The year 1966 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1966 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1966 in World ⚡

02 JuneThe US launched a spacecraft on the moon in its first attempt.
30 JulyEngland won World Cup football for the first time by defeating West Germany in the eighth FIFA World Cup.
08 SeptemberUNESCO celebrated World Literacy Day for the first time by the United Nations Department of Education and Cultural.
22 SeptemberThe American vehicle 'Savorier-2' hit the lunar surface.
30 SeptemberBechuanaland, the British protected state of South Africa, declared independence and became the Republic of Botswana.
04 OctoberThe country of Lesotho declared its independence from Britain and today is celebrated as National Day in this country.
01 NovemberThe state of Haryana was carved out of Punjab.
24 NovemberThe first TV station opened in Kinsasa, the capital of Congo.
26 NovemberThe world's first tidal power plant started functioning at the mouth of France's Rance River.
27 NovemberUruguay adopted the constitution.
10 AugustUS space officials sent the first spacecraft from Cape Kennedy to take pictures of the appropriate location to land the rocket in space. Which crashed on the moon on 29 October.
15 DecemberWalt Disney, the founder of the world's largest animation company, died.
18 DecemberAstronomer Richard Walker discovered Saturn's satellite Epimetheus.
27 DecemberThe world's longest cave 'Cave of Swallows' was discovered in Aquisamon, Mexico.
11 JanuaryThe then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri, who raised the slogan of Jai Jawan Jai Kisan, died in Tashkent.
13 JanuaryThe US conducted a nuclear test in Nawada.
11 FebruaryFormer Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri died in Tashkent.
26 FebruaryFreedom fighter Vinayak Damadar Savarkar died.
05 MarchA Boeing 707 plane crashed at Mount Fuji, Japan.
16 MarchThe US launched the manned spacecraft Gemini 8.
20 MarchNational Film Award winning singer Alka Yagnik was born in Kolkata.
31 MarchSoviet Russia launched the first Chandrayaan Luna-10.
15 AprilThe death of painter Nandlal Bose.
26 AprilThe Tashkent city of Uzbekistan was completely destroyed by the 7.5 magnitude earthquake.
19 FebruaryUnited Kingdom Naval Minister Christopher Mayu resigned.
05 MarchHeavy theft of nuclear materials was detected in Brazil.
05 AprilIndonesian forces demand, countries rejoin the United States.
12 MayBush Memorial Stadium opened in St. Louis Missouri.
01 JuneThe White House Convention on Civil Rights.
12 JulyIndira Gandhi visited Moscow.
05 AugustCaesars Palace Hotel & Casino opens in Las Vegas.
16 SeptemberIn South Vietnam, Thich Tri Quang ended a 100-day hunger strike.
26 OctoberThe headquarters of Brussels NATO were moved from Paris.
08 NovemberActor Ronald Reagan was elected Governor of California.
19 DecemberAsian Development Bank was started.
17 JanuaryA US Air Force B-52 Stratofortress collided with a KC-135 Stratotanker during aerial refueling over the Mediterranean Sea, dropping three hydrogen bombs on land near Palomares, Spain, and a fourth one into the sea.
26 JanuaryThe three Beaumont children disappeared from a beach in Glenelg, South Australia, resulting in one of the country's largest-ever police investigations.
05 MarchBOAC Flight 911 disintegrated and crashed near Mount Fujishortly after departure from Tokyo International Airport, killing all113 passengers and 11 crew members on board.
10 MarchMilitary Prime Minister of South Vietnam Nguy?n Cao K? sacked rival General Nguy?n Chánh Thi, precipitating large-scale civil and military dissension in parts of the nation.
11 MarchIndonesian President Sukarno was forced to sign the Presidential Order Supersemar, giving Suharto the authority to take whatever measures he deemed necessary to restore order during the Indonesian killings.
15 MayRejecting his attitude to deal with the Buddhist rebellion, South Korean Prime Minister Gujen Cao ordered to attack the Force General Ton Daity and removed him from the post.
16 MayOn May 16, 1966, the cultural revolution was started by Maotse Tung, President of the Communist Party of China. The revolution severely affected the country economically, socially and politically.
