The year 1915 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1915 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1915 in World ⚡

23 MayAt the time of the First World War, Italy declared war against Austria, Hungary and Germany.
24 MayThomas Alva Edition invented Telescribe.
03 JuneThe British government awarded Nobel Prize-awarded poet Rabindranath Tagore with 'Knighthood'.
05 JuneDenmark amended its constitution to give women the right to vote.
06 SeptemberThe first battle tank was built. This first version of the tank made in England was called 'Little Willie'.
28 SeptemberBritain defeated the Turks in the Battle of Qut-al-Amra.
03 OctoberThere was a 7.8 Richter scale earthquake in Pleasant Valley, Nevada.
05 OctoberBulgaria participated in the First World War.
24 OctoberIn the American city of New York, 25 thousand women demonstrated for the right to vote.
19 AugustRation law came into effect in the Netherlands.
21 AugustIn World War I, Italy declared war against Turkey.
12 DecemberChinese President Yuwan Xi Ki restored the monarchy and declared himself Emperor of China.
01 JanuaryThe Viceroy awarded Saffron-e-Hind to Mahatma Gandhi for his work in South Africa.
09 JanuaryBombay (now Mumbai) arrived after Mahatma Gandhi returned from South Africa.
13 JanuaryMore than 30 thousand people died in the devastating earthquake in Avezzano, Italy.
31 JanuaryDuring World War I, Germany used poisonous gas against Russia.
02 FebruaryThe well-known writer, poet and columnist Khushwant Singh of the country was born.
07 FebruaryFor the first time wireless messages were sent to the station by a moving train.
19 FebruaryFreedom fighter Gopal Krishna Gokhale died.
09 MarchSpecial life biographer Heinneffeber died. Who offered the view that ground insects and animals benefit from the system found in their tendency to protect themselves.
22 AprilIn the First World War, the German army used poisonous gas chlorine for the first time.
24 AprilThe German army released chloroform gas in the Ipper region of Belgium's Flemis province.
12 JanuaryThe United States delegation rejected the proposal to vote for women.
20 FebruarySan Francisco inaugurates the Panama-Pacific International Exhibition.
03 MarchThe United States established the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, NASA's predecessor.
11 AprilCharlie Chaplin's film The Trump was released.
29 MayTofilobraga became the President of Portugal.
16 JuneThe British Women's Institute was established.
24 JulyA steamer Eastland in Central Chicago killed 844 people.
31 AugustGermany established the 12th Army for the Eastern Front, but was abolished a year later.
31 SeptemberFrance formed another separate Canadian corps, with the arrival of the second Canadian division.
11 OctoberMetamora Township High School opened to public students in the city of Illinois.
06 NovemberThe Daily Eastern News Paper, published for the Eastern Illinois University student organization.
03 DecemberAn earthquake measuring 6.5 in Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh claimed 170 lives and destroyed many houses.
13 JanuaryAbout 30,000 people in Avezzano, Italy—96% of its population—were killed when an earthquake struck the region.
18 JanuaryJapanese Prime Minister Okuma Shigenobu issued the Twenty-One Demands to China in a bid to increase its power in East Asia.
23 JanuaryThe Chilembwe uprising, regarded as a seminal moment in the history of Malawi, began as rebels, led by a minister, attacked local plantation owners.
08 FebruaryFilm director D. W. Griffith The Birth of a Nation was released, becoming one of the most influential and controversial films in the history of American cinema.
03 MarchThe National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), thepredecessor of NASA, was founded.
09 MarchThe Panama–California Exposition opened in San Diego's BalboaPark, celebrating the opening of the Panama Canal.
14 MarchFirst World War-British forces cornered and sank the SMSDresden, the last remnant of the German East Asia Squadron, near theChilean island of Más a Tierra.
19 MarchPluto was first photographed, 15 years before it was officially discovered, by Clyde Tombaugh at Lowell Observatory.
27 MarchTyphoid Mary, the first person identified as an asymptomatic carrier of typhoid fever, was placed in quarantine, where she spent the rest of her life.
24 AprilThe Armenian massacre in the Ottoman Empire, hundreds of prominent Armenians began with the therest of Constantinopal and exile.
25 AprilThe First World War-Australian and the New Zealand Army Corps launched Anjac Kov, while British and French soldiers landed for the invasion of the friendship of the Galipoli Peninsula in the Ottoman Empire in Cape Hels.
