The year 1941 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1941 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1941 in World ⚡

14 May36,000 Persian Jews were arrested.
09 JuneAn explosion at an arms factory in the Fort Smederovo region of Belgrade, the capital of the European country Serbia, killed 1,500 people.
18 JuneTurkey signed a peace deal with Nazi Germany.
22 JuneThe June uprising began in Lithuania.
22 JuneHitler invaded the then Soviet Russia.
25 JuneFinland declared an attack on the Soviet Union.
07 JulyThe Nazis killed five thousand Jews in the European country of Lithuania.
24 JulyThe entire Jewish population was murdered by the Nazis in the north European country of Lithuania.
17 SeptemberThe Labor Party of New Zealand abolished the death penalty.
17 OctoberFor the first time in World War II, a German submarine attacked an American vessel.
29 AugustThe German instjkamando killed 1469 Jewish children in Russia.
08 DecemberThe United States and Britain declared war against Japan.
09 DecemberChina declared war against Japan, Germany and Italy.
09 JanuarySix thousand Jews were killed in Bucharest, the capital of the European country Romania.
17 JanuaryFreedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose left for Germany from Calcutta.
28 MarchNetaji Subhash Chandra Bose, who was under house arrest, fled from Calcutta to Berlin.
17 AprilYugoslavia surrendered to Germany during World War II.
27 AprilThe German army occupied Athens (Greece).
21 JanuaryThe United States lifted the trade embargo imposed on the Soviet Union, which was imposed during the Winter War.
06 FebruaryThe Battle of Beda Foam began in Libya.
14 MarchBritain severed diplomatic relations with Bulgaria.
02 AprilThe German and Italian forces led the British out of the city of Ajdabiya.
04 MayKonrad Zeus presented the Z3, the world's first working program, a fully automated computer, in Berlin.
07 JuneSoviet Armmates Commander Boris Vanikov was arrested.
19 JulyTuskegee Army Air Field was formally opened.
07 AugustSoviet Navy twin-engine bombers attacked Berlin.
03 SeptemberGerman artillery began shelling on Leningrad.
23 OctoberThe German government banned the emigration of Jews.
18 NovemberOperation Flapper was terminated by British failure.
10 DecemberJapan won the Battle of Guam.
02 JanuarySecond World War-Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff, Wales, was severely damaged by German bombing during the Cardiff Blitz.
05 JanuaryAlexander Dub?ek came to power in Czechoslovakia, beginning aperiod of political liberalization known as the Prague Spring that ended with a military intervention by the War saw Pact nations to halt reform.
10 JanuaryGreco-Italian War: The Greek army captured the strategically important Klisura Pass in Albania.
21 JanuarySparked by the murder of a German officer in Bucharest, Romania, the day before, members of the Iron Guard engaged in a rebellion and pogrom, killing 125 Jews.
05 FebruarySecond World War-British and Free French forces began the Battle of Keren to capture the strategic town of Keren in Italian Eritrea.
23 FebruaryPlutonium was first chemically identified by chemist Glenn T. Seaborg and his team at the University of California, Berkeley.
04 MarchSecond World War: British Commandos successfully executed Operation Claymore on the Lofoten Islands of Norway.
11 MarchWorld War II-The Lend-Lease Act was signed into law, allowingthe United States to supply the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, China,France and other Allied nations with vast amounts of war material.
15 MarchPhilippine Airlines, the flag carrier of the Philippines took its first flight, making it the oldest commercial airline in Asia operating under its original name.
19 MarchThe Tuskegee Airmen, the first all-African American unit of the United States Army Air Corps, were activated.
27 MarchEncouraged by the British Special Operations Executive, a group of pro-Western Serb-nationalist Royal Yugoslav Air Force officers planned and organized a coup after Yugoslavia joined the Axis powers.
06 AprilWorld War II Axis Powerrs, Operation Marita and Directive No. 25, Attack on Greece and Yugoslavia respectively.
10 AprilThe Second World War-Croatia Independent State was established, in which the razor leader was the head of the Axis powers as the leader of Antte Pavelic.
16 AprilTen days after the Axis invasion of the Second World War-Ugoslavia, Annett Pavelic announced a new government in Croatia under the leadership of Fascist Ustai.
