The year 1920 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1920 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1920 in World ⚡

09 SeptemberThe Anglo-Oriental College of Aligarh was renamed as 'Aligarh Muslim University'.
19 OctoberPandurang Shastri Athalve, the founder of the Swadhyaya family, was born in Maharashtra.
27 OctoberThe 10th and first Dalit President of the country, K.K. R. Narayan was born in Travancore.
29 OctoberJamia Millia Islamia was established by the efforts of former President Zakir Hussain.
08 NovemberThe famous Kathak dancer Dhanalakshmi aka Sitara Devi was born.
15 NovemberThe first meeting of the League of Nations took place in Geneva, Switzerland.
01 AugustNational Father Mahatma Gandhi non-violently launched the Non-Cooperation Movement.
10 AugustAfter being defeated in World War I, the Osmani regime signed the Sewerage Agreement.
12 AugustThe Warsaw battle between Poland and Russia began.
14 AugustThe Olympic Games began in Antwerp, Belgium.
26 AugustAfter the 19th Constitutional Amendment, women got the right to vote.
31 AugustBelgium introduced old age pension for its citizens.
13 DecemberThe League of Nations international court was established in The Hague, Netherlands.
16 DecemberMore than 1 lakh people died due to the earthquake in China's province of Kansas.
02 JanuaryA Russian writer and chemist named Isaac Aasimoff was born.
10 JanuaryThe First World War ended with the Warsaw Pact officially coming into effect.
16 JanuaryThe manufacture and sale of alcohol was banned in the United States, with which the ban period began in this country.
19 JanuaryThe US Senate voted against joining the League of Nations of America.
04 FebruaryFirst airline started from London to South Africa.
07 AprilBirth of famous sitarist Ravi Shankar in Benaras.
20 April219 people died in the storm in Alabama and the MCPC.
23 JanuaryThe Netherlands refused to produce the German Kaiser.
19 FebruaryUnited States Senate forbids ratifying Versailles treaty
18 MarchGreece started using the Gregorian calendar
19 AprilGermany and Bolshevists agreed to release Russian prisoners of war.
16 MayA referendum joined the League of Nations of Switzerland.
13 JuneAccording to the United States Department of Posts rules, children's parcels will not be sent via post.
07 JulyArthur Meigen became the ninth Prime Minister of Canada.
26 AugustThe Nineteenth Parliament of the United States Constitution passed the guarantee of women's suffrage.
05 SeptemberThe presidential election began in Mexico.
27 OctoberThe headquarters of the League of Nations were moved to Geneva, Switzerland.
14 NovemberThe first concert of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra began.
16 DecemberFinland joins League of Nations.
02 JanuaryUnder the leadership of U.S. Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer, Department of Justice agents launched a series of raids against radical leftists and anarchists across 30 cities in 23 states.
08 JanuaryThe steel strike of 1919, an attempt to organize the United States steel industry in the wake of World War I, collapsed in complete failure for the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers.
16 JanuaryThe League of Nations, the first intergovernmental organization whose principal mission was to maintain world peace, held its first council meeting in Paris.
02 FebruaryThe signing of the Treaty of Tartu ended the Estonian War ofIndependence, with Russia agreeing to recognize the independence of Estonia and renounce in perpetuity all rights to that territory.
09 FebruaryThe Svalbard Treaty was signed, recognizing Norwegian sovereignty over the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, but all signatories were also given equal rights to engage in commercial activities on the islands.
24 FebruaryAt a meeting of the German Workers' Party, Adolf Hitleroutlined the party's 25-point programme and the party changed its nameto the Nazi Party.
13 MarchThe Kapp Putsch briefly ousted the Weimar Republic governmentfrom Berlin.
22 MarchA pogrom by Azeris in Shusha, Nagorno-Karabagh destroyed the Armenian populated parts of the city.
28 MarchAn outbreak of 37 tornadoes in the Midwestern and Southern United States killed more than 380 people.
03 MayRelying on the 11th Soviet Red Army, the Bolsheviks working in neighboring countries tried to coup in Georgia.
07 MayThe Treaty of Moscow was signed on May 7, 1920 to recognize the freedom of Georgia de Jurer in exchange for not giving shelter on Georgian soil between the Democratic Republic of Georgia in Soviet Russia and Georgia.
07 MayDuring the Polish-Soviyat War-Kiev aggressive, the Polish soldiers captured the Kiev with the help of a symbolic Ukrainian force, only one month later to operate aggressively by the Soviet Red Army.
04 JuneThe Hungary Empire was divided into five countries, including the Treaty of Triane in Paris.
04 JuneHungary's kingdom lost 72% in its territory and 64% of the Tribal Treaty in Paris with 64%.
15 JuneThree African American circus activists were looted by a mob by a mob, by a mob in Minnesota, a crime that shook the country to take place in the northern United States.
12 JulyThe Soviet-Lithuania Treaty was signed between the Soviet Union and Lithuania. Lithuania was recognized as a sovereign country by the Soviet Union. The treaty allowed Lithuania to move its armed forces through the region during the war against Poland.
12 JulyThe Soviet-Lithuanian peace treaty was signed, Soviyarsia agreed to recognize an independent Lithuania.
18 AugustThe nineteenth amendment in the Constitution of the United States (author Elizabeth Caddy Stanton and Susan B. Anthony) was guaranteed women's franchise in the US.
20 AugustThe first commercial radio station Detroit, starts its operations with a call sign 8MK in Michigan. The radio station was launched by the Detroit news newspaper and is now taken care of by CBS.
25 AugustPolish forces under Joseph Pilsdski successfully forced the Russians to withdraw from Warsaw in Warsaw's battle, deciding the Polish-Soviyat War.
16 SeptemberA bomb killed 38 people on Wall Street and injured more than 400. The mystery was never resolved, but it was widely considered to be the work of radical anarchists.
25 OctoberIrish playwright and politician Terence McSwini died on a hunger strike in Brexon Jail after 74 days, bringing the Irish conflict to international attention.
04 NovemberAirmail service has started between the US and Canada. The first route taken by the pilot was from Seattle to Victoria.
05 NovemberTwo Oklahoma Law Enforcement Officers assisted in highlighting details related to one liquor raid. This led to a gallon of corn juice, a quarter of gasoline and a living prisoner.
16 NovemberQantas, the National Airline of Australia, was established as Queen Slendand Northern Territory Ariel Services Limited.
17 NovemberAmerica's Turkish newspapers have accused the country of spreading "propaganda" against the country. In addition, American relief activists and campaigners were convicted of attempting to start a war between the US and Turkey.
21 NovemberDublin's Irish War on Sunday, in Dublin, killed more than a dozen members of the 'Kahirang' by the Irish Republican Army, and the Royal Irish Constabulary set fire to a Gelicfootball match at Crock Park.
28 NovemberVolunteers of the thirty -six local Irish Republican Army killed members of the Assistant Board of Royal Irisconscription, which was a significant turn in the Irish war of freedom.
11 DecemberAfter Independence's Irish Republican Armimbush of a British Assistant Patrol in War-Crook, the British Army burnt several buildings in the city and set them on fire.
22 DecemberThe 8th Congress of the Soviet Union approved the GOELRO scheme, the first plan for national economic reform and development.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1920 in India ⚡

