The year 2011 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 2011 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 2011 in World ⚡

01 May
25 MayAmerica's famous Oprah Vifrey show closed after 25 years. The anchor of this hit American show was Oprah Wifrey.
09 JuneThe world's first prosthesis was implanted in the shortest time. In this, the windpipe was replaced.
07 JulyHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the final film of the Harry Potter series, premiered in London.
09 JulyThe Sudan of Africa split into two. The southern part became the Republic of South Sudan.
13 JulyThe country's financial capital, Mumbai, was rocked by triple blasts. The blasts took place at Jhaveri Bazaar, Opera House and Dadar in Mumbai.
17 SeptemberThe introduction of the Wall Street enclosure movement in Zuccotti Park, New York.
05 OctoberApple co-founder Steve Jobs died at the age of 56 due to pancreas cancer.
07 OctoberThe Nobel Prize in Peace was announced to Libyan President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, women rights activist Leimeh Jiboi and Tawakul Karaman of Yemen.
20 OctoberMohammed Gaddafi, the dictator who ruled Libya for 40 years, was killed in civil war.
23 OctoberA 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck in Turkey's Wan province. In which 582 people died and thousands were injured.
03 NovemberPakistan's three cricketers Salman Batt, Mo, Asif and Mo. Amer was jailed for three years for spot-fixing during the Loders Test a year ago.
05 AugustJuno, the first solar powered spacecraft to go to Jupiter from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, was launched.
14 AugustFamous actor Shammi Kapoor of Hindi film industry passed away.
23 AugustScientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences discovered the origin of the Brahmaputra and Indus rivers and completed a comprehensive satellite study of the length of their route.
25 AugustThe Sri Lankan government withdrew the declared emergency in the country after 30 years of fighting with the LTTE.
03 DecemberFilm actor Dev Anand passed away.
11 DecemberThe famous sitar player Pandit Ravi Shankar, who was awarded the Bharat Ratna and Padmavibhushan, passed away.
21 DecemberNoted nuclear physicist P.K. Iyengar died.
22 DecemberNoted nuclear physicist P.K. Iyengar died.
24 DecemberThe Cuban government announced the release of 2900 prisoners.
09 JanuaryFlight number 277 of Iran Air crashed in which 77 people died.
14 JanuaryAfter mass protests and revolution, Tunisia's President Zayn al-Abidin bin Ali fled the country to Saudi Arabia.
24 JanuaryThe bombing of Moscow's Donodidovo airport killed 35 people and injured 180.
11 FebruaryPresident Hosni Mubarak resigned in the wake of the Egyptian Revolution.
22 FebruaryAn earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale killed 181 people in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand.
11 MarchThe earthquake and tsunami in Japan killed thousands and caused the Fukushima nuclear plant accident.
12 MarchOne of the nuclear disasters occurred in Fukushima, Japan.
25 MarchThe Coinage Bill 2011 provided for imprisonment for seven years for tearing a note or melting a coin.
01 AprilThe September 2001 attack on the US confirmed the death of mastermind Asama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan.
19 AprilFormer Cuban President Fidel Castro resigned after remaining in the Communist Party of Cuba's Central Committee for 45 years.
27 AprilUS President Barack Obama publicly released a copy of the birth certificate after the controversy over his birth.
29 AprilThe British prince Prince William and Kate Middleton were married.
24 JanuaryA bomb blast at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow killed 35 and injured 170 people.
15 FebruaryProtests in Libya opposed the rule of Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi.
22 MarchLawrence Taylor was convicted of sexual misconduct and banned for six years of play.
11 AprilThe Minsk metro bombings of Belarus killed at least 15 and injured 200 people.
16 MayThe Space Shuttle Endeavor launched a final commission ICT from space.
26 JuneThe 57th LPGA Championship ie Tseng won.
03 July118th Wimbledon Women's Tennis: Petra Quitova defeated Maria Sharapova 6-3 6-4).
16 AugustWorld Youth Day 2011: Commenced in Madrid by the Catholic Church.
03 September13th World Championship in Athletics: Usain Bolt won the 200 meter race.
01 OctoberMartin Dempsey was appointed United Command of America by President Obama.
27 NovemberWDC won 62nd Formula One: Sebastian Vettel by 122 points.
18 DecemberUS troops were removed from Iraq, formally ending the Iraq War.
01 JanuaryDilma Rousseff swears in as the president of Brazil. She is the country's first female president.
01 JanuaryA bomb exploded at a Coptic Christian church in Alexandria, Egypt, killing 23 people.
02 JanuarySpain enacted strict anti-smoking laws for it's citizens and foreigners.
04 JanuaryMitt Romney, the US presidential candidate wins the 2012 IOWA cancus. He won by 8 votes over Rick Samporum.
04 JanuaryThe president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is hospitalized for surgery for Thyroid Cancer. Amado Boudou, vice-president assumes temporary president of the country.
05 JanuaryThe 112th US congress has been convened. John Boehner of Ohio who is the representative of Republican Party will assume his new position as speaker of the house.
05 JanuaryAccording to Clarence House, Prince William and his bride-to-be Kate Middleton, will be married by the Archbishop of Canterbury.
06 JanuaryChina placed new controls on text messages on mobile phones containing references to democracy, human rights and corruption.
07 JanuaryThe International association football tournament the AFC Asian Cup, Officially opens in Qatar.
07 JanuaryIn Tunisia, the youth protested for several days over political grievances and social problems which include the job market and purchase power.
08 JanuaryThe Chinese prosecutors claimed that over 600 people are killed in Yunnan over a seven years period from official misconduct.
08 JanuaryIn Tucson, Arizona, US, Jared Lee Loughner opened fire on an outdoor public meeting, killing six people and injuring twelve others.
09 JanuaryThe Algerian government cuts food prices and commits to punish those responsible for the riots recently happened in the country. This is an effort made by the country to suppress riots.
10 JanuaryPope Benedict XVI urges Pakistan to repeal its law. The law states that those who insulted Prophet Muhammad will receive death penalty.
