Goa Revolution Day Quick Facts

Event NameGoa Revolution Day ()
Event Started1946
Event LevelNational Day
Observed byIndia

Goa Revolution Day Brief

Goa Day is celebrated on 18 June every year.

Goa Revolution Day History

Goa Kranti Diwas is celebrated every year on 18th June in India. Because on June 18, 1946, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia inspired the people of Goa to raise their voice against the Portuguese. 18 June The history of the freedom struggle of Goa has been written in golden letters.

On 18 June 1946, Dr Ram Manohar Lohia gave a message to the people of Goa to unite and fight against the Portuguese rule. The passionate speech of this revolution which took place on 18th June strengthened and carried forward the freedom struggle. There was a long movement for the liberation of Goa.

Finally, on 19 December 1961, the Indian Army attacked here, liberated this area from Portuguese occupation and Goa was included in India.

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Goa Liberation Campaign:

In the year 1961, the three wings of the Indian Army received orders to prepare for war against the Portuguese army. Major General K.P. Candeth was given charge of '17 Infantry Division' and '50 Para Brigade'.

Despite the preparations of the Indian Army, the Portuguese were not affected in any way. Finally on 2 December started the campaign of 'Goa Mukti'. On 08 December and 09 December, the Air Force carried out unrelenting bombings on the Portuguese base.

The Portuguese were stunned by the attacks of the Indian Army and Air Force. Thus, on December 19, 1961, the then Portuguese Governor Manuel Vassallo de Silva signed the surrender agreement with India. In this way India liberated Goa and Daman Diu and from there ended the 451-year-old colonial rule of the Portuguese. 'Goa Liberation Day' is celebrated every year on '19th December' in Goa and Daman-Diu.

Full statehood:

Later elections were held in Goa and on 20 December 1962, Shri Dayanand Bhandarkar became the first elected Chief Minister of Goa. In the year 1967 there was a referendum and the people of Goa chose to remain as a union territory. Later on 30 May 1987, Goa was given full statehood and thus Goa became the 25th state of the Republic of India.

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Goa Revolution Day FAQs:

Goa Revolution Day is observed every year on 18 June.

Yes, Goa Revolution Day is an National Day that is celebrated every year on June all over the India.

Goa Revolution Day started on 1946.

Goa Revolution Day is observed every year by India.

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