Bahamas History, Geography, Economy and Important Events

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Bahamas has a different place in the geography of the world. There are many things in this country that differentiate this country from other countries such as language, living, clothing, culture, religion, business. Lets learn about some such unique facts related to the Bahamas and important events related to Bahamas history, knowing that your knowledge will increase.

Bahamas Country Profile

CurrencyBahamian dollar
ContinentNorth America
FounderSir Lynden Pindling

Bahamas History

The Bahamas were inhabited for many centuries by the Lukayans, a branch of the Arakan-speaking Taino people. Columbus was the first European to see the islands in 1492 making their first place in the 'New World'. Later, the Spanish sent the original Lucayans to slavery on Hispaniola, after which the island of Bahamas settled on the island of Eluthera, Bermuda's English colonist, mostly from 1513 to 1648. The Bahamas became a British Crown Colony in 1718, when the British went on a robbery. After the American Revolutionary War, the Crown settled thousands of American loyalists in the Bahamas; He took his slaves with him and set up a tree plantation on land grants. The country in 1973, Sir Lyndon O. Pindling and Elizabeth II gained independence under the leadership of Queen.

Bahamas Geography

The Bahamas is a group of about 700 islands and caves in the western Atlantic Ocean, of which only between 30 and 40 islands are inhabited. The largest of the islands is Andros Island, located 200 kilometers (120 mi) north of Cuba and southeast of Florida. Bimini islands are to its northwest. To the north is the island of Grand Bahamas, the second largest city in the country in Freeport. The island of Great Abaco is to its east. Far to the south is the island of Great Ingua, which is the second largest island in the country. Other notable islands include Eluthera, Cat Island, San Salvador Island, Ekalines, Crooked Island and Mayaguana. Nassau is the capital and largest city, located on New Providence. The islands have a tropical savannah climate, driven by a Gulf Stream. The total size is 13,878 km2 (5,358 sq mi). It is the 41st largest Special Economic Zone of 654,715 km2 (252,787 sq km) due to several extensive islands.

Bahamas Economy

By the terms of per capita GDP, the Bahamas is one of the richest countries in America. The Bahamas relies heavily on tourism to generate most of its economic activity. Tourism as an industry not only accounts for about 50% of Bahamian GDP, but provides employment for about half of the country's workforce. The Bahamas attracted 5.8 million visitors in 2012, of which over 70% were cruise visitors.

Bahamas Language

The official language of The Bahamas is English. Many people speak an English-based Creole language, known as the Bahamian dialect (known as dialect) or Bahamanese. Laurent Gibbs, a Bahman writer and actor, was the first to coin the latter name in a poem and has since promoted its use. Both are used as autoglossoni. Haitian Creole, a French-based Creole language, is spoken by Haitian and their descendants, who make up about 25% of the total population. It is simply known as Creole to distinguish it from Bahrain English.

Bahamas Important Facts

  • The Bahamas is officially called the Commonwealth of Bahamas, an archipelago state in the Lucayan Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The Bahamas was discovered on 12 October 1492 by Christopher Columbus and was also named San Salvador Island at the time.
  • The Bahamas was discovered by Christopher Columbus during his discovery of the New World and made it a habitable place for sea-goers.
  • The Bahamas became a British colony in 1718 when the British began to eliminate pirates, finally becoming independent by the United Kingdom (UK) on 10 July 1973 after 325 years of peaceful British rule.
  • The total area of ​​the Bahamas is 13,878 square kilometers. (5,358 sq mi) which consists of 700 islands.
  • The official language of the Bahamas is English.
  • The Bahamas currency is named Bahamian Dollar.
  • According to the World Bank, the total population of the Bahamas in 2016 was 3.91 lakhs.
  • The religion of the majority of people in the Bahamas is Christian and 80% of the Bahamas population is atheist.
  • The most important ethnic group in the Bahamas is African, European and Mixed.
  • The highest mountain in the Bahamas is Mount Alvernia, whose height is 63 meters.
  • The Bahamas has the world's largest known blue hole under the sea with salt water known as Dean's Blue Hole.
  • When the United Kingdom banned the slave trade in 1807, the slave trade in the Bahamas was also discontinued in 1834.
  • The national tree of the Bahamas is Lignum vitae.
  • There is no railway facility on the Bahamas, there is only a road network of 2,693 km. Extends to highways.

Bahamas Important History Events

  • 03 march 1776 - American Revolutionary War: Samuel Nicholas and the Continental Marines successfully landed on New Providence and captured Nassau in the Bahamas.
  • 08 november 1935 - A large hurricane passed through the Bahamas, striking the capital city, Nassau. This hurricane had earlier hit Miami and Florida and had damaged property worth 3 million dollars.
  • 17 August 1970 - The United States dumped 418 containers of neural gas in the Gulf Stream near the Bahamas.
  • 10 july 1973 - Bahamas gained independence within commonwealth country. Bahamas is a island country located in Atlantic ocean. It is comprised of more than seven hundred small islands. It is a commonwealth country with the head monarch as Queen Elizabeth II of England.
  • 10 July 1973 - The Bahamas gained complete independence within the nations in the Commonwealth.
  • 08 august 2001 - A company by the name, Clonaid in the Bahamas has revealed that they might be cloning human beings. Clonaid debates that it is ethical to clone human genetic material and the complications of cloning, like congenital defects or fetal death do not scare Ms. Boisseller, president of the company. She will abstain from confirming whether a human has been cloned in her laboratory.
  • 25 august 2001 - American singer Aaliyah and various members of her recordcompany were killed when their overloaded airplane crashed shortly aftertakeoff from Marsh Harbour Airport in Marsh Harbour, The Bahamas.
  • 25 october 2012 - Cuba and Jamaica are hit by Hurricane Sandy, which then heads towards The Bahamas.

Populated Cities of Bahamas

Freeport, Nassau,

4 Neighbour countries of Bahamas

Cuba [M] , Haiti [M] , United Kingdom [M] , United States of America [M] ,
International Border Definition: L = Land Border (भूमि सीमा)| M = Maritime Border (समुद्री सीमा)

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