1870 in History – What happened in year 1870

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In history, year 1870 has its own importance and known for many memorable events like famous birthdays, inventions, natural disaster, treaties, change of rulers, special days etc. Find below a list of important historical events which happened during the year 1870.

Top Historical Events of the Year 1870 ⚡:

Date/MonthEvent / Incidence / Incident
23 januaryAmerican Indian Wars-The United States Army massacred friendly brand of Piegan Blackfeet in Montana Territory, resulting in about 200 deaths, mostly women, children, and elderly men.
03 februaryThe Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified, granting voting rights to citizens regardless of 'race, color,or previous condition of servitude'.
25 februaryRepresenting Mississippi in the Senate, Hiram Rhodes Revels became the first African American to serve in the United States Congress.
27 februaryThe current flag of Japan was first adopted as the nationalflag for Japanese merchant ships.
12 marchThe Bulgarian Exarchate, the official name of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church before its autocephaly was recognized by the other Orthodox churches in the 1950s, was established by the firman of Sultan Abdülâziz of the Ottoman Empire.
02 aprilCardiff Giant (supposed petrified human) proved to be gypsum.
15 julyManitoba and the Northwest Territories were established following the transfer of Rupert's Land and the North-Western Territoryfrom the Hudson's Bay Company to Canada.
18 julyThe First Vatican Council declared that the Pope is infalliblewhen he solemnly declares a dogmatic teaching on faith as beingcontained in divine revelation.
02 augustTower Subway one of the world's earliestunderground tube railways, opened beneath the River Thames in London.
30 JuneAda became the first woman to pass her graduation exam from Capele Law College.
19 JulyFrance declared war against Prussia.
24 JulyThe first inland rail service started in America.
17 OctoberThe Port of Calcutta was brought under the management of a constitutional body.
25 OctoberPostcards were used for the first time in the US.
05 NovemberChittaranjan Das, the founding politician of the Swaraj Party, was born in Bengal.
29 NovemberEssential education came into force in Britain.
04 AugustThe British Government established the British Red Cross Society.
28 AugustThe first trade union of India, the Shramjeevi Sangh, was established.
05 FebruaryThe movie was first screened at a theater in Philadelphia.
31 MarchFor the first time in America, a black citizen voted.
30 AprilThe birth of Dhundiraj Govind Phalke aka Dada Saheb Phalke, the father of Indian cinema.
06 JanuaryMusikverin, Vienna inaugurated Austria-Hungary.
05 FebruaryThe first movie to be shown to viewers in Philadelphia aired.
24 MarchIt was officially opened after the founding of Syracuse University.
27 AprilAntonio Guzman Blanco began his first term as President of Venezuela.
14 MayThe first rugby match was played in New Zealand between Nelson Football Club and Nelson College.
26 JuneChristmas was declared a federal holiday in the United States.
19 JulyFranco-Prussian War: France declares war against Prussia.
17 AugustMrs. Esther Morris became the first US Women's Magistrate (South Pass, Wyoming).
19 SeptemberThe siege of Paris began in the Franco-Prussian War.

Famous birthdays in the year 1870:

Date/MonthName / Profession / Country
01 March E. M. Antoniadi / Academic / France
02 January Ernst Barlach / Sculptor / Germany
05 JuneBernard de Pourtalès / Captain / Switzerland
09 MayHarry Vardon / Golfer / United Kingdom
10 DecemberAdolf Loos / Architect / Austria
11 January Alexander Stirling Calder / Educator / United States of America
13 JuneJules Bordet / Biologist / Belgium
14 AugustNelson McDowell / Actor / United States of America
14 AprilSyd Gregory / Cricketer / Australia
16 SeptemberJohn Pius Boland / Politician / Ireland
18 JuneÉdouard Le Roy / Philosopher / France
19 AugustBernard Baruch / Business Man / United States of America
21 JulyEmil Orlík / Painter / Czech Republic
21 NovemberJoe Darling / Politician / Australia
22 OctoberLord Alfred Douglas / Poet / United Kingdom
23 DecemberJohn Marin / Painter / United States of America
25 DecemberHelena Rubinstein / Business Woman / Poland
27 JuneFrank Rattray Lillie / Zoologist / United States of America
28 DecemberCharles Bennett / Runner / United Kingdom
30 AprilFranz Lehár / Composer / Slovakia

Famous Indian Personalities Birthdays in the year 1870:

YearName / Profession / Country
05 NovemberChittaranjan Das / Politician / India
09 DecemberIda S. Scudder / Physician / India
30 AprilDadasaheb Phalke / Producer / India
05 NovemberChittaranjan Das / Freedom Fighter / India
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