10 JanuaryBurma's new Parliament is to begin on 31st January.
12 JanuaryWorld Health Organisation launched a plan to prevent the spread of artemisinin-resistant malaria and to create awareness about it.
14 JanuaryThe Taliban drop their ban on education for females in Afghanistan due to a cultural change.
15 JanuaryDue to enormous flood in Australia 13,000 properties in rural Victoria was destroyed.
16 JanuaryLibya's Muammar al-Gaddafi is less than 24 months away from being world's longest-serving leader. He has already remained in power for 41 years.
16 JanuaryThe New York Jets defeat the New England Patriots. It is one of the biggest upsets in NFL history.
17 January1400 members of ruling Communist party of Vietnam gathered to vote for a new leader.
17 JanuaryThousands of passengers of bullet train in northern and central Japan were affected due to a computer glitch and also temporarily halted.
18 JanuaryUS Federal Communications Commission approved a$28 billion merger between comcast and NBC Universal.
18 JanuaryJoe Lieberman an independent U.S. senator announces that he will not seek re-election in 2012 from Connecticut.
19 JanuaryThe political prisoners of Tunisia are freed.
19 JanuarySomalia pirates seized the Mongolian bulk carrier sailing off the coast of Oman.
20 JanuaryScientists have claimed that 2010 was the warmest ever recorded in 200 years.
21 JanuaryIn a referendum based on official figures, it has been found that about 99% of Sudanese voted for independence from the north.
21 JanuaryTunisians take part in a demonstration. They urge the interim government to step down.
21 JanuaryA protest in Tirana to protest the alleged corruption of the Albanian government, led to the killings of three demonstrators by the Republican Guard.
22 JanuaryThe H-II Transfer Vehicle HTV-2 Resupply Craft has been launched by the Japanese. It is in a mission to deliver cargo to the International Space Station.
23 JanuaryGoogle awards its outgoing CEO. Eric Schmidt, the outgoing CEO will get $100 million.
24 JanuaryBurma has been criticized for its Human Right Record by the United Nations Human Rights councils.
24 JanuaryA suicide bomber killed at least 37 people at Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow.
25 JanuaryTens of thousands of people participated in a ‘day of revolt' to protest against the government in Egypt.
25 JanuaryAustralia and Japan will play the AFC Asian Cup Final.
25 JanuaryThe first wave of the Egyptian revolution began, eventually leading to the removal of Hosni Mubarak after nearly 30 years of rule.
26 JanuaryDavos, Switzerland hosts the 41st World Economic Forum.
27 JanuaryBurma has been criticized for its Human rights record by the United Nation Human Rights Council.
27 JanuaryArab Spring-The Yemeni Revolution began as over 16,000 protestors demonstrated in Sana'a to demand governmental changes.
28 JanuaryIn 2011 (January 28) President Mubarak asks his government to resign because of the some problem in management.
30 JanuaryOver half a million people participated in the world's largest wildlife survey after extreme cold drives exotic birds into Britain's back garden.
31 JanuaryA new record took place Burma opened its new parliament. The news spread all over the world.
31 JanuaryThe people of Egypt vow to continue demonstrating until President Mubarak regime falls.
01 FebruaryRussia started to search for a missing military satellite that was launched into the wrong orbit.
02 FebruaryIAN Thorpe .an Australian swimmer announces his retirement .he says that he will come out of the retirement to complete in London Olympics in 2012.
03 FebruaryThe UN Food and Agricultural Organisation reported that world food prices have reached a higher record.
04 FebruaryAyatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran, commented that the 2011 Egyptian protests and Tunisian uprising are a result of Islamic awareness.
05 FebruaryThe Protesters continued their 12th day of nationwide protests in Cairo in Tahir square, calling on President Hosni Mubarak to step down.
06 FebruaryEgyptians continued their protests for the 13th day in Tahir Square and dubbed the ‘Day of Martyrs’ is honour of those killed in their fight for freedom.
07 February2,000 potential archaeological sites in Saudi Arabia were identified by an archaeologist in Google maps.
08 FebruaryNorth and South Karen officials met for working level military talks and this was the first Korean dialogue in eight months.
09 FebruaryWiki Leaks cables that Saudi Arabia has exaggerated its crude oil reserves by 40 % which is published by the Guardian.
10 FebruaryAn undersea fibre optic cable has been arrived in Cuba, that link it to Venezuela offered its help to Cuba to speed up its internet commotion when US refused to do so.
11 FebruaryPresident Hosni Mubarak relinquishes power to the head of the Higher Military Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Mohamed Hussein Tantawi.
12 FebruaryNearly about 5,000 of Algerians protested for their regime called for the president. Abdelazia boutefloka to be removed inspired by the 2011 Egyptian Revolution.
13 FebruaryOpposite leaders in Iran plans a nationwide anti-government rally in an attempt to replicate the success of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution.
13 FebruaryLady Antebellum won the Song of the Year and Record of the Year award for the song “Need You Now”, at the 53rd Grammy Awards.
14 FebruaryThe Palestine Authority of Cabinet Members resigned and the Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad selected new administrators at the request of President, Mahmud Abbas.
14 FebruaryAs a part of the Arab Spring, the still ongoing Bahrainiuprising, began with a Day of Rage.
14 FebruaryA 'Day of Rage' marked the beginning of the Bahraini uprising, part of the Arab Spring.
15 FebruaryIn Malaysia, more than 80 million were arrested for celebrating Valentines’ Day by the Islamic Morality police.
16 FebruaryLance Armstrong announces his official retirement from professional cycling.
17 FebruaryBahrain security forces launched a pre-dawn raid on protestersin Pearl Roundabout in Manama, killing four of them.
18 FebruaryVoters of Uganda participate in the Uganda general election. Voters Fesr that the election is rigged so that the 30-year rule of rebel Yourri Museveni.
19 FebruaryOn February 19,2011 the call for a ‘Jasmine Revolution’ in the People’s Republic of China spread online as the authorities hunt down for political activists there.
19 FebruaryItems from the Belitung shipwreck, the biggest single collection of Tang Dynasty artefacts found in one location, were first put on display in Singapore.
