Year 2013 in History - Important Historical Events of the year 2013

The year 2013 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 2013 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 2013 in World ⚡

01 januaryThe famous American pop singer of 1950's Patti Page dies at the age of 85 Encinitas, California. The singer was famous for his songs “how much is that”, “Doggie in the window” and “Tennessee waltz”.
02 januaryThe use of plastic bags in any form has been completely banned in Mauritania.
03 januaryThe USA replaced the 112th Congress. It swears in the 113th Congress.
03 januaryActor Gerard Depardien was granted citizenship by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. But Depaedien soon renounced his French citizenship due to the country's high taxes.
04 januaryThe Wegelin CO., The oldest bank in Switzerland closes. The bank is find $57.8 million after pleading guilty to a US case of tax evasion.
06 januaryMahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian National Authority has declared that official document must use the words “State of Palestine”.
07 januaryBarack Obama nominated US Republican Chuck Hagel to be the country's next Secretary of Defense. And John O. Brennan is nominated to the next CIA Director.
08 januaryThe 2012 weather is recorded as the hottest year ever recorded ever by the US scientists. They declared it to be hottest.
09 januaryNo candidate is elected this year to the national baseball hall of fame for the 1st time since 1996.
09 januaryThe Venezuela's supreme tribunal of justice has deferred the latest inauguration of President Hugo Chavez. This is because of his cancer operation.
10 januaryAn earth asteroid called 99942 Apophis passes close to Earth. The astronomers in Europe estimated 99942 apophis is larger than previously thought.
10 januaryThe US president announces the nomination Jack Lew as Treasury Secretary. He will to replace Timothy Geithner who is to step down from his post.
11 januaryThe parliament has passed an impeachment motion against chief justice Shriram Bandaranaike in Sri Lanka.
11 januaryArtist Paul Emsley unveils the first official portrait of Catherine Duchess of Cambridge.
11 januaryFrench special forces failed in an attempted rescue of a DGSE agent who had been taken hostage in July 2009 by Al-Shabaab in BioMarker, Somalia.
12 januaryCounty Wicklow, Ireland holds funeral services for the Irish mountaineer, Ian McKeever. He was killed by lightning on Mount Kilimanjaro.
13 januaryThe time Warner Inc. film, “Agro” wins the best drama and best director award, at the 70th Golden Globe Awards.
14 januaryThe former US president George Bush was released from the Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas after more than 7 weeks of bronchitis treatment.
14 januaryThe UK's oldest company, HMV opens its first shop on Oxford Street in 1921. It is the oldest music retailer with 4,500 more employees.
15 januaryDNA of horse was present in some beef burgers on sales in supermarkets in Ireland and in the UK. This has been found by the Republic of Ireland's Food Authority.
15 januaryAhmed al- Ghazawi, the Egyptian woman lawyer was sentenced to prison for five years and 300 hundred lashes for possession of Xanax anti-anxiety pills.
16 januaryCanada Cirque du Soleil cuts 400 jobs due to strong loonie and surging costs.
16 januaryThe US Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar has announced that he will quit his post at the end of March.
17 januaryJapan announces to build the largest offshore wind farm in the world in the prefecture near the site of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power plant to turn nuclear plant as back.
17 januaryThe IOC took the cyclist's bronze medal from the 2000 Summer Olympic after stripping lance Armstrong.
18 januaryBattle of Mogadishu for the first time US announces that it will be officially recognized as open diplomatic relation with the new government of Somalia.
18 januaryFor the first time laser communication is achieved by NASA. Scientist successfully beam a picture of Leonardo Da Vinci's ‘Mona Lisa' to the lunar Reconnaissance Obiter by a spacecraft or biting the moon.
19 januaryNASA's Curiosity rover has found Calcium deposits on Mars. The deposits are similar to deposits formed on Earth when water circulates in cracks and rock fractures.
20 januaryUS President Barack Obama inaugurated the Blue Room of the White House, this is the 2nd term in his office.
21 januaryCountries like France, Germany and nine other countries within the EU are waiting for the approval from EU Finance Ministers to institute the Tobin tax. It is a tax on financial transaction.
22 january‘Skyfall', the latest James Bond film opens in China. The cinema fans have criticized the officials for censoring portion of the movie. This was filmed in Shanghai.
23 januaryWorld Economic Forum is hosted in Davos, Switzerland.
24 januaryIn Serbian tennis Puo Novak Djokovic achieved a few get victory over opponent Andy Murray and won the men's singles at the Austrian open.
25 januaryUEFA announced plans for EURO 2020. The football championship will be held in 13 different countries.
26 januaryAnonymous, the group of hackers hacks into the U.S. sentencing Commission website.
27 januaryThe Serbian tennis pro Novak Djokovic achieved a four-set victory over opponent Andy Murray. He won the men's singles at the 2013 Australian Open.
30 januaryThe manufacturer of wireless devices released Blackberry 10.
31 januaryA court granted Iceland's Blaer Bjarkardottir the right to use their own name, after previously ruling Blaer was only a man's name.
31 januaryNASA revealed a lunar mining robot i.e., the Regolith Advanced Surface System Robot which could be used to produce fuel and water directly on the moon.
01 februaryEd Koch, former mayor of New York City, dies in Manhattan at the age of 88 by congestive heart failure.
01 februaryHillary Clinton, U.S secretary of state steps down from her post.
02 februaryShinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan directed a speech at Japan self defence forces which vows to defence the Senkaku Island.
03 februaryA power outage occurred during the Super bowl XLVII at New Orlean’s Super dome and the Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers by 34-31 runs.
04 februaryThe officials at the Kremlin announced that in the year 2014, G8 summit will be held at Sochi, in its Southern Black Sea resort.
05 februaryMichael Dell, the founder leads a consortium that announced plans to take Dell as private with a$24.4 billion which was the largest buyout seen since the recession.
06 februaryAn earthquake of magnitude 8.0 caused significant damage to villagers along the coast of the Soloman Island.
06 februaryThe US postal service announced that it will not deliver first class mails on Saturdays after 5th August 2013.
07 februaryFinders, a ready – meal manufacturer in Europe withdrawal his beef lasagne meals from supermarkets after confirming beef supplied by French manufacture of comingle contained horse meat.
08 februaryAn investigation took place over hacking incident which involved a hacker gaining access to the email of President George H.W Bush along with his friends and relatives.
09 februaryAnnette Schavan who was the Germany federal minister of education and research, resigned from his post after she got stripped of her doctorate degree for plagiarism by the University of Dusseldorf.
10 februaryIn 2013, London hosts the 66th British Academy film awards where the best film award won by the movie called ‘Argo’ and the best actress award won by Emmanvelle Riva and David Day Lewis won the best Actor Award.
11 februaryThe Parliament election that were held in Monaco with the Horizon Monaco Alliance that won by 50.3% of votes by Scoring 20 out of 24 seats in the country’s national council.
12 februaryThe international Olympic Committee announces that the sports of wrestling have been dropped out from 2020 summer Olympics in 2013.
13 februaryUS Treasury Secretary nominee, called Jack Lew begins his confirmation on hearing by testifying before the US Senate’s financial committee.
14 februaryBankrupt Carrier, American Airlines and US Airways merge to form world’s largest air carrier to trade under the name of American Airlines.
