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In history, year 1941 has its own importance and known for many memorable events like famous birthdays, inventions, natural disaster, treaties, change of rulers, special days etc. Find below a list of important historical events which happened during the year 1941.

Top Historical Events of the Year 1941 ⚡:

Date/MonthEvent / Incidence / Incident
02 januarySecond World War-Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff, Wales, was severely damaged by German bombing during the Cardiff Blitz.
05 januarySecond World War-Australian and British troops defeated Italian forces in Bardia, Libya, the first battle of the war in which an Australian Army formation took part.
10 januaryGreco-Italian War: The Greek army captured the strategically important Klisura Pass in Albania.
21 januarySparked by the murder of a German officer in Bucharest, Romania, the day before, members of the Iron Guard engaged in a rebellion and pogrom, killing 125 Jews.
05 februarySecond World War-British and Free French forces began the Battle of Keren to capture the strategic town of Keren in Italian Eritrea.
23 februaryPlutonium was first chemically identified by chemist Glenn T. Seaborg and his team at the University of California, Berkeley.
04 marchSecond World War: British Commandos successfully executed Operation Claymore on the Lofoten Islands of Norway.
11 marchWorld War II-The Lend-Lease Act was signed into law, allowingthe United States to supply the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, China,France and other Allied nations with vast amounts of war material.
15 marchPhilippine Airlines, the flag carrier of the Philippines took its first flight, making it the oldest commercial airline in Asia operating under its original name.
27 marchEncouraged by the British Special Operations Executive, a group of pro-Western Serb-nationalist Royal Yugoslav Air Force officers planned and conducted a coup d'état after Yugoslavia joined the Axis powers.
29 marchSecond World War-British Royal Navy and Australian Navy ships intercepted and sank or severely damaged the ships of the Italian Regia Marina near Crete.
06 aprilWorld War II The Axis Powers began both Operation Marita and Directive no. 25, invading Greece and Yugoslavia, respectively.
10 aprilWorld War II-The Independent State of Croatia was established, with Ustaše leader Ante Pavelic as head of the puppet government of the Axis powers.
16 aprilWorld War II-After the Axis invasion of Yugoslavia ten daysearlier, Ante Pavelic declared a new government in Croatia to be led by the fascist Ustaše.
27 aprilBoris Kidri? and Edvard Kardelj founded the Liberation Front of the Slovene Nation, the main anti-fascist Slovene civil resistance and political organization.
01 mayCitizen Kane, a widely acclaimed film by actor and director Orson Welles, premiered.
06 mayAmerican entertainer Bob Hope performed the first of his manyshows for the United Service Organizations.
10 mayWorld War II-Nazi leader Rudolf Hess parachuted into Scotland,claiming to be on a peace mission.
12 mayZ3, the world’s first working programmable and fully automatic digital computer was presented to an audience of scientists in Berlin on May 12, 1941. Z3 was designed by German civil engineer Konard Zuse who is often regarded as the inventor of computer.
12 mayGerman engineer Konrad Zuse presented the Z3, the world's first working programmable, fully automaticcomputer, to an audience of scientists in Berlin.
25 maySagarmal Gopa, a devoted freedom fighter of India was arrested in Jaisalmer. He opposed anti-people policies of then rulers of Jaisalmer. He was expelled from Jaisalmer and Hyderabad. Even in exile he continued to work for freedom movement. He was tortured in prison for years. He died in the prison on 4 April 1946.
31 mayThe United Kingdom completed its re-occupation of Iraq, returning 'Abd al-Ilah to power as regent for Faisal II.
01 juneWorld War II - After the first mainly airborne invasion in military history, Crete surrendered to Nazi Germany.
05 juneSecond Sino-Japanese War:- During one sortie in a five-year bombing campaign on Chongqing, 4, 000 people died of as phyxiation when the tunnel they were hiding in became blocked.
22 juneNazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa. Operation Barbarossa was the code name for Nazi Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II, which began on 22 June 1941. Over the course of the operation, about four million soldiers of the Axis powers invaded Soviet Russia along a 2,900 kilometer front, the largest invasion force in the history of warfare.
22 juneWorld War II: As over 4.5 million Axis troops began their invasion of the Soviet Union, the Lithuanian Activist Front started anuprising to liberate Lithuania from Soviet occupation and establish a new government.
04 julyGerman AB-Aktion operation in Poland: After capturing Lwów, the Nazis executed approximately 45 professors of the University of Lwów.
06 julyOffensive to encircle soviet armies was launched by Nazi Germany during World War 2. This offensive took place near the city of Smolensk. This is also known as battle of Smolensk. The battle of Smolensk resulted in German victory.
07 julyBeirut was captured by Free France force and British forces. This event took place during the Second World War. Free France forces were the forces commanded by government in exile of France which was rose after the fall of France.
10 julyThe Holocaust-A group of non-Jewish ethnic Poles from around the near by area murdered hundreds of Jewish residents of Jedwabne inoccupied Poland.

Famous birthdays in the year 1941:

Date/MonthName / Profession / Country
01 AugustRon Brown / Politician / United States of America
04 JulyBrian Willson / Lawyer / United States of America
05 February Stephen J. Cannell / Actor / United States of America
06 March Marilyn Strathern / Academic / United Kingdom
07 JulyBill Oddie / Actor / United Kingdom
08 DecemberBob Brown / Footballer / United States of America
08 OctoberGeorge Bellamy / Singer / United Kingdom
11 AprilShirley Stelfox / Actress / United Kingdom
13 SeptemberTadao Ando / Architect / Japan
14 AprilPete Rose / Baseball Player / United States of America
15 AugustJim Brothers / Sculptor / United States of America
16 FebruaryKim Jong Il / Politician / North Korea
17 AugustJean Pierre Lefebvre / Writer / Canada
20 AugustWilliam H. Gray / Politician / United States of America
20 February Buffy Sainte-Marie / Singer / Canada
21 January Elaine Showalter / Author / United States of America
23 SeptemberGeorge Jackson / Author / United States of America
27 JuneKrzysztof Kieślowski / Writer / Poland
30 SeptemberReine Wisell / Race Car Driver / Sweden
30 March Bob Smith / Politician / United States of America

Famous Indian Personalities Birthdays in the year 1941:

YearName / Profession / Country
30 SeptemberKamalesh Sharma / Academic / India
NA OctoberJatin Das / Painter / India
05 January Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi / Cricketer / India
04 SeptemberSushil Kumar Shinde / Politician / India
02 NovemberArun Shourie / Journalist / India
02 SeptemberSadhna Shivdasani / Actress / India
02 SeptemberSadhana Shivdasani / Actress / India
31 JulyAmarsinh Chaudhary / Politician / India
08 February Jagjit Singh / Writer / India
17 AugustDr. Bimal Jalan / Bureaucrat / India
01 AprilAjit Wadekar / Cricketer / India
17 AugustDr. Y V Reddy / Civil servant / India
04 January Kalpnath Rai / Politician / India
21 JuneAloysius Paul D'Souza / Bishop / India
21 NovemberAnandiben Patel / Politician / India
04 JanuaryAnjana Mumtaz / Actress / India
28 DecemberIntikhab Alam / Cricketer / India
02 NovemberArun Shourie / Journalist / India
04 SeptemberSushilkumar Shinde / Politician / India
31 JulyAmar Singh Chaudhary / Politician / India
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