20 FebruaryNorth Korea raises concern regarding nuclear testing on February 20,2011 Reports show they have dug tunnels at a nuclear test site located in Punggye-ri, North Hamyong Province.
21 FebruaryAn experimental life-blogging camera was removed from the head of a professor from New York University after his immune system rejected the implant.
22 FebruaryLibyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi appears on television and claims to remain head of the revolution.
22 FebruaryNew Zealand suffered one of its worst peacetime disasters whena 6.5 ML earthquake struck Christchurch.
22 FebruaryBahraini uprising-Tens of thousands of people marched in protest in Manama against the deaths of seven people killed by police and army forces during previous protests.
24 FebruaryYemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh orders the country's security forces to protect protesters.
24 FebruaryIn Libya, Anti-Gaddafi forces claim to have gained control Zuara, a town located west of Tripoli.
25 FebruaryThe Fianna Fáil-led government suffered the worst defeat of asitting Irish government since the formation of the Irish state in 1921.
26 FebruaryCanadian politician Christy Clark, becomes the second woman to be Premier of British Columbia after winning a Liberal party of British Columbia ballot.
27 FebruaryThe resolution 1970 is adopted by UN Security Council, imposes sanctions on the regime of Muammar al- Gaddafi.
28 FebruaryThe last surviving Veteran of the World war I, Franc Buckels died in Charles town, West Virginia at the age of 110.
02 MarchPope Benedict XVI, in his book 'Jesus of Nazareth Part II', excuses the Jewish people for the responsibility of the death of Jesus.
03 MarchA report is released by the United Nations stating world food prices are at the highest in 20 years.
06 MarchSpeaking in Cardiff and Wales, Prime minister of U.K, David Cameron declared a war on “Enemies of Enterprise”.
07 MarchThe most expensive painting ever auctioned in the world named, “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust” made by Pablo Picasso, went to be displayed in London’s Tate gallery.
08 MarchCalifornia authorities investigated about a large number of fish killing at the King Harbor Marino in the Redond Beach, USA.
09 MarchA 7.2 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Honshu in Japan prompts the release of Tsunami alerts for the Japan’s residents.
10 MarchLawmakers successfully pass the vote to remove nearly all collective bargaining from Wisconsin state employees.
10 MarchThe 14th Dalai Lama, head of the Tibetan exile movement, plans to retire within days.
11 MarchAfter the earthquake, Japan’s Fukushima I Nuclear Plant had suffered a radiation leak in which thousands of nearby residents are evacuated.
11 MarchA massive earthquake struck the northeastern coast of Japan and triggered a nuclear disaster at the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.
12 MarchFollowing the Earthquake and Tsunami, Japan deploys 50,000 self defence forces personnel in search and rescue efforts.
13 MarchDue to the fear of nuclear contamination from the power plant, over 200,000 people were evacuated from Japan.
13 MarchJapan estimates over 46,000 structures were damaged in the 9.0 earthquake.
14 MarchThe Tokyo stock exchange falls more than five percent on the first day of trading following the 2011 Sendai earthquake.
15 MarchFlorida Miami Oade Country Mayor, Carlos Alvarey outset for the election. He was accompanied by country commissioners Natacha Seijas. The election was successful as many people participated.
15 MarchArab Spring: Protests erupted across Syria against the authoritarian government.
16 MarchU.S Secretary of state Hillary Clinton gave a terrible statement. That she will retire if President Obama will be re-elected. She said that she won’t serve a 2nd term.
17 MarchLibiya’s military continued fighting for many years and at cart declared that it will stop on Sunday. It was stopped and all over peace was declared.
18 MarchAfter no fly zone was impaired on Libiya, its government announced ceasefire, due to these 25 civilians were attached in Misrata.
19 MarchThe Moon appears 30% brighter and 14% larger at its brightest point. It reaches its closest point to Earth since 1993.
19 MarchThe resignation of the 14th Dalai Lama as head of the Central Tibetan Administration has been rejected by the Tibetan parliament in exile.
19 MarchLibyan Civil War - The French Air Force launches Operation Hartmann, marking the beginning of the foreign military intervention in Libya.
21 MarchTerrorist leader Muammar Gaddafi's compound in Tripoli was targeted with more bombings during the third night of the international intervention in Libya that shook Gaddafi's entire terrorist chain.
21 MarchSurgeons successfully performed the first full face transplant at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.
22 MarchThe Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant reports radiation levels 1600 times the normal levels present 20 km from the plant.
23 MarchThe Chinese currency, the yuan, has risen to a record high against the US dollar.
24 MarchKenya opens Africa Carbon Exchange. It is the first carbon exchange in Africa. It has been opened for carbon credit exchange.
25 MarchThe Tibetan government will consult the Tibetan community after the Tibetan government-in-exile accepts the Dalai Lama's resignation from politics.
26 MarchTokyo reports that radiation levels in its water supply have returned to normal.
26 MarchHundreds march in Trafalgar Square to protest government budget cuts in London.
27 MarchThe people of Tokyo demanded changes in Japan's nuclear industry for this demand, they started anti-nuclear activities.
28 MarchDue to radiation leaks at the Fukushima nuclear plant, the International Atomic Energy Agency convened a summit to discuss concerns about nuclear safety.
29 MarchInternational leaders attend a conference in London, England focused on military actors and the future of Libya.
29 MarchJames Bullard, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, called on the Federal Reserve to limit US Treasury purchases because it feeds the fires of inflation.
30 MarchPeruvians retrieve 45000inca artifacts taken from Machu Picchu 100 years ago by Yale University, finally succeeding in campaign to return Peru's dignity and pride.
31 MarchDuring unrest in midstand, activists claim that China has initiated the biggest action on disgruntled in recent years.
01 AprilCrete understood with an earthquake of 6.2 magnitude in Greece.
02 AprilSydney, thousands of people in Australia participated in anti -pro and carbon tax rallies.
03 AprilPresidential election in Kazakhstan; President Nursultan Nazarbayev won 95% of the votes.
03 AprilPresident Nursultan Nazarbayev won 95% of the votes when Kazakhstan contested the presidential election.
04 AprilAccording to a reported report in China, cows were successfully revised to produce human milk.
05 AprilIn 2011, a bill that Idaho House of representatives ban the abortion of quarrels over 20 weeks old.
05 AprilThe American Democratic National Committee appointed Florida Congresswoman Debbi Wasseman Shults Chairman in 2011.