15 februaryA previously-undetected meteor exploded in mid-air overChelyabinsk Oblast, Russia, with the resulting shock wave injuring morethan 1,500 people.
16 februaryA 6.2 earthquake occurred near the Philippine island of Mindanao fortunately with no immediate reports of damage or injuries.
17 februaryIn Bolivar, Venezuela, the country’s government opens a granite processing plant and it estimated that it will provide 25% of the nation’s granite requirements.
17 februaryDanoica Patrick becomes the first women at the Daytona 500 and the Nascar sprint cup series to win pole position in racing.
18 februaryThe Nestle Company decides to remove its beef pasta from the supermarkets present in France, Spain and Italy after tests confirm that food giant has products which are contaminated with horsemeat.
19 februaryOn February 19, 2013 NASA loses its communication with the International space stations for three hours as a result of updating the station’s command and control software.
20 februaryEstonia became the first country in the world to establish a national electric car charging network on February 20. With this method cars can be charged in less than 30 minutes.
21 februaryThe country will hold parliamentary elections in April 2013, The Egypt’s Government announced.
22 februaryThe United Kingdom’s bond credit rating is downgraded for the first time in history.
23 februaryIn Washington State, six tanks are reported to be leaking radioactive waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation; the leak has not posed an immediate health risk.
23 februaryCanada's Security Intelligence Service believes the presence of Al-Qaeda affiliated groups in the country may lead to possible attacks.
24 februaryIn Los Angeles, California, the 85th Academy Awards is held; 'Argo' wins best picture, Ang Lee wins for best director, Daniel Day-Lewis wins for best actor, and Jennifer Lawrence wins for best actress.
24 februaryIn Greece, Nicos Anastasiades, leader of Cyprus's main opposition Disy party, wins the Presidential race.
25 februaryA law has been enacted by Russians in which there is ban on smoking in schools and on subways.
26 februaryIran officials along with representatives from US, China, Germany, France, Russia, UK discuss Iran’s nuclear program.
27 february17000 tabs, mostly from its montage department in the next two years at JP Morgan revealed.
28 februaryScientists identify genetic links between several psychiatric disorders. This disorders included ADHD Bipolar disorder, autism, depression, etc.
01 marchThe U.S. Treasury Department released a report in June 2012 that Japan exceeded China and became the leading foreign holder of U.S. Treasury securities.
02 marchThe University of Leicester has made a research that decreasing sitting time by 90 each day can result in major heath advantages. This will reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
03 marchQueen Elizabeth II is admitted to the hospital for observation after experiencing symptoms of gastroenteritis. It is a precautionary measure taken.
04 marchMexican business magnate Carlos Slim tops the list of the 'Forbes' list of wealthiest people. He is having a personal fortune of $73 billion dollars.
04 marchThe process of selecting the successor to Pope Benedict XVI has begun. More than 100 Catholic cardinals meet in Rome, Italy.
05 marchThe President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez died unexpectedly in the office of nation’s capital, Caracas. He died at the age of 58 years.
06 marchIn the United Kingdom, the top 50 payday loan companies were cited for “widespread irresponsible in lending”. So to change their practices, the office of fair trading gave those 12 weeks in their hand.
07 marchThe running mate of Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Kalanonzo Musyoka, claimed that the votes casted in presidential election of Kenya had been falsified.
08 marchFormer President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez died. Vice President Nicolas Maduro became the interim President.
09 marchAnti-apartheid leader and former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela at the age of 94 was hospitalised for the routine check-up.
10 marchThe Former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela was released from hospital after routine check up with successful medical check up.
10 marchSouth Africa's former President Nelson Mandela is released from the hospital after having 'successful' medical tests; prior reports stated he was hospitalized for a routine check up.
10 marchFalkland Island residents complete the first day of a two day sovereignty referendum, determining whether the islands should remain a British overseas territory.
11 marchIt was threatening that Shanghai’s drinking supply may contaminate due to the rotting of 900 pigs in the Huangpu River in China. The Government said the quality in the city tested as normal.
12 marchAfter paying a $7million fine over its handling or wireless data from early 2008 until the spring of 2010, Google agrees to settle a privacy lawsuit.
12 marchIn Rome, Italy, Roman Catholic cardinals meet in a conclave to appoint a successor to Pope Benedict XVI.
13 marchThe European Parliament rejects a European Union budget for the first time in its history.
13 marchThe Siumut party wins the parliamentary election setting up Aleqa Hammond to become Greenland’s first female Prime Minister.
13 marchFrancis was elected pope, making him the first Jesuit, thefirst from the Americas, the first from the Southern Hemisphere and thefirst non-European pope in over 1,000 years.
14 marchChina’s CPC General Secretary XI Jinping is named as the new President of the People’s Republic of China, with Li Yuanchao named as Vice President.
15 marchAmerican Gammy winning Rap Antist Lil Wayne suffered a seizure in California and recovered at a Los Angles Hospital.
16 marchPope Francis delivered his first message at the Vatican City in Italy. He told that he wants a poor church for poor.
17 marchScientists using the BICEP 2 telescope identified the cosmic inflation. It conferred to support for big bang theory which was the origin of the universe.
18 marchAlfred Xuereb, an Honorary Prelate of Roman Catholic church is selected by Pope Francis to become his private secretary.
21 marchThe US military, along with the South Korea, used B-52 Bomber jet planes in joint military drills of North Korea, as a result North Korea threatens America to attack America’s military bases in Japan.
21 marchAustralia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard formally apologizes to people who were affected by forced adoption during the 1950’s to 1970’s.
22 marchThe British Food Standards Agency reports a discovery in Lancashire of 100 kg of horse meat imported from Hungary labelled as beef.
23 marchOmar al-Basin who is the President of Sudan for over last 25 years has announced that he will step down his presidency post in 2015.
25 marchEnvironmental and Health concerns among resident are raised when 1,000 dead ducks pulled Rom Sichuan River in Southwest China.
26 marchDavid Miliband announces plans to resign as Britain Foreign Secretary and move to U.S state of New York to head the International Rescue Committee.
27 marchAn earthquake strikes near Taipei Taiwan. The magnitude of the quake was 6.0 on either scale and it was named as Nantou. In the earthquake 19 were insecure and one person was killed.
28 marchPeter Woolcott who was an Australian diplomat draft for the first ever treaty to regulate. The conventional arms trade is discussed by members of the United Nations.
28 marchRussia conducted unscheduled military exercises in the Black sea by not informing NATO criticism.
29 marchNew research on the Shroud of Turin supports that it may actually been used as Jesus Christ’s cloth. Research used mechanical and thermal measurements to date the Shroud between 300 BC and 400 AD.
29 marchAmerican bioengineers at Stanford anniversary made a transistor like transcription is built of DNA and RNA molecules.
30 marchUhuru Kenyatta is declared the rightful winner of Kenya’s presidential election by the supreme court of Kenya.
30 marchThe North West Africa 7325, a green meteorite found in Morocco, 2012 may have originated on planet mercury, if scientists are correct, this will be the 1st known meteorite from mercury.
01 aprilThe President of Suiden Omar Al Bashir Gave an order to release all political prisoners. This was done for preparing plans to step down in 2015.
