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28 November - Today in History - Important historical events happened on this day in India and World History

According to Gregory calendar, on November 28, the day number in a year is 332 and if it is a leap year then the day number is 333. November 28 has a special significance in India and world history, because many such incidents have occurred on this day which have been recorded forever in the pages of history. Let's know some such important events which will increase your general knowledge. The facts collected will be as follows: People born on this day, demise of famous people, war treaty, freedom of any country, invention of new technologies, change of power, important National and International Day etc.

November 28 in History - Top Historical Events ⚡

YearEvent / Incidence / Incident
936Shi Jingtang was enthroned as the first emperor of the Later JinDynasty by Emperor Taizong of Liao, following a revolt against EmperorFei of Later Tang.
1443Rebelling against the Ottoman Empire, Skanderbeg and his forcesliberated Kruja in Middle Albania and raised the Albanian flag.
1443Having deserted the army of the Ottoman Empire, Skanderbeg wentto Krujë in Middle Albania and using a forged letter from SultanMurad II to the Governor of Krujë, became lord of the city.
1520Ferdinand Magellan began crossing the Pacific Ocean.
1660At London's Gresham College, Robert Boyle, John Wilkins,Christopher Wren and other leading scientists founded a learned societynow known as the Royal Society.
1660The Royal Society was formed in London.
1717A French merchant vessel invades "La Concorde " and talks about capturing Queen Anne and taking revenge.
1757Britain condemned the convention of Kloster-Zeven.
1775The Second Continental Congress formally announced the establishment of the US Navy.
1785The Treaty of Hopewell was signed between the United States and the Cherokee Nation.
1806French troops entered Warsaw.
1814The Times of London was first printed with an automated print machine.
1821Panama declares independence from Spain, Gran joins Colombia.
1890Socialist, writer and educationist Jyotirao Phule died.
1893Women voted for the first time in a national election in New Zealand.
1905Irish nationalist Arthur Griffith first presented his SinnFéin policy, declaring that the 1800 Act of Union of Great Britain andIreland was illegal.
1912Ismail Qadri declared independence from Turkey to Albania.
1919Nancy Astor, the first woman to serve as a Member of Parliamentin the British House of Commons, was elected in a by-election.
1920Thirty-six local Irish Republican Army volunteers killedseventeen members of the Auxiliary Division of the Royal IrishConstabulary, marking a turning point in the Irish War of Independence.
1925The country music radio program Grand Ole Opry was firstbroadcast on WSM radio in Nashville, Tennessee.
1939James Nasmith, the father of basketball, died.
1943World War II-U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin met at the Tehran Conference to discuss war strategy against the Axis powers.
1956Chinese Prime Minister Chou En-lai visited India.
1960Mauritania formally declared its independence.
1962KCde, the famous blind singer of Bengal, died.
1971Fred Quilt, a leader of the Tsilhqot'in First Nation, wasseverely beaten by Royal Canadian Mounted Police constables.
1971Prime Minister of Jordan Wasfi al-Tal was assassinated by theBlack September unit of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Cairo.
1979Air New Zealand Flight 901 crashed into Antarctica's MountErebus, killing all 257 people on board.
1987South African Airways Flight 295 suffered a catastrophic in-flight fire and crashed into the Indian Ocean east of Mauritius, killingall 159 on board.
1990After being elected as leader of the British Conservative Party one day earlier, John Major officially succeeded Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
1990British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher submitted her resignation to the Queen of Britain.
1995The Barcelona Treaty was signed by the 27 participating nations.
1996Captain Indrani Singh became the first woman to command the Airbus A-300 aircraft.
1997The then Prime Minister Indra Kumar Gujral resigned.
2002Suicide bombers blew up an Israeli-owned hotel in Mombasa,Kenya, but their colleagues failed in their attempt to bring down anArkia Israel Airlines charter flight with surface-to-air-missiles.
2005Running water is restored to the city of Harbin, in Heilongjiang, China after several days of a water cut-off due to the toxic benzene spill. Yilan County, Heilongjiang, however, is still without running water.
2006Government troops in the Central African Republic, backed by French forces, have launched an offensive to retake the northeast town of Birao from rebels, and have recaptured its airport, a French military spokesman said.
2007Google announces plans to invest tens of millions of dollars in renewable energy research, including solar thermal power, wind power, and geothermal power.
2008People's Alliance for Democracy has prepared the third set of its leaders, in case its first and second set are arrested or assassinated, but have not announced the leaders' names yet.
2009Pakistan's National Reconciliation Ordinance, issued by former President Pervez Musharraf in October 2007 to provide several thousand politicians (including current President Asif Ali Zardari) amnesty from charges of political corruption, expires.
2010The United States Navy and South Korean Navy hold exercises in the waters west of the Korean Peninsula despite warnings from North Korea.
2011The government of Sudan expels Kenya's ambassador, following the Kenyan High Court's ruling that it will arrest Omar al-Bashir, the President of Sudan, if he enters Kenya.
2012The European Commission approves a Spanish government plan to shrink and restructure three major Spanish banks (Bankia, NCG Banco and Catalunya Banc) and sell a fourth (Banco de Valencia).
2012Two car bomb blasts in the Syrian capital Damascus left 54 ​​dead and 120 injured.
2013China's first lunar vehicle is named 'YuTu' (Chinese: "玉兔", a pet rabbit of Moon goddess in Chinese myth see Jade rabbit) and is planned to launch from Xichang Satellite Launch Center before December 10, 2013.
2014The Parliament of Finland votes to allow same-sex marriage, marking the first time that a citizens' initiative has received lawmakers' blessing to be written into the legislation.

Famous Birthdays of November 28 😀:

YearName / Profession / Country
1925József Bozsik / Footballer / Hungary
1924Johanna Döbereiner / Academic / Czech Republic
1975Eka Kurniawan / Journalist / Indonesia
1963Johnny Newman / Basketball Player / United States of America
1820Friedrich Engels / Philosopher / Germany
1988Yami Gautam / Actress / India
1936Celin Romero / Guitarist / United States of America
1628John Bunyan / Preacher / United Kingdom
1947Maria Farantouri / Singer / Greece
1981Sharon Needles / Singer / United States of America
1957Peeter Järvelaid / Scholar / Estonia
1984Trey Songz / Actor / United States of America
1987Karen Gillan / Actress / Scotland / Singer / United States of America
1955Alessandro Altobelli / Footballer / Italy
1757William Blake / Poet / United Kingdom
1986Mouhamadou Dabo / Footballer / France
1946Joe Dante / Producer / United States of America
1951Barbara Morgan / Educator / United States of America
1948Alan Lightman / Physicist / United States of America
1891Gregorio Perfecto / Journalist / Philippines
1969Nick Knight / Cricketer / United Kingdom
1985Caitlin McClatchey / Swimmer / Scotland
1876Bert Vogler / Cricketer / South Africa
1959Nancy Charest / Politician / Canada
1969Sonia O'Sullivan / Athlete / Ireland
1772Luke Howard / Chemist / United Kingdom
1923Gloria Grahame / Actress / United States of America
1959Judd Nelson / Actor / United States of America
1904James Eastland / Politician / United States of America

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