06 AprilThe criticism of NATO among rebel fighters pledged to protect the city of Misrata in Libra.
06 AprilFormer Enron CEO Jeff Skilling lost an appeal against his sentence for fraud in the US Court of Appeal's Fifty Circuit.
07 AprilJoyce Banda was elected as the President of Maldives. He was elected as the chairman after Bingu Wa Muthuvika.
09 AprilIn Djibouti, Ismad Umar Guale was sworn in as President. He was re -elected after receiving 79% of the votes.
09 AprilThe Monota County of Iowa collided with a tornado. It is located in the Middle-Western United States. Many people lost their lives.
10 AprilMore than 230,000 acres of land, including the city's fort Davis, was destroyed by wildfire in the state of Texas in 2011.
10 AprilAfter a show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the band tour of U2, 360 degrees, becomes the highest grossing music tour of all time.
11 AprilIn France, a law banning wearing burqa and hijab applies.
11 AprilA month after the tohoku earthquake, a 6.6 magnitude aftershock fell in Japan, lasted for about an hour.
11 AprilA bombings occurred at the Central Oktrabeskaya station of Minsk Metro in Belarus, killing 15 people and injured more than 200.
12 AprilAfter the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, Japan increases the crisis level to 7, equal to the disaster in Chernobyl.
12 AprilAs a part of disagreement in China, 169 Chinese Christians attempted to hold an outdoor prayer session and were detained.
13 AprilToyota had to close several plants due to the tohoku earthquake and tsunami. This reduced.
14 AprilNorth Korea said that he had detained American citizen June Young Su. He planned to charge him with 'crime' against his country.
18 AprilA land-slide took place in Eastern Java. About 100 people were killed in the incident.
20 AprilNigeria's presidential election was held on 16 April 2011, the winner declares President Good Luck Jonathan.
20 AprilChina released two major human rights lawyers, Liu Shiaoyuan and Jiang Tianpong.
21 AprilProtests against increasing inflation by Chinese lorry drivers in Shanghai continued.
23 AprilThe guide list of Prince William and Rate Middleton weeding has been released in England.
23 AprilThe cash that is in the disputed border area of ​​Cambodian and Thailand leads to a thousand withdrawal.
24 AprilThere was an earthquake in Sulawesi. The earthquake was of 6.2 intensity that collided with Indonesia.
26 AprilAmerican news host Katia Corvic announced that he would no longer host "CBS Sham News".
26 AprilThe 25th anniversary of the Chinaroy disaster was commented by Ukarine.
27 AprilThe height of 29 years reached Australian dollars against the US dollar. Increasing interest rates were predicted.
02 MayOsama bin Laden, the founder of al-Qaeda, was killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011 by a special force of the United States. He was the mastermind of the 9/11 attack on the United States, in response to which the US carried out an operation called SP Operation Neptune Spear 'to catch him. His body was buried in the sea within 24 hours according to the Islamic tradition.
02 MayOsama bin Laden was shot dead by the US Navy's seal in a privateized complex in Abbottabad, Pakistan.
02 MayThe Conservative Party of Canada won enough seats in the Canadian federal election to establish its first majority government.
03 JuneCopenhagen Suborbitals set fire to the Baltic Sea 30 km east of Nexo, 30 km from Nexo, the world's largest privately manufactured rocket. Copenhagen suborbitals are a Danish non-profit aerospace organization that has manufactured and launched many privately manufactured rockets. The main goal of the organization is to develop the relatively cheap forms of the sub-metamantic manned spacecraft outside the government programs and the influence of large, profit-benefit corporations.
04 JuneIn the horseman, Por Moi Epsom Wins Derby. It is the first French horse to win Derby since 1976. Por Moi (in leisure on 10 January 2008) is an Irish-nine and French-eminent completely racist and sahib. He ran five times in a racing career running from September 2010 to June 2011 and won three races. He is most known for winning the 2011 Epsom Derby. His career ended due to injury before running again and he retired again.
08 JulySpace shuttle Atlantis was launched. This spacecraft was the last mission of Atlantis. The mission was named STS 135. STS 135 was a short term mission. The mission was to deliver goods to the international space station.
08 JulySpace shuttle Atlantis was launched in STS-135, the final form of the American space shuttle program.
09 JulySouth Sudan declared independence and separated from Sudan. It is a landlock country located in northeastern Africa. Juba is the largest city in the country and also its capital. Nowadays the country is going through civil war and political change.
10 JulyAfter 168 years, the final edition of The News of the World was published as the British Tabloid newspaper alleged that the murdered school girl Milli Developer's Viocell, Viocell, 7/7 victims of 7/7 attacks and relatives of the deceased British soldiers hack. .
10 JulyThe British Tabloid newspaper News of the World published her final edition before the closure of the allegations that it hacked the school girl Milli Dauller's voice mail, 7/7ATTACKS victims and relatives of dead British soldiers.
11 JulyAn explosion at the Evanelos Florkis Naval Base killed 12 people, including the head of the Cyprus Navy, leading to the worst military accident in the history of Cyprus.
13 JulyTwo studies by researchers showed that antiretroviral drugs that are prescribed for the treatment of AIDS can also be used to prevent HIV infection.
13 JulyNorman Moore, senior politician has requested Western Australia to consider carbon tax and minerals resource rent tax.
14 JulyA pre -extinct Indradhanush Indradhanush has been re -discovered by scientists in Borneo. It has been seen for the first time after its extinction. Its deletion was declared in 1924.
15 JulyMore than 5 million Ethiopians claimed by the World Health Organization are likely to develop cholera. This was due to a breakout of intense water diarrhea.
16 JulyUS President Barack Obama, despite a warning from the People's Republic of China, Washington, D.C. I am going to meet the Dalai Lama.
