According to Gregory calendar, on August 05, the day number in a year is 218 and if it is a leap year then the day number is 219. August 05 has a special significance in India and world history, because many such incidents have occurred on this day which have been recorded forever in the pages of history. Let's know some such important events which will increase your general knowledge. The facts collected will be as follows: People born on this day, demise of famous people, war treaty, freedom of any country, invention of new technologies, change of power, important National and International Day etc.

Important Historical Events of 05 August in the World ⚡

Event YearIncident/Event
1278Castill's king Alfonso X was forced to leave the siege of Alegasiras, the first of many people in the city during the Spanish reconquesta.
1543French and Turkish forces occupied Nice.
1583Explorer Humphre Gilbert now established the first English colony North America in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
1600Scottish Raees John Ruthwen, 3 Earl of Ghori, Raja James VI died during unsuccessful attempt to kidnap.
1662Scottish historian James Anderson was born.
1716Battle of Petrovadin: 83,300 Austrian soldiers of Prince Eugene of Saloy defeated 150,000 Turks under Silahdadar Damat Ali Pasha (who was killed).
1861With the passage of the Revenue Act, the US government released the first income tax -3% of all income in $ 800 (later rescued in 1872).
1864American Citizen War-Re-Rear Admiral David Farragut successfully led the union fleet through a mine area to win in a mobile bay fight.
1874Japan introduced the postal savings system on the lines of England.
1874Japan introduced its postal savings system, which was modeled after a similar system in England.
1882Martial law was implemented in Japan.
1884The foundation stone for the Statue of Liberty was laid on the island of Bedelay in New York Harbor.
1888Bertha Benz, the wife of the inventor of the car who invented the car, traveled 104 kilometers from Mannheim, Germany to Pforzheim, becoming the first person to travel such a long distance by car.
1888Berth Benz made the first long-distance automobile visit, returning the next day, benzo km (66 mi) to go from Manhem to Pforzheim, Germany, bennted in benz Patent-Motarwagen.
1891American Express issued the world's first traveler's check.
1914First traffic light installed in America.
1916The Sinai and Palestinecamp of the First World War-Bitish Empire began with a victory in the Battle of Romani.
1921The Berlin Peace Agreement was signed by the United States and the United States.
1923Henry Sullivan became the first American to cross the English Channel.
1925Welsh's political party Plaid Simru was established to promote Welsh language and the political freedom of the Welsh nation.
1945US airplanes dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.
1949A quake measuring 6.7 struck Ecuador's capital Quito, killing six thousand people.
19495,050 people were killed in a 6.8 mL earthquake near Ambato, Ecuador.
1962Actress and model Merlin Munro was found dead in her home in her home in Los Angeles, an incident that has become the center of one of the most controversial conspiracy principles.
1963The United States, Britain and Russia were as a signator on a partial nuclear testing restriction treaty. The restriction ends the atmosphere, outer space and water testing.
1966Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino opens in Las Vegas.
1973The Palestinian terrorist group Black takes 35 bounds of September 35 bounds; They open the fire and throw grenades into a crowded passenger lounge. This killed 3 and injured about 50 people. Terrorists are arrested and later sentenced to death for murders.
1975Bollywood's famous actress Kajol was born.
1983AT & T has spread to seven regional companies after the government's anti-trust suit against AT&T in 1974, and after almost a decade of legal trouble, the phone divides themselves to the companies providing local service to Behmath. was forced to.
1995During the operation store, the Croatian forces recovered the city of Kenin from the Republic of Serbian Krajina.
2003A suicide bomber exploded a car bomb outside the lobby of Jejw Marriott Hotel in Setibudi, South Jakarta, Indonesia, killing twelve people and injured 150.
2005The People's Republic of China formally accused Hong Kong reporter Ching Cheyong of spying. He is a journalist for The Straits Times.
2006Since the Human Rights Organization was not authorized by the Interior Ministry, Iran banned Shirin Abadi, author of the Nobel Peace Prize.
2007Mozambic officials have captured thousands of boxes of fake toothpastes, which believe that they may have dangerous chemical de-ethylene glycols.
2010The South Korea begins a large anti -submarine exercise in the yellow ocean, near the maritime border with quarrels, which he sees as a demonstration of power against North Korea and 'fully prepared for war'; North Korea condemns this practice.
2010In the war, activists of the International Assistance Mission of Afghanistan-ten foreign aid workers were killed by unknown persons in Kuranwa Munjan district of Barkhal province.
2011Juno, the first solar powered spacecraft to go to Jupiter from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, was launched.
2012Seven people died after attacking a Sikh temple in Visconsin's Oak Crack. However, the shooter was shot dead by the police.
2013The US Army helicopter crashed at the US Marine Camp Hanson. The point is located in Okinawa, the southeast area of ​​Japan and caused 4 people to die and 3 others were injured.
2014The Russian Consumer Protection Agency, Rospotrebnadzor, Kentaki Gentleman adds to the growing list of banned imports, saying that this borbon whiskey includes 'additives ' which central and peripheral nervous system, endocrine mechanisms, as well as functional and biological changes Can cause causes. As cancer and problems with infertility in men and women. ,
2016The 31 Summer Olympics began at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
25Guangavu claimed the throne as the emperor of the Heng dynasty.
641In the Battle of Murcia, King Penda of Murcia defeated and murdered King Oswaldnorathumbria, traditionally believed to have fought in the Ocestory of Shorkshire, England.

Important Historical Events of 05 August in India ⚡

Event YearIncident/Event
1763Battle of Pontiac: Battle of the Wild Runs- The British army led by Henry Bouquet defeated the Indians of the main Pontic in the Bush Run.
1852Tallied Indians destroyed the Fort Selkark, Yukon Territory.
1991Justice Leela Seth became the first Indian woman to become the Chief Justice of the High Court.

Important Days of 05 August National & International Days 🏁

Burkina Faso Independence DayNational Day

Famous People's Birthdays on 05 August 😀

Birth YearName/Category/Country
1930Neil Armstrong / Astronaut / United States of america
1843Sir Panambakkam Anandacharlu / Advocate / India
1907Bezawada Gopala Reddy / Politician / India
1931Gita Dey / Actress / India
1933Janeshwar Mishra / Politician / India
1936Suresh Mehta / Politician / India
1950Mahendra Karma / Politician / India
1958H. S. Mahadeva Prasad / Politician / India
1969Venkatesh Prasad / Cricketer / India
1974Kajol Devgan / Actress / India
1987Genelia D"Souza / Actress / India
1987Genelia D'Souza / Actress / India

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