The year 1942 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1942 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1942 in World ⚡

05 JuneThe United States declared war against Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania.
11 JuneThe United States and the then Soviet Union signed a land-lease agreement during World War II.
16 JulyPolice arrested 13,152 Jews in France's capital Paris.
30 JulyThe German army killed 25,000 Jews in Minsk, Belarus.
21 SeptemberThe Nazis killed 2588 Jews in Ukraine, Dunevtsy.
07 OctoberThe United States and the British government announced the establishment of the United Nations.
11 OctoberBollywood emperor and century superstar Amitabh Bachchan was born in Allahabad district of Uttar Pradesh.
29 OctoberThe Nazis killed 16 thousand Jews in Pinsk, Belarus.
20 NovemberBritish forces recaptured Libyan capital Benghazi.
23 AugustThe most dreadful battle of the Stalingrad war took place between the Soviet Union and Germany.
02 DecemberSri Aurobindo Ashram School was established in Pondicherry now Puducherry), later known as Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education.
28 DecemberRobert Sullivan became the first pilot to fly over the Atlantic Ocean a hundred times.
29 DecemberThe first superstar of Bollywood was born Rajesh Khanna.
02 JanuaryDuring World War II, the Japanese army captured Manila, the capital of the Philippines.
18 JanuaryEminent boxer Muhammad Ali was born.
19 JanuaryThe Japanese army attacked Burma.
19 FebruaryDuring World War II, an attack by Japanese fighter jets on the northern Australian city of Darwin killed 243 people.
28 FebruaryRobert Sullivan became the first pilot to fly over the Atlantic Ocean a hundred times.
16 MarchThe V-2 rocket was launched, but it exploded at the same time.
02 AprilCongress rejected the proposal of the Cripps Mission.
26 April1,549 people killed in a coal mine in Honkeko, Manchuria, China.
27 AprilThe storm killed 100 people in the US state of Oklahoma.
12 JanuaryJapan won the Battle of Tarakan.
14 FebruaryThe Battle of the Bilin River began in Burma.
08 MarchThe Rangoon army entered Japan.
03 AprilThe German submarine U-702 was lost in the North Sea mine.
12 MayThe second battle of Kharkov began.
09 JuneBritish aircraft attacked the Italian naval base at Taranto.
16 JulyThe United States concluded diplomatic relations with Finland.
09 AugustAhmed Kawam became the Prime Minister of Iran for the third time.
10 SeptemberThe Italian aircraft ship Arno was torpedoed by British aircraft and hit the equator.
02 OctoberThe Stabilization Act was enacted in the United States.
02 NovemberThe BBC launched French-language broadcasting in Canada.
16 DecemberThe Soviet Union started Tatsinkaya Red.
16 JanuaryTWA Flight 3 crashes into Potosi Mountain in Nevada, killing actress Carole Lombard and all of the other 21 people on board.
31 JanuarySecond World War: Allied forces retreated from British Malaya to Singapore, ceding control of the country to Japan.
01 FebruaryVoice of America, the official external radio and television service of the United States federal government, began broadcasting with programs aimed at areas controlled by the Axis powers during World War II.
18 FebruaryWorld War II-The Imperial Japanese Army began the systematic extermination of perceived hostile elements among Chinese Singaporeans.
19 FebruaryWorld War II: US President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, authorizing the forcible relocation of over 112, 000 Japanese Americans and Japanese people residing in the United States to nternment camps.
20 MarchWorld War II—After being forced to flee the Philippines, U.S. Gen. Douglas MacArthur in Terrywe, South Africa, announces, "Return to East."
28 MarchIn World War II-occupied France, British naval forces unsuccessfully blockaded the key port of Saint-Nazaire.
09 AprilThe Second World War-Japanese forces defeated the Army of the Allied Countries in the Baton Battle on the Baton Peninsula in the Philippines before forcibly transferred more than 90,000 prisoners of the war camp in the Beton Death March.
17 AprilThe World War II escaped from German captivity at French General Henry Zirud Constin Castle.
23 AprilSeveral weeks ago in the Second World War, Lubek's retaliation for Royal Air Forcebombing, Luftwaf started a series of ex -exabing raids in England, began with an aceler.
02 MayOn May 2, 1942, the first Burma Division attacked the 33rd Japanese 33rd Infantry Division in Moniva in the Second World War, a failed attempt and pushed it back to Allen. Two days later, Japanese soldiers captured Bhamo, Burma.
03 MayThe Second World War-Japanese forces began to attack the Solomon Islands and the surrounding islands in the Solomon Islands, making them endanger the supply and communication routes between the United States and Australia and New Zealand.
04 MayThe Battle of the Coral Sagar began on 4 May 1942 and lasted for 5 days in the Pacific Theater of World War II. It was a major naval war, fought between the royal Japanese Navy and the United States and the Australian Navy and Air Force.