16 JulyThe funeral for the last heir of the Austro-Hungaryian Empire is in Otto von Habsburg, Vienna, which includes members of the monarchy and political elite class
17 JulyFormer Uruguay dictator Juan Maria Bordaberi dies during his arrest for the murders during dictatorship.
17 JulyCasey Anthony approved the murder of his daughter Kelly and agreed to be released from Orange County, Florida Jail, attracting the unhappy crowd with the verdict.
18 JulyNATO armies in Afghanistan command American General David Petris, American Marine Corps Lieutenant General John R. Alan was transferred.
18 JulyPhoenix, Arizona is hit by a dusty storm, also known as Hobob.
19 JulyIn a speech outside the Potala Palace, Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping announced that he would crush efforts for an independent Tibet.
19 JulyIran announced that it had rapidly established nuclear centrifugas to enrich uranium.
20 JulyFollowing the outbreak of the Handra virus, Melassia banned the import of horses from Australia.
20 JulyIn Ginni, 80 people, including soldiers, are arrested, who are arrested for a failed attempt to murder on President Alpha Conde, which took place on 19 July.
21 JulyIn Iran, the Central Bank of Iran launched a website, which will use Iranians to planned economic reforms and national currency.
21 July24 people died across the country due to a summer wave in the US.
22 JulyA extremist caused a car bomb blast in Oslo, Norway, killing at least seven people; He then sets fire to a labor party youth camp in Utoya, Norway, killing 84 people.
22 JulyThe International Monetary Fund approved a $ 60 million new three-year-old loan for Haiti, canceling Haiti's $ 268 million loan.
22 JulyIn the most deadly attacks in Norway since World War II, two sequential terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utoya claimed the lives of 77 people.
23 JulyThe Nigerian Senate changed the elections of the country and re -held elections.
23 JulyIranian President Mahmood Ahmadinejad announced the country's plan to launch the human -powered shuttle in space by 2019.
24 JulyMore than half of Peru's countries enter the state of emergency as a result of abnormally cold weather.
24 JulyBP announced a plan to start drilling for oil on the coast of Libya.
25 JulyFormer Cuban President Fidel Castro makes his first appearance outside Havana since leaving the post in 2006, who visit Artisisa a mausoleum.
25 JulyCyclist Alberto Contador won the 2010 Tour de France, while the seven -time winner, Lance Armstrong, recorded his final presence.
26 JulyVietnam again chose Prime Minister Guyen Tan Dung.
26 JulyQueensland of the Handra virus is detected in a dog near Beadsart; The virus has never been found before in the foxes, horses or anything other than humans.
27 JulyMore than expected consumer price index figures and American default concerns have brought the Australian dollars to a later float record against the US dollar.
27 JulyThe US government has recognized the National Transitional Council. The US government has also expelled the diplomats of Libya, loyal to Muammar Gaddafi.
28 JulyAmerica's swimmer Ryan Lochte set a new world record for 200m individual medley. He won a gold medal at the 2011 World Aquatics Championships held in Shanghai, People's Republic of China.
28 JulyA trojan asteroid that revolves around the Earth around the Sun is recognized by astronomers. Astronomers said that it is a threat to the Earth because it sits in a gravitational 'sweet place'.
29 JulyThe US House of Representatives has voted to increase the debt limit. But the Senate did not accept it and rejected the remedy.
30 JulyZara Philips, granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II married Mike Tindel. He is internationally England Rugby Union.
31 JulyThe Boeing 737 aircraft crashed a Caribbean Airlines. This tights divided at Jagan International Airport. The report revealed that no one was injured.
01 AugustAccording to the report by Reuters, its headquarters computer assembler Foxconn technology in Taiwan intends to add a million robots to its plants in the next three years.
02 AugustThe US Senate after voting in favor of a loan deal, only to avoid the default time limit, President Obama signed the agreement, which would increase the $ 2.4 trillion loan limit in the law.
04 AugustCraft Foods promotes that it will divide into two tasks. One of them will include its North American grocery business and the other will include its global snack food business.
06 AugustThousands of young men were riots in many London Boro and in England after the death of a Tottenham person by Metropolitanpulis in London.
07 AugustThe world's longest guided route so far, Cambridge is busy, finally opens after being postponed for years.
08 AugustThe United States credit rating in the stock markets of Australia, Asia and the United States has reduced even more after the average decline of more than 5.55% decreased with average decline of more than 5.55%.
09 AugustPublicly publicly gay member of the Australian cabinet, Penny Wong, announced that his partner would be a child.
10 AugustThe US drone missile attack killed 18 people in Pakistan's North Waziristan district.
11 AugustOmar Patek, a prominent suspect, goes to hear allegations of terrorism in Jakarta after the 2002 Bali bomb blast, from Pakistan to Indonesia.
13 AugustA broken oil pipeline is found near the Ganenet alpha platform at a distance of 113 miles from the Aberdeen of Scotland.
13 AugustThe Czech Republic's capital Prague is his first gay gaurav march. The event was monitored by three hundred police, while thousands marched throughout the city.
15 AugustJapan's economy has decreased by 0.3% in the April-June quarter, confirming that the country is in the grip of recession, which is partially caused by the 2011 Tukoko Earthquake and Tsunami, and later Fukushima Jaiichi Atomic Disaster By.
17 AugustThe Roman Catholic archives have been accused of involvement in 3 sexual harassment cases, for which 3 cases have been filed.
20 AugustTwo American hikes who were convicted of espionage and illegally entering Iran were sentenced to eight years in jail by the Tehran court.
22 AugustThe price of crude oil falls on the world markets due to the collapse and global economic approach of Muammar Gaddafi.
23 AugustPresident Obama gives momentary relief to illegal migrants: students, elderly, elderly, crime victims and family members, including the same-sex partner as part of immigration reform in the United States.
24 AugustSteve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple Inc.
26 AugustScientists at the University of Swineburn Technology in Melbourne have revealed their discovery of J1719–143, a planet that perfectly revolves around diamonds - it has been found to have such a planetary mass for the second time.
27 AugustMany people died at Abu Salim Hospital in Tripoli, who were safely evacuated due to heavy shelling in the first week.