27 AprilBoris Kidari and Edward Kardelz founded the anti -liberation Front of Slovenian Nation, which was the leading fascist Slovenian civilian resistance and political organization.
01 MayA widely acclaimed film citizen Kane was premiered by actor and director Orson Wales.
06 MayAmerican entertainer Bob Hope performed several shows for the United Service Organization.
10 MayWorld War II leader Rudolf Hes claimed to be on a peace mission in Scotland.
10 MayWorld War II Nazi leader Rudolf Hes, in an attempt to hold peace talks with the United Kingdom in Scotland.
12 MayThe Z3, the world's first working program and a fully automated digital computer were presented to the audience of scientists in Berlin on 12 May 1941. The Z3 was designed by German Civil Engineer Conard Jusay, often considered to be the inventor of a computer.
12 MayGerman engineer Konrad Zus presented the world's first working program Z3 (replication) to a audience of scientists in Berlin, which is a completely automated programmer.
31 MayThe United Kingdom fulfilled its occupation of Iraq, returning to power as a Regent to Abd al-Ilah for Faisal II.
01 JuneSecond World War: Create Create Create Germany as a battle of Crete. The Battle of Crete was fought during World War II on Greek Island Crete. It began on the morning of 20 May 1941, when Nazi Germany began an aerial invasion of Crete under Code Name Unternehmen Mercur (Operation Para).
01 JuneSecond World War - In unilateral history mainly after the first air strike, Crete surrendered to Nazi Germany.
05 JuneSecondly, during a trimmed in a five-year campaign on China-Japanese war-chunglinging, 4,000 people died of the trachea Whant Tunnel, which they were blocked.
14 JuneAfter a secret meeting on warships, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and US President Franklin. The Roosevelt (suspended) released the Atlantic Charter, despite the fact that the United Nations started the war after the War of World War II.
22 JuneNazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union in Operation Barbrosa. Operation Barbrosa was the code name for the Nazi German attack on the Soviet Union during World War II, which began on 22 June 1941. During the operation, about four million soldiers of Axis powers attacked Soviet Russia on a 2,05 km front, the biggest invasion force in the history of war.
22 JuneAs the Second World War, more than 4.5 million Axis soldiers started their campaign by the Soviet Union, Lithuanian activist Front began Lithuania to free from Soviet occupation and establish a fresh government.
22 JuneSecond World War: As over 4.5 million Axis soldiers began their attack on the Soviet Union, the Lithuanian activist Morcha began Lithuania to free Soviet occupation and establish a new government.
04 JulyAfter capturing the German AB-Axation Operation, LWów in Poland, the Nazis killed about 45 professors at Lwów University.
06 JulyDuring the First World War, the aggressive forces were launched to surround Nazi Germany. The attack took place near the city of Smolansk. It is also known as a Smolnsus battle. The Smolansk's fight resulted in the German victory.
07 JulyBerut was occupied by the free France force and the British Army. The program took place during World War II. The French army was the army commanded by the government in exile of France, which arose after the fall of France.
10 JulyHolocaust-A group near the area near the group of non-Jewish ethnic poles killed hundreds of Jetedwaban in Poland.
13 JulyThe Communist Party of Yugoslavia began a general unpopular rebellion against the Italian occupied forces in Montenegro, suppressed within six weeks.
31 JulyUnder the direction of Adolf Hitler, Holocaust-under Hiranarogring ordered SS General Renehard Hedrich to 'final solution to Jewish Question'.
14 AugustAfter a secret meeting on warships, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and US President Franklin. The Roosevelt (suspended) released the Atlantic Charter, despite the fact that the United Nations started the war after World War II.
24 AugustAdolf Hitler ordered the official termination of the mentally ill and disabled T4Euthanasia program, although secretly murdered for the remaining of the war.
03 SeptemberHolocaust: SS-Hauptsturmführer Karl Fritzsch first used pesticides Zyklon B to Auschwitz to Auschwitz; It was eventually used to kill about 1.2 million people.
03 SeptemberHolocost-SS-Huptstarmfuehar Carl Fritz first used pesticides Zyklon B to execute the Soviet Pows Mess in Oschitz; It was eventually used to kill 1.2 million people.
