The year 2012 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 2012 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 2012 in World ⚡

05 MayThe floods in Nepal killed 17 people and left 47 missing.
10 May55 people were killed and 370 others injured in two bomb blasts in Damascus, the capital of Southwest Asian Syria.
18 MaySocial networking company Facebook Inc. began trading on Nasdaq.
20 MayThe earthquake in Italy killed 27 people.
21 MayThe earthquake in Italy killed 27 people.
22 MayTokyo Skytree Tower opened in Japan. After Dubai's Burj Khalifa and China's Canton Tower, Japan built its tallest building, the Tokyo Sky Tree.
11 JuneIn Afghanistan, 80 people died in a landslide after the earthquake.
13 JuneFamous Ghazal singer Mehdi Hasan passed away.
16 JuneThe multinational soft drink company Coca-Cola commenced business in Myanmar after 60 years.
20 JuneCommunity violence in Libya killed 105 people, injured 500.
21 June90 refugees killed by boat sinking to Australia.
22 JuneParaguay's president Fernando Lugo was impeached and Federico Franco became the new president.
23 JuneAston Eaton broke the world record at the US Olympic Trials in Dekthalon.
24 JuneMohammed Mursi, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, became the President of Egypt.
28 JuneA series of bomb blasts in Iraq left 14 dead and 50 injured.
29 JuneAround 15,000 anti-nuclear agitators surrounded the office of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo.
30 JuneMohammed Mursi became the President of Egypt.
03 JulyBombings in Iraq killed 25, 40 injured.
07 July140 people died due to severe floods in Russia.
12 JulyWrestler and Bollywood artist Dara Singh passed away.
20 JulyA bus accident in Nayarit, Mexico killed 21 people and injured 29.
23 JulyFreedom fighter and philanthropist Laxmi Sehgal died.
26 JulyThe violence in Syria killed about 200 people a day.
30 July32 people died and 27 were injured when a train caught fire in Andhra Pradesh.
31 JulyAmerican swimmer Michael Phelps won 6 medals at the London Olympics. He became the highest player to win 22 Olympic medals in total.
06 SeptemberBarack Obama became the Democratic Party nominee for the US presidency.
07 SeptemberAn earthquake in southwest China killed 64 people and injured 715.
09 SeptemberThe suicide bombings in Iraq killed more than 100 people and injured 350.
12 SeptemberApple released Ai Phone-5 and iOS-6.
24 SeptemberBooks related to Japan were banned in China.
02 OctoberGunmen killed 20 students in Nigeria.
04 OctoberFormer German racing driver Michael Schumacher announced his retirement.
14 OctoberGunmen killed 20 people in a mosque in Nigeria.
16 OctoberA new planet 'Alpha Century Bibi' was detected outside the solar system.
19 OctoberThe bombing in Lebanon's capital, Beirut, killed eight people and injured 110.
26 OctoberViolent clashes in Burma killed 64 people.
29 OctoberSandy storms on the east coast of America killed 286 people.
05 NovemberThe floods in Nigeria killed 363 people and displaced over 21 lakh people.
07 NovemberAn earthquake in Guatemala left 52 dead.
17 NovemberShiv Sena founder Bal Thackeray died.
20 NovemberThe Church of England voted against the priesthood of women.
26 NovemberArvind Kejriwal formed a new political party called Aam Aadmi Party.
28 NovemberTwo car bomb blasts in the Syrian capital Damascus left 54 ​​dead and 120 injured.
29 NovemberThe United Nations General Assembly gave Palestine the status of non-member observer state.
30 NovemberFormer Prime Minister Indra Kumar Gujral died.
06 AugustNASA's Curiosity Rover reached Mars.
07 AugustThree gunmen attacked and killed 19 people at a church in Oaken, Nigeria.
11 AugustThe earthquake in Tabriz and Ahar in Iran killed 153 people and injured about 1,300 people.
16 AugustEcuador gave political asylum to Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks.
18 AugustAt least 13 Afghan terrorists killed in NATO air strike.
25 AugustVoyager 1 became the first manned vehicle to enter space outside the solar system.
25 AugustNeil Armstrong, who stepped on the moon, died.
26 AugustHindi film actor AK Hangal passed away.
29 AugustAt least 26 Chinese workers were killed and 21 went missing in the Siaojiawan coal mine explosion in Sichuan province in China.
03 DecemberIn the Philippines, at least 475 people died in the 'earthquake' storm.
04 DecemberA mortar attack in Syria killed 29 people.
06 DecemberSeven people were killed and 770 were injured during a demonstration in Egypt.
19 DecemberPark Gyun Hee became the first female president of South Korea.
21 DecemberGangnam Style' became the first video to be viewed one billion times on YouTube.
25 DecemberAntonov Company's AN-72 plane crashed in the town of Shimkent in southern Kazakhstan, killing 27 people.
26 DecemberThe world's longest High Speed ​​Railroad, built from China's capital Beijing to Guangzhou City, was opened.
29 DecemberIn Pakistan, 21 security personnel were killed in an attack by terrorists near Peshawar.
30 December19 people died in a suicide attack in Bluechistan, Pakistan.
06 JanuaryA suicide attack in the Syrian capital Damascus killed 26 people and injured 63.
09 JanuaryLionel Messi won FIFA's Ballon d'Or Best Footballer) award for the second consecutive year.
28 JanuaryThe bombings in Kano, Nigeria killed 185 people.
01 FebruaryDuring a football match in Port Saeed, Egypt, 74 people were killed in the rioting.
15 FebruaryA massive fire killed 358 people in the Comayagua prison in the Central American country of Honduras.
19 February44 people were killed in a prison riot in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
03 MarchIn Poland, 16 people were killed and 50 were injured in two train collisions.
04 MarchVladimir Putin won the presidential election of Russia.
09 MarchFilm actor and producer director Joy Mukherjee passed away.
13 March110 people died in a collision between an oil tanker and a ferry near Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.
23 MarchMaster blaster Sachin Tendulkar became the first cricketer to record 100 centuries in international cricket.
30 MarchSpain's budget stuck in recession was cut by 27 billion euros.
03 April17 migrant workers killed in heavy fire in Moscow, capital of Russia.
07 AprilLandslides in Siachen killed 130 Pakistani soldiers.
15 April400 terrorists escaped after an attack on a Pakistani prison.
16 April55 people killed in Syrian conflict.
27 April27 killed in four blasts in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.
14 JanuaryA suicide attack in Basra, Iraq, killed 53 and injured 130 people.
01 February73 people died in Egyptian football riots in Port Said.
04 MarchVladimir Putin won Russia's presidential election amid allegations.
07 AprilJoyce Banda became the President of Malawi.
01 MayChina and Russia signed a $ 15 trillion dollar trade deal.
15 JuneApple Eye Computer sold a record $ 374.500.
12 July200 people were killed in Tremsey by the Syrian army.
12 AugustThe 30th Olympic Games ended in London.
06 SeptemberBarack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for US President.
02 October20 students were killed in Mubi, Nigeria.
06 NovemberBarack Obama was re-elected as US President.
06 December7 people were killed and 770 were injured during Egyptian protests.
01 JanuaryJohn Howard, the prime minister of Australia and David Hockney, the famous artist were appointed by Queen Elizabeth II to the order of merit. The world famous USA based NASA brought another glory to its feather. Its second Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory Spacecraft is in orbit around the moon.
