The year 1965 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1965 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1965 in World ⚡

11 May17 thousand people died due to cyclonic storm in Bangladesh.
20 MayPakistan's Boeing 720-B aircraft crashed in Cairo, Egypt, killing 121 people.
01 JuneAn explosion in a coal mine in Fukuoka region of Japan killed 236 people.
28 JuneThe first commercial satellite Early Bird Intelsat I) started a communication service.
10 JulyThe first NCC college for women started in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.
14 JulyNASA's spacecraft passing near Mars took the first close-up photographs of another planet.
26 JulyThe Maldives became independent of Britain.
21 SeptemberO. of the Soviet Union Kommisarva set a world record by jumping 46250 feet from a parachute.
02 NovemberBollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan was born.
08 NovemberThe death penalty for murder was abolished in Britain.
21 AugustThe constitution came into force in Romania.
01 DecemberBorder Security Force was established.
02 DecemberBorder Security Force established.
15 December15,000 people died in a cyclone on the banks of the Ganges river in Bangladesh.
27 DecemberBollywood actor Salman Khan was born.
24 JanuaryFormer British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill died at the age of 90.
30 JanuaryThe people of Britain bid farewell to Winston Churchill.
15 FebruaryThe maple shaded tree) foliage ranked in Canada's official flag.
18 FebruaryThe country of Gambia gained independence from Britain and today was declared the national day of this country.
20 FebruaryNASA-launched Ranger landed on the moon, sending photos and necessary data.
21 FebruaryMalcolm X, a famous American militant, was killed by a suspected faction of this country.
18 MarchThe Soviet Union Air Force pilot Alexei Leonov was first spacewalked. Since then, more than 200 passengers have walked the spacewalk.
23 MarchNASA for the first time sent two people from space to the Gemini 3 spacecraft.
28 MarchDoctor Martin Luther King marched with 25,000 people to the rights of black Americans in Mottgumery, the capital of Alabama.
09 AprilThe Indo-Pak war broke out in Kutch's run.
29 AprilPakistan's Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission successfully launched its seventh rocket.
20 JanuaryLyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as President of the United States.
18 FebruaryGreat Britain granted independence to Gambia city
02 MarchThe Sound of Music film was screened at The New York of the Rivoli Theater.
09 AprilThe West German Parliament extended the statute of limitations on Nazi war crimes.
12 MayWest Germany and Israel established diplomatic relations.
01 JuneA coal mine explosion in Fukuoka, Japan killed 237 people.
27 JulyEdward Heath became the leader of the British Conservative Party.
01 AugustCigarette advertising banned on British television.
08 OctoberThe Post Office Tower opened in London.
02 NovemberRepublican John Lindsey was elected mayor of New York City.
28 DecemberItalian Foreign Minister Aminor Fanfani resigned.
08 FebruaryAfter taking evasive action to avoid a mid-air collision just after take off from New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, Eastern Air Lines Flight 663 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean and exploded, killing all 84 people on board.
15 FebruaryCanada adopted the Maple Leaf flag, replacing the Canadian RedEnsign.
19 FebruaryColonel Pham Ngoc Thao of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam,and a communist spy of the North Vietnamese Vietminh, along withGenerals Lam Van Phat and Tran Thien Khiem attempted a coup against themilitary junta of Nguyen Khanh.
20 FebruaryNASA's Ranger 8 spacecraft successfully transmitted 7,137photographs of the Moon in the final 23 minutes of itsmission before crashing into Mare Tranquillitatis.
21 FebruaryBlack nationalist Malcolm X was assassinated while giving aspeech in New York City's Audubon Ballroom.
02 MarchVietnam War-The American and South Vietnamese air forces beganOperation Rolling Thunder, a sustained bombing campaign against NorthVietnam that eventually became the most intense air/ground battle wagedduring the Cold War period.
07 MarchAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement-Civil rightsdemonstrators marching from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, were brutallyattacked by police on Bloody Sunday.
10 MarchThomas Playford, Premier of South Australia, leftoffice after 27 years, the longest term of any democratically electedleader in the history of Australia.
