The year 1916 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1916 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1916 in World ⚡

06 JuneWomen were given the right to vote in East Cleveland, USA.
20 JuneSNDT Women's University was established in Pune.
15 JulyBoeing, the world's largest aerospace company, started.
06 SeptemberThe first super market opened in Tennessee, USA.
15 SeptemberTanks were used in the Battle of the Somme for the first time during World War I.
16 SeptemberClassical singer and actress MS awarded the Bharat Ratna, the country's largest civilian honor. Subbalakshmi was born.
03 AugustOn this day, lyricist Shakeel Badauni was born.
25 AugustRussia defeated Germany in the Battle of Tottenberg.
28 AugustItaly declared war against Germany in the First World War.
13 DecemberAn avalanche in Tyrol, Austria killed 10,000 Austrian and Italian soldiers in 24 hours.
29 JanuaryGermany attacked France for the first time in the 'First World War'.
05 FebruaryPopular Hindi poet Janaki Vallabh Shastri was born.
21 FebruaryDuring World War I, a terrible war broke out between Germany and France. This battle is famous as the War of War.
20 MarchAlbert Einstein's book General Theory of Relatively was published.
21 MarchRenowned Shehnai player Bismillah Khan was born in Dumraon, Bihar.
04 AprilThe US Senate agreed to participate in World War I.
12 JanuaryFour soldiers were killed in an explosion on the US Navy E-2 submarine of the US Navy at the New York Navy Yard.
03 FebruaryHigh Court was established in Patna, Bihar.
07 MarchThe German automobile company BMW was founded in Munich.
14 AprilThe Imperial German Army established the High Commissioner for Coastal Defense to protect the North Coast from attack.
09 MayThe American cargo ship SS Royono killed 47 people off the coast of California.
17 JulyThe birthplace of Abraham Lincoln was established as the National Historical Park in the city of Kentucky in Loughroy County.
09 AugustLassen Volcanic National Park was established in California.
06 SeptemberThe German Army re-established the Ninth Army for the Romanian campaign.
07 OctoberA zoo has been set up in the city of Taronga, Sydney, in which no cage for animals is made.
08 NovemberJapanese manufacturer NSK Limited received approval to manufacture industrial bearings.
31 DecemberDouglas Haig was promoted to Field Marshal of the British Army.
15 MarchSix days after Pancho Villa and his cross-border raiders attacked Columbus, New Mexico, US General John J. Pershing led apunitive expedition into Mexico to pursue Villa.
24 AprilThe Irish Republican led by Patrick Pierce in Ireland began Easter Rising against British rule and declared the Irish Republic an independent state.
10 MayErnest Shekalton and five comrades completed one of Theruston's largest small boat journey when reached Southgoria after a trip to 800-notical-mile (1,500 km) in a lifehouse.
15 MayJessie Washington, a teenage African-American Farmhend, Wako, Texas, US, was stunned, which became a famous example of racially induced lynching.
16 MayThe United Kingdom and France signed the Cyx-Picot Agreement, considering a secret agreement that shapes the Middle East, defines the borders of Iraq and Syria.
31 MayGerman Kaiserlish Marine and the British Royal Navy clashed in the intensive battle of Juteland, the largest naval battle of World War I.
01 JuneLouis Brandis United States became the first Jew to be appointed in the Supreme Court.
01 JulyThe first phase of the Battle of the First World War-Samme, the first day of the Albert battle, became the day of blood in the history of the British Army, with 57,470 people casualties, out of which 19,240 people were killed or killed by wounds.
15 JulyWilliam Boeing included the Pacific Aero Products Company, which was later named Boeing.
19 JulyFirst World War-'' the worst in the basement of Australia was the worst 24 hours' when the Australian forces suffered heavy losses in their failed attack on Germans in the war with the French of French.
27 JulyBritish Margen Charles Fryt was killed in brugs, after Belgium, court-marshal found him a frank-tier.
30 JulyGerman agents caused a major explosion when they vandalized the supply of Ajmerican ammunition to prevent Material from being used by the friendly nations of the First World War.
03 AugustThe Irish nationalist Sir Roger case was hanged in London's Pentonville Jail on charges of treason for his role in Easter Rising, revolting from Britain to win Irish independence.
05 AugustThe Sinai and Palestinecamp of the First World War-Bitish Empire began with a victory in the Battle of Romani.
25 AugustThe National Park Service has been created by the Congress with the 'National Park Services Organic Act' to the Classified areas as the National Register of National Parks and Historical Sites.
15 SeptemberFor the first time in history, using 40 primitive tanks, the British launched a major attack against the Germans in the Somme battle.
15 SeptemberThe tank, the 'secret weapon' of the British Army during the First World War, was first used in the Battle of Somme Inmomi, Picardi of France, which won the strategic friendly countries.
27 SeptemberLiz Iasu of Ethiopia's Emperor-foot was overthrown to his aunt, Xvaditu.
27 OctoberSupporters of the Emperor-Namit Iyasu V of the disgusted Ethiopia won the Segle battle, and ended the attempt to get him back the throne.
05 NovemberArmed confrontation in Everett, Washington, America, officials around the world and members of industrial workers around the world died in seven deaths.
05 DecemberBritish Prime Minister H. H. Askwith resigned due to lack of perseverance in the operation of the World War.
18 DecemberThe French defeated the German forces around the city of Vadun-Sur-MUus in northeast France, one of the longest fighting and the most floods in the First World War.
23 DecemberThe First World War-Mitra Army won a strategic victory in the Magadha war in the Sinai Peninsula.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1916 in India ⚡

02 JulyGeological Survey of India Department was established.
25 SeptemberIndian economist, sociologist, journalist and great thinker Deendayal Upadhyaya was born.
14 JuneSir Parasurambhau College was established in Pune, India, as the new Poona College.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1916 😀

17 AprilSirimavo Bandaranaike / Politician / Sri Lanka
16 SeptemberM S Subbulakshmi / Singer / India
05 MayGyani Zail Singh / Politician / India
02 FebruaryDasarath Deb / Politician / India
03 AugustShakeel Badayuni / Poet / India
04 MayZail Singh / Politician / India
05 MarchBiju Patnaik / Politician / India
05 MayGiani Zail Singh / Politician / India
05 MayGyani Zail Singh / Politician / India
05 MayZail Singh / Politician / India
08 MayChinmayananda Saraswati / Educator / India
08 MayRamananda Sengupta / Cinematographer / India
10 FebruaryDarbara Singh / Politician / India
11 AugustGopal Gurunath Bewoor / Soldier / India
11 OctoberNanaji Deshmukh / Activist / India
13 MaySachidananda Routray / Poet / India
16 SeptemberM. S. Subbulakshmi / Singer / India
16 SeptemberMadurai Shanmukhavadivu Subbulakshmi / Vocalist / India
17 AugustAmritlal Nagar / Writer / India
21 MarchBismillah Khan / Shehnai Player / India
21 NovemberJadu Nath Singh / Soldier / India
21 NovemberJadunath Singh / Soldier / India
22 JanuaryHarilal Upadhyay / Poet / India

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