02 JanuaryIran conducted it's military exercises in the Persian Gulf. During which it successfully test-fired two long range missiles.
03 JanuaryMitt Romney, Ron Paul & Rick Santorum lead Republican Contenders as nominees for president of the USA. 2004- The Flash Airlines flight 604 crushed near Sharm at Sheikh in Egypt, in which 48 people were killed.
03 JanuaryA survey conducted in Spain reported that the rate of unemployment was very high.
04 JanuaryThe Wegelin CO., The oldest bank in Switzerland closes. The bank is find $57.8 million after pleading guilty to a US case of tax evasion.
04 JanuaryDue to a polar vertex record low temperatures are expected in the US. The cold air from North Pole from US would bring temperature to 15 degrees in Chicago.
05 JanuaryWilliam Hague begins a 2 day tour of Myanmar. It is believed that the visit of the UK secretary of state for foreign and commonwealth affairs will be historic.
05 JanuaryUS President Barack Obama dramatically cut the defence expenses.
06 JanuaryPortia Simpson Miller, Jamaica new P.M. announces that the country will become a republic. It removes Queen Elizabeth II as head of state.
06 JanuaryAbout 4,500 logins and passwords of FaceBook were stolen by the Rammit worm.
07 JanuaryIn New Zealand eleven people are killed when their hot air balloon collides with a power line and was crashed near Carterton.
07 JanuaryThe dispute due to the fund issue leads to the closure of several Bosnia's cultural institutions.
08 January15 Georgian soldiers are released through the efforts made by the Somalian Government after a year of being hostage by pirates.
09 January700 former Tamil tigers are released by the Sri Lankan army after completing a rehabilitation program.
09 JanuaryThere has been a clash between the United Kingdom's Westminster and Scottish government as because of the referendum on Scottish independence.
10 JanuaryThe UK Secretary of State for Transport, Justine Greening has approved the HS2, a high speed rail line. This will link major cities in the UK to London.
11 JanuaryIsrael is preparing for a increase of Syrian refugees into Golan heights according to Israel's Military chief.
11 JanuaryA journalist was killed with eight other Motors in Horns, Syrian.
12 JanuaryIsrael Supreme Court has put a law banning Palestinians from marrying Israel's in order to get citizenship.
12 JanuaryBurmese government and the Karen rebels signed a ceasefire between them, in order to stabilize the situation.
13 JanuaryThe Island nation of Kiribati re-elects President. Anote Tong to a third term with over 42% of the vote.
13 JanuaryThe Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia ran aground on a reef off the shore of Isola del Giglio, Tuscany, and partially sank.
14 JanuaryDue to a transformer malfunction in Bursa, Turkey millions were left without power supply.
15 JanuaryJohn Huntsman, a Presidential primary candidate of Republican Party drop out of the race, endorsing Mitt Romney.
16 JanuaryThe US Congress has proposed anti-piracy legislation to shutting down the English Wikipedia website. The English Wikipedia and has protested against it.
18 JanuaryFrancesco Settings captain of sunken cruise admits the navigational errors that caused by Costa Concordia to capsize
18 JanuaryAn amateur astronomer discovers a new Neptune sized explained in Peterborough, England.
19 JanuaryKodak, the famous film and Camera Company, files for the bankruptcy protection.
20 JanuaryAround 2000 Malawi women protested against attacks on women wearing trousers by unemployed youths and street vendors.
21 JanuaryTop international virologist agreed to halt work on a more virulent strain of H5N1 influenza virus due to fear over bioterrorism.
23 JanuaryEuropean Union imposes more sanctions on Iran's banking and oil industries due to Iran's nuclear program.
24 JanuaryIn 17 year for the first time Spain unemployment level passes five million.
25 JanuaryIran President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that the country is ready to discuss about its nuclear program with other countries.
26 JanuaryIllumina, a U.S. Australia gene sequencing company adopts a poison pill strategy, fighting against a hostile big by Roche Holding.
27 JanuaryThe main opposition leader of the Democratic Republic of the Congo condemns parliamentary election as rigged. He calls for a strike in protest of his house arrest.
28 JanuaryThe protest run for occupying Oakland in Oakland city turning into a violent movement in California and approximately 300 people were arrested.
29 JanuaryHugo Chavez, President of Venezuela suffering from tumour recovered after that tumor is removed from his pelvis.
30 JanuaryOccupy DC activists are prohibited from camping in freedom plaza and McPherson square.
30 JanuaryA fake medicine crisis at cardiology hospital in Lahore leads to loss of around 112 liver.
31 JanuaryChina government tightens its control of monasteries following deadly protests in Tibet.
01 FebruaryThe parent company of America Airlines announced that they will cut 13,000 jobs or 15 % work force from their company.
03 FebruaryThe US unemployment rate drops to be 8.3% and it was the lowest in last three years after employers added 240,000 jobs in January.
04 FebruaryFlorence Green who was the last known veteran from World War I, died in the United Kingdom at the age of 110.
05 FebruaryJosefina Vazquez Mota is the first woman ever endorsed by a Major Mexican Party to run for President of Mexico.
06 FebruaryEmail Boc, Romania’s Prime minister resigned along with the entire cabinet due to major social and political unrest in the country.
06 FebruaryQueen Elizabeth II marked her 60th anniversary of becoming monarch of the UK and seven sovereign stated in the country.
07 FebruaryCalifornia’s proposition banned 8 gay marriages in the US was court of Appeals for the Ninth circuit.
07 FebruarySeveral months of political crisis in the Maldives culminatedin the resignation of President Mohamed Nasheed.
08 FebruaryIn London, at Christie’s the collection of Elizabeth Taylor’s artworks by Vincent Van Gogh, Camille Pissarro and Edgar Degas was sold for over 13.7 million pounds.
09 FebruaryDuring Bankruptcy , a cost saving measure has been taken that do not allow Eastman Kodak Co reports to make digital Cameras , pocket video cameras and digital picture frames any longer.
