According to Gregory calendar, on April 24, the day number in a year is 115 and if it is a leap year then the day number is 116. April 24 has a special significance in India and world history, because many such incidents have occurred on this day which have been recorded forever in the pages of history. Let's know some such important events which will increase your general knowledge. The facts collected will be as follows: People born on this day, demise of famous people, war treaty, freedom of any country, invention of new technologies, change of power, important National and International Day etc.

Important Historical Events of 24 April in the World ⚡

Event YearIncident/Event
1479Thutmos III became the sixth Pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty of Egypt, although he was Coco-Regent with his aunt, Hatsepasut during the first 22 years of the reign.
1547The Schmalakaldic War-Calls V, the Holy Roman Emperor, led the royal soldiers for a decisive victory at the Battle of Muhalberg on the Lutheran Schmalakal League of Protestant princes.
1704The first issue of The Boston News-Later, published in British North America, was published.
1800The Library of Congress, The Ento National Library of the United States, was established as part of an Act of the Congress, which is the country's capital from Philadelphia to Tawashington, D.C.
1800Washington DC. Congress in the U.S. Library was established.
1858Freedom fighter Kunwar Singh died.
1877Russia declared a fight against the Ottoman Empire.
1888The Kodak Company was founded by George Eastman.
1904The Russian Empire lifted a 40 -year -old ban on publications using the Lithuanian language, realizing that Lithuania's juice was not working.
1913Woolworth Building opened as the tallest building in the world at that time in New York City.
1914The Frank-Hurtz experiment, a column in the development of zinc mechanics, was presented to the German Physical Society.
1915The German army released chloroform gas in the Ipper region of Belgium's Flemis province.
1915The Armenian massacre in the Ottoman Empire, hundreds of prominent Armenians began with the therest of Constantinopal and exile.
1916The Irish Republican led by Patrick Pierce in Ireland began Easter Rising against British rule and declared the Irish Republic an independent state.
1922The first part of the Imperial Wireless Chain, a strategic wireless telegraphy communication network designed to connect countries of the British Empire was opened.
1933Nazi Germany began harassing the Witnesses of Jehovah by closing the office of the Watch Tower Society in Magadeberg.
1938Kostantin Pats became Estonia's first president.
1951More than 100 people died when a train caught fire in Yokohama, Japan.
1960500 dead due to severe earthquake in South Iran.
1967Soviet spacecraft Soyuz 1 crashed in Siberia during its spread of Earth, causing the first human todi cosmonot Vladimir Komarov during the spacecraft.
1972Renowned painter Jaimini Rai passed away.
1974Famous poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar passed away.
1984Identifying AIDS-virus, acquired immune-deficient syndrome.
1990The Hubble Space Telescope was rode on the spaceshoot discovery in Mission STS-31.
1993The provisional Irish Republican Army carried out a truck bomb blast in the financial district of Bishopsgate, killing one person, while 44 others were injured and caused £ 1 billion in the loss.
1995Shanaya Twin, the 31st Academy of Sangeet Academy of the country, was honored.
1996Belasco Jack in the city with John Barry had 12 performances open at night.
199624 and 11 tigers were played in 11 years of baseball game. In this, he scored the highest point.
1997Steel Peer is opened in Richard Theater in New York City. It was for 76 demonstrations.
2002Bank in Argentina closed indefinitely.
2006Parliament restored in Nepal.
2009The United States, other countries, were expressed by the WHO about the expenses of Influenza from Mexico.
2010Prime Minister Advocate Vajjajwa dismissed the demand. He did this by his protector. He did this to dissolve Parliament in 30 days.
2011There was an earthquake in Sulawesi. The earthquake was of 6.2 intensity that collided with Indonesia.
2012The Russian scientist had earlier reported to see the adult white Orca which was to be seen in the wild.
2013A building collapsed in Savar Upanzila, Bangladesh, killing 256 people and injuring more than 1000.
2013To form a new government from President Georgio Vipolitao in Italy, he received the mandate to Enerilo Hatta, Secretary, Democratic Party.
2013A building collapsed in Savar Upjila, Dhaka, Bangladesh, resulting in more than 1 to 100 people, leading to the most deadly structural structural failure in modern human history.

Important Historical Events of 24 April in India ⚡

Event YearIncident/Event
1973Indian cricketer master blaster Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was born in Mumbai.
2008The Maoist leader Pushpakmal Dahal alias Prachanda, who is going to form the new government in Nepal, announced the end of the 1950 treaty between India and Nepal.

Important Days of 24 April National & International Days 🏁

National Panchayati Raj DayNational Day
International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for PeaceInternational Day
World Immunization Week, 24-30 April [WHO]International Day
World Immunization Week (24 to 30 Apr)International Day

Famous People's Birthdays on 24 April 😀

Birth YearName/Category/Country
1908Violet Alva / Lawyer / India
1973Sachin Tendulkar / Player / India
1908Violet alva / Lawyer / India
1908Violet Alva / Politician / India
1909Tika Ram Paliwal / Politician / India
1929Dr. Rajkumar / Actor / India
1934Jayakanthan / Author / India
1941Taruvai Subayya Krishnamurthy / Civil Servant / India
1944Arjun Nehru / Politician / India
1973Sachin Tendulkar / Cricketer / India
1973Sachin Tendulkar / Player / India

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