International Picnic Day Quick Facts

Event NameInternational Picnic Day ()
Event LevelInternational Day
Observed byAustralia’s Northern Territory

International Picnic Day Brief

Every year 18 June is celebrated as International Picnic Day in different countries of the world. This day is for friends and families to have a good time together and celebrate. Remember that kids love to do something outside their daily activities and picnics are a great option. Picnic is such a tonic that fills your body and mind with new freshness and vigor.

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Things needed for a good picnic:

  1. Choose a place for picnic where there is shade, so that the sun can be avoided, so that you do not face any kind of trouble.
  2. Extreme heat can cause fatigue and interfere with your enjoyment of picnics.
  3. Keep enough food and drink and prefer dry foods over liquid or fried foods.
  4. Place a wet cloth in a plastic bag. Children often get their hands dirty while playing. In such a situation, their hands can be cleaned by wiping with a wet cloth.
  5. Carry disposable cups and glasses with you and remember to collect all garbage in a plastic bag and throw it in the trash.
  6. Carry drinking water and do not drink unclean water here and there. Picnic is such a tonic that fills your body and mind with new freshness and vigor.

So why not plan a picnic for yourself this International Picnic Day and enjoy it to the fullest with your friends and relatives, having lots of fun and frolic.

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17 JuneWorld Desert and Drought Prevention Day - International Day
18 JuneInternational Picnic Day - International Day
18 JuneGoa Revolution Day - National Day
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जून का तीसरा रविवार of JuneWorld Father / Fathers Day (Third Sunday of June) - International Day

International Picnic Day FAQs:

International Picnic Day is observed every year on 18 June.

Yes, International Picnic Day is an International Day that is celebrated every year on June all over the World.

International Picnic Day is observed every year by Australia’s Northern Territory.

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