10 FebruaryA story called “the cats of Copenhagen’ is known as an ‘outrage’, that is written by James Joyce for Choldrens has been published for the first time.
11 FebruaryWhitney Houston, a well known American singer and actress died suddenly in Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel in California at the age of 48.
12 FebruaryA British Singer, Adele, was awarded for the song of the year. Record of the year and albino of the year the Germany Awards.
13 FebruaryMoody’s Investors Service peru s a negative outlook for the credit ratings for Austria, France and United Kingdom.
14 FebruaryThe Love Letters written by poets, Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning for each other were published online by Wellesley College and Baylor University in 2012.
15 FebruaryA painting of Frenchs Bacon sold at Christies for 21.3 million pounds and the portrait of Henrietta Morales which is the second most valuable post-war contemporary art which was sold at the auction house.
16 FebruaryAnthony Shadid, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and the Middle East correspondent for the New York Times, dies at 43 of an acute asthma attack.
17 FebruaryAbout 60 to 70 artefacts of the ancients Olympic Games was stolen by the thieves who broke into the archaeological.
18 FebruaryPope Benedict XVI announces seven new saints. The saints included American Saint, Kateri Tekawitha. He also appoints twenty two new cardinals.
19 FebruaryOn February 19, 2011 a record of 2.2 million people attend the Bola Buta strut Party during Rio Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
20 FebruaryScientists regenerated specimens from Silene Stenophylla, a 31, 800 year old piece of fruit on February 20, 2012, substantially surpassing previous records for the oldest plant regenerated.
21 FebruaryAmong the winners in at the 2012 BRIT awards for British popular music there were One Direction, Adele, Coldplay and Ed Sheeran.
22 FebruaryThousands of people commemorate the first anniversary of the earthquake where 185 people died last year, in New Zealand’s city of Christchurch.
22 FebruaryA train failed to apply its brakes and crashed through a bufferstop at Once Station in Buenos Aires, resulting in 51 deaths and morethan 700 injuries.
23 FebruaryThe State Senate of Maryland approves a bill allowing same-sex marriage in the state.
24 FebruaryAfter a power struggle within his government, Haiti's prime minister Garry Conille resigns.
24 FebruaryThe IAEA reports that Iran has been expanding its nuclear activities.
25 FebruaryThe famous film “The Artist” has been awarded with four awards at the spirit awards which honoured independent films.
26 FebruaryThe “News of the World” which shut down due to phone hacking controversy is announced to be replaced by “The sun on Sunday” by new cooperation.
28 FebruaryIBM announced that it is on the way of creating the world’s first quantum computer.
29 FebruaryHugo Chavez, President of Venezuela suffering from tumor recovered after that tumor was removed from his pelvis.
29 FebruaryConstruction of Tokyo Skytree, the world's tallest tower and second-tallest structure, was completed.
01 March10.7 percent, the highest unemployment level has been experienced by the Euro Zone that has never happened in its history.
02 MarchThe United States space agency, NASA reveals that it had its security compromised by hackers. It has made 13 times in the past year.
03 MarchMitt Romney, the U.S. Presidential candidate wins the caucus in Washington State.
03 MarchTwo passenger trains collided head-on near the town ofSzczekociny in Poland, resulting in 16 deaths and 58 injuries.
04 MarchThe People's Republic of China will increase its defence spending by 11.2 per cent in the year 2012.
05 March“The Lorax”, the popular animated film earned $70.7 million dollars at the box office which is 5th highest returns ever for an animated film.
06 MarchThe President of France, Niclas Sarkozy announced a plan that will cut the of emigration people to France by 50%.
07 MarchThe airline flights GPS system and powers grids will be disturbed by the largest solar flare, nears Earth, which occurs in five years, will be occurring on 6th March 2012.
09 MarchJ. K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, has announced that Pottermore website, her version of the Harry Potter Universe will launch early in April.
10 MarchFrench comic artist Jean Giraud, creator of 'Blueberry' and numerous influential science-fiction comics, dies at 73.
10 MarchU.S. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney wins caucuses in the Northern Mariana Islands, the Virgin Islands, Guam and Wyoming.
10 MarchThe Former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela was released from hospital after routine check up with successful medical check up.
11 MarchKrasma Horka is heavily damaged due in fire. It’s a historical Slovakian castle.
12 MarchA section of China’s high speed railway collapse after it underwent test runs.
13 MarchA Harvard Medical School study claims that red meat increases the death and has additional negative health implications.
13 MarchA 25 years old Alaskan, Dallas Seavey becomes the youngest winner of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.
14 MarchBritain has 2.67 million people unemployed, its highest unemployment rate since 1995.
15 MarchChina’s premier Wen Jiabao blamed Dalai Lama for engaging self immolations by Tibetan monks.
16 MarchNicolae Timofti is named as the new president of Moldova. There was no elected head in the country for three years.
17 MarchJulian Assange announced his peen under house arrest. He planned to run the Rennate house.
17 MarchThe 2012-13 Biathenean world cup ended with Martin Fourcade winning men’s and Tora Berger winning women’s average world cup titles.
18 MarchGermany’s Federal Assembly elected Joachin Gauk as president of FRG.
19 MarchThe Somali National Theater reopened in Mogadishu after two decades. It was kept closed due to the civil war.
20 MarchThe Hollywood film, 'John Carter', becomes one of the biggest losses in film history. Disney writes off $200 million on the film.
20 MarchThe 7.4 magnitude earthquake occurred near the border of the Mexican states of Guerrero and Oaxaca.
21 MarchBreton's Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne revealed Breton's 2012 budget cut the top rate of income tax paid by citizens. It was a great gift to the common British people.
22 MarchOver 200,000 people march in Montreal, Canada to protest against post-secondary education tuition hikes.
23 MarchPope Benedict XVI rightly said that Cuba needed to find some way out of communism and it would certainly help them to find a peaceful way of making the transition.
24 MarchEvo Morales, the President of Bolivia, is pleased that he will have the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands, to resolve the border dispute between Bolivia and Chile.
24 MarchChina plans to end the practice of harvesting and selling organs. This plan is about executed prisoners.
25 MarchWith tensions rising over North Korea's proposed missile tests, US President Barack Obama begins a three-day visit to South Korea.
26 MarchCampbell Newman has been sworn in as the new Premier of Queensland after a landslide victory.
27 MarchNow a days nuclear security was a major issue, so world leaders discussed about nuclear security during a summit in South Korea.
28 MarchIn the country of the United States, the Mega Millions jackpot reaches a world record in lottery history of $500 million dollars.
29 MarchViaspan is a solution used to pressurize some donor organs. UK Govt. Officials announced that Visap may be contaminated with bacteria after Bacillus cereus was identified that was present in a solution used to test Viaspan's safety.