02 aprilA top scientist and professor of NASA, James Hansen, retired in order to concentrate on the global warming activism.
03 aprilThe US TV network NBC announces Jay Leno, host of 'The Tonight Show' will leave in the spring of 2014, and be replaced by comedian Jimmy Fallon.
03 aprilThe northeastern section of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina,experienced several flash floods that claimed the lives of at least 100people.
06 aprilThe recent meat adulteration scandal promotes Swedish furniture megastore IKEA to stop sales of its moose meat Lasagna in its worldwide stores.
06 aprilAfter being hospitalized for nine days for pneumonia, former South African President Nelson Mandela, age 94, was released from hospital.
08 aprilBritain’s former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher death of A Heart stroke. He was 87 year old.
08 aprilTwo Sunni Muslim Islamic extremist groups, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Al-Nusra Front, merged to become the Islamic State of Iraq And the Levant, also known as ISIS.
09 aprilJapan set Patrol missiles in central Tokyo & Okinawa Island. Two warships were to patrol the Sea of Japan.
10 aprilThe Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine for in vitro fertilisation, Robert G. Edwards, dies at age 87 in the year 2013.
10 aprilA meeting of the U.N. General Assembly organized by former Serbian foreign minister, Vuk Jeremic, is boycotted by the United States, Jordan and Canada.
11 aprilMalawi President Joyce Banda accuses singer Madonna of 'bullying state officials' after exaggerating the contributions of her charity and complaining about her treatment during a recent visit to the country.
11 aprilJapan's Honda, Nissan and Mazda automakers announce to recall 3.4 million cars due to airbag defects.
12 aprilMacy's loses its dispute with JC Penney; JC Penney wins the right to sell unbranded housewares designed by Martha Stewart in its stores.
12 aprilRussia threatens retaliation after the U.S. imposes sanctions on '18 Magnitsky list' Russians accused of human rights violations.
13 aprilIn Beijing, China, a seven-year old girl is confirmed as the first person in the country to catch the Influenza A virus subtype H7N9 bird flu.
13 aprilThe people’s republic of China and the U.S. agree to word towards eliminating nuclear weapons in the Korean Peninsula.
14 aprilThe Liberal Political Party of Canada choose Justin Trudeau the son of Pierre Trudeau, as its new leader.
15 aprilDzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev set off two pressure cooker bombs during the running of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring 264 others.
17 aprilAbout 15 people were killed due to a explosion at a fertilizer plant at West Texas. Several buildings, residences & a middle school were damaged.
17 aprilAn ammonium nitrate explosion occurred at a fertilizer company facility in West, Texas, US, killing 15 people and injuring 160 others.
18 aprilTwo planets – Kepler-62e and Kepler-62f were discovered around the star Kepler- 62 in the habitable zone. An area around the stars can support liquid water.
23 aprilIn France an amended bill is passed opening the door for François Holland to promulgate it.
24 aprilTo form a new government from President Giorgio Wipolitao in Italy orca, he serviced secretary of Democratic Party, Enrilo Hatta received the mandate.
24 aprilA building in the Savar Upazila of Dhaka, Bangladesh, collapsed, resulting in over 1, 100 deaths, making it the deadliest accidental structural failure in modern human history.
26 aprilMervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England announces that the 5 pound bank note, to be circulated in 2016.
26 aprilIn Birmingham, U.K., eleven member of terror cell are jailed for planning an attack to exceed the atrocities committed on July 7 and 9/11.
27 aprilNew Govt. was finalized 2 months after the Italian Parliamentary Election in Italy.
28 aprilThe ambassador from the People's Republic of China is summoned by Japan's government after a flotilla of Chinese ships sail near the disputed Senkaku Islands.
29 aprilProsecutors for Boston Marathon bomber and Islamic terrorism Dzhokhar Tsarnaev discuss a plea deal to avoid the death penalty in exchange for life in prison without parole.
29 aprilAn NBA league committee recommends NBA owners reject the big from a group led by Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer to purchase the Sacramento Kings and move them to Seattle.
30 aprilThe largest-ever non-bank bond offering is initiated by Apple, Inc., for $17 billion.
30 aprilBorn without a trachea, a 2-year-old Korean-Canadian child is the youngest patient in history to receive a bioengineered organ made from stem cells; she received the transplanted organ at the Children's Hospital of Illinois.
06 mayAmanda Berry escaped from the Cleveland, Ohio, US, home of hercaptor Ariel Castro after having been held there with two other women for ten years.
10 mayOne World Trade Centre became the tallest skyscraper in the western hemisphere after the installation of final component of the skyscraper’s spire on May 10, 2013. Architectural height of this building is 1,776 ft which makes it world’s fourth tallest skyscraper. It has built on the same location where northern Twin Tower was destroyed on 9/11 by terrorist group that’s why it is often called Freedom Tower as well.
14 mayNigerian President Goodluck Jonathan issued the order of emergency for Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states in Northeastern Nigeria on May 14, 2013 due to the terrorist activities of Boko Haram. Boko Haram is one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world.
16 mayShoukhrat Mitalipov and his team published a study on the human stem cells clone created by a new process Somatic cell nuclear transfer method on May 16, 2013. This experiment was considered as one of the most important discovery in 2013.
25 mayNaxalite insurgents of the Communist Party of India (Maoist)attacked a convoy of Indian National Congress leaders in the state ofChhattisgarh, causing at least 27 deaths.
31 mayThe asteroid 1998 QE2 and its moon make their closest approach to Earth for the next two centuries. 1998 QE2 is a near-Earth asteroid 2.75 kilometers (1.71 mi) in diameter. It was discovered on August 19, 1998, by the Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) program located near Socorro, New Mexico. 1998 QE2 has an observation arc of 14 years and a well-determined orbit.
03 juneSoftware engineer Atul Chitnis, known as India's "open source guru", dies at age 50. Atul Chitnis (20 February 1962 – 3 June 2013) was an Indian consulting technologist. He was one of the organizers of FOSS.IN (formerly Linux Bangalore) which was one of Asia's free and open source software (FOSS) conferences.
04 juneIBM agrees to buy cloud computing firm SoftLayer Technologies for US$2 billion. SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. is a dedicated server, managed hosting and cloud computing provider. Founded in 2005.
23 juneNik Wallenda became the first man to successfully walk across the Grand Canyon on a tight rope. Nikolas "Nik" Wallenda is an American acrobat, aerialist, daredevil, high wire artist, and author. He is known for his high-wire performances without a safety net. He holds nine Guinness World Records for various acrobatic feats, but is best known as the first person to walk a tightrope stretched directly over Niagara Falls.
25 juneTamim bin Hamad Al Thani became the eighth Emir of Qatar. He is the fourth son of the previous Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. He became Emir of Qatar after his father's abdication. Sheikh Tamim has held a variety of government posts within Qatar and also worked to promote numerous sporting events within the country. As of 2013, Tamim is the world's youngest reigning monarch.
26 juneAbdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani became Prime Minister of Qatar. Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani is a Qatari politician who has been Prime Minister of Qatar since 26 June 2013. A member of the ruling family, he was Minister of State for Internal Affairs from 2005 to 2013.