28 AugustHurricane Irene, resulting in tremendous damage and flooded many areas including New York City, came to the eastern coast of the United States. Many citizens were thrown out of the area before the storm, yet the storm killed many people.
30 AugustGrouzney, the capital of the Republic of Russia, was killed and 20 injured in three suicide blasts.
31 AugustThe German city of Bonn introduced a meter for prostitutes. The meter used to tax prostitutes at the rate of six euros per night, and was often kept near the industrial area used by prostitutes.
01 SeptemberThe world's largest food group, Nestle SA, Conolingen, starts a new production unit in Switzerland, and its CEOs confirm their commitment to their native country, the difficulties created by the euro infinitely strong Swiss Frank against the Euro despite.
02 SeptemberThe Daseldorf court ordered that Samsung prohibits the sale of its new tablet Galaxy tab, which is a lawsuit brought by Apple.
04 SeptemberA emperor Penguin, which was swept away on a beach in New Zealand in June, has been sent back to the southern Ocean.
05 SeptemberThe Government of Pakistan has announced the arrest of senior al-Qaeda chief Unis al-Mauritani.
05 SeptemberPotos Barack Obama has launched a campaign for his campaign with the presence of the AFL-CIO Labor Day Parade in Detroit.
07 SeptemberYakom-Sarvis Flight 9633, due to the coaching of the players and the locomotive Yaroslav professional ice hockey team, the Russian city of Yaroslav crashed, in which all rode but one died.
08 SeptemberAccording to the report, the unemployment rate in Australia has increased by 5.3% in August 2011.
09 SeptemberThe skeletons of Australopithecus sediba have been discovered in the site of mankind in South Africa. They are believed to have approximately 2 million years old, indicating that homeinid species may possibly be a transitional fossil between monkeys and humans.
10 SeptemberIn Cairo, the protesters protest outside the Israeli Embassy and force Israeli ambassadors to Egypt to escape.
12 SeptemberStock falls rapidly on Asian markets due to renewed concerns over the Eurozone debt crisis.
13 SeptemberIn Sweden, four people arrested for the 2011 unsuccessful Gothenburg terror attack are considered associated with the al-Qaeda terrorist network.
16 SeptemberNASA scientists enthusiastically announced the discovery of a circumference-binary planet. A planet that revolves around two stars instead of one.
17 SeptemberAdbusters, an anti-Canadian-consumerist publication, organized a Prakara against a corporate influence on democracy in New York City's Zukoti Park, known as OCP Wall Street.
18 SeptemberIn golf, Lexi Thompson of the United States becomes the youngest player to win the LPGA classic winning LPGA event at the age of 16.
20 SeptemberAmerican officially eliminates "not ask, don't ask" the military policy, allowing gay and gay personnel to publicly declare their sexual orientation.
20 SeptemberThe United States has ended the policy, not to ask for its' not ask, which allowed gay and homosexuals to serve openly into the army.
21 SeptemberGoogle's new social network service, Google+ has been released to the general public.
23 SeptemberNASA's upper atmosphere research satellite of 1991 is expected to fall into Greenwich Meen Time orbit this evening.
24 SeptemberNASA's Additional Atmosphere Research Satellite re -entered the Earth's atmosphere without any event. This has happened after more than 20 years in the classroom.
25 SeptemberKing Abdullah of Saudi Arabia announced that women would be given the right to vote and run in municipal elections in the country for the rights of more women.
26 SeptemberAfter gathering in the building of Auckland University, 300 students protested against increasing the student tuition fees.
27 SeptemberAt least 37 people, including 30 school children, have been killed, and a seventy seventy seriously injured. This is the result of a school bus accident in Kallar Kahar in Punjab province, Pakistan.
28 SeptemberJapan asks South Korea to cancel a plan to construct a memorial for the Korean World War II 'Aam Women' near the Japanese Embassy in Sol in Sol.
29 SeptemberThe People's Republic of China successfully launched the Tiangong 1 Space Laboratory. It is the first space station module in the country, from the Jyukwan Satellite Launch Center located in Gansu province.
30 SeptemberSerbian officials, citing apprehension, banned a gay Gaurav parade from moving forward, causing the violence. The officials decided to ban several defendant protesters from appearing on the prescribed parade day. Officials insisted that the step was to protect public safety.
01 OctoberThe Pakistani court sentenced Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri to the suicide killer of Pakistani politician Salman Taseer to death.
04 OctoberApple Inc. Revealed its much awaited iPhone 4S at Apple's Cupertino Campus.
05 OctoberTwo Chinese freight ships were attacked and murdered on a section of the Mecong River in the Golden Triangle region of South East Asia.
06 OctoberProduction in Japanese plants, car manufacturer Toyota returns to its normal routine after the 2011 Tuhoku earthquake and tsunami.
08 OctoberFor refugees, the United Nations High Commissioner opened a new refugee camp in Western Ethiopia for refugees of Sudan and South Sudan.
09 OctoberA 4.3 magnitude earthquake occurred on the southern coast of El Hyro in the southwest canary archipelago of Spain. The earthquake was clearly caused by growing magma, which was evacuated due to the possibility of an extinct volcanic eruptions, which took place on El Hiro in 1793.
10 OctoberBelgium and France have agreed to break Belgium's largest bank dexia and partially nationalize.
11 OctoberOil leakage from the ship MV Rain on the coast of Taranga in New Zealand becomes the worst environmental disaster in the country.
14 OctoberThe British Ministry of Defense claims that five Royal Marines have been accused of murder on an incident related to the death of a rebel in Afghanistan.
14 OctoberA stromatolite colony is located in the giant Coseway in Northern Ireland.
15 OctoberAccording to the United States Department of Commerce, US retail sales increased at its fastest rate for seven months in September.
17 OctoberAbout 12 people were killed in Yamini due to a wrath between President Ali Abdullah Saleh's supporters and opponents.
20 OctoberLibya's Civil War-Muamar Gaddafi, Letia's opeded leader, was caught during the Battle of Sirte and killed for less than an hour.
23 OctoberAccording to the autopsy report, former Libya dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, was shot to the head with a gun bullet.