30 MarchVISA and Mastercard have warned that a security arm compromised more than 10 million credit cards.
30 MarchEvidence of citrus, the disease that has killed millions of citrus trees in Brazen and Florida, is found in a relict area in Los Angeles Country, California.
31 MarchU.K. And progress is made on the tallest building of the European Union when the Spire of Shard London Bridge is placed.
01 AprilElli Young Band and Taylor swift the song of Crazy Girl and Entertainer of the Year at the 2012 Academy of Country Music Awards.
02 AprilThe 1940 US census data was released with information from 132 million people.
02 AprilA gunman, a Koreanchristian College in Oicostian College, Oicon, in Okland, California, USA, fired at the people, killing seven people, and three injured.
03 AprilAfter the news international phone hacking case, James, Murdock resigned as the chairman of BSKYB.
05 AprilSkyenus has considered it an illegally hacked email which belonged to the members of the public on two different occasions in the year 2012.
05 AprilTo continue world restrictions on Iran, a Chinese company that insures ships will stop stopping tankers carrying Iranian oil in 2012.
06 AprilIn England, MPs banned the performance of tobacco products, expecting the move to reduce the number of smokers.
06 AprilVirginia Beach American city, an US Navy F -18 Super Hornet Crash at an apartment complex.
09 AprilThe Lion King earned a lot for several days and was houseful. It even surpassed the film "Phantom of the Opera".
09 AprilFacebook bought Instagram, a photo sharing application. Bought it for 1 billion dollars.
10 AprilOne of the heroes of French resistance was Raymond Obraka, who died at the age of 97 in 2012.
10 AprilAmerican company Apple, Inc. Has announced that it costs more than $ 600 billion, which is the largest in the world by technology company market capitalization.
11 AprilThe North Korean Workers' Party along with its father declared Kim Jong Isle as the party's' eternal 'general secretary, Kim Jong who names the first secretary.
11 AprilGreece's Prime Minister Lucas Papadimos resigned, called for a new election within a month.
12 AprilAmerican company Google, Inc. Announced an increase of more than 24% in its first quarter income of 2012, and the net profit increased to $ 8.14 billion.
12 AprilMali, an interim president, takes an oath in Donenkunda Traitor, who has returned to civil rule after the last month's coup.
15 AprilRMS Titanic's 100th anniversary ceremonies and special programs help all over the world.
15 AprilChina allows Yuan to fluctuate from 0.5% to 1% in business against US dollars.
16 AprilArgentina President Christina Fernandez introduced the Nationalization Bill of 5% of the YPF. YPF is an oil company located in Argentina.
17 AprilWarren Buffet announced that he had prostate cancer.
20 AprilResigned after less than three years after accepting the post of Rich Ross, president of Disney Studios.
20 AprilThousands of people perform in the Tahrir category against the ongoing military rule in Egypt.
21 AprilFour species of crabs in the Philippines were discovered bright objective color.
23 AprilAn initial ban was released on the film Borat Kazakhstan and thanks to thank actor Boron Cohen due to his official good character.
24 AprilThe Russian scientist had earlier reported to see the adult white Orca which was to be seen in the wild.
26 AprilPresident Christian Fernandez de Kirchen's bill was passed by the Senate of Argentina.
27 AprilOsama-Bin-Laden's family had gone to Saudi-Arab from Pakistan.
28 AprilIn the recognition of democratic reforms, the European Union opens an office in Burma.
28 AprilSyria accused United Nations Secretary Ban Qin-Moon of 'encouraging attack on the government'.
29 AprilOn the charge of espionage, Sudan arrested four foreigners in the disputed border area with South Suda.
30 AprilThe almost expired One World Trade Center beat Empire State Building as the tallest building in New York City.
30 AprilAfter the arrest of Chen Guangcheng's house, US President Barack Obama refused to comment on the visually Chinese dissatisfied, who was reportedly gone to the US embassy.
02 MayFC Barcelona football player and Lionel Messi of Argentina's national team broke a record of 67 goals on May 2, 2012 with a 68 goal with a 68 goal.
05 MayJapan closed the Tomari -3 atomic reactor, the last of the 54 atomic reactors operated on 5 May 2012. This was the first time since 1970 that Japan had no nuclear derivative electricity. The decision to close Japan's atomic reactors was the result of risk associated with reactors due to strong seismic activities in Japan.
06 MayFortune released a list of Fortune 500 companies in which Walmart became the largest company by revenue for the 2012 financial year on 6 May. Walmart came at number 2 in the 2012 list after Exon Mobil Corporation.
08 MayDimitri Medvedev took office as Prime Minister of Russia after being nominated by President Vladimir Putin on 8 May 2012. He also worked as the third President of Russia from 2008 to 2012. He was a person who recognized corruption as the country's most serious problem and carried out an anti -corruption campaign.
09 MayOrange, Red, Yellow painting became the most expensive post war / contemporary art on May 9, 2012, sold in public auction for $ 86,882,500. It is a 1961 color field painting by American painter Mark Rothko.
10 MayThe International Committee of Red Cross suspended all humanitarian works in Pakistan on 10 May 2012. This suspension was the result of the murder of Khalil Rasje Dell, who was a 60 -year -old ICRC staff member, who was abducted in Balochistan four months ago.
11 MayA team of physicists at the University of Science and Technology, China broke the record of quantum teleportation by teleporting more than 97 km of photons in 2012. Currently quantum teleportation with photons is 143 km.
20 MayThe first of two major earthquakes struck Northern Italy, resulting in seven deaths.
22 MayThe longest structure with a height of 634.0 meters in Japan opened to the public on 22 May 2012. This is the second longest structure in the world after Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
25 MaySpaceX's Dragon became the first professional spacecraft to be found with the International Space Station.
26 MayThe Dragon became the first professional spacecraft to successfully meet with the International Space Station. Dragon is a partially re -reflected spacecraft, developed by SpaceX, an American private space transport company located in Hothorn, California. SpaceX Falcon 9 A two-stage-to-orbit launch vehicle has launched the dragon into space.
03 JuneIn golf, Tiger Woods won the Memorial Tournament played at the Muirfield Village Golf Club in Ohio's Winn, with Jack Nicroos to win the PGA Tour. Aldric Tont "Tiger" Woods (born 30 December 1975) is an American professional golfer who is one of the most successful golfers ever. He has been one of the highest -grossing athletes in the world for many years.
03 JuneDana Air Flight 992, a passenger flight from Abuja, Nigeria to Lagos faced dual engine failure and crashed into a building, killing all 153 on the board and ten more on the ground.