27 juneNASA launched the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph, a space probe to observe the Sun. The Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) is a NASA solar observation satellite. The mission was funded through the Small Explorer program to investigate the physical conditions of the solar limb, particularly the chromosphere of the Sun.
01 julyNeptune's moon S/2004 N 1 was discovered. S/2004 N 1 is a small moon of Neptune, about eighteen km diameter. It orbits the planet in just under one Earth day. Its discovery increased Neptune's group of known satellites to fourteen. The moon is so wispy that it was not seen when Voyager 2 flew nearby in 1989. Mark Showalter of the SETI Institute found it by analyzing Neptune’s filed photographs captured by the Hubble Space Telescope between 2004 and 2009.
02 julyThe International Astronomical Union named Pluto's fourth and fifth moons, Kerberos and Styx. The International Astronomical Union is consisting of professional astronomers, at the PhD level and beyond who are active in professional research and education in astronomy. It acts as the internationally recognized authority for assigning designations to and any surface features on them.
03 julyEgyptian army chief General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi led acoalition to remove the President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, from powerand suspended the Egyptian constitution.
06 julyThe nathu-la pass between China and India reopened after 44 years. This pass was sealed because of Indo-China war in 1962. This war was a border conflict which resulted in Chinese victory. The pass was reopened after 44 years for trading purpose.
13 julyA boat that was carrying asylum seekers was capsized in the north of Christmas Island. 88 people were rescued by Australian authorities and 9 people were feared dead.
14 julyBenjamin Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minister phoned Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestine. He hoped that the two sides could re-enter peace talks. These have been on a three-year hiatus.
15 julyThe Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill has been approved by the upper house of the U.K. Gay marriage will be allowed in England and Wales from 2014.
16 julyIn Greece, new austerity measures prompt the unions to call for a general strike.
16 julyHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam, will welcome it's first McDonald's early next year; the site will be run by the son of Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, Henry Nguyen
16 julyAt least 23 students died and dozens more fell ill at a primaryschool in the village of Dharmashati Gandaman in the Saran district ofthe Indian state of Bihar after eating a Midday Meal contaminated withpesticide.
17 julyIn an effort to curb obesity rates, the United Arab Emirates offers its citizens one gram of gold for every kilogram of weight they lose.
17 julyA heat wave settles over the U.S.; at least one fatality is reported.
18 julyInvestigators on the case of the October 2012 Kunsthal gallery theft of paintings by Picasso, Matisse and Monet, discover paint, canvas and nails in the oven of a woman whose son has been charged with the crime.
18 julyDetroit, Michigan files the largest municipal bankruptcy in history; the city of Detroit seeks CHapter 9 bankruptcy protection and is $18.5 billion in debt.
19 julyAustralian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announces a plan to help settle Papua New Guinea asylum seekers who come to Australia by boat.
19 julyA Pontifical Commission is established by Pope Francise to investigate current accounting practices and implement new strategies for greater fiscal transparency and fiscal responsibility among all Vatican offices.
20 julyA training exercise emergency causes two U.S. marine harrier jets to drop several hundred unarmed bombs on the Great Barrier Reef, a World Heritage site.
21 julyIn Scotland, the 2013 Open Championship is won by American golfer Phil Mickelson.
21 julyBritish cyclist Chris Froome wins his first time competing in the 2013 Tour de France.
22 julyScientific studies reveal that dolphins have unique names for one another, much like humans do.
22 julyCatherine, Duchess of Cambridge, gives birth to a son, the third in line to the British throne; the child, named George Alexander Louis, is formally known as His Royal Highness Prince of Cambridge.
23 julyThe entire government of South Sudan, including its Vice President, Riek Machar, is fired by the President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit.
23 julyHercules 264, a Gulf of Mexico natural gas drilling rig, partially collapses off the coast of Louisiana; the rig remains standing but sustained extensive damage to the derrick package as a result of a continuing fire.
24 julyThe scientific theory of supersymmetry is challenged after experiments with the Large Hadron Collider yield an incredibly rare particle decay event.
24 julyNSA whistleblower Edward Snowden remains in Moscow, Russia; he is stranded at Russia's Sheremetyevo International Airport.
25 julyScientists in Britain identify the mechanism causing human allergy to cats; they believe a general cure for the condition could be available in the next five years.
25 julyIn the midst of an increasing industrial slowdown, China institutes business tax breaks and export liberalization in an effort to boost its economic growth.
26 julyA Boeing 787 Dreamliner is grounded by Qatar Airways; a minor technical issue is reported, increasing pressure on Boeing to address possible electrical problems with its lastest new jet.
27 julyVoters go to the polls for a general election in Kuwait. Shiite candidates have lost the half of the parliamentary seats.
28 julyWife of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Teresa Heinz Kerry was discharged from the hospital after suffering a seizer. She was there in the hospital nearly three weeks ago The 74 year’s old lady is expected to make a full recovery.
29 julyA theft nearly 103 million Euros in diamonds and other jewels were made from the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel diamond show in Cannes, France. This is one of the largest jewelry thefts in current years.
29 julyAn Associated Press survey has suggested for signs of deteriorating economic security. It has stated that four out of five U.S. adults are struggling now. They are struggling with joblessness, near-poverty or dependence on welfare for at least parts of their lives.
30 julyIsrael and Palestinian officials agree to recommence negotiations for a peace agreement. It is expected that this talk will bring out the solution of the disputes of both countries.
31 julyReady for Hillary', the super PAC has raised over $1 million since its inception this year. Much of the money has been raised by mega-donors to President Barack Obama.
31 julyU.S. Republicans unveil A series of bills designed to prevent government abuse has been unveiled by U.S. Republicans. It also includes the 'STOP IRS Act'. This would allow IRS employees to be fired when they take actions for political purposes.
02 augustHealthcare company Johnson and Johnson was charged for $85,000 in China after being accused of upsetting anti-monopoly laws in the country. Part of the blame included worries that they were setting a minimum rate for medical instruments being traded.
04 augustThe United States shuts down 22 embassies in the Middle East and North Africa due to the knowledge acquired about an Al-Qaeda attack.
05 augustUS military helicopter crashed at a US Marine Camp Hansen. This point is located in Japan's southernmost area of Okinawa and led to the death of 4 people and injured 3 others.
07 augustA missile has been launched by the Syrian army on the southern Damascus region of Yarmouk, which is mainly occupied by Palestinian refugees.
09 augustThe United States removes diplomats from its consulate in the Pakistani city of Lahore because of terrorist threats.
10 augustThe 2013 World Championships in Athletics begin in Moscow.
12 augustIndia launches its first aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant.
13 augustIsraeli-Palestinian peace talks begin surrounding the controversy over the Israeli settlement expansion and the freedom of 26 Palestinians accused of murdering Israelis.
14 augustEgypt announces a state of emergency as security forces kill hundreds of protesters endorsing the former president Mohamed Morsi.
15 augustHundreds of Palestinians are lost by Egypt's 'indefinite' closure of Rafah border crossing with Gaza Strip.
16 augustThe Indian rupee falls below 62.03 rupees against the U.S. dollar, hitting an all time new low.
19 augustThe first same-sex marriage occurs in New Zealand, succeeding the passage of the Marriage Equality Bill in April.
