The year 1984 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1984 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1984 in World ⚡

08 MayFrance did nuclear test on the island.
22 JuneVirgin Atlantic Airways took the first flight from Heathrow Airport in London.
23 JulyVanessa Williams became the first woman in the history of 'Miss America' to give up her title. A nude photo forced him to relinquish the title.
03 SeptemberAbout 1300 were killed and hundreds were injured in South Philippines due to a terrible storm. Winds measured up to 185 kilometers per hour.
11 OctoberAmerican space scientist Catherine de Sullivan became the first female astronaut to travel in space.
24 OctoberFirst underground metro train started between Esplanad and Bhawanipur in Kolkata.
31 OctoberThe then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was shot dead by her bodyguards Satwant Singh and Beant Singh at her Delhi home.
02 NovemberFor the first time since 1962 in the US, a woman, Velma Barfield, was hanged.
03 NovemberAnti-Sikh riots broke out in the capital after the assassination of Indira Gandhi on 31 October. In which thousands of people were killed and homeless.
04 NovemberObi Agarwal became world champion of amateur snooker.
14 NovemberNASA launches NATO 3D satellite.
23 NovemberAround 1000 people were trapped in a fire at London's busiest Oxford Circus station.
02 AugustEuro court pitted against phone tapping.
03 AugustAmerican swimmer and Olympic winner Ryan Locte was born.
30 AugustThe spacecraft 'Discovery' took off for the first time.
03 DecemberLeaking toxic gas from the Union Carbide factory in Bhopal killed at least 3000 people and caused several thousands of physical deformities.
04 DecemberHezbollah militants hijacked a Kuwait airline plane and killed four passengers.
28 DecemberThe Congress won the Lok Sabha elections under the leadership of Rajiv Gandhi.
31 DecemberRajiv Gandhi became Prime Minister for the second time.
12 JanuaryEvery year on the occasion of Swami Vivekananda's birthday, it was announced to celebrate National Youth Day in the country.
12 MarchBollywood singer Shreya Ghoshal was born.
24 JanuaryApple Computer launched its Macintosh personal computer in the United States.
29 FebruaryCanadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau announces retirement
06 MarchA year-long action began in the British coal industry.
04 AprilUS President Ronald Reagan called for an international ban on chemical weapons.
14 MayOne dollar coin was introduced in Australia.
30 JuneJohn Turner becomes the 17th Prime Minister of Canada
18 JulyBeverly Burns became the world's first female Boeing 747 captain.
17 AugustPeru became the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.
17 SeptemberBrian Mulroney was sworn in as Prime Minister of Canada.
04 OctoberTim McCartney-Snape and Greg Mortimer became the first Australians to summit Mount Everest.
25 NovemberAn East Rail train derailed between Hong Kong's Sheng Shui and Fanling stations.
04 DecemberHezbollah bombers hijack a Kuwait Airlines plane and kill 4 passengers.
22 JanuaryApple Computer introduced the Macintosh, the first successful personal computer to use a graphical user interface, during Super Bowl XVIII with its groundbreaking '1984' television commercial.
28 JanuaryTropical Storm Domoina made land fall in southern Mozambique, causing some of the most severe flooding recorded in the region.
29 JanuaryThe prime Minister of Canada Pierre Elliott Trudeau announced that he is resigning from his post.
29 FebruaryThe Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Elliott Trudeau announced that he is resigning from his post.
16 MarchWilliam Buckley, the CIA station chief in Beirut, Lebanon, waskidnapped by Islamic fundamentalists.
22 MarchIn what would go on to be the longest and costliest criminal trial in states history, teachers at McMartin Preschool in Manhattanbeck, California, were wrongly accused of performing satanic rituals.
17 AprilBritish police officer Yvonne Fletcher was shot dead during a protests outside the Libyan Embassy in London's Stjames '
19 AprilScottish origin composer Peter Dods McCormic's 'Advance Australia Fair', a patriotic song, which was first screened in 1878, which officially changed 'God Save the Queen' as a national anthem of Australia Had given.
24 AprilIdentifying AIDS-virus, acquired immune-deficient syndrome.
06 MayPope John Paul II canceled 103 of the Korean martyrs, which were the subject of religious harassment against Christians in the 19th century.
08 MayThemes Barrier was officially opened on 8 May 1984 by Queen Elizabeth II. It was designed to protect against exceptional high tides and storms going above the North Sea. The construction cost of the barrier with an additional £ 100 million for the protection of the river was around £ 534 million.
08 MayThe Soviet Union announced the boycott of Summer Olympics Los Angeles citing security concerns and said that 'chaos and anti-Soviet hysteria [in uncontrolled states] are being abolished.
12 MayThe 1984 Louisiana World Exhibition, The World of Fresh Waters on a Source of Life ", on May 12, 1984, was opened in New Orleans, the United States and ended on 11 November 1984. It was declared bankrupt during its period. Due to low attendance
06 JuneTetris was released in the USSR. It was one of the best video games of all time. It gained fame around the world. It was originally designed and programmed by Alexi Pajitanov. It was a Russian tile matching game.
18 JulyA gunman killed 21 people and injured 15 others at McDonald's restaurant in San Yasidro section of San Diego, California.
23 JulyThe first African-American Miss America Vanessa Williams resigned in the scam after the nude photos of Penthouse magazine were published, which was taken two years ago.
01 AugustCommercial Pete-Catter discovered the preserved swamp of Aman at Lindo Moss in Cheshire, North West England, called Lindo Man.
04 AugustA year after the military coup came to power in the Republic of Avarvolta, President Thomas Sankara changed his name Burkina Faso (Flag Picture).
29 AugustFollowers of Lord Shri Rajneesh deliberately carried out the first and only biotarist attack in the history of Oregonella, with Salmonella in The Dalce.
30 AugustSpace Shuttle Discovery flew on his first trip.
04 SeptemberProgressive Conservative Party formed the largest majority of the total seats of Canadianhister during the federal election led by Brian Mulroni.
20 SeptemberThe Cosby Show, which became one of the three Americans, transmits its pilot episode, the biggest rating of five consecutive years.
11 OctoberKathy Sulivan Space Shuttle Challenger Mission set an example by being the first American woman to run in space during a test to fill the orbital fuel on STS-41-G.
12 OctoberThe provisional Irish Republican Army carried out a bomb blast at Bretton, Grand Hotel in England, unsuccessfully attempts to kill Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and most of his cabinet.
16 OctoberBill began on ITV, eventually the longest running police procedural in British television history.
25 OctoberThe viruses that cause non-A and non-B hepatitis have been identified by researchers.
26 OctoberThe two -week -old baby 'Baby Fay' was given the first chance of his heart transplant, in which her heart was replaced by a young Baboon. Nevertheless, she lived for only 20 days.
05 NovemberMorning Ireland, Ireland's highest rated radio program, was the first wasbroadcast on RT 1 Radio 1.
14 NovemberCaesar Climaco, Mayor of Zamboanga city, Philippines, was murdered by an unknown gunman.
25 NovemberBand Ed, a supergroup containing more than 30 leading British Irish pop musicians, recorded the song 'Do It's Itcrystams? '. To raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia.
22 DecemberWhile riding the New York City Subway train, Bernhard Goitz shot four African American youths who attempted to loot him, a nationwide debate over the legal boundaries of vigilance, racism and self -defense.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1984 in India ⚡

