The year 1964 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1964 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1964 in World ⚡

04 JuneThe Maldives created the constitution.
11 JuneAshes of Jawaharlal Nehru, the ashes of his ashes were scattered all over the country.
12 JuneNelson Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment for agitating against apartheid in South Africa.
27 JuneTeen Murti Bhavan, the Prime Minister's official residence, was made a Nehru Museum.
06 JulyMalawi, the country of the African continent, became independent from Britain and today was declared as the national day of this country.
28 JulyRanger 7 launched toward the moon, sending 4308 photos.
21 SeptemberMalta gained independence from Britain.
10 OctoberThe Summer Olympics in Tokyo were first broadcast live on Doordarshan.
12 OctoberFor the first time in the world, the Soviet Union sent astronauts to space without wearing a space suit.
14 OctoberDr. Martin Luther King Jr. was awarded at the age of just 35 to run a non-violent movement against apartheid in American society. Born in the US state of Georgia, King became the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.
16 OctoberChina explodes its first nuclear explosion.
29 OctoberThe African country Tangayika-Zanzibar United Republic was renamed the United Republic of Tanzania.
10 NovemberLeonid Brezhnef was elected general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
06 AugustThe world's oldest tree Prometheus pine tree in Nevada, USA) was harvested for research.
18 AugustSouth Africa was barred from participating in the Olympic Games. This ban was imposed due to the policies of the Government of Southern Africa.
19 AugustThe communication satellite Syncom 3 was launched.
31 AugustCalifornia officially became America's most populous province.
11 DecemberThe UNICEF was established. This organization is active in more than 150 countries. Its center is in New York.
12 DecemberFamous Hindi poet and litterateur Maithilisharan Gupta died.
31 DecemberDonald Campbell set the world record for the fastest speed in the water by sitting in his jet boat.
23 JanuaryUnder the transplantation process, for the first time in the US city of Mississippi, an animal organ was placed in a human body. A chimpanzee's heart was placed in a man's body at a medical center in Mississippi, but the man died a short time later.
22 MarchThe first vintage car rally was held in Calcutta (now Kolkata).
27 MarchA magnitude 8.4 earthquake in Alaska killed 118 people.
05 AprilThe Navy celebrated National Maritime Day for the first time.
18 JanuaryPlans to build the World Trade Center in New York City were announced.
11 FebruaryIn Greek, Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot residents killed 50 people in a fight in Limassol Cyprus.
06 MarchConstantine II became king of Greece after the death of his father King Paul.
10 AprilThe Polo Grounds sports stadium began disbanding in New York City.
11 MayTerence Conran launches the first housing store on Fulham Road, London.
11 JuneGreece rejected direct talks with Turkey from Cyprus.
22 JulyThe second meeting of the Organization of African Unity was held.
20 AugustInternational Telecommunication Satellite Consortium Intelsat) started functioning.
14 SeptemberThe London Daily Herald publication was abolished and replaced by The Sun.
24 OctoberThe Summer Olympics were held in Tokyo.
09 NovemberThe House of Commons of the United Kingdom voted to abolish capital punishment for murder in Britain.
24 DecemberBombing at the Brinds Hotel in Saigon.
08 JanuaryDuring his State of the Union address, U.S. President Lyndon B.Johnson declared a 'War on Poverty'.
11 JanuaryIn a landmark report, U.S. Surgeon General Luther Terry issued the warning that smoking may be hazardous for one's health, concluding that it has a causative role in lung cancer, chronic bronchitis,emphysema, and other illnesses.
12 JanuaryRebels led by John Okello overthrew Sultan Jamshid bin Abdullah, ending 200 years of Arab dominance in Zanzibar.
16 JanuaryThe musical Hello, Dolly! opened at the St. James Theatre on Broadway, and would go on to win ten Tony Awards, a record that stood for 35 years.
28 JanuaryAn unarmed US Air Force T-39 Sabreliner on a training missionwas shot down over Erfurt, East Germany, by a Soviet MiG-19, killing allthree aboard.
29 JanuaryUS secretly developed jet fighter A-11 was finally revealed by Lyndon Baines Johnson.
30 JanuaryIn a bloodless coup, General Nguyen Khanh overthrew GeneralDuong Van Minh's military junta in South Vietnam, less than three monthsafter Minh executed a bloody coup himself.
09 FebruaryEnglish rock band The Beatles made their first appearance on American variety show The Ed Sullivan Show before a record-breaking audience, beginning a musical phenomenon known as the British Invasion.
10 FebruaryThe Royal Australian Navy aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne Collided with and sank the destroyer HMAS Voyager in Jervis Bay,Australia, killing 82 of Voyager's personnel.
17 FebruaryGabonese military officers overthrew President Léon M'ba, butFrance, honoring a 1960 treaty, forcibly reinstated M'ba the next day.
29 FebruaryUS secretly developed jet fighter A-11 was finally revealed by Lyndon Baines Johnson.
06 MarchIn a radio broadcast, Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammadannounced that American boxer Cassius Clay would change his name toMuhammad Ali.
13 MarchAmerican Kitty Genovese was murdered, reportedly in view ofneighbors who did nothing to help her (later disproved), promptingresearch into the bystander effect.
30 MarchJorfee!, the popular American game show created by MervGriffin, made its debut on the NBC television network.