20 augustTurkey’s Prime Minister RecepTayyipErdoğan blames American and Israeli influence of being the ouster of Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi; which are denied by both.
20 augustA radioactive water leak was detected at Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant. The plant has suffered several issues, like meltdowns and fires, since being affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.
21 augustSyrian Civil War-Rockets containing sarin struck the opposition-controlled portions of the Ghouta suburbs of Damascus, resulting in at least 281 deaths.
22 augustNASDAQ electronic stock exchange shuts down for three hours due to a computer issue.
23 augustReal estate developers are blamed because of the damage they have caused to the UNESCO world heritage site of Cyrene, Libya.
26 augustAll 25,000 applicants that applied to the University of Liberia fail their entrance exams.
27 augustThe conflicts between two religious communities commenced at Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India.
29 augustThe head of the Indian Mujahideen (IM), YasinBhatkal, is convicted.
30 augustIn Greenland a canyon over 800km long is discovered up to 800m deep in different places below the ice sheet covering the country; the canyon is longer than Arizona's Grand Canyon; it was carved out by a river over four million years ago.
31 augustIn Shanghai, a chemical leak killed 15 people and wounded at least 26. The leakage was of liquid ammonia, which happened in a cold storage unit owned by a seafood company.
01 septemberControversial ‘god man’ Asaram Bapu is arrested on a charge of rape filed by a teenager in the northwest of the country.
02 septemberSwimmer Diana Nyadset a record by becoming the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida, without using a shark cage.
03 septemberMicrosoft Corporation acquires Nokia's mobile phone division for $7.2 billion.
05 septemberMicrosoft Corporation has won a much observed lawsuit, after a federal judge found that Motorola had breached its patent licensing agreements with the former.
06 septemberThe sighting of a Central rock rat has been confirmed by Australia. This creature has not been spotted since year 1960 and is found only in Australia.
07 septemberA major operation conducted by the Egyptian army against Islamist militants in North Sinai kills approximately 30 people.
08 septemberAsif Ali Zardari’s five year term as the President of Pakistan comes to an end in which he will be replaced by Mamnoon Hussai.
09 september‘The Ophel Treasure’ which is supposedly 1400 years old, has been found near the foot of the Temple Mount which is situated in the City of Jerusalem.
10 septemberApple reveals the iPhone 5c and 5s.
11 septemberThousands of Catalans come together in a human chain for the independence of Catalonia.
12 septemberNASA's Voyager 1 space probe makes history by advancing past the solar system - becoming the first man-made object to reach interstellar space.
13 septemberA World War II shell explodes in the Finnish town of Kemi in Lapland, killing one person and causing the evacuation of hundreds of residents.
14 septemberJapan launches the 'affordable' Epsilon space rocket. The Epsilon rocket is about half the size of Japan's previous rockets and is also half the cost to produce.
15 septemberJapan switches off its last working nuclear reactor for a scheduled inspection with no restart in sight.
17 septemberThe videogame company Rockstar Games released its fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series, Grand Theft Auto V. The game earned 800 million U.S. Dollars on the day of its launch.
18 septemberApple announces iOS 7; the seventh version of the company's mobile operating system. It comprises note worthy user interface changes and up gradations.
20 septemberThe US Obama administration and the EPA propose that new coal plants will be at least about 40% cleaner than current coal plants to reduce harmful emissions into the environment.
21 septemberTyphoon Usagi hits the northern Philippines resulting in severe flooding and landslides. This is disrupting transport, communications and power supplies.
21 septemberUnidentified gunmen began a three-day attack on the upmarketWestgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, resulting in the deaths of 67people with at least another 175 wounded.
22 septemberTwo suicide bombers attack a church in the Pakistani city of Peshawar. They killed at least 78 people.
23 septemberAn Egyptian court bans all Muslim Brotherhood activities nationwide. All Brotherhood assets will be confiscated according to the new court ruling.
24 septemberIn Bangladesh, workers seeking higher pay go on strike. This resulted in stoppage of work in many factories while hundreds of garment factories shut down entirely.
25 septemberThe death toll from a 7.7-magnitude earthquake that struck Balochistan, Pakistan, on September 24 rises to at least 328.
26 septemberAn agreement is made between the U.S. and Russia to draw up a UN Security Council resolution to eliminate chemical weapons in Syria.
27 septemberA ship capsizes off the island of Java. It was carrying refugees from Indonesia to Australia. Thirty people are missing while 22 bodies have been recovered, with 31 survivors rescued.
28 septemberA 6.8-magnitude earthquake strikes the Pakistani province of Balochistan. This was a major aftershock that took place four days after a 7.7-magnitude earthquake killed at least 515 people in the same region.
29 septemberRajkot, Gujarat, India experiences extremely heavy rains that cause damage estimated at over 100 crore rupees.
30 septemberPharmaceutical giant Glaxosmithkline agrees to sell its thrombosis drug brands to Aspen Pharmacare.
01 octoberA Buddhist crowd incinerates more than 70 Muslim homes and also stabs a 94 year-old woman to death in Rakhine State, Myanmar.
02 octoberLaw enforcement in the U.S. leads to the shutdown of the "Silk Road," which was an internet market for various illicit doings including the illegal drug trade. Its alleged principal, Ross Ulbricht, has also been arrested.
03 octoberAdobe discloses that 2.9 million customers' data was filched in a security violation, which also comprised of credit card information.
03 octoberA boat carrying migrants from Libya to Italy sank off the Italian island of Lampedusa, with a second boat sinking eight days later.
04 octoberThe Cabinet of India's agreement of the split of the state of Andhra Pradesh causes objections and assaults in the Seemandhra region due to the ongoing Samaikyandhra Movement.
06 octoberAfter finishing rescue operations for survivors of the 2013 Lampedusa migrant shipwreck, it is determined that 360 people died.
07 octoberTyphoon Fitow makes arrival in the Chinese province of Fujian, which led to the death of 2 people.
08 octoberHeavy floods in the Philippines city of Zamboanga leads to thousands of families being displaced and schools and most government offices being closed.
09 octoberJuno flies by Earth on its way to orbit Jupiter, but suffers a glitch during the fly-by that puts it in safe mode.
10 octoberThe astronaut of Mercury 7, Scott Carpenter, who was also the 2nd American to orbit the earth passed away at the age of 88 after facing complications from a stroke.
11 octoberNearly 500,000 people been evacuated from India's Odisha and Andhra Pradesh states in preparation for Cyclone Phailin.
12 octoberTwo million people face loss of power and five people are killed when Typhoon Narihits the Philippines.
16 octoberA portion of the Chelyabinsk meteor has been recovered by divers in Russia weighing around 1,255lb, which is one of the hugest meteorite fragments found to date.
17 octoberLithuania, Saudi Arabia, Chad, Chile and Nigeria, have been elected by the UN Security Council for a two-year term, which begins on January 1, 2014.
18 octoberSaudi Arabia has stated that it will decline the seat after being elected to the UN Security Council because the UN was unsuccessful at ending the Ghouta chemical attack.
20 octoberToyota Motor Corporation calls back 885,000 of its vehicles to deal with the problem of airbag deployment which is caused by the issues in their electrical system.
