Ordnance Manufacturing Day Quick Facts

Event NameOrdnance Manufacturing Day ()
Event LevelNational Day
Observed byDepartment of Defense Products

Ordnance Manufacturing Day Brief

Ordnance Manufacturing Day is celebrated every year on 18 March in India. On this occasion, exhibitions of defense equipment and ordnance races are organized in different age groups all over the country. With the objective of developing a comprehensive production of infrastructure-related products for the defense and security of the Nation, the Department of Defense Products under the Ministry of Defense.

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Indian Ordnance Factory:

The Indian Ordnance Factories are a grand industrial structure that functions under the Department of Defense Production, Ministry of Defence. The Indian Ordnance Factories, headquartered at Kolkata, is a conglomerate of 39 factories, 9 training institutes, 3 regional marketing centers and 4 regional safety controls. Today the Ordnance Factory Board provides with 39 factories spread across India :-

  • A large and variable production base with multi-technology capabilities.
  • State-of-the-art production facilities.
  • Large stock of skilled and professionally qualified manpower and managerial personnel.
  • Strict adherence to quality standards (All units are ISO 9000 certified).
  • Basic and customized R&D for need based refinement and improvement.
  • Advancement of engineering competence.
  • A strong base for industrial training facilities.
  • Access to ready market due to convenient location.

Ordnance Factory Board:

The Ordnance Factory Board is headed by the Director General Ordnance Factories (D.G.O.F.) as its Chairman and consists of nine members of the rank of Additional Director General. The Ordnance Factories are divided into 5 Operational Divisions, depending on the main products/technology. These are as follows:

  • Ammunition and Explosives (A&E).
  • Arms, Vehicles and Equipment (WV&E).
  • Materials & Components (M&C).
  • armored vehicle (AV).
  • Ordnance Equipment Factory Group (OEF).

Each of the above factory groups is headed by Member/Additional Director General, Ordnance Factories. The other four members are responsible for staff functions, viz. Personnel (E), Finance (V), Planning and Material Management (P&MM), Technical Services (TS), and operate from Kolkata.

Geographical coverage: There are 39 Ordnance Factories located at 24 different geographical locations in India.

Names of States and Union TerritoriesNumber of Factories
Uttar Pradesh8
Madhya Pradesh6
Tamil Nadu6
West Bengal4
Andra Pradesh1

The 40th factory is being established in Nalanda, Bihar.

Main Events of Ordnance Factories: The main events in the development sequence of Ordnance Factories can be listed as follows-

  • 1801: Establishment of Gun Carriage Agency at Kashipur, Kolkata.
  • 1802: Beginning of production at Kashipur from March 18, 1802.
  • 1906: The responsibility of administration of Indian Ordnance Factories came under 'IG Ordnance Factories'.
  • 1933: The charge was given to the Director, Ordnance Factories.
  • 1948: Under the direct control of the Ministry of Defence.
  • 1962: The Department of Defense Production was established in the Ministry of Defence.
  • 1979: Ordnance Factory Board came into existence from 02 April.

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Ordnance Manufacturing Day FAQs:

Ordnance Manufacturing Day is observed every year on 18 March.

Yes, Ordnance Manufacturing Day is an National Day that is celebrated every year on March all over the India.

Ordnance Manufacturing Day is observed every year by Department of Defense Products.

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