08 SeptemberThe Second World War-German forces separated the final land connection for Leningrad from a siege of 28 months, resulting in 1 million deaths from the starvation of the citizens of the city, making it one of the deadliest battle in world history. Will go
16 SeptemberShah Reza Pahlavi of Iran was forced in favor of Mohammad Raza Pahlavi's son.
24 SeptemberThe Japanese Consulate in Hawaii has been directed to divide Pearl Harbor into five regions. It is to calculate the number of warships in each region. These findings were sent back to Japan which was then used in the plan of Pearl Harbor attacks that forced the US to WW2.
27 SeptemberThe first of the 2,751 Liberty ships that created World War II by the United States was launched to SS Patrick Henry.
29 SeptemberHolocost-German Nazis killed more than 30,000 Jewish citizens in two days, suffering from the Babin Yar massacre in Kiev, Ukraine by their colleagues and thousands of more in the months after that.
04 OctoberWilly Gilis, who is one of the trademark characters of Norman Rockwell, started on the cover of the post on Saturday evening.
11 OctoberArmed rebels of Macedonia's People's Liberation Army, while beginning the National Liberation War of Macedonia, attacked the Axis occupied areas in the city of Pilp.
20 OctoberThe Second World War-German soldiers began a genocide of thousands of racial people in Kruguzevac in Nazi-occupied Serbia.
31 OctoberMore than 400 workers held the U.S. in Mount Rashmore, South Dakota. The residents of the residents of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abrahum Lincoln completed the 60-foot (18 m) bust.
07 NovemberWorld War II German aircraft sank the ship Armenia of the Soviet Hospital when it was evacuating citizens and injured soldiers from Crimea, killing 5,000 people.
14 NovemberAfter World War II, after damaging Torpedo recently, British aircraft carrier HMS Arc Royal (91) drowned, as he was being taken to Gibraltar for repair.
01 DecemberCivil Assistant, Civil Air Petrol of United Air Force was established.
08 DecemberWorld War II, Imperial Japanese army invaded Hong Kong by Takshi Sakai and quickly gained air superiority at the bombing airport.
08 DecemberIn the camp that exodes the Holocost-The Chelmano occupied by Poland, the first such Nazi camp to kill Jeto Litzmanstad's Jews and to poisonous gas began to be operated.
25 DecemberWorld War II- Japanese occupation began after Hong Kong Governor Mark Achisan Young, Japan was given shelter after a fierce war of 18 days.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1941 in India ⚡

29 JulyDuring World War II, Germany, the German component, landed its troops on the southern coast of the region to take over China and India.
07 AugustNobel Laureate poet and writer Rabindranath Tagore died. He wrote the national anthem of India.
25 MaySagarmal Gop, a dedicated freedom fighter of India, was arrested in Jaisalmer. He opposed the anti-people policies of the then rulers of Jaisalmer. He was expelled from Jaisalmer and Hyderabad. Even in exile, he continued to work for the freedom movement. He was tortured in jail for years. He died in jail on 4 April 1946.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1941 😀

01 AprilAjit Wadekar / Cricketer / India
02 NovemberArun Shourie / Journalist / India
02 DecemberJatin Das / Painter / India
02 SeptemberSadhana Shivdasani / Actress / India
02 SeptemberSadhna Shivdasani / Actress / India
04 JanuaryAnjana Mumtaz / Actress / India
04 JanuaryKalpnath Rai / Politician / India
04 SeptemberSushil Kumar Shinde / Politician / India
04 SeptemberSushilkumar Shinde / Politician / India
05 JanuaryMansoor Ali Khan Pataudi / Cricketer / India
08 FebruaryJagjit Singh / Writer / India
17 AugustDr. Bimal Jalan / Economist / India
17 AugustDr. Y V Reddy / Civil servant / India
21 JuneAloysius Paul D'Souza / Bishop / India
21 NovemberAnandiben Patel / Politician / India
24 AprilTaruvai Subayya Krishnamurthy / Civil Servant / India
28 DecemberIntikhab Alam / Cricketer / India
30 SeptemberKamalesh Sharma / Academic / India
31 JulyAmar Singh Chaudhary / Politician / India
31 JulyAmarsinh Chaudhary / Politician / India

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