21 octoberThe state of New Jersey has allowed same-sex-marriages, becoming the 14th state in the U.S. to do so.
22 octoberThe Marriage Equality (Same Sex) Act 2013 made the AustralianCapital Territory the nation's first jurisdiction to legalise same-sexmarriage, although the High Court struck the act down two months later.
23 octoberChina and India have decided to come together to sign a border defense agreement in order to promote bilateral relations.
30 octoberTurkey opens a sea tunnel that links Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul.
31 octoberThe Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons declares that Syria has destroyed 21 of 23 known chemical weapons facilities, and now must destroy the chemical weapons themselves.
02 novemberTwo planes with nine skydivers crash into each other mid air in Wisconsin. However, the skydivers survived with the help of their parachutes and the pilots got away only with minor injuries.
03 novemberA rare solar eclipse is observed across Africa, Europe and the Eastern United States.
04 novemberFocus, a German magazine has reported the discovery of Nazi stolen art in 2012, which is valued at around €1 billion, in Munich. This includes lost works by Picasso and Matisse.
06 novemberA suicide bomber explodes a bomb in an oil tanker in Baghdad, Iraq. This leads to the death of 15 people.
07 novemberVoters in Falkland Island head to the ballot box to exercise their franchise and elect their Legislative Assembly representatives.
08 novemberTyphoon Haiyan made landfall in the Visayas region of the Philippines, killing at least 6,300 people, making it the deadliestPhilippine typhoon recorded in modern history.
09 novemberUSS Gerald R. Ford - the $15.5 billion aircraft, was inaugurated by the United States Navy. It is the most technologically advanced ship of the world.
10 novemberIn motor sports, Marc Márquez of Spain achieves the title of being youngest motorcyclist to attain victory in the 2013 MotoGP World Championship at the age of 20.
11 novemberPhilippines is being provided with international aid to help them effectively deal with the damage caused by Typhoon Haiyan.
12 novemberThe plans to better the technical functioning of the stock markets have been mutually declared by the U.S stock exchanges. This decision was arrived at after the recent high profile anomalies such as the trading halt in Nasdaq, which took place in August.
13 novemberScientists in Tibet have discovered the oldest big cat fossil known to mankind.
14 novemberBenigno Aquino III, the President of Philippines is critiqued by survivors, aid agencies, and international and local media for his incompetent response to the calamity.
18 novemberNASA has successfully launched, MAVENits space probe on a mission to examine the atmosphere on Mars.
19 novemberA group associated with Al Qaeda, known as the Abdullah Azzam Brigades has taken full responsibility of the attacks.
20 novemberA Taliban suicide bomber murders two army soldiers in the North Waziristan district, Pakistan.
21 novemberAccording to officials of Pakistan, American drone attack on an Islamic seminary led to the death of 6 people, including two Afghan Taliban leaders and a leader of the Haqqani network.
22 novemberCyclone Helen strikes the state of Andhra Pradesh in India killing at least six people and causing a power cut in thousands of villages.
23 novemberSyrian government air strikes around the northern Syrian city of Aleppo kill 40 people.
28 novemberChina's first lunar vehicle is named 'YuTu' (Chinese: "玉兔", a pet rabbit of Moon goddess in Chinese myth see Jade rabbit) and is planned to launch from Xichang Satellite Launch Center before December 10, 2013.
29 novemberAn unknown number are dead as a result of a police helicopter that crashed into a crowded pub on the north bank of the River Clyde in Glasgow, Scotland.
30 novemberThe wreckage of LAM Mozambique Airlines Flight 470 that went missing Friday is found in Namibia in the Bwabwata National Park with all 33 people on board having died.
01 decemberCroatian electorates go to the ballots for a vote on a proposal to forbid same-sex marriage with 65 per cent voting yes.
02 decemberDiscussions concerning the nuclear program of Iran took place between Pope F2rancis and the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu at the Vatican.
03 decemberResearchers in New York at Albert Einstein College of Medicine have discovered that a revised form of the leukemia treatment, radio immunotherapy can destroy latent HIV cells, perhaps providing a cure for it.
07 decemberThe World Trade Organization meeting in Bali, Indonesia, ends with a pact to simplify trade agreements and make it simpler for poorer states to trade their goods as part of the Bali Package.
08 decemberAfter a fatal car accident in the Little India region of Singapore, angry mobs of passersby attacked the bus involved andemergency vehicles, the first riot in the country in over 40 years.
09 decemberAfter some protesters collapse a statue of Vladimir Lenin, they receive a letter of support from the, former Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko.
13 decemberIn spite of protests from groups such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation Google removes a privacy feature from its Android mobile software.
14 decemberChina's mission carrying Yutu, China's first lunar rover, lands on the Moon. It is the first "soft" landing on the Moon since 1976 and the third ever robotic rover.
15 decemberChilean voters elect President Michelle Bachelet in the country's presidential election; Bachelet served as the first female Chilean president in 2006.
15 decemberJoan Fontaine, a British and American actress and sister of Olivia de Havilland, dies at the age of 96; Fontaine is famous for roles in Alfred Hitchcock thrillers Suspicion and Rebecca.
15 decemberThe robot manufacturer Boston Dynamics is purchased by Google for an undisclosed amount; previously contracted by the U.S. military.
15 decemberAfter years of receding, scientists report that the Arctic sea ice has rebounded in extent and volume.
16 decemberThe robot manufacturer Boston Dynamics is purchased by Google for an undisclosed amount; previously contracted by the U.S. military.
16 decemberAfter years of receding, scientists report that the Arctic sea ice has rebounded in extent and volume.
17 decemberIt is announced that Linda Ronstadt, Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates, Nirvana, KISS and Cat Stevens will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.
17 decemberThe Istanbul Security Directory detained 47 people, most of them members of the ruling Justice and Development Party, on charges of corruption.
18 decemberIn the U.S., two winners are believed to have won the Mega Millions lottery; they will share a jackpot of $636 million.
19 decemberA data breach at Target Corporation caused the security of 40 million credit and debit cards used at Target stores to be compromised.
20 decemberBolivia's Tupac Katari is successfully launched from China's Xichang Satellite Launch Center.
20 decemberBritain agrees to help Syria destroy over 165 tons of chemical weapons; the stockpile includes substances that could be used to make highly toxic nerve agents.
21 decemberA series of spacewalks are made by two NASA astronauts in an effort to fix the faulty coolant pump on the International Space Station.
21 decemberAuthor J.K. Rowling announces she is producing a play based on the life of her character Harry Potter; the play tells the previously untold story of life before the boy wizard goes to Hogwarts; the play will premiere in London's West End within the next two years.
22 decemberA security news site reports that the credit and debit card account stolen from 40 million Target Corporation customers are up for sale on the black market; cards are being sold from around $20 to more than $100 each.
22 decemberPresident Barack Obama and the First Family begin their 17-day Hawaiian vacation; this is the sixth year in a row the Obama's have visited family and friends on the island of Oahu for Christmas and New Year's.
23 decemberMikhail Kalashnikov, the designer of the AK-47 assault rifle bearing his name, dies at his home in the city of Izhevsk at the age of 94.
24 decemberTo avoid Obamacare penalties, today is the last day consumers in the U.S. can sign up for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
24 decemberBefore celebrating Christmas Mass at Pope Francis pays a visit to Pope Benedict XVI at his retirement home.