04 MayThe Second World War Empiral Japanese Navy engaged in the coral Sagar battle, engaged in the Navy, the first fleet action in which the aircraft carriers join each other.
12 MayMarshal Shimshon Timosencola carried out a major attack in eastern Ukraine under the Second World War-Soviyat forces, only two weeks later to be encircled by German soldiers.
23 MayMexico President Manual Evilla Kaimacho announced a war on Axis powers under the Second World War on 22 May, 1942, following attacks on Mexican oil tankers by German submarines.
27 MayCzech fighters opposed Nazis in Prague and killed the Reach Security Main Office chief and Bowhemia and Moravia's defender Reinhard Hardich.
29 MayBing Crossbie recorded its version of the song 'White Christmas', which became the best -selling single ever, with more than 50 million copies of copies.
30 MaySecond World War: A thousand British attackers attacked Cologne, Germany for 90 minutes. During the Second World War, there was a bombing in the German city of Cologne in 262 separate air strikes by the Allies during World War II. A total of 34,711 long tonnes of bombs were dropped by RAF on the city.
01 JuneWorld War II-Three Japanese K-Hayoteki Classumine's crew, scrapped and committed suicide after launching a failed attack in Sydney Harboland.
05 JuneThe United States announced war on Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary during World War II. The declaration of war was a reaction to the tripartite treaty signed by three countries. The tripartite treaty was a military coalition treaty mainly included Germany, Italy and Japan. 2. These countries were already involved in the war with the United States and its allies.
07 JuneJapanese troops began attacking USA's Atue and Kiska Islands in Aleutian Islands in Alaska. The campaign was known as the Japanese campaign of Aleutian Island which took place during World War II. The USA and Canadian forces took a long time to get the island back.
07 JuneThe midway battle ended. It was a naval war on peace between Japan and America. This fight is listed in the best naval battles of history. The United States defeated Japan which caused many irreplaceable damage. It was a decisive victory in the United States.
12 JuneOn her thirteenth birthday, Anne Frank started placing her diary on the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.
14 JuneA large number of German soldiers attacked Stalingrad, and the German submarines were fighting a three -day battle with British ships. The British said that their aircraft carriers, 'Eagle' were destroyed. In western Greece, American attackers attacked a Nazi warship.
28 JuneSecond World War: Nazi Germany started its strategic summer invasion against the Soviet Union, named Case Blue. The Red Army seems to stop the invincible German army in the battle of unusually harsh winter aided Moscow. The battle of Stalingrad, which lasted from the end of 1942 to the early 1943, gave a serious blow to the Germans, causing them to never fully recover and became a significant turn in the war.
28 JuneSecond World War-German Vehramach launched the case blue, began aggressive summer to drive the Soviet Union out of Alwar.
10 JulyAn American naval airman discovered a Mitsubishi A6MZERO on Akutan Island in Alaska, USA, which was used to prepare an aerial war against it.
18 JulyThe trial of German engineers for the first time blew up Meschet Mi 262 with Jetngengin.
23 JulyIn the Holocast-The Gas Chambers Trawlinka Extrimination Campbagan operation, 6,500 Jews fired from the war were seen a day earlier in Ghetto.
07 AugustWorld War II-U.S. Marine launched the first American of the Guelkal Campaign with Landing on Guradalcanal and Tulagi in Solomon Island.
11 AugustActress Heidi Lamre and composer George Anthil received indifference to her 'Secret Communications System', which was an early technique offerequinine-hoping spread spectrum that later became the basis of several parts of today's wireless communication systems.
13 AugustMajor General Eugene Rainbold of the US Army Vahini authorized the construction of facilities to prepare the Manhattan project.
14 AugustA large number of German soldiers attacked Stalingrad, and the German submarines were fighting a three -day battle with British ships. The British said that their aircraft carriers, 'Eagle' were destroyed. In western Greece, American attackers attacked a Nazi warship.
15 AugustWorld War II reached Malta as part of the Enprtion to provide very necessary supply during the siege of Tanker SS Ohio Malta.
19 AugustThe Second World War-Mitra Army faced more than 3,000 casualties, when they failed to attack the German-Quiz port of Deppa, France.
24 AugustWorld War aircraft carrier Sharatoga drowned Japanese aircraft Ryujo near Santa Izabel, Solomon Island to win a friendly country from Saratoga.
30 AugustThe Second World War Irwin Romell began the final leading axis of the Western Desert Campaign, which attacks the position of the British eighth Army near El Alamin of Egypt.
03 SeptemberHolocost-In the first Jewish Jews Basti, the residents of Lachwa Ghetto, who were occupied by Poland, fought a failed fight against the Nazi prisoners, giving information about the 'liquidation' of the Jewish settlement.
12 SeptemberSecond World War- Imperial Japanese Army launched Battle of Edson in an attempt to regain the Henderson Field on the Guelkal period.