16 MayChinese leader Maotse Tung officially launched the cultural revolution as a campaign to relieve China from its generous bourgeois elements and to continue revolutionary class struggle.
25 MayExplorer 32 was launched. Explorer 32, also known as the atmosphere Explorer-B (AE-B), was a satellite launched by the United States to study the upper atmosphere of the Earth. It was launched from Cape Canaveral on the Delta-C1 rocket. It was the second of the five atmosphere explorers, the first Explorer 17.
26 MayThe British Guyana gained independence and became Guyana. The British Guyana was the name of the British colony on the northern coast of South America, known as Guyana's independent nation in 1966. Its indigenous people are Arvak -speaking Lusayan, who are part of the Teno people.
30 MayThe launch of Surveyor 1, the first American spacecraft to land on a supernatural body. Surveyor 1 was the first lunar softer in the unmanned surveyor program of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA, United States). This lunar soft-glander collected figures about the lunar surface that would be necessary for the human apollo moon landing starting in 1969.
02 JuneSurveyor Program: Surveyor 1 land in Oceanas Prosaelram on Moon became the first American spacecraft to soft-numbered in the second world, Surveyor 1 National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was the first lunar soft -lander in the unmanned surveyor program America). This lunar soft-glander collected figures about the lunar surface that would be required for the human apollo moon landing starting in 1969.
13 JuneAccording to the decision of the Supreme Court of Miranda vs. Arizona established the Miranda warning, the law enforcement officers advised a suspect to remain silent and obtain a lawyer under the protection of his rights.
14 JuneU.S. The Lunar Orbiter was designed to capture pictures of the moon landscape to prepare the American astronauts to land on the lunar landscape.
01 JulyThe first colorful television broadcast in Canada is from Toronto. There are three main analog broadcasting television systems used worldwide, PAL (Phase Alternating Line), NTSC (National Television System Committee), and Secam.
06 JulyMalawi became a republic country. The country adopted its new constitution. Thus the Republic of Republic joined the club. Hastings became the first President of Banda Malawi. He was one of the leaders who were demanding independence for the country.
08 JulyKing Mabamutas IV Bangrikeng of Burundi was displaced by his son Ntare-V. Burundi is a small landowner in the African continent. It is one of the five poorest countries in the world. The history of Burundi is marked by massacres and political imbalance before becoming a republic.
10 JulyMartin Luther King, Junior led a rally in support of the Chicago freedom movement, one of the most ambitious civil rights of North America.
15 JulyVietnam War: The United States and South Vietnam started Operation Hastings to exclude North Vietnamese from Vietnamese Vietnamese.
15 JulyVietnam War: The United States and South Vietnam started Operation Hastings to exclude North Vietnamese from Vietnamese Vietnamese.
06 AugustSheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan became the rich and ruler of Abu Dhabi, his brother, Sheikh Shahbut bin Sultan Al Nahyan, which was depicted in a bloodless coup.
13 AugustChina has declared it a cultural revolution. In the great cooperative societies, workers will be allowed to work in the industry by reorganizing the current small agricultural collective.
14 AugustU.S. The Lunar Orbiter was designed to capture pictures of the moon landscape to prepare the American astronauts to land on the lunar landscape.
18 AugustMembers of the Vietnam War-Members of the 6th Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment surrounded and attacked them all around with the Viet Congress Unit in the Long Tan battle, but they had to stop for several hours until the strength came.
23 AugustLunar Orbiter 1 takes the first picture of Earth from an orbit around the moon.
24 AugustU.S.S.R launched Luna 11 for classes around the moon.
26 AugustThe South African Defense Force launched an attack against Swapo Guerrilla Fighters in Omgulugombavashe, with Namibia's freedom struggle.
06 SeptemberSouth African Prime Minister, Handric Verowd, who was clearly a architect of apartheid, was murdered during a parliamentary constituency in Cape Town
06 SeptemberSouth African Prime Minister Handric Vervord, who was 'architecture apartheid', was killed by Dimitri Tsfanda.