25 OctoberSpace telescope cognizance proves that Supernova RCW 86 was first seen by Chinese astronomers in 185 AD, it was an unusual due to the accumulation of a vacuum-like "cavity" around it in the early parts of the star's death. Extended at the rate.
26 OctoberRa.One, which is the most expensive Bollywood film ever, has been released to overlap with Deepawali, the Hindu festival of Deepas.
27 OctoberA bomb of the WW-II era has been discovered in the German city of Hal, which can remove 12,000 people.
29 OctoberA rare October icy storm affects the northeast United States and Mid-Atlantic United States, leaves millions without power and kills two.
31 OctoberThe Japanese government intervened to reduce the Japanese yen exchange rate with the United States dollar as the yen reached a record height.
31 OctoberThe United Nations announced that the world's population had become seven billion.
02 November8 people were killed and several injured in a collision with a goods train at a level crossing in Argentina.
03 NovemberAn Egyptian boat along with around 1200 people set fire to the Red Sea between Akaba and Jordan port of Nuweeba
04 NovemberRescuers are trying their best to save 57 coal mines, which are in Sanmenxia in Henan province, China.
05 NovemberBoma Haram, the Islamic terrorist group took full responsibility for a series of attacks in the Nigerian city of Damaturu. This killed about 63 people.
06 NovemberTwo major Greek political parties have agreed to form a coalition government with Greece Prime Minister George Papandreu to resign after the formation of a new government.
07 NovemberIn Italy, seven people have died due to floods and thousands of people have been forced to remove Turin as the Po river continues to grow.
08 NovemberAccording to a report released by the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran has carried out activities related to the construction of an nuclear equipment, and the project may still continue.
10 NovemberAccording to opposition activists, around 38 people, including six children, are killed by security forces in Syria: 16 Holmes in the city, 10 in Idlib, six in Hama, three in suburban areas of Damascus and three in Dara.
11 NovemberThe Gold Coast in Queens Land has been selected to organize the 2018 Commonwealth Games ahead of Hambantota in Sri Lanka.
12 NovemberThe South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo have agreed to come together to build a mega-hydroelectric plant on the Congo River to deal with the growing energy needs of their countries.
14 NovemberTwo people accused of murder of Stephen Lawrence in 2003 are being prosecuted in Old Bailey, London.
16 NovemberThe Thailand government is considering constructing a waterway that will connect existing natural canals to a 200 km long "super-canal" that will keep 1.6b cubic meters of water and increase the drain of the runway to prevent floods.
17 NovemberChina's Shenzhou 8 spacecraft, which was not operated by any human, successfully completed its mission and with the Tiangong -1 boreal laboratory module twice after docking, descending into the inner Mongolia autonomous area after docing a safe landing on Earth Did.
18 NovemberThe Sheriff Department of Los Angeles recommended an inquiry after the latest evidence of the death of film star Natalie Wood.
19 NovemberThe United States effectively tests a new hypersonic weapon system, which acquires adequate efficiency of striking targets at a distance of 3,700 km in about 30 minutes as part of its print global strike program.
20 NovemberAbout 13 people were killed and around 900 people were injured due to violent demonstrations at Tahrir Square in Cairo against the ruling military government of Egypt. Security forces try to disperse the mob from allegations of tear gas and sticks.
21 NovemberThree senior living members of Cambodia's Khmer Ruge rule are being prosecuted for massacre and wrongdoing against mankind.
22 NovemberBulobophilm Nokternum, discovered by an orchid scientists, on the banks of Papua Guinea Guinea in New Britain. This is the first orchid known to bloom at night.
23 NovemberThe European Space Agency has claimed that two days after the shutdown of the window of the spacecraft for the launch of Mars, Russia's stranded Phobos-Gront probe has been created.
23 NovemberFollowing 11 months of protests in Arab Spring-Yaman, Yamnipressidant Ali Abdullah Saleh agreed to transfer power to Vice President Rabbu Mansoor Hadi.
26 NovemberNASA launched the robotic Mars Science Laboratory, which is still the largest rover sent to Mars, which aims to find evidence for the previous or present life on Mars.
26 NovemberUS-led NATO forces deployed Pakistani security forces at two Pakistani military posts along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.
26 NovemberNASA launched the Mars Science Laboratory Mission of Cape Science with Curiosity Rover.
28 NovemberSudan's government expels Kenya's ambassador, following the Kenai High Court verdict that it would arrest Sudan President Omar al-Bashir if he enters Kenya.
29 NovemberA new Russian anti-mesile pre-warning facility equipped with Voronish-DM radar opens in Kaliningrad Oblast.
30 NovemberResearchers at the Washington State University have developed an artificial bone "scaffold" that can be produced using a 3D printer, possibly doctors to quickly print the replacement bone tissue for the injured patients.
02 DecemberMuslim rebels on Friday attacked liquor shops and massage parlor in Jakho, Iraq after their prayers. Later attacks included Christian -owned shops and businesses in other cities, including Dohuk and Shimla.
03 DecemberAbout 8 children were killed in the last few weeks due to the bite of crazy bats in the Amazon Basin of Ecuador.
05 DecemberEuropean monitor dislikes elections, saying that rules like joints and claim that it was flawed by defects.
07 DecemberThe Russian Federal Space Agency has stopped trying to save the Phobos -grunt and Yinghuo -1, their sample withdrawal mission and is now expected to fall back to Earth by January 2012.
08 DecemberFormer MF Global CEO, John Corzin, confirms a committee of the American House of Representatives that it is unaware that what happened to the money of millions of customers in different accounts, obviously it is missing.
09 DecemberStock prices have increased in stock markets around the world. According to some experts, it is in response to a fiscal agreement between the leaders of Eurozone.
10 DecemberA citizen has died and at least 20 others have been injured, who were injured after an Israeli aerial attack on an terrorist base in Gaza city, says Palestinian.
13 DecemberAccording to the researchers, the signs of Higgs Boson can be detected in two different experiments conducted in Large Hadron Collider in CERN.
13 DecemberBefore committing suicide, a man threw grenade and thrown an automatic rifle in the crowded location St.-Lambert, lease, Belgium, killing 15 people and 125 others injured.
