The year 1923 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1923 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1923 in World ⚡

01 May
20 MayStanley Baldwin became Prime Minister of Britain.
06 JulySoviet Socialist Republic was established.
13 JulyHollywood' was written to promote land prices near Mount Hills in the California city of Los Angeles. 1929
15 JulyThe Parliament of Italy adopted the new constitution.
03 SeptemberPandit Kishan Maharaj, the legendary tabla player of the country, was born.
07 SeptemberInterpol was founded in Vienna, the capital of Austria.
26 SeptemberBollywood actor Devanand was born in Punjab, Pakistan).
15 OctoberThe fifth tropical storm of the year came north of Leeward Island.
05 AugustHenry Sullivan became the first American to cross the English Channel.
08 DecemberThe Treaty of Friendship was signed between Germany and America.
12 DecemberIn Italy, the Po River dam burst, killing 600 people.
03 MarchTime magazine was first published.
22 MarchRadio broadcast of Ice Hockey match for the first time.
15 AprilInsulin became available in the market for people suffering from diabetes.
10 JanuaryThe last US Army left Rhineland Germany).
05 FebruaryThe arrest of socialists and communists in Italy.
22 MarchThe first radio broadcast of ice hockey was by Foster Hewitt.
28 MayAmerican unemployment almost ended.
09 JuneBrinks reveals the first armored security van.
15 JulyThe Italian Parliament accepted the new constitution.
13 AugustSteel Corp of US approved 8 hours of work.
10 SeptemberThe Irish Free State joined the League of Nations.
16 OctoberDisney Brothers established Cartoon Studios.
14 NovemberKentaro Suzuki completed the ascent of Mount Lezuna.
18 DecemberThe International Area of ​​Tangier was established in Morocco.
09 JanuaryLithuanian residents of the Memel Territory rebelled against the League of Nations decision to leave the area as a mandated region under French control.
11 JanuaryTroops from France and Belgium invaded the Ruhr Area to force the German Weimar Republic to pay its reparations in the aftermath of World War I.
05 FebruaryAustralian cricketer Bill Ponsford made 429 runs to break the world record for the highest first-class score.
16 FebruaryEnglish archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter unsealedthe burial chamber of Tutankhamun, an Egyptian Pharaohof the eighteenth dynasty.
20 MarchThe Arts Club of Chicago hosted the opening of Pablo Picasso in the United States of America, titled Original Drawings by Pablo Picasso, presented in the U.S. became an early proponent of modern art.
18 AprilNew York Yankis of Major League Baseball began playing the game at the newly constructed Yanki Stadium.
28 AprilLondon's Vambali Stadium, then known as the Empire Stadium, was first closed to the public and held a 1923 FA Cup Finalbatten Bolton Wanderers and West Ham United Football Clubs.
26 MayThe first 24 -hour of Le Mans was held and since then it has been run annually in June. 24 hours Le Mans, Endens Racing is the world's oldest active sports car race, which is held every year near the Le Man's city of France. It is one of the most prestigious automobile races in the world and is often called "Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency".
09 JuneThe Bulgarian armed forces overthrew the government of the Bulgarian Agrarian National Union headed by Alexander Stamboliski and replaced Alexandar Tsankov in its place.
18 JuneChecker taxi imposes its first taxi on the roads. In early 1900, motor taxi taxi started appearing on the streets of major cities. Especially in Chicago, where many rail routes had terminals, there was a great need for on-demand, point-to-point chofir-operated transport.
13 JulyThe Hollywoodland sign was officially dedicated to a new housing development in the hills above California, Hollywood.
24 JulyThe Treaty of Lozen was signed to dispose of the Anatolian partoph for the division of the Ottoman Empire, establishing the border modern Turkey.
02 AugustCalvin Coolized United States's 30th President Warren Ji Harding suffered a deadly heart attack.
01 SeptemberGreat Kanto Earthquake, measured 7.9 on Richterscale, in the Kanto region of Japan, destroyed Tokyo and Yokohama, and killed over 100,000 people.
29 SeptemberThe British mandate to Palestine was effectively implemented, officially built under the British administration (to involve a Jewish motherland) and Transjordon as a separate enemy under Abdullah I.
16 OctoberRoy and Walt Disney founded the Disney Brothers Cartoon Stadioin Hollywood which eventually became one of the world's largest media Enderator Corporation.
29 OctoberOn July 24, the Treaty of Lozen built Turkey's Mustafa Kemal Ataturk as the first President.
29 OctoberMustafa Kemal Ataturak became the first President of Turkey, the new nation was established by the remains of the Ottoman Empire.
08 NovemberAdolf Hitler attempted to gain power in Munich. However, he was arrested and accused of betrayal due to his failure to do so.
08 DecemberMany of Rome's Italians became homeless and had to flee to the hills as a result of heavy floods. The Tiber River is at a record height.
21 DecemberA treaty was signed by Nepal and the United Kingdom, which already determines the international status of Nepal as an independent and sovereign nation.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1923 in India ⚡

01 MaySince May 1, 1923, Labor Day, also known as Labor Day, is celebrated in India. Labor Kisan Party of Hindustan organized Labor Day celebrations in Chennai for the first time in front of Madras High Court and Triplicen Beach on this day. To promote the importance of working classes, most of the countries around the world celebrate May 1 as Labor Day.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1923 😀

27 MarchMahashay Dharampal Gulati / Businessman / India
31 JanuarySomnath Sharma / Army officer / India
30 NovemberJanaki Ramachandran / Politician / India
01 JulyBrijmohan Lall Munjal / Industrialist / India
02 FebruaryLalit Narayan Mishra / Politician / India
02 MarchMrs. Sundari / Educationist / India
04 SeptemberRam Kishore Shukla / Politician / India
04 DecemberShripati Mishra / Politician / India
05 OctoberKailashpati Mishra / Politician / India
07 DecemberIntizar Hussain / Author / India
10 JulyG. A. Kulkarni / Author / India
11 OctoberHarishchandra / Scientist / India
11 JulyTun Tun / Actress / India
11 JulyUma Devi Khatri (Tun Tun) / Actress / India
14 MayMrinal Sen / Producer / India
16 JulyKotikalapudi Venkata Krishna Rao / Soldier / India
17 JanuaryRangeya Raghav / Author / India
18 AugustA. B. Tarapore / Soldier / India
20 SeptemberAkkineni Nageswara Rao / Actor / India
20 OctoberV. S. Achuthanandan / Politician / India
21 MarchNirmala Srivastava / Religious Leader / India
23 OctoberAslam Farrukhi / Author / India
23 AugustBal Ram Jakhar / Politician / India

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