23 MayBachendri Pal became the first Indian woman to conquer Everest, the world's highest peak.
03 JuneOperation Blue Star started at the famous Gurudwara Harmandir Sahib Gurudwara i.e. Golden Temple in Amritsar in Punjab. By the order of the Government of India, the purpose of this military campaign was to eliminate Janrail Singh Bhindranwala.
03 OctoberIndia's longest train, Himsagar Express was diverted from Kanyakumari to Jammu Tawi.
29 DecemberThe Congress won the parliamentary election with the largest majority in the history of independent India. Telugu Desam emerged as the largest opposition party by winning 28 seats in this election.
08 JanuaryThe first Indian woman pilot Sushma Mukhopadhyay passed away.
15 MarchIndian rapper Honey Singh was born.
02 AprilSquadron Leader Rakesh Sharma became the first Indian astronaut to go to space under Mission Soyuz T-11.
13 AprilThe Indian cricket team won the Asia Cup for the first time by defeating Pakistan by 58 runs in Sharjah.
02 AprilShip Soyuz T -11, Rakesh Sharma became the first Indian to go into space.
13 AprilIndian forces started military conflict with Pakistan to the primary Meghdoot, who attacked the disputed Siachen Glacier region of Kashmir.
23 MayBachendri Pal conquered the summit of Mount. Everest. She is the first Indian woman and 5th woman in the world who achieved this feat. She was an employee in Tata Steel & Co. In Jamshedpur.
31 OctoberIndian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was gunned out by Sikh extremists outside her house. Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is assassinated by two Sikh security guards. In New Delhi and other cities, riots erupt and about 10,000 Sikhs are killed.
31 OctoberIndira Gandhi, the only female Prime Minister of India, was murdered by her two Sikh bodyguards, who were anti -Sikh anti -Sikh all over the country.
31 OctoberIndian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was murdered by two Sikh Sikh bodyguards inciting anti -Sikh riots across the country.
03 DecemberThe methyl isocyanate and other toxic chemicals were accidentally destroyed by the Union Carbide India Limited Pesticide plant in Bhopal, India, causing the world's largest industrial disaster.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1984 😀

02 AprilDeep Sidhu / Actor / India
03 AugustSunil Chhetri / Footballer / India
04 JunePriyamani / Actress / India
04 FebruarySandeep Acharya / Singer / India
05 MarchAarti Agarwal / Actress / India
06 JuneAmrita Thapar / Fashion Designer / India
09 FebruaryUdita Goswami / Actress / India
10 JanuaryKalki Koechlin / Actress / India
11 FebruarySherlyn Chopra / Actress / India
13 MayBenny Dayal / Singer / India
13 JulyUrvashi Sharma / Actress / India
14 SeptemberAyushman Khurana / Actor / India
14 DecemberDivyanka Tripathi / Actress / India
14 DecemberRana Daggubati / Actor / India
16 JulySurveen Chawla / Actress / India
17 JanuaryKaran Trivedi / Actor / India
17 AugustVasuki Sunkavalli / Actress / India
18 OctoberFreida Pinto / Actress / India
18 NovemberNayantara / Actress / India
18 NovemberNisha Raval / Actress / India

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