03 MayThe oldest consecutive current Royal Air Force Station, RAF Northolt, was opened as a house for the number 4 reserve airplane squadron.
03 MayCanadian physician and lieutenant Colonel John Mcre wrote 'Inflanders Fields', which was later considered one of the most notable poems in World War I.
09 MayThe British forces informally launched the Battle of Ober Ridge on the Western Front, which was part of the major battle of Frenchosand.
22 MayFive trains were involved in an accident near Greta Green, Scotland, which killed 227 people and injured 246 others.
22 MayLassen Peak, in the Shasta Cascade region of Northern California, erupted violently, the only volcanic eruption in the 20th century until Mount St.
22 MayFive trains were involved in the United Kingdom's deadliest crash near Greta Green in Scotland, which killed 227 people and injured 246 others.
23 MayThe Quintshil railway accident occurred on 22 May 1915 near Gita Green, Dumisshire in Scotland, including 5 vehicles. It was the worst railway accident in the history of the United Kingdom in terms of death, 226 people were killed and 246 were injured in the accident.
24 MayFirst World War: Italy announced war against Austria-Hungary, joining the struggle on behalf of the Allies. Antante Power or the Allies were countries involved in the war with central powers during World War I. Members of the Triple Entant were the French Republic, the British Empire and the Russian Empire.
25 MayThe Sabarmati Ashram was established by MK Gandhi. Sabarmati Ashram is located in the Sabarmati suburb of Ahmedabad Gujarat. It was one of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi's residences, usually called Mahatma Gandhi, who lived there with his wife Kasturba Gandhi for about twelve years.
27 MayHMS Princess Irin was deprived of the sherness of the United Kingdom with the loss of 352 lives.
05 JuneDenmark amended its constitution to allow women's franchise. This was a moment to gain the right to vote for the woman. In earlier times, women were not given the right to vote. This was a big moment worldwide in which women actively participated.
01 JulyThe German fighter pilot of the First World War became the first person to kill another aircraft in aerial war using the incredible machine guns.
07 JulySinhaley Army officer Henry Pedris was incorrectly carried out by the arbitrary authorities to incorrectly incite the breed riot to intensify the Sinhalani freedom movement.
24 JulyPassenger ship SS Eastland rolled the Chicago River with a dockin, killed 844 passengers and crew, the largest losphos life disaster from a single ship on great lakes.
15 AugustThe New York World revealed that Germany bought a greater amount of opium from Thomas Edison that could be used to make explosives for Anwar's efforts and could be diverted to the Bayer for aspirin production.
17 AugustAmerican Jewish Leo Frank was appreciated by a crowd of famous people in Georitea, Georgia, for the alleged murder of a 13 -year -old girl.
12 OctoberA German firing squad killed British nurse Edith Cavel to help all friendly soldiers to escape Belgium's occupation.
23 October25,000 women, as part of women's franchise movement, defend their right to vote for fifth Avenue in New York City.
28 OctoberRichard Strauss performed his Tonapome N Alpine Symphony in Berlin.
25 NovemberAlbert Einstein presented the equations of general relativity in the field of Proseian Academy of Science.
12 DecemberThe President of the Republic of China again reinstated the monarchy and declared himself an emperor.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1915 in India ⚡

04 NovemberFamous Indian leader and social worker Feroz Shah Mehta passed away.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1915 😀

27 MarchPushpalata Das / Freedom Fighter / India
02 FebruaryKhushwant Singh / Author / India
04 AugustSajida Khan / Music Technician / India
06 AugustGurdial Singh Dhillon / Politician / India
06 FebruaryKavi Pradeep / Poet / India
08 AugustBhisham Sahni / Writer / India
08 JuneKayyar Kinhanna Rai / Author / India
09 AugustHitendra Kanaiyalal Desai / Politician / India
11 MarchVijay Hazare / Cricketer / India
15 OctoberJayant / Actor / India
15 SeptemberKaram Singh / Soldier / India
15 NovemberV. R. Krishna Iyer / Judge / India
17 SeptemberM. F. Husain / Painter / India
17 SeptemberMaqbool Fida Husain / Painter / India
20 AugustD. Devaraj Urs / Politician / India
22 JulyShaista Suhrawardy Ikramullah / Politician / India
24 OctoberJeevan / Actor / India
25 JuneKashmir Singh Katoch / Military Advisor / India
27 MarchPushpalata Das / Freedom Fighter / India
30 SeptemberMadan Puri / Actor / India

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