The year 1970 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1970 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1970 in World ⚡

17 MayThor Hairdal began the journey from Morocco on this day and crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 57 days.
29 MayUnited Russia did the underground nuclear test.
04 JuneTonga separated from Britain and became an independent country.
17 JuneKidney transplant operation was first performed in Chicago.
12 JulyThe severe floods in the Alaknanda River killed 600 people.
15 JulyDenmark won the first women's World Cup football by defeating Italy 2–0.
20 SeptemberThe Russian probes collected some rocks from the lunar surface.
23 SeptemberAbdul Razak bin Hussain became the Prime Minister of Malaysia.
29 SeptemberEgyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasir died.
10 OctoberFiji gained independence from Britain and this day was declared the national day of this country.
04 NovemberThe famous Kathak dancer Pandit Shambhu Maharaj died.
10 NovemberThe Great Wall of China was opened for tourism.
12 NovemberEast Pakistan, present-day Bangladesh) and West Bengal's cyclonic storm 'Bhola' killed about five lakh people in the devastation.
21 NovemberPhysicist C.V. Raman died.
07 AugustThe first computer chase tournament was held.
16 AugustGoodwill Ambassador Manisha Koirala of the popular Hindi film heroine and UN Population Fund was born.
05 JanuaryA 7.7-magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale killed 15,000 people in China's Yunnan province.
22 JanuaryThe Boeing 747 has its first commercial flight between New York and London.
29 JanuaryColonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, who won the Olympic medal in shooting, was born.
03 FebruaryThe foundation stone of the country's first and world's largest coal-based fertilizer plant was laid at Talcher in Odisha.
09 FebruaryGreat Australian fast bowler Glenn McGrath was born. He took 563 wickets in 124 Tests and 381 wickets in 250 ODIs.
23 FebruaryThe country became the Republic of Guyana and today was declared the national day of this country.
02 MarchRhodesia, now the country of the African continent, Zimbabwe) became an independent republic.
12 MarchThe minimum voting age in the US was reduced from 21 years to 18 years.
19 MarchThe leaders of East and West Germany met for the first time after the partition of Germany in 1949.
11 AprilUS launches Apollo 13 program for moon campaign.
13 AprilThe fuel tank of the American spacecraft Apollo 13, which went on a trip to the moon, exploded.
16 AprilIcy storms in the European country France killed 70 people.
22 AprilMillions of Americans celebrated Earth Day for the first time with the goal of saving the plants and animals on Earth and raising the awareness of the environment around the world.
12 JanuaryBiafra ended the Nigerian Civil War.
11 FebruaryJapan launched the first satellite Yosumi, on a Lambda-4 rocket.
16 MarchNew English Bible was published.
01 AprilAmerican Motors Corporation introduced Gremelin.
08 MayThe Beatles released their 12th and final album "Jaane Bhi Do".
04 JuneTonga gained independence from the United Kingdom.
21 JulyAswan High Dam was completed in Egypt.
17 AugustThe United States dumped 418 containers of neural gas in the Gulf Stream near the Bahamas.
10 SeptemberGeneral Motors' "Chevrolet Vega" was launched.
03 OctoberThe government of Lebanese Prime Minister Rashid Karami resigned.
01 NovemberThe Polish vice president was shot dead at Pakistan's Karachi airport.
01 DecemberLuis Aquaria became the President of Mexico.
04 JanuaryA magnitude 7.5 Msd earthquake struck Tonghai County, China, killing at least 15, 000 people and spurring the creation of the nation's largest earthquake monitoring system.
13 FebruaryThe English rock band Black Sabbath released their eponymousdebut album, which is recognised as the first major album to be creditedwith the development of the heavy metal genre.
18 FebruaryAn American jury acquitted the 'Chicago Seven' of conspiracyand inciting riots stemming from protests during the 1968 DemocraticNational Convention.
18 MarchUnited States postal workers began a two-week strike afterCongress raised its own wages by 41% but only raised the wages of postalworkers by 4%.
01 AprilMore than 670,000 Garmlin was released in North America to crush imported machines.
10 AprilAmidst commercial disagreement with his bandmates, Paulmekartney announced his departure from Beatles.
21 AprilIn response to a long -running dispute over wheat production, the princely state of Hut River announced its separation from Australia.
22 April1 Earth Day was held internationally for conservation of natural resources.
26 AprilThe world intellectual property organization came into existence when its charter came into force.
29 AprilThe Vietnam War-South Vietnamese army started infiltration in Cambodia to attack the communist forest bases.
04 MayThe Ohio National Guard set fire to Cambodia's invasion of Cambodia at Cantt State Universities, killing four and injured nine.
08 MayConstruction workers in New York City attacked students and mothers opposing Kent state firing.
14 MayThe Red Army Factian, West German Terrorist Group, was founded on 14 May 1970 by Andreas Budder, Gudrun Enselin, Horst Mahler and Alrike Meenhof. The group was considered as a terrorist organization that created a national crisis in late 1977 which is also known as 'German Autums'.
15 MayOn May 15, 1970, Anna Mee Hayes became the first woman in the US Army to be promoted as 'Brigadier General', a general officer rank by President Richard Nixon. Elizabeth P. after a few minutes. Hoisington was also promoted. For the rank of Brigadier General.
24 MayDrilling of Cola Super Deep Borhole began in the Soviet Union. Cola Superdeep Borhole is the result of a scientific drilling project of the Soviet Union. The project tried to drill as deeply as possible in the earth's crust. Several borhole drills were drilled from a central hole. The deepest, reached 12,262 meters in 1989 and still has the deepest artificial point on Earth.
24 MayOn the Cola Peninsula in Russia, drilling began on the Cola Superdeep Borhole, eventually reached 12,262 meters (40,230 ft), making it the deepest hole ever and is the Earth's deepest artificial point.
26 MayThe Soviet Tupolev TU -144 became the first commercial transport to move beyond the ICT. The Tupolev TU 144 is a retired jet aircraft, the world's first commercial supersonic transport aircraft (SST). It is only one of the two SSTs to enter commercial service, the other is Anglo-French Concord.
13 JuneThe Long and Winding Road became the twentieth of the Beatles in the United States and the final number of the final number.
19 JunePatent cooperation treaty, an international law treaty was signed, which provided an integrated procedure to file a patent application to protect inventions.
03 JulyThe Tribal- The British Army applied the Falls Curfew of Northern Ireland to Belfast, resulting in greater Irisherpological resistance.
03 JulyThe Tribal: The British Army imposed a Falls Curfew at Belfast, Northern Ireland, resulting in a more Irish republican resistance.
21 JulyThe Aswan High Dam in Egypt was completed after 11 years of deficiencing.
23 JulyKabus uprooted his father Said bin Taimur, who became the Sultan of Oman.
07 AugustJonathan Jackson kidnapped Jackson, Judge of California's superior court, Jackson's brother George from jail.
26 AugustDaughter Freedan and the National Organization for women organized a women's strike for equality in New York City, in which 20,000 women opposed the continuous decrease of gender equality.
06 SeptemberThe Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) has hijacked four aircraft from Europe's airports.
06 SeptemberMembers of the popular front for the liberation of Palestineezh, set the route of four jets from Europe to New York City, two of them were in Jordan's Dorson Field, Jordan and an aircraft inbiroot.
19 SeptemberThe world's largest Greenfield Festival, the first was held at Michael Avis's farm in Glasnbari, England, Glastonbury Festival.
19 SeptemberGreek student Kostas Georgacis set himself on fire in Genova, Italy as protest against Georgiopapopolos' Greek military Janta.
05 OctoberFurore to the October crisis in Montreal, members of Front Day Liberation Do Quebec kidnapped the British diplomat James Cross.
05 OctoberThe environmental organization Greenpeace was included in the British Columbia, Canada, the Wave Committee.
09 OctoberThe Republic of Khmer, headed by General Loan Know and Princevath Sirik Matak, was announced in Cambodia.
15 OctoberThirty -five construction workers were killed as a part of the West Gate Bridge collapsed in Melbourne.
04 NovemberSalvador Alinde took over as the President of Chile, who was the first Marxist to become the President of the Latin American country through Opinion.
12 NovemberThe 1970 Bhola cyclone landed a landslide on the banks of Eastyakistan (Bangladesh), killing more than 300,000 people, the most tropical tropical cyclone.
12 NovemberThe Oregon Highway Division attempted to destroy the beach sperm whale with Florence, Oregon with failure.
14 NovemberChartered by the Southern Airways Flight 932, Marshall Overcevity Football Team, crashed into a hill near Kerado in Westviurginia, US, killing all 75 people.
17 NovemberThe Moon Rover of the Soviet Union, the first Rosing remote-controlled robot made landing and rolled on the surface of the moon today, making it the first robot to do so.
17 NovemberAmerican inventor Douglas Angelbart received a patent for Thefire Computer Mouse.
25 NovemberWriter Yukio Mishima committed rituals suicide at the Japan Self-Defense Forces Headquarters in Tokyo due to failing to make a military coup to restore the rights of Japan's emperor.
17 DecemberThe soldiers opened fire on the laborers (memorial portraits) working in the memorial, which was starting the anti -government protests across the country.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1970 in India ⚡

