The year 1973 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1973 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1973 in World ⚡

07 MayItanagar was made the new capital of Arunachal Pradesh.
14 MayThe US Supreme Court approved equal rights for women in the military.
19 SeptemberThe Soviet Union conducted a successful underground nuclear test.
20 SeptemberBillie Jean King won the world famous Battle of Susques.
26 SeptemberThe Supersonic Concorde passenger airplane completed the Atlantic journey in a record time of just 3 hours 32 minutes.
08 OctoberBritain's first independent radio station, LBC, started.
17 OctoberOil-exporting Arab countries banned oil-selling companies to Israel and the United States and Britain.
01 NovemberMysore was renamed Karnataka.
06 NovemberNASA's astronaut Pioneer 10 began taking pictures of the planet Jupiter.
11 NovemberThe first international stamp exhibition started in New Delhi.
18 AugustConstruction of the first FM Radio station in Boston, USA was approved.
01 DecemberIsraeli founder and first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion died at the age of 87.
15 DecemberIn the wake of the Arab-Israeli war, OPEC, a group of Arab oil producing countries, banned the sale of oil to the United States. Due to which the price of oil has increased from three dollars per barrel to suddenly $ 11 per barrel.
20 DecemberSpain's Prime Minister Admiral Louise Blanco was killed in a car bombing in Madrid.
24 DecemberEV Ramaswamy Naikar died in Vellore, Tamil Nadu.
08 JanuarySpace mission of Russia launched Luna 21.
22 JanuaryThe US Supreme Court gave legal recognition to abortion. The court ruled that women can undergo abortions within the first 6 months of becoming pregnant.
21 FebruaryIn the Sinai Desert, Israeli fighter aircraft shot down the Libyan Arab Airlines plane-114, killing 108 people on board.
26 MarchThe women were recruited for the first time, breaking the 200-year-old history on the London Stock Exchange.
10 AprilPakistan repealed the old constitution.
20 AprilCanada's AMIK A-2 became the first commercial satellite.
21 JanuaryThe Communist League was established in Denmark.
13 FebruaryThe United States dollar rate was reduced by 10%.
29 MarchUnited States troops were removed from Vietnam.
08 AprilArtist Pablo Picasso died in his home in France.
03 MayThe world's tallest building, the Sears Tower in Chicago with a height of 1,451 feet, was destroyed.
25 JuneArskin Hamilton Childers was elected as the fourth President of Ireland.
10 JulyThe Bahamas gained complete independence within the nations in the Commonwealth.
08 AugustSouth Korean politician Kim Dae-jung was kidnapped by KCIA in Tokyo.
11 SeptemberKala Garfunkel released her first solo album Angel Claire after 17 years.
08 OctoberLBC Radio began airing in London on 97.3 FM.
29 November104 people were killed in a fire at a Taiyo department store in Kyushu, Kumamoto City, Japan.
24 DecemberMohammad Mohammedullah became the acting president of Bangladesh.
03 JanuaryAmerican businessman George Steinbrenner and a group of investors bought the New York Yankees professional baseball team for US$8.7 million.
04 JanuaryLast of the Summer Wine, the longest running sitcom in the world, premiered as an episode of the BBC's Comedy Playhouse.
14 JanuaryElvis Presley's concert Aloha from Hawaii was broadcast live via satellite, and set a record as the most watched broadcast by an individual entertainer in television history.
22 JanuaryThe U.S. Supreme Court delivered its landmark decision in Roe V. Wade, striking down laws restricting abortion during the first six to seven months of pregnancy.
21 FebruaryAfter accidentally having strayed into Israeli airspace, Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114 was shot down by two Israeli fighter aircraft.
17 MarchSlava Veder took his Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph Burst ofJoy, which came to symbolize the end of United States involvement in theVietnam War.
26 MarchThe first episode of The Young and the Restless aired, which eventually became the most watched daytime drama on American television since 1988.
29 MarchVietnam War—The United States ended Operation Barrel Roll, a rising tide of offensives by the People's Army of Vietnam and Pathet Lao to aid the Passionate bombing campaign in Laos.
02 AprilIn 1967, Lakesis Computer-Sahiyak Legal Research Service was launched based on the continuity of an experiment organized by Ohio State Bar.
02 AprilThe Liberal Movement separated from Liberal and Country in South Australia.
03 AprilOn a road in New York City, Motorola researcher Martin Coprame made first public calls on mobile phones in one hand.
04 AprilThe World Trade Center in New York City was officially dedicated, about a year after the second completion of the twin of the building complex.
17 AprilGeorge Lucas began writing a 13-pest film treatment called The Star Wars.
06 MayNew England Whalers inaugurated the World Hockey Association Championship for the first time, defeating Vinipag Jets on 6 May 1973.
14 MaySkylab was the first space station in the United States to be launched on 14 May 1973 by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). It revolved around the Earth from 1973 to 1979.
14 MayNASA's space station Skylab was launched from Cape Canaveral.
17 MayOn May 17, 1973, the Selection Committee of the Senate on the Presidential Campaign Activities was Washington D.C. Started hearing of the Watergate scam.
03 JuneAt the Paris Air Show, a Tupolev TU -144 broke between the 444 flight, killing six members of the crew and eight -in -laws on the ground.
