1917 in History – What happened in year 1917

In history, year 1917 has its own importance and known for many memorable events like famous birthdays, inventions, natural disaster, treaties, change of rulers, special days etc. Find below a list of important historical events which happened during the year 1917.

Top Historical Events of the Year 1917:

Date/MonthEvent / Incidence / Incident
19 januaryApproximately 50 tons of TNT exploded at a munitions factory in Silver town in West Ham, present-day Greater London, killing more than 70 people and injuring more than 400 others.
26 februaryNew Orleans' Original Dixieland Jass Band recorded 'LiveryStable Blues', the first jazz single ever released.
15 marchTsar Nicholas II of Russia was forced to abdicate in theFebruary Revolution, ending three centuries of Romanov rule.
25 marchFollowing the overthrow of the Russian tsar Nicholas II,Georgia's bishops unilaterally restored the autocephaly of the Georgian Orthodox Church.
26 marchFirst World War-Attempting to advance into Palestine, British were defeated by Ottoman troops at the First Battle of Gaza.
09 aprilFirst World War-The Canadian Corps began the first wave of attacks at the Battle of Vimy Ridge in Vimy, France.
16 aprilVladimir Lenin returned to Petrograd from Switzerland, and joined the Bolshevik movement in Russia.
13 mayTen-year-old Lúcia Santos and her cousins Francisco andJacinta Marto reportedly began experiencing a Marian apparition nearFátima, Portugal, now known as Our Lady of Fátima.
18 mayThe Selective Service Act of 1917 was passed on 18th May, drafted by then –Captain Hugh S. Johnson to authorize the federal government to raise a national army through conscription. According to the draft all the men between the ages of 21-30 were required to register for military services for the American entry into World War I.
22 mayThe Great Atlanta fire of 1917 began on 21st May resulted into the damage of $5.5 million. Around 300 acres including 2,000 homes, business and churches were destroyed and about 1,000 people were displaced. There was one fatality of a woman due to heart attack.
07 juneFirst World War-The British Army detonated 19 ammonal minesunder the German lines, killing 10,000 in the deadliest non-nuclear man-made explosion in history.
11 juneAlexander was crowned King of Greece, succeeding his fatherConstantine, who had abdicated.
30 juneDr. Dadabhai Naoroji, great Indian, patriot and one of the founders of the Indian National Congress, politician and merchant, died at the age of 92. Dadabhai Naoroji known as the Grand Old Man of India, was a Parsi intellectual, educator, cotton trader, and an early Indian political and social leader. He was a member of parliament (MP) in the United Kingdom House of Commons between 1892 and 1895, and the first Asian to be a British MP.
02 julyWhite residents of East St. Louis, Illinois, burned entiresections of the city and shot black inhabitants as they escaped theflames.
12 julyVigilantes forcibly deported about 1,300 striking mine workers, their supporters, and innocent bystanders from Bisbee, Arizona, US, to New Mexico.
31 julyFirst World War-The Battle of Passchendaele began near Ypresin West Flanders, Belgium, with the Allied Powers aiming to force Germantroops to withdraw from the Channel Ports.
04 octoberFirst World War : The British devastated the German defence in the Battle of Broodseinde, which prompted a crisis among the German commanders and caused a severe loss of morale in the German Fourth Army.
12 octoberFirst World War-New Zealand troops suffered 2,735 casualties,including 845 deaths, in the First Battle of Passchendaele, making itthe nation's largest loss of life in one day.
13 octoberAt least 30,000 people in the Cova da Iria fields near Fátima,Portugal, witnessed the 'Miracle of the Sun'.
14 octoberAt least 30,000 people in the Cova da Iria fields near Fátima,Portugal, witnessed the 'Miracle of the Sun'.
15 octoberDutch exotic dancer Mata Hari was executed by a firing squadfor spying for Germany.
31 octoberWorld War I-Allied forces defeated Turkish troops in Beershebain Southern Palestine at the Battle of Beersheba, often reported as 'the last successful cavalry charge in history'.
02 novemberBritish Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour issued the BalfourDeclaration, proclaiming British support for the establishment of aJewish homeland in Palestine.
07 novemberWorld War I-British forces captured Gaza when the Ottomangarrison abandoned the area.
07 novemberVladimir Lenin led a Bolshevik insurrection against theProvisional Government of Alexander Kerensky, starting the Bolshevik Revolution.
25 novemberWorld War I-German troops invaded Portuguese East Africa in anattempt to escape superior British forces to the north and resupply fromcaptured Portuguese materiel.
26 novemberUnable to resolve disputes with Eddie Livingstone, owner of theToronto Blueshirts, the other ice hockey clubs of Canada's NationalHockey Association officially agreed to leave that sports league and toform a new one-the National Hockey League.
06 decemberA ship in Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada, carrying TNT and picric acid caught fire after a collision with another ship and caused the second-largest man-made accidental explosion in history.
09 decemberFirst World War-Hussein al-Husayni, the Ottoman mayor ofJerusalem, surrendered the city to the British.
12 decemberA train derailment in Modane, France has led to the death of 500 soldiers.

Famous birthdays in the year 1917:

Date/MonthName / Profession / Country
02 OctoberChristian de Duve / Biochemist / United Kingdom
04 SeptemberHenry Ford II / Business Man / United States of America
06 MayKal Mann / Writer / United States of America
07 MayLenox Hewitt / Public Servant / Australia
07 JulyFidel Sánchez Hernández / Politician / El Salvador
12 February Dom DiMaggio / Baseball Player / United States of America
12 MarchGoogie Withers / Writer / United Kingdom
13 NovemberRobert Sterling / Actor / United States of America
14 March Alan Smith / Pilot / United Kingdom
14 AprilValerie Hobson / Actress / United Kingdom
14 NovemberPark Chung-hee / Politician / South Korea
15 JuneMichalis Genitsaris / Singer / Greece
16 DecemberNabi Bux Khan Baloch / Author / Pakistan
18 AugustCaspar Weinberger / Lawyer / United States of America
20 MayTony Cliff / Author / United Kingdom
21 March Frank Hardy / Author / Australia
26 AprilI. M. Pei / Architect / United States of America
26 AprilVirgil Trucks / Baseball Player / United States of America
29 AprilCeleste Holm / Actress / United States of America
31 DecemberEvelyn Knight / Singer / United States of America

Famous Indian Personalities Birthdays in the year 1917:

YearName / Profession / Country
12 AprilVinoo Mankad / Cricketer / India
29 DecemberRamanand Sagar / Producer / India
19 NovemberMrs. Indira Gandhi / Politician / India
07 JulyRam Subhag Singh / Politician / India
02 NovemberAnn Rutherford / Actress / India
05 NovemberBanarsi Das Gupta / Politician / India
15 DecemberShan-ul-Haq Haqqee / Linguist / India
26 NovemberBiren Mitra / Politician / India
05 NovemberBanarsi Das Gupta / Politician / India
NA NALakshman Singh Gill / Politician / India
15 January K. A. Thangavelu / Actor / India
12 March Googie Withers / Actress / India
10 AprilJagjit Singh Lyallpuri / Politician / India
23 SeptemberAashima Chatarjee / Chemist / India
13 NovemberVasantdada Patil / Politician / India
12 JulySatyendra Narayan Singh / Politician / India
17 JulyBijon Bhattacharya / Actor / India
19 NovemberIndira Gandhi / Politician / India
19 NovemberIndira Gandhi / Politician / India
13 NovemberVasantdada Patil / Politician / India

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