17 OctoberAnil Kumble, the former leg-spinner and captain of the Indian Kikrate team, was born in the capital city of Karnataka (now Bangalore). He took 619 Test and 337 ODI wickets in his career.
19 OctoberThe first MiG-21 aircraft manufactured in India was inducted into the Indian Air Force. It is a super sonic fighter jet which was built by the Soviet Union.
29 NovemberHaryana became the first Indian state to achieve hundred percent rural electrification.
31 MayIndira Gandhi had called for international help in Bangladesh, or East Pakistan as a civil war, turned two million people into refugees. Many of them were suffering from cholera and smallpox. West Pakistan officials refused to take care of him, and India could not tolerate.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1970 😀

10 SeptemberBelinda Clark / Player / Australia
03 DecemberJimmy Shergill / Actor / India
06 JuneSunil Joshi / Cricketer / India
09 MarchNaveen Jindal / Politician / India
10 MarchOmar Abdullah / Politician / India
12 MayAnjali Gupta / Flying Officer / India
15 SeptemberRamya Krishnan / Actress / India
17 OctoberAnil Kumble / Cricketer / India
17 OctoberAnil Kumble / Player / India
19 JuneRahul Gandhi / Politician / India
21 OctoberKamal Sadanah / Actor / India
21 MarchShobhana / Actress / India
22 JulyDevendra Fadnavis / Politician / India
24 JuneAtul Agnihotri / Actor / India
30 NovemberMukul Dev / Actor / India
NA NADr. Seema Rao / Commando Trainer / India
NA NAReena Kaushal Dharmshaktu / Astronaut / India

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