31 MarchThe Brazilian armed forces led an over throw from the Brazilian President Jo Gaulart and established a military government that lasted for 21 years.
25 AprilJames Baldwin's 'Blues for Mr. Charlie,' was premiered in New York City.
26 AprilIt became the first president with Julius Nairere in Tanzania with Tanzanika and Zanzibar merger.
07 MayPacific Air Lines Flight 773 crashed on 7 May 1964 near San Ramon of California in the United States. This was the first case of mass murder suicide in the history of the United States. Francisco Paula Gonzalas shot both pilot and co-pilot before himself, killing all 44 passengers in the accident.
09 MayNgô ulernh, the real ruler of Central Vietnam, under the Topping of the Family of Central Vietnam under NGô is then di
20 MayAmerican physicists Robert Woodrow Wilson and Arno Penzias discovered cosmic microwave background radiation on May 20, 1964. Both of them earned the 1978 Nobel Prize in physics for this discovery which is of great importance because cosmic microwave is the thermal radiation left over from the Big Bang that means it is the oldest light in the universe.
21 JuneThree civil rights activists were sent to Philadelphia, Mississippi, USA by members of Kualax Clan.
02 JulyUS President Lindon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Actinto Act (Figure), illegal separation at workplace in schools, and other facilities serving the general public.
06 JulyMalawi announced his freedom from the United Kingdom. Malawi was earlier called Nyasaland. It was a colony of Britain. It is the country of the continent which is located in the south-east of the African continent. It is one of the least developed countries.
02 AugustThree North Vietnamese Torpedo boats demolished Tofido into Tonkin's Gulf against Tofido against American destroyer Madox. On the 4th, the North Vietnamese patrol boats again attacked Medacox, which formed the Gulf of Tonquin resolution, which allowed American forces to attack on the north Vietnamese basis as their response.
04 AugustOn June 21, after mysteriously disappeaned, American Civil Rights Movement activists Michael Schwarner, Andrew Goodman and James Caini have been found dead in Mississippi.
04 AugustAnother American Navy Divisional (USS Madox Figure) was allegedly attacked by North Vietnamese forces in Tonkin's Gulf, leading to the Congress authorizing the use of military force in South-East Asia.
06 AugustAmerican researcher Donald Curry cut Promthius to a brlycon pine tricke, just to find out that it was the oldest known clonal creature, which was discovered at least 4,862 years old.
12 AugustDue to the terms of the IOC, South Africa has been stopped from the Olympic Games in Tokyo, including refusal to demolish its' apiced policies. South Africa was not admitted to the Olympics in 1992 even after 28 years of suspension.
27 AugustSouth Vietnamese Junna Leader Guy? N Khan has rivals the trains? Annth? The nachim and Duong Van entered the atriumweete power-sharing system with Van Minh, which both were involved in the plan.
04 SeptemberFourth Road Crossing Fourth Road Bridge in Scotland was converted into traffic.
13 SeptemberJune leader Guyen Khan, after demoting him, tried to make South Vietnamese generals Lam Van Paat and Duong Van Duk Tadka Tadka.
19 September70 ethnic Vietnamese soldiers were killed by Montagnard's armed rebellion in the Republic of Nagyan Khan of Vietnam.
24 SeptemberThe Warren Commission released its report, concluding that Lee Harvey Oswald, US President John F. Actions alone in Kennedy's murder.
25 SeptemberUnrest among many indigenous mozambic populations against Portuguese rule, unrest and frustration for independence fought in the war for the last ten years.
27 SeptemberThe British Aircraft Corporation TSR-2, an advanced Cold War strike and the reconnaissance aircraft which were later canceled, took their first flight.
01 OctoberThe Shinkansen (Bullet Train) link of high-speed railway lines in Japan begins matching with the Tokyo Olympics, with the first trains running at a speed of 210 km / h (130 mph).
01 OctoberThe first Shinkansen Line of the High-speed Railway in Japan was opened for Tokado Shinkansen service.
10 OctoberThe 1964 Summer Olympics were inaugurated in intocio, which was first aired internationally through the satellite.
14 October, Martin Luther King, Junior, is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his non -violent conflict against racial discrimination in the US.
14 OctoberLeonid Breznev succeeded Nikita Khrushchev as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
17 OctoberAustralian Prime Minister Robert Meenzis opened the Bertilla Lake Burly Griffin in the middle of the capital Canberra.
24 OctoberDuong Van M, the military court of the chief of South Vietnamese Junta, Guyen Khankhak, Duong Van M? Despite the Acop attempt against C and Lah Van Fat Khan, despite their announcement of the partner during their military action.
02 NovemberKing Saud of Saudi Arabia, Saud, was removed by his half -brother's negligence and concerns about his inability of Egypt's Gamal Abdel Nasar's socialism.
12 DecemberJomo became the first President of Kenyata Republic of Kenyata.
19 DecemberThe ruling Republic of Vietnam Republic, led by Guyen Khan, took initiative to dissolve and arrest a coup of the Civil National Advisory Body, High National Council.
22 DecemberLockheed SR -71 Blackbird, long distance from the United States Air Force, Mach 3+ strategic reconnaissance aircraft and The World's fastest manual aircraft took their first flight.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1964 in India ⚡

