The year 1918 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1918 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1918 in World ⚡

15 MayFirst air mail service launched in the US.
21 MayThe US House of Representatives allowed women to vote.
03 JuneGandhi literature presided over the Hindi Literature Conference in Indore. Hindi was considered as the official language in that.
24 JuneThe first airmail service started in Canada between Montreal to Toronto.
12 JulyThe Japanese warship exploded in the Gulf of Tokayam. In which 500 people died.
13 JulyThe Japanese warship exploded in the Gulf of Tokayam. In which 500 people died.
29 SeptemberDuring World War I, Bulgaria laid down arms before the combined forces of France and Britain. In the First World War, this country was a component of Germany Austria Hungry and Osmani rule.
17 OctoberYugoslavia declared itself a republican country.
21 OctoberMargate Oven set a world record with a typing speed of 170 VPM in 1 minute.
22 OctoberThe final phase of the First World War began with the invasion of the Joint Army on the German Army.
28 OctoberAfter the separation of Hungary and Austria, Czechoslovakia became independent.
05 NovemberInfluenza megaliths, originating from European countries, killed one million people in the world.
12 NovemberAfter the defeat of the Austrian-Hungry Empire in World War I and the separation of these two countries, the monarchical system of governance in Austria ended and the period of democratic governance began.
14 NovemberThe Republic of Czechoslovakia was established and TG Masric became President.
18 NovemberLatavia declared independence from Russia.
13 AugustBMW became a public company, producing cars worldwide.
19 AugustThe 9th President of the country Shankar Dayal Sharma was born.
14 DecemberBritish women voted in general elections for the first time.
06 FebruaryWomen over 30 years of age in Britain got the right to vote.
24 FebruaryThe European country Estonia gained independence from Russia.
05 MarchThe Soviet Union removed Petrograd and made Moscow the capital of Russia.
22 JanuaryThe Bolsheviks, the Ukrainian People's Republic, declared independence in Russia.
24 FebruaryThe city of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia Trio gained independence from Russia in the form of the Transascogenic Democratic Federal Republic.
07 MarchFrench composer Claude Debbst died in Paris due to colorectal cancer.
02 MayThe owner of General Motors bought Chevrolet Motor Company of DeVare.
22 JuneThe Spanish 'flu' took the form of an epidemic, causing more than 30 million people to die in 6 months.
15 JulySecond Battle of the Marne: The war began near the river Marne with a German attack.
21 AugustThe second battle of the Somme begins.
19 SeptemberThe third Transjordan attack began in the Jordan Valley.
28 OctoberIn Western Galicia Eastern Europe) a new polis government was announced.
03 NovemberPoland declared its independence from Russia.
14 DecemberPrince Frederick Charles of Hess resigned from the Finnish throne.
26 JanuaryA group of Red Guards hung a red lantern atop the tower of Helsinki Workers' Hall to symbolically mark the start of the Finnish Civil War.
16 FebruaryThe Council of Lithuania signed the Act of Independence of Lithuania, proclaiming the restoration of anindependent Lithuania governed by democratic principles, despite the presence of German troops in the country during World War I.
21 FebruaryThe Carolina Parakeet, the only parrot speciesnative to the eastern United States, became extinct when the lastindividual died in captivity at the Cincinnati Zoo.
04 MarchThe first known case of the so-called Spanish flu was firstobserved at Fort Riley, Kansas.
21 MarchWorld War I—German forces opened the Spring Offensive with Operation Michael, an attempt to break through Allied lines and seize ports on the English Channel.
30 MarchBolshevik and Dashkak forces suppressed the Muslim insurgency in Azerbaijan, resulting in over 12,000 deaths.
01 AprilThe British Armed Forces started giving personnel the power to fly.
09 AprilLions' actions during the battle of Milal at the end of World War I honored him directly on the battlefield with Portugal's highest military honor, order of the tower and sword.
21 AprilManfred von Richthofen, known as 'The Red Baron', was shot dead near Vax-S-Somme in France, as the most successful fighter pilot with 80 of a world war Win the air war after the career confirmation in.
21 AprilManfred von Richthofen, known as 'Red Baron', was killed in France near Vax-S-Somme, which failed fighter aircraft failed with 80 unsuccessful air fighters of First World War I Was in the form of a career.
23 AprilThe First World War British Royal Navy raided the Belgian port of Brugs-Zebruz.
09 MayThe First World War-Germany canceled Britain's second attempt to rebuild the Belgium port of Ostend.
11 MayThe mountain republic of the Northern Caucasus (MRNC) was officially established on 11 May 1918. It was captured by the Bolshevik Russia's Red Army in June 1920 and the Republic of Mountaineers' government was forced to leave the Caucasus.
13 MayThe United States Post Office Department released the first airmail stamp on 13 May 1918. This 24 percent inverted Jenny Stamp became very famous due to a printing error, with a biplane revealed on a sheet of 100 tickets that were sold to the public.
16 MayThe sedation act was passed in the United States, using the United States, flag, or armed force to use the United States, flag, or armed force to use 'disorganized, unholy, insulting or derogatory' Refused
26 MayThe democratic republic of Georgia was established. The Georgia Democratic Republic existed from May 1918 to February 1921 and was the first modern establishment of the Republic of Georgia. It was built after the fall of the Russian Empire which began with the Russian Revolution of 1917.
28 MayAzerbaijan Democratic Republic and First Republic of Armenia declare their freedom. The first republic of Armenia was the first modern Armenian state to be known in the time of its existence since the fall of the Kingdom of Silisia in 1375.
10 JuneThe First World War-Italian Torpedo boats drowned the Austro-Hungerian dreaded SMS Szant Istwan on the Dalmesian coast.
24 JuneFirst airmail service in Canada from Montreal to Toronto. Airmail (or Air Mail) is a mail transport service that is branded and sold on the basis of airborn. Airmail items usually come more faster than surface mail, and usually cost more to send.
26 JuneThe 26-day battle of Belue Wood near the Marne River in the First World War-France finally cleaned that forest of German soldiers.
04 JulyOttoman Sultan Headed VI managed to sit on the throne. Around VI was the 36th and last Sultan of the VI Ottoman Empire. His reign began between 1918 and 1922. He was the brother of Headed V. He was sitting on the throne as Usman's greatest male member after the suicide of Abdulaziz's son Yusuf Izatai Effandy in 1916, who was the successor of the throne.
12 JulyJapanese Bettleship Kawachi's ammunition in the magazine exploded more than 600 officers and crew people.
17 JulyRMS Carpethia, who rescued the RMS Titanic drowning, was himself drowned by a German U-boat.
17 JulyThe Russian Revolution-Bolsheviks executed the Zar Nicholas II in Yakaterinburgh and the family.
17 JulyRMS Carpethia, who rescued people from drowning RMS Titanic, sinks itself by a German U-boat.
08 AugustThe Battle of Amianas began in Emines, France, which began on the cordial days of the powers of the Allied Nations through the German front and eventually ended the First World War.
30 AugustFanny Coupon shot and injured Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin, helping to spread red terror in the future Soviet Union, a repressive socialist-revolutionary party member and other political opponents.
18 SeptemberFirst World War- The defeat of Central Powers in the Battle of Dobro Pols played a role in Bulgarian return from the war and opened the way for the later liberation of Vardar Macedonia.
28 SeptemberEstimated 30 million people died worldwide in the world's worst flu epidemic in history. The epidemic is of Spanish flu, which is called in this way, as the first major break caused many deaths in Spain.
03 OctoberFirst World War - After the defeat of his armed forces for the powers of friendly countries, Bulgarian Zar Ferdinand I gave up in favor of his third Boris III.
04 OctoberA gunpowder plant in Severville, New Jersey, USA burst more than 100 people and destroyed more than 300 buildings.
08 OctoberAfter the First World War-His Paltan faced heavy casualties during the Meuse-Argonne aggressive in France's Forest of Argon German soldiers died and 132 mothers were imprisoned.
28 OctoberCzechoslovakia declared his freedom from Austria-Hungary.
11 NovemberJ józef Pilsudski was appointed as Commander of Polishforce by the Regency Council and was tasked to form a national government for the new independent country.
01 DecemberWith the signing of the Act of the Union, Denmark recognized the Empire of Denmark as a complete sovereign state in the individual union through a common emperor.
16 DecemberVisas Micivisius-Capsukas announced the formation of the Lithuanian Soviet-Socialist Republic, which is a puppet state, which was created by Cyon Trusia to justify the Lithuanian-Soviyat War.
17 DecemberAround 1,000 protesters marched in Government House Indrwin, Australia, where they burnt effigies of Administrator Johngilartha and demanded their resignation.
27 DecemberA public speech by the famous Polish Pianoist Ignesis Jan Pastravsky Posenan provoked the Greater Poland rebellion against Germany.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1918 in India ⚡