25 April1 Projection of Soviet communication satellite.
28 AprilFour days after the Dominican civil war began, the United States attacked the country, which was aimed at aimed at the possible second cubic revolution by Lindon Johnson.
03 MayThe world's first commercial communication satellite called "Early Bird", which is formally known as Intelssat I, first used to broadcast the Today show on 3 May 1965 in United States. I went.
12 MayLuna 5, an unmanned Soviet spacecraft, failed on 12 May 1965 in its attempt of the first smooth landing on the surface of the moon by any spacecraft. This was the second Soviet spacecraft to reach the Moon surface after Luna 2 in 1959.
18 MayEllie Cohen, a detective, was credited with the failure of Israel in a six-day war against Syria, hanging publicly after being caught publicly four months ago.
07 JuneThe Supreme Court of the US ruled in the Griswold vs. Connecticut that the Connectiur law in which the use of contraceptives was banned, violated the 'right to marital secrecy'.
09 JuneVietnam Kong began the war in the Battle of Dong XOAI with the Republic of Vietnam, which was one of the biggest battles of the Vietnam war.
04 JulyThe first annual reminder, one of the early LGBT performances in the United States, took place at the Independence Hall in Philadelphia, a series of early pickets organized by Homofile Organizations.
14 JulyNASA's spacecraft Mariner 4 flew from the previous Mars, collecting the closest photographs of another planet.
16 JulyThe South Vietnamese Colonel Fam Nok Tho - an undetermined Communist detective - was hunted down and murdered in February 1965 after being sentenced in February 1965 for an attempt for an attempt for the coup.
09 AugustMalaysia expelled the state of Singapore from its federation due to a warm ideological conflict between its ruling parties.
11 AugustRace riots begin in the neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. At the end of the riots, 34 people died and injured over 1,000
11 AugustViolent race riots started in Watts, Los Angeles, California, lasted for six days and 34 people were killed and 1,032 people were killed.
31 AugustAero Spacline Super Gappi, a large, broad -bodied cargoearcraft, which is used to fair external cargo components, made its first construction.
01 SeptemberAs part of the US Army campaign against North Korea, China is starting official protest against the British government to allow the United States forces to be taken out of Hong Kong.
09 SeptemberHurricane Betsi made its second landslide with New Orleans, Louisiana, America, killing 76 people and became the first storm to earn $ 1 billion (inappropriate) as damage.
21 SeptemberPortugal angered the United Kingdom by announcing the representation of a mission independently Rhodesia (or southern Rhodesia), a British colonial in Lisbon.
30 SeptemberMembers of the 30 September agitation attempted a coup against the Indonesian government, which was crushed by military underrusurto, resulting in a collective communist purification with over 500,000 people in the next months.
15 OctoberOpposition to the Vietnam War-the Catholic Worker Movement staged an infinite war rally in Manhattan, which includes the result of arrest under amendment to the new law to prevent such acts, to prevent such acts.
28 OctoberIn St. Louis, Missouri, US, the 630-foot (190 m) long steel gateway arch was completed.
30 OctoberEnglish model Jean Srimatton wore Derby Day in a controversial manner at Flemington Race Course, Australia, which was an important moment of the onset of Miniskirts for women's fashion.
02 NovemberAmerican Quker Norman Morrison set himself on fire to the Pentagon to oppose the United States participation in the Vietnam War.
08 NovemberIn the Battle of Vietnam War in Gang Toi, one of the initial battles between the two sides, the Vati Kang forces repeated an Australian attack.
09 NovemberA disturbance in sophisticated power system affected 30 million people in the northeastern states including Canada and Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Road Island, Vermont, New York and New Jersey.
09 NovemberAmerican journalist Dorothy Kilglane was found dead in his New York City townhouse, which was a rumor of murder as he had told about the controversial stories such as the murder of John F. Kennedy due to the inscription.
11 NovemberThe southern Rhodesia led by Prime Minister Ian Smith declared a one -sided from the United Kingdom and became Rhodesia.
16 NovemberThe Soviet Union successfully started the 3 space investigation from Baikonur, Kazakhstan, which made a landing on the surface of the planet Venus, making it the first spacecraft to do so.