15 DecemberAccording to the US census, 1 out of 2 people are considered low income or poor.
15 DecemberFormer French President Jacques Shirack is convicted of embezzlement and violations for filling non-existent jobs with party members, serving as the Mayor of Paris.
15 DecemberA budget agreement is signed by the American Senate and the House of Representatives.
15 DecemberA report claiming almost all research on Chimpanzee is scientifically inappropriate, which causes the US National Health Institute to stop new studies using Chimpanzee.
16 DecemberA budget agreement is signed by the American Senate and the House of Representatives.
16 DecemberA report claiming almost all research on Chimpanzee is scientifically inappropriate, which causes the US National Health Institute to stop new studies using Chimpanzee.
17 DecemberIn the Philippines, at least 400 people died due to floods from Tropical Storm Vashi, and more disappeared.
18 DecemberDuring the 40th anniversary of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, a bomb kills a person and there are clashes between security and opposition protesters.
19 DecemberKim Jong-Il, the supreme leader of North Korea, passed away; Kim Jong-un has been declared as the successor of his father.
20 DecemberIn Cairo, thousands of Egyptian women protest against military police against women protesters in Tahir Square.
21 DecemberHealth officials started killing 17,000 chickens after the body infected with H5N1 was found in a poultry market in Hong Kong.
22 DecemberThe protesters protesting against the construction of a power plant in Hayman, southern China were fired and arrested.
22 DecemberThe proposed penance measures of Italian Prime Minister Mario Monty are debated by the Italian Senate.
23 DecemberDuke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip enters the hospital to treat a blocked coronary artery.
23 DecemberThe state of North Korea will accept all South Korean delegations who want to pay their honors to the late leader Kim Jong-Il.
24 DecemberThe world's oldest artist, Dutch actor and singer Johanas Haster dies at the age of 108.
25 DecemberThe annual Christmas message is given by Pope Benedict XVI in St. Peter Square, Vatican City.
25 DecemberThe South Dhruv Amunsen -Skot records its hottest temperature at -12.3 ° C at South Pole Station.
26 DecemberBrazil overtook the United Kingdom as the sixth largest economy in the world.
26 DecemberDrew Tree, Quarterback for New Orleans Saints, creates a new National Football League record for yards passing into a session.
27 DecemberConsumers spend $ 30 billion on online vacation in the US, which is 15 percent more than the previous year.
27 DecemberSears Holding Corporation revealed its plan to close more than 100 sears and K-Mart Store in U.S.
28 DecemberIf the Western nations impose more restrictions, the Iran threatens to close the main oil route of the Storm of Hormuz.
28 DecemberU.S. The Library of Congress intends to preserve the thriller 'Silence of the Lambs' as part of its national film registry.
28 DecemberAction on an information that the PKK terrorists were crossing the border in the Sirnak province, two Turkish F -16 jets opened fire on a group of towers, killing 34 people.
29 DecemberNew York Mayor Michael Bloomberg reports that the National September 11 museum will not open on time.
29 DecemberPoland announced that it would forgive illegal migrants from January 1, 2012.
30 DecemberNew South Wales boat 'Loki' has been declared the winner of Sydney of Hobart Yacht Race 2011.
30 DecemberCanadian auto workers vote in favor of striking against the locomotive manufacturing plant of Caterpillar Inc. in London, Ontario.
31 DecemberA string of 35 fire in Hollywood burns within a time limit of 5 hours, causing a loss of at least $ 350,000.
31 DecemberIn North Korea, Kim Jong-un is given the tile of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of North Korea.

Important Historical Events of the Year 2011 in India ⚡

22 SeptemberMansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, former captain of the Indian cricket team and Nawab of Pataudi, died on this day.
05 OctoberThe world's cheapest Rs 2250 tablet PC 'Aakash' was launched in India.
27 NovemberThe famous Indian classical musician Sultan Khan died.
20 AugustIndia's famous historian Ram Sharan Sharma passed away.
02 AprilThe Indian cricket team won the ICC World Cup 2011 by defeating Sri Lanka in the final match held at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.
11 AprilIndian-American writer Jhumpa Lahiri was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her first work, the Interpreter of Melladies.
20 AprilThe Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) satellite launch vehicle 'PSLV' successfully placed three satellites into space.
08 JuneIndian social activist Anna Hazare started a second hunger strike against corruption. The anti -corruption movement 2011 is considered one of the largest public movements in independent India. The purpose of this movement was to establish a strong constitutional body against corruption.
13 JulyThree coordinated bomb blasts in Mumbai, India killed 26 people and injured more than 130.
16 AugustIndian social activist Anna Hazare has been convicted in New Delhi in exchange for the proposed fast against corruption.
29 AugustDue to floods in North India, transport services are disrupted in 15 different villages in the state of Mumbai and Maharashtra.
07 SeptemberA bomb that exploded outside the Delhi High Court, India killed 9 people and injured about 45 people.
14 SeptemberIn Tamil Nadu, India, ten people were killed and another seventy injured when a passenger train collided with a stable train.
15 SeptemberThe US has nominated the Indian Mujahideen as a terrorist organization.
19 SeptemberRescue efforts are ongoing for the victims of the 2011 Sikkim earthquake. The earthquake has so far claimed to have killed at least 67 innocent people in India, Nepal and Tibet.
05 OctoberIndia revealed the Akash Tablet Computer for only $ 35. The tablet was designed to provide better access to internet and technology for poor students in rural districts.
16 OctoberThe British Indian Fauja Singh is certified by the Guinness World Record, the oldest person to finish a full marathon at the age of 100.
24 OctoberIndia's Health and Family Welfare Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad reports almost full success of polio eradication of the country through vaccination programs that vaccinated more than 170 million children every year. No new polio cases have been reported in nine months.
13 NovemberIn New York, apologizing for violating the discovery of officials of India and former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam for explosives with the United States.
06 DecemberDue to the growing global economic crisis, the Reserve Bank of India has reduced interest rates by 25 basis points to 4.25 percent.
14 DecemberRestricted poisonous liquor in India kills 166 people in West Bengal.

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