25 decemberPope Francis gives his Urbi et Orbi speech (to the City of Rome and to the World), a papal address, and Apostolic Blessing dating back to Ancient Rome; the Pope calls for peace in Syria and South Sudan.
25 decemberThe Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is re-designated as a terrorist organization as part of a measure by the Egyptian government to stop terrorists, and anyone financing the bombings and other terrorist acts that have occurred in their country.
26 decemberShinzo Abe the Prime Minister of Japan visits the Yasukuni Shrine located in Chiyoda, Tokyo; the shrine commemorates those who died while in the service of the Empire of Japan during the Meiji Restoration, which stored imperial rule to Japan in 1868.
26 decemberA winter storm earlier in the week leaves thousands without power in Southern Ontario, Maine, Michigan, and Vermont; below-freezing temperatures send money to shelter for warmth.
27 decemberAn error on the Delta Air Lines website allows thousands of customers to buy tickets for super-low fares, some 90% below regular ticket prices; Delta takes responsibility for the error and will honor ticket purchases as well as frequent flier miles earned on the reduced-fare flights.
27 decemberThe U.S. State of California is experiencing the driest year on record, and rain is not expected in the near future; San Francisco is having the driest year ever since the Gold Rush began in 1849.
28 decemberAs long-term federal unemployment benefits expire, leaving 1.3 million unemployed Americans without aid, lawmakers discuss bipartisan legislation to extend unemployment benefits.
28 decemberA 5.8-magnitude earthquake strikes 50 miles south-southwest of Avsallar, Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea.
29 decemberRussia's Defense Ministry reports the Soyuz-2-1v Russian rocket was successfully launched.
29 decemberAdministrative officials claim that over 1.1 million Americans are now enrolled in Obamacare.
30 decemberSaudi Arabia's government agrees to give Lebanon $3 billion to strengthen Lebanon's army and purchase weapons from France.
30 decemberIn the U.S., 2.5 million minimum wage workers will get a raise on January 1st in thirteen states including Colorado, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.
31 decemberBreaking with the long-standing tradition among Russian heads of state, President Vladimir Putin delivered two New Year's speeches rather than one; he made his second stress from Khabarovsk, a city that experienced devastating floods this summer.
31 decemberThe famous final New Year's Eve countdown in Times Square will be lead by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor; she will have the honor of pushing the ceremonial countdown button to start the descent of the Times Square New Year's Eve ball.
03 MayAbout 160 million years old dinosaur fossils found in China's Shandong Province. These fossils are more than 130 years old. These fossils are the remains of bone and eggs found in an excavation near Jingenko village.
14 MayBrazil became the 15th country to recognize gay marriage.
17 MayIndian boxers won all six gold medals of the Commonwealth Boxing Championship.
24 MayRafael Correa sworn in Ecuador's presidency for the third time.
25 May80-year-old Yuishiro Miura from Japan became the world's oldest person to climb Mount Everest.
26 MayMumbai Indians defeated Chennai Super Kings to clinch the IPL Twenty20 title.
03 June119 people died in a fire at a chicken farm in Jilin province in northeastern China.
05 JuneNawaz Sharif became the Prime Minister of Pakistan.
07 JuneIn a fire in a bus in Xiamen, China, 42 people died and 30 people were injured.
18 JuneTwo suicide attacks in Iraq's capital Baghdad killed 31 people and injured 60.
21 JuneA large number of people died in a bomb blast in a mosque in Peshawar, Pakistan.
29 JuneCalifornia lifts ban on gay marriage.
01 JulyDiscovered Neptune's Moon S / 2004 N1.
03 JulyThe Egyptian army overthrew President Muhammad Mursi.
05 JulyA bomb attack on a mosque in Iraq's capital Baghdad killed 15 people.
06 JulyIn Nigeria, terrorists attacked the school and killed 42 people.
07 JulyAndy Murray became the first England player to capture the title since 1936, defeating Novak Djokovic in the final of the Wimbledon tennis tournament.
10 JulyLandslides in China’s Sichuan province killed 40 people.
12 JulyEminent hero, villain and character actor Pran of Hindi films passed away.
21 JulyKing Albert II of Belgium left the throne to crown his son Philip.
22 JulyThe earthquake in China's Gansu province killed 89 people.
26 JulyA bomb blast occurred in Pakistan's Parachinar, killing 57.
29 July10.3 million euros of diamonds were stolen from a French hotel in Cannes.
24 SeptemberA 7.7-magnitude earthquake in Pakistan's Balochistan killed 515 people.
03 OctoberNearly 134 people died after a boat capsized near the Italian island of Latpedusa.
13 OctoberA stampede in Datia district of Madhya Pradesh killed 109 people.
15 OctoberA magnitude 7.2 earthquake in the Philippines killed more than 215 people.
16 OctoberThe crash of a Lao Airlines plane killed 49 people shortly before landing at Pakse International Airport in the South East Asian country of Laos.
21 OctoberThe Parliament of Canada granted Malala Yousafzai citizenship to Canada.
24 OctoberRenowned playback singer Manna Dey of Hindi and Bengali films in Indian cinema world passed away. In 2005, the Government of India honored him with the Padma Bhushan in the field of art.
25 OctoberIn Nigeria, the army killed 74 militants of the terrorist organization Boko Haram.
30 October44 people died in a bus fire in Mahbubnagar in Telangana.
06 NovemberA suicide blast in Damascus, Syria, killed 8 and injured 50.
08 November6000 people died in the devastating cyclonic storm in Henan province of the Philippines.
10 NovemberFamous Rajasthani litterateur Vijayadan Detha died.
11 November100 people died after being hit by a severe cyclonic storm in Puntland region of Somalia.
16 NovemberA gunman shot and killed 12 people in a naval camp in Washington.
18 NovemberUS space agency NASA sent Maven orbit to Mars.
19 November23 people killed, 160 others injured in a double suicide bombing near the Iranian embassy in Lebanon's capital, Beirut.
08 AugustA suicide attack in Quetta, Pakistan, killed 28 people.
11 August22 people died in floods in Pakistan's Kabul.
14 August638 people died in violent clashes between police and protesters in Egypt.
20 AugustNine militants were killed in Russian police action in the North Caucasus.
21 August37 people were killed and 16 injured in a bus accident near the Chin Swe Temple in Malaysia.
23 AugustThe attack on the mosque in Tripoli, Lebanon killed 50 people.
28 AugustA three-storey building collapsed in Vadodara city of Gujarat killing 11 people.
30 AugustIndia's first defense satellite GSAT-7 was launched from French Guiana in South America.
05 DecemberNelson Mandela, the former President of South Africa and Bharat Ratna, who campaigned against apartheid, died.
09 DecemberSeven killed and 63 injured in a train accident near Bintaro in Indonesia.
10 DecemberUruguay became the first country to legalize the development, sale and use of drug marijuana.
16 December18 people died and 20 others were injured when a bus overturned in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.