05 DecemberAfter World War II, the 'Glasanost Meeting' in the Soviet Union became the first performance and the civil rights movement began in the country.
08 DecemberA new Race Relations Act has been implemented. It prevents discrimination on "color, breed, or caste or national origin" in public places and includes British people as well as foreign visitors.
09 DecemberCharles Shulj's comic strip peanut's first television conversion Charlie Brown Christmas was aired for the first time.
21 DecemberThe United Nations adopted the International Conference on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination, which have 87 members since they were signed.
30 DecemberFerdinand Marcos, who ruled the Philippines for 21 years, began his first term as President.
31 DecemberJean-Bedel Boksa, leader of the Central African Republic, and his military officials began a coup against the insult of President David Dako.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1965 in India ⚡

20 MayCommander M.S. The first Indian team led by Kohli reached the Mount Everest conference.
06 SeptemberThe Indian Army crossed the border from three places and attacked West Pakistan.
11 SeptemberThe Indian Army captured the city of Burki near South East Lahore during the Indo-Pakistan War.
19 SeptemberAnother woman of Indian origin who went into space was born Sunita Williams.
22 SeptemberA ceasefire took place on the initiative of the United Nations on this day in the battle between India and Pakistan.
23 SeptemberA cease-fire was declared between India and Pakistan.
08 JanuaryThe first film of Indian cinema, 'Do Bigha Zameen', which won international acclaim, its filmmaker Bimal Roy died.
14 MarchIndian film actor Aamir Khan was born.
08 AprilBorder war started between India and Pakistan, also known as the Second War of Kashmir.
08 SeptemberIndia opened 2 additional fronts against Pakistan.
29 MayThe Indian Everest team set a world record by climbing Everest for the fourth time. This was the first time that any team of the campaign reached the highest height for the fourth time in the world. This campaign earned a lot of praise worldwide.
30 JuneThe ceasefire was agreed between India and Pakistan under the aegis of the United Nations, who signed the treaty to stop the war in the battle of Kutch. The United States and the Soviet Union used important diplomatic means to prevent any further growth in the conflict between two South Asian countries. The Soviet Union led by Premier Alexi Koshyin hosted a ceasefire talks in Tashkent (now in Uzbekistan), where Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri and Pakistani President Ayub Khan signed the Tashkent Agreement.
06 SeptemberIn Western Pakistan, Indian soldiers have been attacked by Indian soldiers which have been mainly targeted in Lahore.
11 SeptemberIndia-Pakistan War-Indian infantry captured Pakistan's Barkinier Lahore city.
22 SeptemberThe ceasefire between India and Pakistan is declared a ceasefire over the situation of Kashmir occupation.
08 NovemberThe United Kingdom divided the Chaogo Islands from Mauritiusand and divided the islands of the Aladrabara, Farakwahar and Desarch of Seychelles to construct the British Indian Ocean region.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1965 😀

19 SeptemberSunita Williams / Astronaut / United States of america
01 MarchArchana Joglekar / Actress / India
01 AprilKavita Bhambhani / Model / India
02 SeptemberPartho Sen-Gupta / Writer / India
02 NovemberShah Rukh Khan / Actor / India
02 DecemberSurekha Shankar Yadav / Driver / India
02 SeptemberSurekha Yadav / Driver / India
02 SeptemberSurekha Yadav / Train Driver / India
03 SeptemberManoj Joshi / Actor / India
04 JanuaryAditya Pancholi / Actor / India
05 DecemberManish Malhotra / Fashion Designer / India
10 SeptemberAtul Kulkarni / Actor / India
11 DecemberKimi Katkar / Actress / India
12 JulySanjay Manjrekar / Cricketer / India
13 JuneManinder Singh / Cricketer / India
14 MarchAamir Khan / Actor / India
15 MarchSunetra Gupta / Author / India
19 SeptemberSunita Williams / Astronaut / India
20 AprilMukul Sangma / Politician / India
23 SeptemberPalash Sen / Actor / India
25 OctoberNavneet Nishan / Actress / India

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