The year 1969 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1969 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1969 in World ⚡

01 JuneIn Canada, tobacco products and related advertisements were completely banned on radio and television.
09 JulyThe lion was chosen as the national animal of the country by the Wildlife Board.
16 JulyBuzz Aldrin became the first person to reach the moon with the Apollo-11 vehicle and a photo of his first move was broadcast on the moon.
20 JulyAmerican astronomers Neil Armsstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first to reach the moon.
24 JulyApollo 11 spacecraft returns to Earth.
02 SeptemberThe Automatic Teller Machine ATM) was a money withdrawal machine, first introduced to the world in New York City, USA.
04 SeptemberNorth Vietnam President and Father of the Nation Ho Chi Minh died.
06 SeptemberThe African country of Swaziland gained independence from Britain. Today was declared as the national day of this country.
26 OctoberThe first astronauts to step on the moon, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin came to Mumbai.
22 AugustThe storms in the US killed 255 people.
16 DecemberThe British Parliament voted in favor of abolishing the death penalty altogether.
16 JanuaryMembers exchanged in space between Soviet spacecraft for the first time.
27 JanuaryIn Baghdad, 14 people were sentenced to death for espionage.
16 FebruaryA stamp was issued on the 100th death anniversary of Mirza Ghalib.
23 FebruaryActress Madhubala died.
01 MarchFirst Rajdhani train started between New Delhi-Kolkata.
07 MarchIsrael had elected 70-year-old Golda Mayer as Prime Minister.
20 MarchUS President Nixon announced the end of the Vietnam War in 1970.
20 JanuaryRichard Nixon was sworn in as the 37th President of the United States.
24 FebruaryThe Mariner 6 Mars investigation was launched from the United States.
17 MarchGolda Mayer became Israel's first female Prime Minister.
20 AprilBritish troops arrived in Northern Ireland to reinforce the Royal Ulster Constabulary.
14 MayColonel Muammar Gaddafi reached Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
05 JuneAn international communist conference began in Moscow.
05 JulyKenyan Development Minister, assassinated in Tom Boya.
21 AugustDonald and Doris Fisher San opened the first Gap store on Ocean Avenue, Francisco.
05 SeptemberThe first automated teller machine was installed at the Rockville Center in New York City, USA.
05 OctoberMonty Python Flying Circus first aired on BBC One.
10 NovemberSesame Street aired its first episode on the network.
28 DecemberThe Young Lords acquired the first Spanish Methodist Church in East Harlem.
12 JanuaryIn American football, the New York Jets upset the Baltimore Colts to win Super Bowl III in one of the greatest upsets in American Sports history.
16 JanuaryStudent Jan Palach set himself on fire in Wenceslas Square Prague as a protest against the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia the previous year.
20 JanuaryBengali student activist Amanullah Asaduzzaman was shot and killed by East Pakistani police, one of the casus belli that led to the Bangladesh Liberation War.
04 FebruaryYasser Arafat was elected chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization.
09 FebruaryThe Boeing 747 made its first flight, with test pilots Jack Waddell and Brien Wygle at the controls and Jess Wallick at the flight engineer's station.
17 MarchGolda Meir became the first female Prime Minister of Israel.
29 MarchThe New People's Army (flag picture), the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines, was formed.
04 AprilSurgeons Denton Kolei and Domingo Lehota first transplanted the total artificial heart.
07 AprilThe Internet was symbolically born with the publication of RFC 1.
17 AprilSarhan Sarhan was convicted of killing Unitedstates Senator Robert F. Kennedy.
22 AprilThe first human eye eye was transplanted.
22 AprilBritish Yatsman Sir Robin Knoc-Johnston won the world's first solo non-stop circuition off.
02 MayThe British ocean liner Queen Elizabeth 2 left for New York City from Southampton to New York.
13 May13-May 1969 Sino-Malaya sectist violence took place in Kuala Lumpur. The riots of the race were also referred to as the May 13 incident in which 143 were killed as per official data but Western diplomatic sources at that time put around 600 tolls.
16 MayVenera 5, an investigation at the Soviet Space Program Venera, landed on Venus on 16 May 1969 to accumulate atmospheric data on Venus.
18 MayThe fourth manned mission of the American Apollo Space Program Apollo 10 was launched by NASA on 18 May 1969 with three crew members. Apollo 10 is registered for the highest speed obtained by a human vehicle at a speed of 39,897 km / h in the Guinness World Records.
20 MayThe Battle of Hamburger Hill came to an end on May 20, 1969, fought between the United States and South Vietnamese against North Vietnamese forces. After getting tactical victory over North Vietnamese forces, US President Richard Nixon announced the withdrawal from South Vietnam.
26 MayApollo Program: Apollo 10 returned after a successful eight-day test of all components coming on Earth. Apollo 10 was the fourth manned mission in the United States Apollo Space Program, and the second (after Apollo 8) to revolve around the moon.
05 JuneThe international meeting of Communist and Workers parties began in Moscow. The meeting was attended by all the communist parties of the world except for pro -Chinese parties. The meeting was held after the Russian-China communist division and disputes.
22 JuneThe surface of the Kuyahga River in Ohio, USA caught fire, leading to speed to the environmental movement.
28 JuneIn response to a police raid in Stonewell Inn in New York City, groups of gay and transgender people began rioting against police officers in New York City, which was a watershed incident for homosexuality movement worldwide.
03 JulyThe biggest explosion in the history of rocket science occurred when the Soviet N -1 rocket explosion occurred, later its launch pad was destroyed. N1 (Russian: н1) was a heavy lifting rocket, planning to deliver the payload beyond the orbit of the Earth, working as the Soviet counter of the NASA Saturn V Rocket. Its first phase was the most powerful rocket phase ever.
18 JulyAfter a party on the Chappakwidic island at Massachusetts, Unitedstates Senator Ted Kennedy removed his car from a wooden bridge.
20 JulyApollo 11 lunar modules landed on the sea of ​​the transactions, where Neel Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first male to run on the themeoon after six-and-a-half hours.
08 AugustAt a Zebra crossing in London, photographer Ian McMillan took a photo used for the cover of Beatles Album Abe Road, one of the most famous album covers in recording history.
12 AugustRiots erupted in the Boguside region of the dairy and spread across North Ireland.
15 AugustThe Woodstock Music Festival opens with 500,000 rock music, and the groups that perform are one of the greatest artists of pop music of the late 60s.
21 AugustAn Australian tourist set the Al-Aksa Mosque on fire, a major reason for the formation of the Islamic Cooperation Organization.
01 SeptemberA bloodless coup led by Muammar Gaddafi overthrew the Idris I of Libya.
01 SeptemberA bloodless coup led by Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.
09 SeptemberThe official language of Canada came into force, which gave French and English equal status in the Canadian National Government.
04 OctoberChina has announced that an attempt was made for a hydrogen bomb in Chinese mainland recently and the country successfully terminated its first underground nuclear explosion.
08 OctoberDestrission organized by Weather Underground is known as Dest of Rage in Chicago.
14 OctoberThe British fifty pens coin was introduced to replace the ten -ten note, but its size initially mistaken the old half crown and the new ten pence pieces.
29 OctoberA student from UCLA sent the first message to the Internet, Arpanet on the computer of the Stanford Research Institute.
03 NovemberUS President Richard Nixon, referring to the Americans, argued the 'silent majority' who did not attend a large scale against the Vietnam war at that time.
19 NovemberPlaying for Santos against Vasco de Gama at Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian footballer Pelé scored his 1000th goal.
20 NovemberActivists of a group of American natives started a 19-month arrangement on Alkatraz Island in San Francisco Gulf.
24 NovemberApollo 12 spacecraft returns to Earth, which falls into the Pacific Ocean.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1969 in India ⚡