27 DecemberVeteran actor and prolific actor Farooq Sheikh of Hindi film industry passed away.
28 DecemberThe Aam Aadmi Party formed the government in Delhi with the support of the Congress.
01 JanuaryA stampede in Luanda, Angola left 10 dead and 120 injured.
03 JanuaryA suicide bombing in the Musayyib region of Iraq killed 27 people of the Shia community and injured 60.
10 JanuarySeveral bomb blasts in Pakistan killed 100 people and injured 270 people.
15 JanuaryA rocket attack at Syria's Aleppo University killed 83 people and injured 150.
16 January24 people died in the bomb blasts in Idlib, Syria.
17 JanuaryA series of bomb blasts in Iraq left 33 dead.
19 JanuaryFour climbers killed in avalanche in Glen Coe, Scotland.
27 JanuarySeven people died and 630 people were injured during protests in Egypt.
30 JanuarySouth Korea launched its first carrier rocket Narrow-1.
31 JanuaryAbout 300 people were injured in a train accident in Pretoria in South Africa.
11 FebruaryAn explosion in the Komi region of Russia killed 18 mine workers.
12 FebruaryNorth Korea conducted a third underground nuclear test.
16 February84 people were killed and 190 injured in a bomb blast at a market in Hazara town of Pakistan.
21 FebruaryThe serial blasts in Hyderabad, India, killed 17 people and injured 119.
24 FebruaryRaul Castro was elected President of Cuba for a second term.
27 February20 people died in a fire in a market in Kolkata, West Bengal.
28 FebruaryThe Aam Aadmi Party formed the government in Delhi with the support of the Congress.
01 MarchThe clash between the Malaysian government and the rebels left 14 dead.
03 MarchThe United Nations declared March 3 as World Wildlife Day.
04 MarchAn attack in Iraq killed 40 Syrian soldiers.
06 MarchThe Syrian rebels captured the major city of Er-Raqqa.
16 March24 soldiers died due to bus accident in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
17 MarchTen people died in a suicide car attack in Basra, Iraq.
19 March27 people died in a bus accident in Maharashtra.
24 March17 soldiers were killed in a suicide attack on a military post in Pakistan's North Waziristan.
28 MarchHistory's biggest attack on the Internet. Internet speed slowed worldwide.
02 April13 children were burnt to death in a fiery fire inside a mosque in Burma's Yangon city.
03 AprilMore than 50 people died in the severe floods in Argentina.
04 AprilIn Thane in the Indian state of Maharashtra, 74 people were killed when an illegally constructed building collapsed.
06 AprilDuring the election campaign in Bakuba, Iraq, 22 people were killed and 60 others were injured in a suicide bombing.
08 AprilBritish Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher passed away.
09 AprilThe French Senate approved a gay marriage bill.
12 AprilThe Senate of France recognized gay marriage.
13 April8 people killed in a bus explosion in Peshawar, Pakistan.
14 April20 died in a terrorist attack in Mogadishu, Somalia.
15 AprilNicolas Maduro became the President of Venezuela.
16 April37 killed by earthquake in Iran.
18 April27 killed, 65 injured in bomb blasts in Iraq's capital Baghdad.
21 AprilShakuntala Devi, who beat the machine, died in the juggernaut of Akkond.
23 AprilWest Indies explosive batsman Chris Gayle hit the fastest century in cricket history in just 30 balls. He scored this century in IPL 2013 against Pune playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore team.
24 AprilA building collapsed in Savar Upanzila, Bangladesh, killing 256 people and injuring more than 1000.
25 AprilBritain reopened its embassy in Somalia after a lapse of 22 rains.
26 AprilA Taliban attack on a bus in southern Afghanistan killed 30 people.
30 AprilQueen Beatrix of the Netherlands stepped down and William Alexander became King of the Netherlands.
04 January9 people were killed in a car bomb blast in Damascus Syria.
08 FebruaryBombings in Iraq killed 29 people and injured 69.
03 March45 people died in a bomb blast in Karachi, Pakistan.
09 AprilThe French Senate approved a bill for gay marriage.
04 May5 US soldiers were killed in a bomb blast in Kandahar, Afghanistan.
05 June44 people were killed by a lightning storm in the Indian state of Bihar.
01 JulyCroatia became the 28th member of the European Union.
03 August80 people died in a rebellion in Iraq.
03 SeptemberMicrosoft bought Nokia for 7.2 billion.
03 October13 people died in a passenger plane crash in Lagos, Nigeria.
05 NovemberBill de Blasio was elected mayor of New York City.
17 DecemberAngela Merkel was elected to the post of Chancellor of Germany for the third time.

Important Historical Events of the Year 2013 in India ⚡

25 mayNaxalite insurgents of the Communist Party of India (Maoist)attacked a convoy of Indian National Congress leaders in the state ofChhattisgarh, causing at least 27 deaths.
03 juneSoftware engineer Atul Chitnis, known as India's "open source guru", dies at age 50. Atul Chitnis (20 February 1962 – 3 June 2013) was an Indian consulting technologist. He was one of the organizers of FOSS.IN (formerly Linux Bangalore) which was one of Asia's free and open source software (FOSS) conferences.
06 julyThe nathu-la pass between China and India reopened after 44 years. This pass was sealed because of Indo-China war in 1962. This war was a border conflict which resulted in Chinese victory. The pass was reopened after 44 years for trading purpose.
16 julyAt least 23 students died and dozens more fell ill at a primaryschool in the village of Dharmashati Gandaman in the Saran district ofthe Indian state of Bihar after eating a Midday Meal contaminated withpesticide.
12 augustIndia launches its first aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant.
16 augustThe Indian rupee falls below 62.03 rupees against the U.S. dollar, hitting an all time new low.
27 augustThe conflicts between two religious communities commenced at Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India.
29 augustThe head of the Indian Mujahideen (IM), YasinBhatkal, is convicted.
29 septemberRajkot, Gujarat, India experiences extremely heavy rains that cause damage estimated at over 100 crore rupees.
04 octoberThe Cabinet of India's agreement of the split of the state of Andhra Pradesh causes objections and assaults in the Seemandhra region due to the ongoing Samaikyandhra Movement.
11 octoberNearly 500,000 people been evacuated from India's Odisha and Andhra Pradesh states in preparation for Cyclone Phailin.
23 octoberChina and India have decided to come together to sign a border defense agreement in order to promote bilateral relations.
22 novemberCyclone Helen strikes the state of Andhra Pradesh in India killing at least six people and causing a power cut in thousands of villages.
08 decemberAfter a fatal car accident in the Little India region of Singapore, angry mobs of passersby attacked the bus involved andemergency vehicles, the first riot in the country in over 40 years.
17 MayIndian boxers won all six gold medals of the Commonwealth Boxing Championship.
26 MayMumbai Indians defeated Chennai Super Kings to clinch the IPL Twenty20 title.
24 OctoberRenowned playback singer Manna Dey of Hindi and Bengali films in Indian cinema world passed away. In 2005, the Government of India honored him with the Padma Bhushan in the field of art.
30 AugustIndia's first defense satellite GSAT-7 was launched from French Guiana in South America.
21 FebruaryThe serial blasts in Hyderabad, India, killed 17 people and injured 119.
04 AprilIn Thane in the Indian state of Maharashtra, 74 people were killed when an illegally constructed building collapsed.
05 June44 people were killed by a lightning storm in the Indian state of Bihar.
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