05 JuneThe final transit of the 21st century Venus began. This is a phenomenon when Venus is seen as a small dark disc that is growing across the sun. It is one of the rare predicted astronomical phenomena occurring in the joints. These couples are different from eight years that divide themselves from the period of the century.
11 JuneTwo earthquakes occurred in northern Afghanistan, killing landslides buried in a village and 75 people.
16 JuneChina successfully launched its Shenzhou 9 spacecraft, consisting of three astronauts including the first female Chinese astronaut Liu Yang in the Tiangong -1 orbital module. The Senzho program is a manned spaceflight initiative by China. Shenzhou 9 was a manned spacecraft flight of China's Shenzhou program, the first manned spacecraft to do the Shanejhou 9 spacecraft and the Tiangong 1 space station.
16 JuneThe Robot Boeing X-37B spacecraft of the United States Air Force returns to Earth after a classified 469-day orbital mission. The Boeing X-37, also known as the Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV), is a reusable unmanned spacecraft. It is enhanced into space by a projection vehicle, then re -enters the Earth's atmosphere and space as a spacecraft. The X-37 is operated by the United States Air Force for orbital spacecraft missions aimed at displaying reusable space technologies.
18 JuneSalman bin Abdulziz Al Saud was appointed Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.
19 JuneJulian Assange, the founder of WikiLix, requested the US at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for fear of extradition after the publication of some classified documents including civilian assassinations by the US Army.
04 JulyThe discovery of particle particle with Higgs Boson in the Large Hadron Collider was declared in the serry. Higgs Boson particle, particle is a basic particle in the standard model of physics. The observation of the particle allows scientists to excavate in the Higgs region, the particle gives immense importance to physics theory.
04 JulyCern announced the discovery of Higgs Boson primary particle after 40 years of discovery of its existence.
07 JulyEqual to five months of rain, Russia fell into Krasnodar Cry, causing a flood, killing 171 people.
08 JulyIsrael started an attack on Gaza Strip. This increased the tension in the area. This was done in response to the murder of three Israeli teenagers. Israeli defense forces raided the Palestine region to catch the killers. More than three hundred Palestinians were arrested during this operation.
11 JulyThe discovery of Pluto's fifth moon was announced by astronomers. The Stylax was the name that was given to the Moon. Plutonic system was discovered after unclear images. It was imagined that a moon is present with Charon which is Pluto's largest moon. Pictures of the spacecraft were not discovered later.
13 July7.6 percent is the lowest economic growth in three years by the People's Republic of China. It has been experienced recently.
13 JulyA drought spread through the United States leads to more than 1000 counties. It has been declared a natural disaster natural disaster area.
14 JulyNine climbers have been swept away by avalanche. The rescue team of Italian and French recovered the bodies of two climbers at Mont Black in Alps
16 JulyJohn Bhagwan, an English musician and a pianoist and co-founder of a heavy rock group, deep purple, dies after suffering from a pulmonary embolism
16 JulyThe American Food and Drug Administration approves ervada, which is the first drug to reduce the risk of HIV infection.
17 JulyThe top executive Marisa Mayor leaves Google after being appointed Yahoo! Ink's new CEO.
17 JulyAstronauts, Sunita Williams of the United States, Russia's Yuri Malenchenko and Japan's Aki Hoshede arrive at the International Space Station for a three -month long mission.
18 JulyKing Jong-Un, son of King Jong-Il, has been declared the official supreme leader of North Korea; He now also ranks Marshall in the Korean People's Army.
18 JulyThe American city of San Bernardino, declared by California, allows 'immediate and serious' fiscal emergency to declare insolvency without interaction with creditors.
18 JulyA suicide bomber attacked an Israeli tour bus at Burgasarport in Bulgaria, which later listed the European Union as a unilateral branch of Hizbullah as a terrorist organization.
19 JulyThe United Kingdom deposited assets of 100 million pounds of Syrian leaders.
19 JulyDavid Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain, suggests that government spending will be required by the end of the decade.
20 JulyA long -term deal between ViaCom and Direc TV allows directv to carry the ViaCom channel.
20 JulyIn London, the Olympic torch arrives, indicating the final stages of the UK-wide relay ahead of the 2012 Summer Olympics.
21 JulyIn a clear attempt to maintain its contract, a subcontinent at the nuclear power plant of Japan's defunk Fukushima melted the doster with lead plates to ensure that they did not reach the radiation range, and the workers are high Radiation had to lie about the risk.
21 JulyThe Buddhist remains recovered by the Pakistani police from a police station in Karachi were illegally excavated; The pieces of Gandhara civilization present in Pakistan are found back 2,000 years ago.
22 JulyAfter the 2012 Tour de Placed in France, Bradley Vigines became the first British cyclist to win the famous competition.
23 JulyThe controversy as a patent law dispute between Samsung and Apple's deadlock addresses the evaluation of each other's patent.
23 JulyAmerica's first female astronaut Sally Ride died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 61.
23 JulyA solar storm of intensity similar to the Carrington event, which once recorded the largest geopolitical storms, erupted from the Sun and recalled the Earth by a small difference.
24 JulyVice President John Droni Mahama became President of Ghana after President John Atta Mills died.
24 JulyEgyptian President Mohammad Morsi appointed Hishm Qandil as Prime Minister, and asked him to form a new government.
25 JulyIvica Dacic has been officially sworn in as the Prime Minister of Serbia.
25 JulyEgan-Jone Rating Company Projects have a one-year default probability of Italy 22%, which upgrade the country from B + to CCC +.
26 JulyTropical Storm Khanun rendered 16,000 people homeless in South Korea.
26 JulyFrench President, Francois Holland finalized an agreement to waive $ 4.7 billion in a loan made by Ivory Coast with Ivory Coast President Elassen Autara when it was a French colonial power when it was a French colonial power.
27 JulyUN General Secretary, Ban Ki Moon has urged that countries should work together to reach an agreement to control international weapons sales. But till date there was no compromise.
27 JulySalvatore J. Cordillon has been appointed as the Ninth Metropolitan Archbishop of San Francisco. The appointment was made by Pope Benedict Sixteenth.
28 JulyThe U-550 has been discovered at the cost of Massachusetts. This sinking boat is German U-BOAT. It was found after a major discovery.
28 JulySouth Africa's Cameron van Der Burg has set a world record in men's 100m breaststroke. It is established in the 2012 Summer Olympics. This is a new Olympic record.
29 JulyA mechanism is identified by scientists. This earth-warming will drag carbon deep into the southern ocean and lock. Scientists also claim that this process can cause global warming.
29 JulyA national patriotic lesson will be introduced at Hong Kong school in China. Thousands are planning to protest. He advocated it to labeled it for Chinese propagation.
30 JulyBrazilian President Dilma Roussef has set up a true commission. This will allow the country's military autocratic.