19 JulyThe Government of India decided to nationalize 14 major banks of the country.
24 AugustVV Giri became the fourth President of India.
14 JanuaryMadras, the southern state of India, was renamed Tamil Nadu.
15 MarchThe first helicopter squad in the Indian Navy was inducted into Goa.
09 SeptemberFlight 853, Flight Land of Elegheni Airlines, collided with a piperpa -28 Cherokee, flown by a student pilot near Indiana, a student near Indiana, destroyed both aircraft and killed all the living.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1969 😀

Santosh Yadav / Mountaineer / India
02 AprilAjay Devgan / Actor / India
02 AprilAjay Devgn / Actor / India
02 SeptemberAlka Kaushal / Actress / India
05 AugustVenkatesh Prasad / Cricketer / India
11 JanuaryAnu Agarwal / Actress / India
11 DecemberViswanathan Anand / Chess Player / India
18 MayChristabelle Howie / Model / India
19 DecemberNayan Mongia / Cricketer / India
20 JulyKalikho Pul / Politician / India
23 OctoberSanjay Gupta / Writer / India
24 AugustMukesh Tiwari / Actor / India
24 DecemberRita Singh / Figure champ / India
25 AugustVivek Razdan / Cricketer / India
28 FebruaryU Srinivas / Musician / India
30 JuneAfzal Guru / Terrorist / India
31 AugustJavagal Srinath / Cricketer / India

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