08 SeptemberThe American Science Fiction show Star Trek had a premiere on the NBC television network, with a media franchise launched, which has given birth to a creed phenomenon and affects the design of many current techniques.
08 SeptemberQueen Elizabeth II opened the Sever Bridge, as a Urban of a new economic era to South Wales.
14 SeptemberThe minimum wage is at a new rate of $ 1.40 per hour which will include public schools and nursing homes, as well as state and local government workers in the construction industry.
17 SeptemberFBI agents today arrested 13 white men in Grenada, Mississippi. This was earlier this week on allegations of barbaric attacks on young Negro school children using sticks, fists and a club on children.
30 SeptemberSeratse Khama became the first President of Botswana, when Bachuanland Protecturet gained independence from the United Kingdom.
12 OctoberThe Nobel Peace Prize for Medicine has been presented to two American doctors, Francis Peetan Rautand Charles B. Hugins. He dedicated his life to battle cancer.
13 NovemberThe Israeli army attacked Samu's Jordan-controlled West Bank village in response to the al-Fatah land incident two days ago near the West Bank border.
05 DecemberThe US suffered the biggest loss of aircraft from the time of the Vietnam war began. American warfare aircraft reacted by attacking hideouts near Hanoi and killing the enemy's aircraft.
18 DecemberEpimithius, one of the Moon of Saturn, was ignored, but was wrong as a Janus. It took 12 years to determine that they have two different items sharing the same class.
18 DecemberOne of the Moon of Saturn was discovered by Extius, but it was seen as a Janus. It took twelve years to determine that they are items sharing the same class.
24 DecemberMark Hellingor theater closed in New York City after Joyful Shore 12 demonstrations.
27 DecemberThe Wall of Swallows, the largest known cave shaft of the DWW, was discovered in Aquismone, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1966 in India ⚡

24 June117 people died when an Air India aircraft going from Mumbai to New York crashed in Mount Blanc, Switzerland.
10 SeptemberThe Indian Parliament today recognized the formation of the states of Punjab and Haryana.
12 SeptemberIndian swimmer Mihir Sen floated and crossed the Dardanless Strait.
31 OctoberIndia's famous swimmer Mihir Sen floated and crossed the Panama Canal.
17 NovemberRita Faria of India won the title of Miss World. She was the first Asian woman to become Miss World.
04 JanuaryThe Tashkent Conference was organized with the aim of reaching a ceasefire agreement between India and Pakistan. As a result of this agreement, the second war between India and Pakistan ended.
19 JanuaryThe Congress Party chose Indira Gandhi as its leader for the post of Prime Minister of India. Indira Gandhi was elected the fourth Prime Minister of India. Indira Gandhi was the only daughter of India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.
23 JanuaryIndira Gandhi became the third and first woman Prime Minister of India.
24 JanuaryAir India's Boeing 707 aircraft crashed near the summit of Monglow in the hills of the Alps. 117 people died in it.
16 FebruaryIndian educationist and freedom fighter Sadhu Vaswani died.
06 AprilIndian swimmer Mihir Sen swam across the Palk Strait.
04 JanuaryThe Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan met in Moscow.
10 JuneIndian version of MIG Fighter Aircraft designed in Nashik. It was born from Russia. Mig fighter aircraft played a lead role during the 1971 Indo-Pak war and Kargil War. These aircraft were used extensively by the Indian Air Force.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1966 😀

01 SeptemberFaisal Khan / Actor / India
03 JanuaryChetan Sharma / Cricketer / India
04 SeptemberAadesh Shrivastava / Singer / India
06 JanuaryA. R. Rahman / Musician / India
06 MarchMakrand Deshpande / Actor / India
08 JanuaryPankaj Berry / Actor / India
11 NovemberArif Zakaria / Actor / India
18 AugustVankadarath Saritha / Driver / India
19 DecemberRajesh Chauhan / Cricketer / India
20 MayManindra Agrawal / Scientist / India
28 AugustPriya Dutt / Politician / India
28 SeptemberPuri Jagannadh / Producer / India
31 JanuaryUmar Alisha / Journalist / India

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