31 JulyThe most popular American Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps won a record 19th Olympic medal. He has won gold in the 4x200 meter freestyle relay.
31 JulyDutash Bank has announced that the bank has planned to cut 1,900 jobs. The German -based company offers global financial services.
02 AugustAccording to the revelation of a source of the United States government, Barack Obama agreed to any secret order in early 2012, allowing CIA and American companies to supply rebels in Syria to allow the al-Assad regime to supply rebels in Syria. Can be uprooted. ,
03 AugustThe Mexican army arrested the accused of killing 49 bodies of Los Jitas Drug Cartel and dumping them in May 2012. The suspect is one of the 37 fugitives in this Apodaka jail riots, which took place earlier this year.
05 AugustSeven people died after attacking a Sikh temple in Visconsin's Oak Crack. However, the shooter was shot dead by the police.
08 AugustThe anthropologist has discovered the skeleton of a woman buried in the tempo mayor, limited by 1,789 human bones. This discovery is unprecedented to 'Aztec culture.
09 August14 bodies in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi are found abandoned inside a van on a major commercial avenue. The number may be of some type because this is the fifth time when drug smugglers have left 14 bodies as a message to their rivals this year.
11 AugustTwo earthquakes, the most powerful, with a intensity of 6.4, a strike near Tabrez and Ahar in the north-west of Iranian cities, 250 people were killed and at least 1,800 others were injured.
11 AugustAt least 306 people were killed and 3,000 others were injured due to an earthquake near Tabariz, Iran.
15 AugustTwo Japanese cabinet ministers, Jin Matsubara and Eichiro Hata, visit the controversial Yasukuni Shrine. The yatra took place between the People's Republic of China and South Korea amid the regional dispute.
16 AugustNuclear regulators from nine countries held an emergency meeting in Brussels, which was caused by an unusual fissure in the water reactor vessel found in the basic steel material of Doyle 3.
17 AugustA rare spider was found in 2010, and it is considered completely different category, trogloreporide. Neel Returnington, a deputy sheriff, amateur biologist and local cave explorer would be the name of the single species Togloreporting, which found the species for the first time.
18 AugustAl-Qaeda militants attacked an intelligence headquarters in the southern Yemeni city of Aden, killing at least 14 people.
19 AugustJapan won the 2012 Women's baseball World Cup, won its third direct title.
21 AugustIn logic on cosmogoni, the Physical Review released a study describing the Big Bang, which is a phase change by the phenomenon symmetry, possibly makes it better to clear how our famous space time can arise from the original case .
22 AugustEmergency has been announced in California, as due to wildlife that ends hundreds of buildings.
22 AugustAt least 52 people died as a result of a series of ethnic conflicts between the Tana River district of Kenya of Oram and Pokomo tribe.
23 AugustThe US tested helium -filled monitoring balloons on the Mexican border. Both aerial vessels float about 800 meters high and are equipped with very advanced cameras. It is said that the balloons will not see far away in the Mexican region.
24 AugustThe United States Anti-Doping Agency says it will refuse former professional road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong for life and suggests that his record be taken away from seven tour de France.
24 AugustAmerican cyclist Lance Armstrong was removed from his seven Tour Day France title by the United States Anti-Doping Agency to use illegal performance drugs.
26 AugustIn the city of Quebec in Canada, 8 people died and 104 died after being vulnerable to Legiionolosis disease.
27 AugustMars Rover Curiosity makes public the first audio recording of human voice from another planet. NASA's administrator, Charles Bolden's message is sent to Earth with new images of Mars.
28 AugustIBM sells a 'most powerful and advanced' server.
29 AugustBrazilian researchers claim that banana spider poison, in some cases, may help remove erectile dysfunction in less than 20 minutes.
30 AugustThe Oil Company owned by the state of Permex, Mexico, in the northern state of Tamulipas, finds a large crude oil accumulation; The deposit may include at least 250 - 400 million barrels of oil.
31 AugustApple lost a copyright case against Samsung Electronics smart phones and tablets in Tokyo, Japan.
01 SeptemberStudies suggest that middle class children in Flanders are likely to be fifteen times more with learning disorders / disabled than their poor counterparts.
02 SeptemberThere is a ban on a decade -run female newspaper on the state TV in Egypt.
04 SeptemberWhenever unusual steps are taken, scientists have created a 'magic carpet' using optical fiber to help prevent accidents with finding that they are the elderly people, who travel or fall. .
09 SeptemberA government air strike damaged a main water supply pipe serving in Central Aleppo, causing thousands of residents to go on without drinking water. The Governor of Aleppo claims that the repair work is going on.
10 SeptemberAn agreement has been approved to complete the US National 11 September Memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center Site in New York City.
10 SeptemberAn agreement has been approved to complete the US National 11 September Memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center Site in New York City.
11 SeptemberJapan formally nationalizes three of the islands of Senkaku islands.
11 SeptemberGarment factories caught fire in Pakistani cities of Karachi and Lahore, killing 315 people.
12 September314 people were killed in a factory fire in Pakistani cities of Karachi and Lahore.
14 SeptemberThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge initiated legal action by the magazine Close after publishing topless photographs of the Duchess taken during the holiday in France last week.
15 SeptemberThe Irish Daily star has become the second tabloid newspaper to publish topless photos of Kate Middleton, which inspires media boss Richard Desmond to shut down the joint venture between independent news and their northern and shell groups.
17 SeptemberAfter four months at the international space station, a three-humor party, land on Earth, land.
19 SeptemberThe cabinet of Yoshihiko Nada reverses the first pledge made by the Japanese government a week to eliminate dependence on nuclear power in the 2030s.
21 SeptemberA researcher at the University of Cambridge has predicted that in about four years, the arctic polar ice cap will melt completely in the summer months due to a significant increase in global temperature.
22 SeptemberThe Roman Catholic Church in the Australian state of Victoria has embarrassed that more than 600 children were sexually abused by priests since the 1930s.
23 SeptemberEgyptian President Mohammad Morsi called for major protests. This is when he passed a degree to wide the new powers in the country.
23 SeptemberResearchers found that there are four genetic types of breast cancer.
24 SeptemberJapan's Deputy Foreign Minister, Chikao Kawai is sent to China to help improve the relationship between the two countries.
25 SeptemberThe World Health Organization declares a global warning. It is investigating the case of unknown corona virus found in a katri man. The man was returning from Saudi Arabia.
26 SeptemberTrade unions in Greece called for a general strike to protest against continuing penance measures.
27 SeptemberThe US announced that it would demand the lifting of one of its restrictions. This ban was on imported goods from Myanmar.
