According to Gregory calendar, on March 27, the day number in a year is 87 and if it is a leap year then the day number is 88. March 27 has a special significance in India and world history, because many such incidents have occurred on this day which have been recorded forever in the pages of history. Let's know some such important events which will increase your general knowledge. The facts collected will be as follows: People born on this day, demise of famous people, war treaty, freedom of any country, invention of new technologies, change of power, important National and International Day etc.

Important Historical Events of 27 March in the World ⚡

Event YearIncident/Event
1329Pope John XXII issued a papal bull declaring that some of the activities of the German ologian and mystic Meister Eckhart were heretical.
1708James III's claimant Dunkirk was removed from the English throne.
1709Herdingwald's embankment broke.
1782Charles Watson-Wentworth, Second Marquess of Rockingham, became Prime Minister of Great Britain.
1782Charles Watson-Wentworth, 2nd Marquess of Rockingham, a prominent Brit Party politician, began his second non-consecutive term as Prime Minister of Great Britain.
1794To protect American merchant ships from Barbary pirates, the United States Congress established a naval force, consisting of the USS Constitution and five other frigates, which eventually became the United States Navy.
1836Texas Revolution - Mexican President Antonio López de Santana orders the execution of approximately 400 Texian prisoners of war.
1841The first steam fire engine was successfully tested in New York.
1845Another German physicist and mathematician Velhelm Röntgen was born. He discovered a special ray x ray in 1895 AD.
1850San Diego, in what is now California, was the first European settlement to be incorporated as a city.
1871The first international rugby match was played between Scotland and England, which Scotland won.
1899The first international radio broadcast between England and France was done by the Italian inventor G. Marconi.
1899Philippine–American War—Philippine President Emilio Aguinaldo leads troops against the US for the only time for Anwar at the Battle of the Marilao River.
1915Typhoid Mary, the first person identified as an asymptomatic carrier of typhoid fever, was placed in quarantine, where she spent the rest of her life.
1941Encouraged by the British Special Operations Executive, a group of pro-Western Serb-nationalist Royal Yugoslav Air Force officers planned and organized a coup after Yugoslavia joined the Axis powers.
1944Two thousand Jews were murdered in Lithuania.
1945World War II – The United States Army Air Forces began laying shipping mines, laying naval mines to disrupt shipping in several important waterways and ports of Japan.
1958Nikita Khrushchev became the head of the Soviet Union after the death of Joseph Stalin.
1961The celebrations of the first World Theater Day began.
1964A magnitude 8.4 earthquake in Alaska killed 118 people.
1975Construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, an oil pipeline spanning the length of Alaska, began.
1976The Washington Metro, the second busiest rapid transit system in the US, opened to commuters.
1977Two of the jumbo planes collided at the airstrip in Tenerife, the world's worst plane crash, killing 583 people.
1977Two Boeing 747 airliners collided on a foggy runway at Los Rodeos airport in Tenerife on the Canary Islands, killing 583 people in the worst plane crash in aviation history.
1980Nelson Bunker Hunt and his brother failed in their attempt to turn the world market into silver, causing a panic on the commodity and futures exchanges.
1981The Solidarity movement in Poland organized a warning strike, the largest strike in the history of the Eastern Bloc, in which at least 12 million Poles walked off their jobs for four hours.
1982AFMA Chaudhary was appointed President of Bangladesh.
1989The test of the US anti-missile satellite in space failed.
1993Jiang Zemin succeeded Yang Shangcun as President of the People's Republic of China.
1994The right-wing coalition of TV tycoon Silvio Berlusconi won the Italy general election.
1994Piedmont Alabama experiences a tornado in which a church collapsed and 19 people died.
1994Ice Dance Championship Chiba Japan was won by Gritschuk and Plavo Team Russia and Ice Pair Championship in Chiba was won by Russia's Shishkova.
1996New York City's Music Box Theater opens the "State Fair". It opened for 118 performances.
1997Mass suicide in California, 39 cult members committed mass suicide.
1998The US Food and Drug Administration approved the drug sildenafil, known by the trade name Viagra, which is used to treat erectile dysfunction, the first pill to be approved for this condition in the United States. .
2002Passover Massacre: A suicide bomb bomber killed 29 people in Tanya Israel.
2002A suicide bomber killed nearly 30 Israeli civilians and 140 others at Netanya's Park Hotel two days later, triggering a large-scale Israeli anti-terrorist military operation in the West Bank.
2003Russia test-fired the deadly Topol RS-12M ballistic missile.
2008The spacecraft Endeavor successfully returned to Earth safely.
2009Flash bleeding occurs due to failure of in situ gentung dan in Tangerang Boston. Indonesia. At least 99 people are killed during flash bleeding.
2009The dam of Situ Gintung, an artificial lake in Indonesia's Tangerang District, failed, resulting in floods that killed at least 100 people.
2011The people of Tokyo demanded changes in Japan's nuclear industry for this demand, they started anti-nuclear activities.
2012Now a days nuclear security was a major issue, so world leaders discussed about nuclear security during a summit in South Korea.
2013Earthquake occurred near Taipei Taiwan. The earthquake had a magnitude of 6.0 on the scale and was named Nantou. 19 people were unharmed in the earthquake and one person was killed.
2014President Obama went to the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis. During their meeting, he pays his respects to Pope Francis. He said he is the "greater administrator" of the new pope.
2014Doctors successfully replaced a 3D-printed skull with a real skull. Doctors in the Dutch city of Utrecht announced that a 3D-printed plastic skull was successfully used to replace part of a woman's real skull three months earlier in an operation.

Important Historical Events of 27 March in India ⚡

Event YearIncident/Event
1668England's ruler Charles II ceded Bombay to the East India Company.
1898Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, who introduced modern education for the Muslims of India, died. He founded Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College which later became Aligarh Muslim University.

Important Days of 27 March National & International Days 🏁

World Theater DayInternational Day

Famous People's Birthdays on 27 March 😀

Birth YearName/Category/Country
1915Pushpalata Das / Freedom Fighter / India
1923Mahashay Dharampal Gulati / Businessman / India
1912Bimala Prasad Chaliha / Politician / India
1915Pushpalata Das / Freedom Fighter / India
1923Leela Dube / Scientist / India
1981Akhil Kumar / Boxer / India

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