09 JuneLal Bahadur Shastri became the second Prime Minister of India.
01 JulyEstablishment of Industrial Development Bank of India.
01 SeptemberIndian Petroleum Company Indian Oil Refinery and Indian Oil Company were merged to form Indian Oil Corporation.
12 JanuaryFormer India bowler Bapu Nadkarni bowled 21 consecutive maidens in the first Test with England in Madras. This is the record so far in the history of over six balls.
21 JanuaryIndia's great spinner Bhagwat Chandrasekhar made his Test debut. He took a total of five wickets in the match played against England in Mumbai.
27 MayPandit Jawaharlal Nehru died at the age of 74. Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India and a central man in Indian politics in the 20th century. He was found dead in the office, the cause of death is considered a heart attack.
29 OctoberThe Star of India (563.35 carats (112.67 grams) Star Neelam) and Eagle Diamond (16.25 carats discovered in Eagle Visconsin) have been stolen from the American Natural History Museum in New York City.
30 OctoberThe Star of India, 563 carat sapphire, and 21 other rare gems, were found missing from the Museum of Natural History in New York

Famous People's Birthdays in 1964 😀

01 NovemberNeeta Ambani / Entrepreneur / India
03 MayRuchira Kamboj / Diplomat / India
04 SeptemberAadesh Shrivastava / Writer / India
07 FebruaryAshok Banker / Author / India
07 JulyNabam Tuki / Politician / India
07 OctoberSharmila Rege / Writer / India
15 FebruaryAshutosh Gowariker / Actor / India
19 FebruarySonu Walia / Actress / India
22 FebruarySooraj Barjatya / Director / India
23 SeptemberNavni Parihar / Actress / India
30 AprilTony Fernandes / Business Man / India

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