28 SeptemberThe World Health Organization says that the already unknown Corona virus, which originated from Saudi Arabia, is not highly contagious.
29 SeptemberThe United States accused the United States of 'double standards', the Mujahideen-e-Khaliq's salvation as a terrorist organization.
30 SeptemberSpain has announced that it expects an increase in its debt level in 2013.
02 OctoberAccording to a report by the European Commission, at the requirement of better security, the cost of nuclear reactors at 134 power stations in Europe will be 10 to 25 billion euros.
04 OctoberThe FBI investigated the attack on the US Consulate in Bengaji, Libya in just one day.
05 OctoberAbout 47 people across the United States suffer from contaminated therapy from fungal meningitis, in which five people are dying.
06 OctoberAccording to Iran, Israel should be part of the treaty on nuclear weapons unrealance.
07 OctoberSudani Army aircraft crashes in Antonov N -12 Khartum, killing 13 out of 22 people traveling.
08 OctoberCaution of scientists about the dangers associated with liquid nitrogen using liquid nitrogen when a teenage girl in the United Kingdom requires emergency surgery after drinking cocktails in substance.
09 OctoberAround 25,000 people protest in Athens as German Chancellor Angela Merkel visit Greece.
09 OctoberPakistani activist Malala Yusufzai was shot dead by a Talibangaman in an attempt to murder.
10 OctoberESO astronomers get a stunning spiral structure around the carbon star R scalloporis.
11 OctoberThe US court, which banned Samsung's Galaxy Nexus sale, retaliated, won a round for Google's Android against Apple.
16 OctoberCitragroup CEO Vikram Pandit resigns from his post, and Michael Corbett immediately quit him.
20 OctoberSeveral protesters marched through Glasgow, Belfast and London to protest against serious measures from the UK government.
22 OctoberLance Armstrong, who participated in the events approved by the UCI and the US professional road, has been snatched away from his seven tour de France.
24 OctoberAnalog television service in the Republic of Ireland was closed at 10 am today.
25 OctoberCuba and Jamaica hurricane collides with Sandy, which then moves towards Bahmas.
26 OctoberFormer Italian PM has been sentenced to four years for fiscal fraud for tainted Silvio Berlusconi.
29 OctoberPublishers Penguin and Random House merge to become the world's largest publisher Penguin Random House.
30 OctoberAssistance workers and the United Nations expressed concern about the increase in food prices in Haiti and cholera, where Hurricane Sandy has killed at least 52 people.
03 NovemberThe city of Turin, Italy, is officially nominated as the 2015 European Capital of Sport, by the ACES Europe Assessment Committee.
06 NovemberAmidst a parliamentary and public debate, Malawi cancels his anti-homosexual law, even if it is canceled.
07 NovemberAs a result of the US elections, three states ruled in favor of equal-lingo marriage. This includes Main, Maryland and Washington.
08 NovemberUS President Barack Obama announced his objective of visiting Burma this month. This will make him the first US President to visit the country.
09 NovemberAn Algerian C-295 military transport carrying six people crashed near Avignon in Southern France. Rescuers are able to find the remains of four passengers, while two others are missing.
10 NovemberFrançois Bozies, president of the Central African Republic François Bozies, asked to take his son into custody for refusing to pay a hotel bill.
11 NovemberThe Iranian Parliament has not yet reached the bottom of the death of the ruling blogger Sattarbesheti, who is in police custody.
12 NovemberAfter winning a petition against the United Kingdom for Jordan, Abu Qatada, a Muslim priest will be freed on bail. However, the UK government claims that it will argue against the ruling.
14 NovemberThe death of a pregnant woman with septicemia at an Irish hospital stimulates international fury, objections and determination. University College Hospital Gallway rejected several appeals for abortion from Savita Halappanwar and her family on the basis that "this is a Catholic country."
15 NovemberAfter ten years, Hu Jintao, general secretary of the Communist Party of China, left the post and was replaced by Xi Jinping.
16 November4 people were injured in an oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana while two people are said to be missing.
18 NovemberIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told foreign leaders that if the rocket attack took place, Israel is ready to accept the ceasefire agreement with Hamas. Israel launched Operation Pillar of Defense from Gaza in response to rocket attacks and is currently collecting soldiers in preparing for a ground attack.
19 NovemberAccording to the International Charity Save the Children, around 200,000 Syrian refugee children are in danger as the winter starts in the Middle East.
20 NovemberIran has blamed Israel's President Shimon Peres for claiming to continue rocket attacks on Israel to attack Palestinians, claimed, "They are out of their minds."
21 NovemberA dispute between Israel and Hamas comes into influence. It was announced by Egyptian Foreign Minister and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
22 NovemberPolicemen have succeeded in ending the hostage situation peacefully in the northern city of Thessaloniki in Greece as they are arresting a 72 -year -old Greek pensioner who was threatening to build a tax office building on fire due to financial conflict.
23 NovemberOpposition leaders in Egypt called for major objections after Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi passed the decision to give himself a wide new powers. There are demonstrations against and against his decision in Cairo and violence in Egypt has increased.
24 NovemberAt least 117 people died in a fire in a cloth factory in Sulia district on Toutsirling Dhaka, Bangladesh.
26 NovemberScientists have found life in an Antarctic lake Vida which was closed from the outside world by a thick sheet of snow several thousands of years ago.
28 NovemberThe European Commission has approved a Spanish government's plan to shrink and reorganize three major Spanish banks (Bankia, NCG Banks and Catalunya Bench) and sold a fourth (Banco de Valencia).
29 NovemberTrain services in the channel tunnel are suspended after the French fire from the French side. All the people present in the train were evacuated safely, two hours later traffic was resumed.
30 NovemberA freight train collided with the railway platform at the Stuttgart-Faurbach station in Germany. There were no reports of injuries.
02 December16 miners went underground due to floods in a coal sector in Hilgjiang province in northeast China.
03 DecemberThe former employees of General Motors have been allowed by the US Supreme Court to file a complaint against a unit of State Street Corp on alleged disturbances of their retirement savings.
06 DecemberThree people died and around 250 others were forced to vacate their homes due to a tornado and wild weather in the city of Auckland, New Zealand.
07 DecemberRussia announced a tight-to-tet visa ban on Americans guilty of human rights violations over the American Magnetsky Bill.
08 DecemberThe Philippines President Bennigno Aquino declared an emergency in the country after the Typhoon Bofa, killing about 450 people.
09 DecemberChinese officials arrested a Tibetan monk, who is accused of stimulating self-sacrifice against the Chinese rule.
13 DecemberEurope will be given more rights to the European Central Bank to administer the Euro Central Banks. This decision was taken by Finance Ministers of the European Union.
