The year 1935 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1935 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1935 in World ⚡

31 MayMore than 50 thousand people died due to earthquake in Quetta city of Pakistan.
11 JuneEdwin Armstrong first broadcast FM.
27 JulyTwo lakh people died due to floods in Yangtze and Hoang River in China.
31 JulyMoscow's underground metro line opened to the public.
08 DecemberBollywood veteran actor Dharmendra was born.
11 DecemberThe current President of the country Pranab Mukherjee was born in Birbhum in West Bengal.
18 DecemberEdward Bains became the President of Czechoslovakia.
30 DecemberSweden's Red Cross unit in the African country of Ethiopia was destroyed in the bombing of Italian fighter jets.
28 JanuaryIceland became the first Western country to legalize abortion.
28 AprilThe underground metro train started in Russia's capital Moscow.
05 JanuaryWalt Disney inaugurated the animated short films The Turtoise and the Hare.
06 February14 people died in avalanches in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.
02 March17 Austrian Nazis sentenced to death for smuggling explosives into the country.
02 AprilRobert Watson-Watt of Great Britain designed the first practical radar system.
13 MayThe London horror film Werewolf was released.
08 JuneSam Parks, Jr. Won Open Golf Tournament.
12 JulyBelgium diplomatically recognized the Soviet Union.
13 AugustAbout 250 people died in the explosion of a dam in the city of Nevada, near Italy.
15 SeptemberThe swastika flag became the official flag of Germany.
16 OctoberMassachusetts disability horse racing was inaugurated.
15 NovemberThe United States and Canada signed a mutual trade agreement.
06 DecemberMichael Joseph Savage became the 23rd Prime Minister of New Zealand.
26 FebruaryAdolf Hitler ordered the German air force Luftwaffe reinstated,violating the Treaty of Versailles signed at the end of the First WorldWar.
26 FebruaryWith the aid of a radio station in Daventry, England, and tworeceiving antennas, Scottish engineer and inventor Robert Watson-Wattfirst demonstrated the use of radar.
28 FebruaryWorking with polyamides to developing a new viable fiber for the chemical company DuPont, American chemist Wallace Carothers invented nylon.
14 AprilA heavy dust storm was swept away in Oklahoma and northern Texas, the approximate 300,000 short tonnes (270,000 t) topsy topsy.
27 MayThe United States Supreme Court ruled in Shekhar PoultryCorp. v. The United States, the National Industrial Recovery Act of the new deal, the ammoner component was unconstitutional.
29 MayThe most produced fighter aircraft was the first flight of Meschechit BF 109 of Inistor.
31 MayThe 7.7 MW earthquake of British Raj in Balochistan killed 30,000 to 60,000 people from Pakistan anywhere.
10 JuneAmerican Physician Bob Smith drank his last alcohol drink, inscribed in the traditional founding date of alcoholic anonymus.
13 JuneIn one of the biggest ups and downs in championship boxing, James J. Bradock defeated Max Bare to become the world's heaviest champion.
25 JuneDiplomatic relations were established between the Soviet Union and Colombia. Colombia-Russia relationship refers to bilateral and foreign relations between Colombia and Russia. Diplomatic relations between Colombia and the USSR were first established. There is an embassy in Moscow in Colombia and an embassy in Bogota in Russia.
01 JulyThe Grant Park Music Festival, the United States' only annual freeout is a working classical music concert series that begins its tradition of freesoniconic music festivals in Grant Park in Chicago.
28 JulyThe Boeing B -17 Flying Fort Heavy Bombary Aircraft, which dropped more bombs than any other American aircraft in World War II, took the first flight.
06 AugustIn Hollywood, California. Ralph Willard, a doctor from the state of Georgia in Russia, has effectively frozen a monkey named Jakel and brought it back to life. The doctor has also frozen the guinea pigs and revived them. However, human society protested when it wanted to use dogs and Hawels.
07 AugustFlying ants were interrupting London, England, even a tennis tournament. A large amount of harmful insects were attacking the panties and gathering at every door. Officials say this was the most devastating attack of epidemic in 25 years.
30 AugustAn initiative of President Roosevelt, the Wealth Tax Act imposed more taxes on rich citizens and big businesses, reducing taxes on small businesses.
31 AugustIn an attempt to stay out of the growing European conflict, the United States passed the first of their neutrality acts.
08 SeptemberAmerican Senator Hui Long was badly shot at Baton Roose, Louisiana.
15 SeptemberTheir citizenship was taken away from German Jews, reduced them to the subjects of the state, it was only part of Hitler's Jews because they were disqualified from public positions and businesses, and also allowed to marry Aryans Did not
15 SeptemberNazi Germany implemented the Nurnberg law, which deprived Germans' citizenship, and adopted a new national flag with a grace.
03 OctoberItalian forces led by General Emilio de Bono invaded Abycinia during the early stages of the Second Italo-Etibicinian War.
18 OctoberItalian bombers bombed the camps in which women and children of Ethiopia were considered safe. Meanwhile, the warriors of Ethiopia tried to attack the Italy's army with arms and aircraft.
25 OctoberExcept for a huge storm of death of more than two thousand people and many homeless and hungry hit Haiti.
03 NovemberAbout 98% of the votes in a Greek referendum supported the restoration of George II as the king of Helen.
06 NovemberThe Hawker Storm, responsible for the 60% of the Royal Air Force's aerial victory in the UK battle, made its first flight.
08 NovemberA major storm passed through Bahmas, which collides with the capital NASAU. The storm had earlier attacked Miami and Florida and damaged $ 3 million property.
15 NovemberThe Commonwealth of the Philippines was officially established, with manual L.
12 DecemberThe Nazi Lebanesborn program, which was later wrong to get involved in the incorrect breeding, was established to make predictions for the wives of SS members and unmarried mothers.
12 DecemberThe birth program of Nazi Lebanes, which was later accidentally attached to the tremendous breeding, was provided provisionally for the wives of SS members and unmarried mothers.
28 DecemberPolitician Pavel Putishv revives the tradition of the New Year tree to the Soviet Union when Pravada asked his letter to be installed in schools, children's homes, youth pioneer palaces, children's clubs, children's theaters and cinema theaters.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1935 in India ⚡

01 AprilIndia decided that it wanted to control all funds.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1935 😀

11 DecemberPranab Mukherjee / Politician / India
01 JanuaryOm Prakash Chautala / Politician / India
05 DecemberBipin Chandra Joshi / Soldier / India
06 OctoberMahendra Singh Tikait / Politician / India
07 JanuaryShashikala Kakodkar / Politician / India
08 DecemberDharmendra / Actor / India
11 DecemberPranab Mukherjee / Politician / India
12 OctoberShivraj Patil / Politician / India
12 OctoberShivraj V Patil / Politician / India
12 DecemberV. Rama Rao / Politician / India
18 JulyJayendra Saraswathi / Spritual Leader / India
18 FebruaryVeer Bahadur Singh / Politician / India
20 FebruaryN. Janardhana Reddy / Politician / India
23 SeptemberPrem Chopra / Actor / India
24 JanuaryShivabalayogi / Religious Leader / India
29 NovemberGurbachan Singh Salaria / Soldier / India

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