22 JulyIndralal Rai, India's first proficient pilot, was killed in an air battle with Germany in London during the First World War.
22 AugustIndralal Rai, India's first proficient pilot, was killed in an air battle with Germany in London during the First World War.
02 DecemberGurudas Banerjee, the leading educationist and the first Indian Vice Chancellor of the University of Calcutta, died.
21 NovemberThe China-Indian War ended after the China People's Liberation Army declared a unilateral ceasefire and withdraws the prequel of line control, which they captured during the struggle in all regions.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1918 😀

03 JulyS. V. Ranga Rao / Actor / India
05 JulyK. Karunakaran / Politician / India
09 DecemberE.K. Nayanar / Politician / India
12 AugustGuy Gibson / Pilot / India
13 MayBalasaraswati / Choreographer / India
14 DecemberB. K. S. Iyengar / Author / India
19 NovemberDebiprasad Chattopadhyaya / Philosophical / India
19 AugustDr. Shankar Dayal Sharma / Politician / India
19 AugustShankar Dayal Sharma / Politician / India
19 AugustShankardayal Sharma / Politician / India
20 MayPiru Singh / Soldier / India
24 AugustSikander Bakht / Politician / India
25 AugustB. P. Mandal / Politician / India
26 JanuaryB. D. Sharma / Politician / India
26 JuneRama Raghoba Rane / Soldier / India
30 AugustBinayak Acharya / Politician / India
NA NAAbdul Ghafoor / Politician / India
NA NAS. L. Shakdhar / Civil Servant / India

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