The year 1936 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1936 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1936 in World ⚡

05 MayItalian troops captured Addis Ababa.
04 JuneBollywood's famous actress Nutan was born.
08 OctoberFamous Hindi writer and novelist Premchand died.
02 NovemberThe BBC broadcast the world's first hypertension television program.
12 NovemberThe temples of Kerala open to all Hindus.
25 NovemberThe anti-Cominton International) agreement was signed between Germany and Japan.
12 AugustDiver Marjorie Gestring became the youngest Olympic gold medalist of 13 years (268 days).
30 AugustFreedom fighter Bhikaji Cama died.
24 DecemberFor the first time, John Lawrence used radioactive isotope medication on the patient.
21 JanuaryEmperor George V of Britain died.
24 JanuaryAlbert Saurot became Prime Minister of France.
06 FebruaryA team of explorers discovered the world's coldest region after four years of intense effort.
15 FebruaryRussian physician and biologist Petrovich Pavloff died at the age of 87.
29 FebruaryNature magazine published Niels Bore's Bowl of Balls.
04 MarchFor the first time in Germany, the Hindenburg airplane took official flight.
09 JanuaryAn earthquake killed 250 people in Colombia.
05 MarchThe SuperMarine Spitfire fighter was the first flight of the aircraft.
25 AprilItaly won at the Battle of Ogden.
10 MayManuel Azana becomes the new President of Spain.
17 JuneHeinrich Himmler was appointed chief of the German police.
10 JulyThe French Social Party was established.
07 AugustThe Battle of Almendrelajo and the Battle of Siguenza began.
21 SeptemberThe German Army began its largest maneuvers since 1914.
08 OctoberThe first episode of the British television program Picture aired.
06 NovemberThe British biographical film Rembrandt premiered in Great Britain.
23 DecemberThe Inter-American Conference ended in order to maintain peace.
10 FebruarySecond Italo-Abyssinian War-The Battle of Amba Aradam began and ended nine days later in a decisive tactical victory for Italy and the neutralisation of almost the entire Ethiopian army as a fighting force.
26 FebruaryOver 1400 troops of the Imperial Japanese Army staged a coupd'etat in Japan, occupying Tokyo, and killing Finance Minister TakahashiKorekiyo and several other leading politicians.
01 MarchHoover Dam, on the Colorado River along the Arizona–Nevada border, was completed and turned over to the Federal government of the United States.
05 MarchThe prototype of the Supermarine Spitfire, a British single-seat fighter that was later used by the Royal Air Force and many other Allied countries during the Second World War, flew for the first time.
07 MarchNazi German forces re-occupied the demilitarized Rhineland, violating both the Treaty of Versailles and the Locarno Treaties that were signed after World War I.
03 AprilRichard Houttonman was killed in an electric chair for killing and murder of 'Lindberg Baby'.
05 AprilOutbreak of Tuppello-Gennsville Torneado. An F5 tornado tupelo, Mississippi Mara, about 436 people died.
05 MaySecond Italo-Eti-Ithyon War-Italian soldiers captured Adisaba, Ethiopia unopposed.
18 MayIn a crime that jerked Japan, Sada Abe strangled her lover Kichizo Ishida, cut off her genitals, and kept her with him for several days until the arrest.
25 MayEmployees of the Remington Rand Company started an 11 -month action, during which the company officials developed the then 'Mohock Valley Formula' to intimidate the striker.
28 MayThe English mathematician Alan Turing introduced the turing machine, an original abstract symbol-throat equipment that could simulate the argument of any computer algorithm.
26 JuneThe first practical testing flight was first taken by practical helicopter Fock-Wolf FW61. Falk-Wolf FW61 is often considered the first practical, functional helicopter. It was also known as FA 61. Later several records were made for its height, speed and duration of flight.
06 JulyA major violation of Manchester Bolton and Bari Canal in England sent 300 feet of water springs to 300 feet (91 m) Ila river.
17 JulyThe nationalist rebels attempted a coup against the second Spanish Republic, causing the Spanish civil war.
20 JulyRegarding the rule of Straits about the Montrex Convention, Montro was resigned in Switzerland, allowing Turkey to strengthen dardanelies and Bosphorus, but pistime guaranteed a free route to the nations of ships in the peck. Was.
26 JulyThe Canadian National Vimi Memorial, a memorial site Vimi, Pass-D-Calas, dedicated to the members of the Canadian campaign force killed during World War I was destroyed.
03 AugustThe African American athlete Jesse Owens won four times his medals at the Berlin Summer Olympics, defying the optimistic Aryan domination of Nazi leaders.
25 SeptemberA new fast service between England and America is going to start soon. It uses the latest and fastest passenger flying boat manufactured 'The Caldonian' of Imperial Airways.
26 SeptemberJapanese Marines are now under the control of Shanghai district of China. After this, 4 Japanese citizens died in Shanghai. Japan has said in a statement, 'We should protect our citizens. '
12 NovemberSan Francisco and Okland in San Francisco Gulf, San Francisco-Okland Bay Bridge, which connected California opened the totrophy.
20 NovemberThe Spanish Citizen Founder of the fascist Phalange Espenolajos Antonio Primo de Rivera was executed by the Government of Republican.
25 NovemberThe Empire of Nazi Germany and Japan signed an anti-Commentarnepact, agreed that if the Soviet Union attacked one of them, they 'what measures for the safety of their common citizens. do.
05 DecemberThe Soviet Constitution of 1936, also known as 'Stalin ' Construction, was adopted.
07 DecemberAustralian cricketer Jack Fingletton became the first player to score a century in four consecutive Test innings.
10 DecemberEdward eighth of the United Kingdom, still desires to marry American socialite Walis Simpson against widespread opposition, sacrificed the only British emperor, the throne, the only British emperor to voluntarily donate since the Anglo-Sexon period.
11 DecemberThe Olympic Games to be held in Berlin in 1936 faced opposition from the American Jewish Congress as Nazi Germany was not providing equality to Jewish athletes compared to other athletes.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1936 in India ⚡

22 MayInaugurated India's first stadium Brabourne Stadium in Bombay.
08 JuneThe Indian state radio network Indian State Broadcastings Service was renamed All India Radio.
01 AprilThe state of Orissa of India was established, which was earlier known as Kalinga or Utkal.
08 FebruaryJawaharlal Nehru was elected President of the Indian National Congress.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1936 😀

01 AprilAbdul Qadeer Khan / Chemist / India
01 NovemberAdarsh Sein Anand / Lawyer / India
01 NovemberBhupinder Nath Kirpal / Lawyer / India
01 MayNawang Gombu / Mountainer / India
01 NovemberSam Piroj Bharucha / Lawyer / India
01 AprilTarun Gogoi / Politician / India
03 JuneTarla Dalal / Writer / India
05 FebruaryK. S. Nissar Ahmed / Poet / India
05 AugustSuresh Mehta / Politician / India
06 JuneD. Ramanaidu / Actor / India
12 JanuaryBrajanath Ratha / Poet / India
12 JanuaryMufti Mohammad Sayeed / Politician / India
13 OctoberChitti Babu / Composer / India
14 JuneM. S. Gill / Civil Servant / India
15 JulyKalanath Shastri / Writer / India
15 NovemberTara Singh Hayer / Journalist / India
16 JuneAkhlak Muhammad Khan / Poet / India
16 JulyVenkataraman Subramanya / Cricketer / India
19 MarchSatyadev Dubey / Director / India
20 JuneSuresh Saraiya / Commentator / India

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