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03 September - Today in History - Important historical events happened on this day in India and World History

According to Gregory calendar, on September 03, the day number in a year is 246 and if it is a leap year then the day number is 247. September 03 has a special significance in India and world history, because many such incidents have occurred on this day which have been recorded forever in the pages of history. Let's know some such important events which will increase your general knowledge. The facts collected will be as follows: People born on this day, demise of famous people, war treaty, freedom of any country, invention of new technologies, change of power, important National and International Day etc.

September 03 in History - Top Historical Events ⚡

YearEvent / Incidence / Incident
590Gregory I became pope, the first one to come from a monasticbackground.
863Byzantine–Arab Wars-The Byzantine Empire decisively defeatedthe Emirate of Melitene in the Battle of Lalakaon, beginning the era ofByzantine ascendancy.
1189Richard the Lionheart was crowned King of England inWestminster.
1651English Parliamentarian forces under Oliver Cromwell won theBattle of Worcester, the final battle of the Third English Civil War.
1709The first major group of Swiss reached the German colonies.
1731William KH Frisco was made Viceroy of Frisland.
1783Great Britain and the United States signed the Treaty of Paris,formally ending the American Revolutionary War.
1783The Revolutionary War ended with the Treaty of Paris between the US and Britain.
1791The Parliament of France passed the constitution of the country.
1812In London, England, the world's first factory to fill cans opened.
1833Benjamin H.D. Started publishing the first successful newspaper in the US, the 'New York Sun \'.
1838Future American abolitionist Frederick Douglass escaped fromslavery.
1901The National Flag of Australia, a Blue Ensign defaced with theCommonwealth Star and the Southern Cross, flew for the first time atopthe Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne.
1906India's famous film actor Prithviraj Kapoor was born in Peshawar (now Pakistan).
1914Prince William of Albania had to leave the country after six months due to the opposition under his rule.
1923Pandit Kishan Maharaj, the legendary tabla player of the country, was born.
1925The USS Shenandoah, the U.S. Navy's first rigid airship, wastorn apart in a squall line over Ohio.
1937Australia is resorting to using more and more camels for patrolling some of the longest fences in the world as part of the conflict against wild dogs in arid areas, as the humped beasts are known for their capacity to travel long expanses of the desert stretch without water.
1939Britain and France declare war on Germany in retaliation to Hitler's incursion of Poland.
1939World War II began with British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin declaring war on Germany and Britain against Germany on a radio broadcast.
1940Famous composer of Hindi cinema Pyarelal was born.
1941The Holocaust-SS-Hauptsturmführer Karl Fritzsch first usedthe pesticide Zyklon B to execute Soviet POWs en masse at Auschwitz;eventually it was used to kill about 1.2 million people.
1941German artillery began shelling on Leningrad.
1942The Holocaust-In possibly the first Jewish ghetto uprising, residents of the Lachwa Ghetto in occupied Poland, informed of the upcoming 'liquidation' of the ghetto, unsuccessfully fought against their Nazi captors.
1943The Allies attacked Italy during the second world war.
1950Emilio Nino Farina became the first Formula One World Champion.
1968British doctors have spotted an increase in cases of vein inflammation, which lead to blood coagulation in women using birth control pills.
1971Qatar gained independence.
1979The sixth NAM Summit began in Havana, Cuba.
1984About 1300 were killed and hundreds were injured in South Philippines due to a terrible storm. Winds measured up to 185 kilometers per hour.
1991A fire killed 25 people locked inside a burning chickenprocessing plant in Hamlet, North Carolina, US.
1995EBay was founded.
1998Twelfth Non-Aligned Movement Summit ended in Durban, South Africa.
2001The Troubles-Protestant loyalists began picketing a Catholicprimary school for girls in the Protestant portion of Ardoyne, Belfast,Northern Ireland.
2004After a two day stalemate, Islamist terrorists slay about 340 hostages inside a school in Beslan, Russia.
2005The Unites States has been offered a $100 million aid by the oil rich nation of Qatar to help with catastrophic damage caused by Hurricane Katrina.
2008The Republican Party has officially announced, Arizona Senator John McCain as their candidate in the 2008 United States presidential election.
2009Australia experiences its hottest August recorded so far, amidst rising winter temperatures.
2010The unemployment rate in the USA for the month of August this year rises to an alarming 9.6%
201113th World Championship in Athletics: Usain Bolt won the 200 meter race.
2013Microsoft Corporation acquires Nokia's mobile phone division for $7.2 billion.
2013Microsoft bought Nokia for 7.2 billion.
2014Pharmaceutical chain CVS Pharmacy declares that it will change its name to 'CVS Health' and stop marketing tobacco products.
2014More than 200 people died due to floods in India and neighboring Pakistan.

Famous Birthdays of September 03 😀:

YearName / Profession / Country
1980Daniel Bilos / Footballer / Argentina
1907Loren Eiseley / Philosopher / United States of America
1975Cristobal Huet / Ice Hockey Player / France
1957Earl Cureton / Basketball Player / United States of America
1962David De Roure / Scientist / United Kingdom
1932Eileen Brennan / Actress / United States of America
1957Garth Ancier / Business Man / United States of America
1972Bob Evans / Wrestler / United States of America
1905John Mills / Cricketer / New Zealand
1940Frank Duffy / Architect / United Kingdom
1970George Lynch / Basketball Player / United States of America
1953Jean-Pierre Jeunet / Producer / France
1956Stephen Woolley / Director / United Kingdom
1940Pauline Collins / Actress / United Kingdom
1947Mario Draghi / Economist / Italy
1980Jason McCaslin / Singer / Canada
1940Brian Lochore / Rugby Player / New Zealand
1924Mary Grace Canfield / Actress / United States of America
1905Carl David Anderson / Academic / United States of America
1781Eugène de Beauharnais / Politician / France
1978Nick Wechsler / Actor / United States of America
1982Tiago Rannow / Footballer / Brazil
1947Gerard Houllier / Footballer / France
1987James Neal / Ice Hockey Player / Canada
1978John Curtis / Footballer / United Kingdom
1966Steven Johnson Leyba / Author / United States of America
1814James Joseph Sylvester / Academic / United Kingdom
1972Robbie O'Davis / Rugby Player / Australia
1953George Peponis / Physician / Australia
1887Frank Christian / Trumpet Player / United States of America

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