26 AprilThe great Indian mathematician Ramanujam died.
05 NovemberIndian Red Cross Society was established.
23 JanuaryAir transport and airmail services started in India.
26 AprilRenowned Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan died in Chennai.
02 MayThe National Negro Baseball League, a baseball tournament, was first played on 2 May 1920 in Indianapolis.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1920 😀

07 AprilRavi Shankar / Musician / India
01 JanuaryMohammed Alimuddin / Politician / India
01 MayVasantrao Deshpande / Singer / India
03 MayAchala Sachdev / Actress / India
05 AprilRafiq Zakaria / Scholar / India
07 AprilPandit Ravi Shankar / Instrumentalist / India
07 AprilRavi Shankar / Instrumentalist / India
08 NovemberSitara Devi / Actress / India
09 DecemberKedar Pandey / Politician / India
11 JulyV. R. Nedunchezhiyan / Politician / India
12 FebruaryPran / Actor / India
12 JanuaryPran Krishan Sikand / Actor / India
12 JulyYeshwant Vishnu Chandrachud / Lawyer / India
14 JuneBharat Bhushan / Actor / India
14 JuneKedar Pandey / Politician / India
14 JulyShankarrao Chavan / Politician / India
16 JuneHemant Kumar / Singer / India
16 FebruaryI.S. Jauhar / Actor / India
16 AugustKotla Vijay Bhaskar Reddy / Politician / India
16 JanuaryNanabhoy Palkhivala / Economist / India
17 NovemberGemini Ganesan / Actor / India

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