart / Poet / United States of America
07 AugustRalph Bunche / Scientist / United States of America
15 SeptemberSheilah Graham Westbrook / Actress / United Kingdom
18 NovemberMasao Koga / Guitarist / Japan
19 AugustMaurice Wilks / Business Man / United Kingdom
20 March B. F. Skinner / Author / United States of America
20 February Alexei Kosygin / Politician / Russia
22 AprilJ. Robert Oppenheimer / Academic / United States of America
26 MayVlado Perlemuter / Educator / France
26 March Emilio Fernández / Actor / Mexico
27 MayChūhei Nambu / Journalist / Japan
27 OctoberRiho Lahi / Author / Estonia
27 AugustAlar Kotli / Architect / Estonia
28 AugustLeho Laurine / Chess Player / Estonia
29 AugustWerner Forssmann / Physician / Germany
29 MayHubert Opperman / Politician / Australia

Famous Indian Personalities Birthdays in the year 1904:

YearName / Profession / Country
29 JulyJehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata / Pilot / India
29 JulyJ. R. D. Tata / Business Man / India
11 AprilKundan Lal Saigal / Actor / India
29 February Rukmini Devi Arundale / Choreographer / India
09 SeptemberFeroze Khan / Hockey Player / India
10 FebruaryLal Bahadur Shastri / Activist / India
01 OctoberA. K. Gopalan / Politician / India
02 OctoberLal Bahadur Shastri / Politician / India
10 FebruaryLal Bahadur Shastri / Politician / India
29 JulyJ. R. D. Tata / Pilot / India
11 OctoberKazi Lhendup Dorjee / Politician / India
02 OctoberLal Bahadur Shastri / Politician / India
08 AugustTribhuvan Narayan Singh / Politician / India
04 JuneBhagat Puran Singh / Publisher / India
05 NovemberKalyan Vaidyanathan Kuttur Sunderam / Civil Servant / India
29 DecemberKuvempu / Poet / India

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