09 JuneThe Secretariat won the Belmont bet at 31 length, won the US triple crown in a quarter century, and the distance of 1½ miles race and the world record bar 2:24
10 JulyBahamas gained independence within the common country. Bahama is a island country located in the Atlantic Ocean. It consists of more than seven hundred small islands. It is a general nation head as Queen Elizabeth II of England.
10 JulyJohn Paul Getty III, grandson of John Oil Magnet J Paulgatti, was kidnapped in Rome.
14 JulyThe 102nd British Golf Open is over. Tom Weycoff scored 276 runs in Royal Tron. This was a great success for him.
17 JulyThe last king of Afghanistan, Mohammad Zaheer Shah, was counted by his cousin Mohammad Dawood Khan while he underwent surgery in Italy.
21 JulyMossad agents accidentally assassinated a Moroccan waiter Lilyaimmer, Norway, who believed that he was involved in the 1972 Olympic murder.
31 JulyDC-9, Delta Airlines crashed in fog at Logan Airport in Boston. 89 passengers were killed and one surprisingly survived. But the survival alone died after 6 months.
05 AugustThe Palestinian terrorist group Black takes 35 bounds of September 35 bounds; They open the fire and throw grenades into a crowded passenger lounge. This killed 3 and injured about 50 people. Terrorists are arrested and later sentenced to death for murders.
11 AugustAt a party in the entertainment room of reconstruction of New York City apartments, DJ Cool Hark began wrapping during a wide break for hip-hop music.
24 AugustThe Eastern encephalitis of the horse and the horse's brain -infected disease has killed 50 horses in the month and surrounding states. The cause of the disease is insecticide, malathion, which is spread over thousands of acres to kill mosquitoes.
28 AugustSweden police used gas bombs to eliminate seven days of hostages in Stockholm; During the incident, the hostages tied the word 'Stockholm syndrome' with the inner capters during the incident.
18 SeptemberFuture President Jimmy Carter filed a report with the National Investigation Committee on Ariel Fenomena (NICAP). He claimed that he had seen an unknown flying object (UFO) in October.
05 OctoberSeven countries signed the European Patent Convention, providing autonomous legal arrangements according to which European patents are approved.
06 OctoberEgypt, under the leadership of President Anwar Sadat, launched Operation Badr in coordination with Syria, crossed the Suez Canal and launched the Yom Kipur War by cutting the Israeli bar lev line of the fort.
10 OctoberThe United States Vice President Spiro Agnue resigned after allegations of tax evasion.
14 OctoberAfter the student's protest against the violence against the Thai military rule, Raja Bhumibol Advayedz announced that the Primeminist Theinom Kitchakorn had resigned.
15 OctoberThe Iceland Foreign Secretary has announced that Iceland is taking this case against Great Britain in the current cod war at the United Nations General Assembly in October in an attempt to settle the ongoing dispute.
20 OctoberElizabeth II, as the Queen of Australia, formally closed the Sydney Opera House at the Benelong Point in Sydney Harbor.
21 OctoberThe United States President Nixon is asking for Israel for a $ 2.2 billion military ally.
30 OctoberThe 1,510 m (4,950 ft) long Boseforus bridge of Istanbul was built, connecting the continents of Europe and Asia.
31 OctoberThe three provisional Irish Republican Army member escaped from Moujya Jail after landing at the exercise yard of the jail by opposite helicopter in Dublin.
14 NovemberThe London market led to a huge decrease in the price of gold due to which investors lost millions of dollars. This occurred in response to the decision of the United States and Europe to abolish the gold-tier standard of gold.
15 NovemberThe daughter of a restaurant owner in Germany was kidnapped, but did not return after paying a ransom of over a million dollars to release her.
16 NovemberUS President Richard Nixon signed the Trans-Alka Pipeline Athorization Act, which authorizes the manufacture of Alaska Piplino transport oil from the Arctic Ocean to the Gulf of Alaska.
15 DecemberThe American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the official list of DSM-II of mental disorders.
24 DecemberThe United States Congress approved the home government of Washington, DC, allowing the residents to elect their mayor and city council.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1973 in India ⚡

01 SeptemberFamous film actor Ram Kapoor of India was born.
11 JanuaryFormer India captain Rahul Dravid was born. He has 13,288 runs in 164 Tests and 10,889 runs in 344 ODIs.
24 AprilIndian cricketer master blaster Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was born in Mumbai.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1973 😀

24 AprilSachin Tendulkar / Player / India
01 NovemberAishwarya Rai Bachchan / Actress / India
01 JulyAkhilesh Yadav / Politician / India
03 AprilNilesh Kulkarni / Cricketer / India
03 AprilPrabhu Deva / Director / India
04 MarchChandra Sekhar Yeleti / Writer / India
05 JanuaryUday Chopra / Actor / India
07 JulyKailash Kher / Writer / India
09 JuneManpreet Brar / Actress / India
11 JanuaryRahul Dravid / Cricketer / India
16 NovemberPullela Gopichand / Player / India
17 JuneLeander Paes / Tennis Player / India
20 FebruaryPriyanshu Chatterjee / Actor / India
23 JulyHimesh Reshammiya / Writer / India
24 AprilSachin Tendulkar / Cricketer / India
24 AprilSachin Tendulkar / Player / India
24 MayShirish Kunder / Producer / India
30 JulySonu Nigam / Actor / India

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