12 SeptemberA U-boat launched RAS Lagonia with Torpedo away from the coast of West Aberca and tried to save passengers, with some 80 Easians, 160 polish and 268 British soldiers and about 1800 Italian Pope.
18 SeptemberThe US submarines are winning the battle of supremacy in the Pacific Ocean. Yesterday he drowned 4 more Japanese ships and damaged another 4 Japanese ships,
21 SeptemberThe prototype model of the Boeing B -29 Superforce, a four -engine heavy bombers that became one of the largest sewskoor aircraft during World War II, flew for the first time.
26 SeptemberThe official August Frank of Holocost-Nazi released a memorandum stating how the Jews should be pacified '.
03 OctoberGermany first examined its latest rocket V2. It travels 118 miles. In 1944, Germany launched many of these rockets against Great Britain, causing thousands of people to die or without any warning.
07 OctoberThe UK government and the United States announce the establishment of the United Nations.
11 OctoberSecond World War- In the Battle of Cape Agruses on the northwest coast of Guadalcanal, American ships stopped and defeated a Japanese fleet on their way to destroy the Henderson Field.
23 OctoberFrench skilled workers are being threatened by Nazis to violence with their families when they do not come forward to work for the then major war industry of Germany.
28 OctoberThe government announced that the coffee starting from November 28 would be given a nationwide form.
30 OctoberThe British sailor of the Second World War rode in the German submarine -559 as it was drowned and retrieved the cryptographic materials, which were important for breaking the engma code.
11 NovemberSecond World War-The Alli defeated Axis in the second war of Egypt's Almin, ending the Axis Axis of Suez Canal and replaced the tide in the North African campaign and thus gained access to Eastmade Eastern Oil Area.
19 NovemberThe Second World War-Soviet soldiers launched Operation Uranus in Stalingrad, with the goal of surrounding Axis forces, the tide of fighting in favor of the Soviet Union.
26 NovemberThe film Casablanca (Poster Picture), starring Humphre Bogartand Ingrid Bergman, was premiered at Hollywood Theater in New York Citrito, who is under the invasion of North Africa's friendly countries and Kaskenka.
30 NovemberThe Second World-Empirs Japanese Navy warships defeated the United States forces during a one-night naval war near Tassarafongaria on Guadalkanal.
02 DecemberManhattan project -scientists led by Enrico Fermi began the first self -sufficient nuclear chain reaction in the experimental nuclear reactor Chicago Pile -1.
12 DecemberThe Second World War-German soldiers started Operation Winter Strom, preparation for war to relieve Axis forces during the war.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1942 in India ⚡

08 AugustThe Indian National Congress passed the 'Quit India Resolution' session in Bombay (now Mumbai).
09 AugustFather of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi was arrested along with 50 supporters after giving the slogan "Do or Die" with the Quit India Movement in Mumbai.
09 AugustThe freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose established the Indian National Army in Malaya (now Malaysia) with the help of Japan.
22 MarchThe Cripps Mission came to India under the leadership of Sir Stafford Cripps.
06 AprilJapanese fighter jets bombed Indian territories for the first time.
31 MarchSecond World War II due to a rebellion by Indian soldiers against its British officials, Japanese soldiers captured the Christmas island without any resistance.
05 AprilThe second world war-carrying aircraft of the Imperial Japanese Navy organized an Easter Sunday raid on Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and the British Eastern Fleet, which was trying to run the Commonwealth Navy force from the Indian Ocean.
08 AugustAfter Mohandas's speech by Gandhi, the All India Congress Committee passed the Quit India resolution, demanding India's independent freedom from the United Kingdom.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1942 😀

20 NovemberJoe Biden / Politician / America
01 JanuaryBaleshwar Yadav / Singer / India
01 MarchRamesh Upadhyay / Writer / India
02 OctoberAsha Parekh / Actress / India
07 AprilJitendra / Actor / India
09 FebruaryRajkumar Jayachandra Singh / Politician / India
11 MarchAmarinder Singh / Politician / India
11 OctoberAmitabh Bachchan / Actor / India
12 MarchShabnam Ara Begum / Qazi / India
14 NovemberMamoni Raisom Goswami / Writer / India
14 JanuaryYogesh Kumar Sabharwal / Lawyer / India
17 JuneBhagat Singh Koshyari / Politician / India
17 JanuaryMohammed Ali / Politician / India
19 MayLal Thanhawla / Politician / India
21 JulyMallikarjun Kharge / Politician / India
21 MarchPatcha Ramachandra Rao / Educator / India
23 MayKovelamudi Raghavendra Rao / Writer / India
24 FebruaryGayatri Chakravorty Spivak / Philosopher / India
24 DecemberIndra Bania / Actor / India
27 DecemberAlbert Ekka / Soldier / India
29 DecemberRajesh Khanna / Actor / India

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