14 DecemberThousands of North Korea enjoyed the positive launch of the Quangminges -3 Unit 2 satellite at Kim Il -Sung Square, Pyongyang.
14 DecemberA 20 -year -old gunman shot twenty children and six adult workers in a mass murder at a Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, USA.
15 DecemberEgyptian voters go to vote on a new constitution over a new constitution.
15 DecemberUS Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fainted with dehydration and the uproar continued after falling into his house.
15 DecemberJapan has a general election with former Prime Minister and opposition Liberal Democratic Party leader Shinzo Abe.
15 DecemberThe Vice President of South Africa, Kalgema Motullathe challenged the party leadership by President Jacob Zuma at the inauguration of the African National Congress (ANC).
16 DecemberJapan has a general election with former Prime Minister and opposition Liberal Democratic Party leader Shinzo Abe.
16 DecemberThe Vice President of South Africa, Kalgema Motullathe challenged the party leadership by President Jacob Zuma at the inauguration of the African National Congress (ANC).
17 DecemberThe outgoing American senator Jim Dimint has been replaced by GOP Congress Tim Scott, the first black Senator of the south since 1881.
18 DecemberQueen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is attending a meeting of the cabinet for the first time, which has received a gift in honor of her Diamond Jubilee; The British emperor attended the cabinet meeting for the first time after the reign of Rani Victoria.
19 DecemberUBS becomes a second bank after Barclays, which is fined for an attempt to manipulate the Labor Interbank borrowing rate; The company has been fined $ 1.5 billion.
20 DecemberThe Atlanta Intercontinental Exchange purchases the world's largest stock exchange, New York Stock Exchange.
21 DecemberVoters in Alexandria, Egypt collide during the evening of the second polling current on a highly constitutional referendum.
21 DecemberScientists studying the meteorite of the Sutter mill found that near the California Gold Rush site of the Sutter, it determines that it has the oldest material of the solar system.
22 DecemberChristmas food parcels are distributed in the Republic of Ireland; Hundreds of people are in line to get them.
22 DecemberAfter the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Monty, Italian President Giorgio Napolitano dissolved Parliament.
23 DecemberIn Chile and Argentina, alerts of volcanic activity are issued in areas near the Kopahe volcanoes, after which the ashes began to be spewed.
23 DecemberThe launch of a space satellite in space by North Korea is disputed by the Ministry of South Korean Defense, which claims that it was a pregnant test of a 10,000 -km range missile.
24 DecemberThe government of Pakistan announced that it would recognize the Republic of Kosovo.
24 DecemberA video of the latest test of the company's Grasshopper rocket with vertical takeoff and vertical landing has been released; The rocket rose up 131 feet, mounted and landed safely on the landing pad on 17 December 2012.
25 DecemberQueen Elizabeth II shared his Christmas message with his Commonwealth themes, referring to his diamond jubilee celebrations and the 2012 Summer Olympics experience; The speech is the first to air in 3D.
25 DecemberIn St. Peter Square in Vatican City, Rome, the Pope Benedict gives the sixteenth annual Christmas message and has a traditional mass in the St. Peters Basilica.
26 DecemberA law that prohibits Americans from adopting Russian children is approved by the Parliament of Russia; This action is the response of the Sergei Magnitski Rules Act Accountability Act of America Act.
26 DecemberChristmas season U.S. Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana have more than 30 tornadoes reported.
27 DecemberThe Toyota Motor Corporation agrees to pay $ 1 billion to settle more than a dozen cases related to sudden acceleration.
27 DecemberIn his first political speech, marking the five -year anniversary of his mother's death, vow to maintain democracy and fight extremism, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, son of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.
28 DecemberAt the age of 115 years and 266 days, Japan's Ziruman Kimura becomes the oldest living person in the world.
28 DecemberResponsible Janak and Breeding Health Act is signed in the law by Philippine President Bennigno Acino III.
29 DecemberFormer United Kingdom Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher left the hospital after a minor surgery to remove a tumor.
29 DecemberThe French Constitutional Council attacked the plan to implement a 75 percent marginal income tax rate on the rich, describing the 'Supertex ' as unconstitutional and inappropriate.
30 DecemberAfter suffering due to unconsciousness from dehydration, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was admitted to the hospital for blood clots.
30 DecemberThe magazine of science has the Higgs Boson name, which confirms the existence of a sub-atomic particle as the decisive year of 2012.
31 DecemberA study conducted at the University of Rochetter Medical Center in Rochester, New York may announce harmful types of space radiation that accelerates the development of Alzheimer's disease.
31 DecemberVenezuela President Hugo Chavez recovered from a cancer operation; The ministers of his cabinet prayed for him to recover.

Important Historical Events of the Year 2012 in India ⚡

14 JuneThe explosion at the Indian steel plant in Visakhapatnam killed 11 people and injured 16.
18 JulyIndia's first superstar Rajesh Khanna died.
22 JulyPranab Mukherjee became the 13th President of India.
06 OctoberB. Satya Narayan Reddy, the famous Indian lawyer, leader and 19th Governor of West Bengal, passed away.
21 OctoberIndian filmmaker-director Yash Chopra died.
02 NovemberIndian-American mathematician Shriram Shankar Abhyankar died.
22 AugustPranab Mukherjee was elected the 13th President of India.
16 MarchIndia's master blaster Sachin Tendulkar became the first player to score 100 centuries in international cricket.
17 JanuaryIndia and China are agreed to build a functional office to resolve border issues
27 FebruaryThe cruise ship Costa Allegra, a left adrift in the Indian Ocean near the Seychelles, following an engine room fire.
29 MarchIn 2012, the BRICS summit, which was held in New Delhi, was attended by Indian leaders from Brazil, China, Russia, South Africa and India.
13 AprilShah Rukh Khan was detained at New York Airport in the US in 90 minutes. He was the Minister of External Affairs of India S.K. M. Khanna was angry.
04 JuneIndian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has been sworn in as a member of the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of Parliament.
22 JulyIndia chose Pranab Mukherjee as its new President.
30 JulyLong power cuts have affected the people of Delhi. More than 300 million people in Delhi, India are left without electricity. The city has suffered a lot due to power grid failure.
30 JulyThe highest number of electricity in history occurred in 22 Indian people, affecting over 620 million people, or about 9% of the world's people.
07 SeptemberThe Reserve Bank of India has allowed investment from its neighboring country Pakistan.
08 SeptemberPakistan and India have mutually agreed to give relief to the visa requirements required for travel to another country.
20 SeptemberTrade unions in India went on strike. It comes in response to plans that will open supermarkets for international competition.
16 DecemberA woman was gang -raped in a bus in New Delhi, causing public protests against the Government of India and the Delhi government across the country.

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Historical Events by Month 📅

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