The year 1995 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1995 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1995 in World ⚡

25 MayAmerican scientists succeeded in decoding the DNA of a living organism for the first time.
20 SeptemberThe 50th session of the United States General Assembly took place.
03 OctoberIt was agreed to facilitate smooth transfer of Hong Kong between China and England.
06 OctoberTwo Swiss scientists first identified the house outside the Earth's solar system.
20 OctoberSri Lanka won the title by defeating the West Indies in the final of the Sharjah Champions Trophy.
04 NovemberThe Prime Minister of Israel was killed.
30 NovemberThe then US President visited Northern Ireland. He was the first US President to visit there.
01 AugustAnother moon of Saturn was discovered by the Hubble telescope.
20 AugustPurushottam Express and Kalidi Express suffered 350 casualties in a head-on collision.
24 AugustMicrosoft Windows-95 started selling.
14 DecemberLeaders of Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia signed the Dayton Treaty in Paris to end the three-and-a-half-year-long Balkan war.
17 JanuaryA 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Kobe city in Japan killed 5,372 people.
18 JanuaryThe domain of was created.
03 FebruaryEnd rescuer Eileen Collins became the first woman to operate a space shuttle.
27 FebruaryAbout 54 people were killed in a car bomb blast in Jakho, northern Iraq.
07 MarchThe dollar reached a record height of 1.5330 CE guilders.
16 MarchNASA astronaut Norman became the first American to visit the Russian space station Mir.
20 MarchLeaking toxic gas into the Underground Railroad in Tokyo killed 12 people and injured 4,700 people.
25 MarchNoted boxer Mike Tyson was released from prison after three years in prison.
10 AprilThe demise of Morarji Desai, the famous freedom fighter and the sixth Prime Minister of the country.
17 AprilMurder of Iqbal Christ, a young activist who abolished child labor in Pakistan.
28 April103 people killed due to gas explosion in metro in South Keria.
01 JanuaryAustria, Finland and Sweden joined the European Union.
21 FebruarySarkadji Prison Rebellion in Algeria: Four guards and 96 prisoners were killed in a year and a half.
01 MarchFirst Yahoo! Search interface was established.
02 AprilFour people were killed in an explosion in Gaza, including Hamas leaders.
01 MayJacques Chirac was elected President of France.
24 JuneSouth Africa won the Rugby World Cup.
17 JulyThe Nasdaq Composite Index closed above the 1,000 mark for the first time.
24 AugustMicrosoft released Windows 95.
03 SeptemberEBay was founded.
28 OctoberFire in Baku Metro of Azerbaijan, 289 passengers died in world's worst metro accident).
28 NovemberThe Barcelona Treaty was signed by the 27 participating nations.
14 DecemberThe Dayton Agreement was signed in Paris.
02 JanuaryThe scientists in Hawaii found the most distant galaxy using the Keck Telescope.
06 JanuaryAtlanta Hawk's Lenny Wilkens became NBA's most winning coach.
08 JanuaryAfter giving 1143 performances at Martin Beck Theater New York city the “Guys and Dolls” closes.
09 JanuaryEcuador and Peru involved in boundary fight. The fight continues since long.
09 JanuaryThe worker at Newark airport accidentally cuts the electrical wire while working.
13 JanuaryAmerica's cup race won by American 3 and she became the 1st all-female crew to win the cup.
15 JanuaryFor NFC championship San Francisco 49ers beat Dallas Cowboys.
15 JanuarySouthern Alabama and Western Washington begin using new area code 334 and 360 respectively.
16 JanuaryUniversal – Paramount Network (UPN) begins telecasting from WORK in New York City.
19 JanuaryJean-Claude Juncker (28) swears in as premier of Luxembourg.
24 JanuaryThe 69th Austrian women tennis opens and this time Monica Seles Beats Anke Huber (64 61).
25 JanuaryA team of Norwegian and American scientists launched a Black Brant XII sounding rocket, which was mistaken for a Trident missile by Russian forces.
27 JanuaryIn the 69th Australian Women's Tennis opens Mary Pierce beats A S Vicario (63 62)
02 February“Moliere Comedies” opened at Criterion Theatre in New York City for 56 performances.
04 FebruarySandra Volker, the female European swimmer swims 50 m back stoke which was recorded about 27.77 seconds.
07 FebruaryRamzi Yousef, one of the main perpetrators of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the bombing of Philippine Airlines Flight 434,was arrested in Islamabad, Pakistan.
07 FebruaryRamzi Yousef, one of the main perpetrators of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the bombing of Philippine Airlines Flight 434,was arrested in Islamabad, Pakistan.
08 February46 innocent people were killed in an earthquake which took place in Trujillo with a scale of 6.4.
09 FebruaryThe covert called “Heiress” that was opened at the Court Theatre of the New York City allowed 340 performances to be performed.
12 FebruaryMark Foster makes a new world record by swimming 50m butterfly in about 23.55 seconds.
14 FebruaryIn 1995, Koseanne weds her bodyguard whose name was Ben Thomas.
15 FebruaryPopulation of People’s Republic in China hits 1.2 billion.
15 FebruaryKevin Mitnick, the most wanted computer hacker in the United States at the time, was arrested and charged with computer fraud and wire fraud.
17 FebruaryColin Fergusson found guilty of killing 6 people on the LIRR in NY.
18 FebruaryBarb Jones whitehead won the Cup o’ Noodles Hawaiian Ladies Golf Open on February 18, 1995.
22 FebruaryAt least 99 prison rioters were killed by the Algiers Police.
22 FebruaryThe photos taken by the Corona spy satellite program were classified under an executive order signed by U.S. President Bill Clinton.
26 FebruaryAfter losses in Singapore by trader Nick Leeson, London finance house of Barings collapse.
26 FebruaryBarings Bank, the oldest merchant bank in London, collapsedafter its head derivatives trader in Singapore, Nick Leeson, lost £827million while making unauthorized speculative trades on futurescontracts.
28 FebruaryInternational Airport of Denver opened.
01 MarchThe new president of Uruguay, Julio Maria Sanguinetti has sworn in.
01 MarchUkraine premier Vitaly Massol, the premier of Ukraine has resigned.
02 MarchNick Leeson, British trader arrested for collapse of Barings Bank PLC.
05 MarchIn the board function, Tim Allen won the 21st People Choice Award from all nominators.
05 MarchMarc Velzeboer made the world record by walking a distance of 3 km. He made this record by walking 3 km in 5 hrs and 26 sec.
05 MarchIn the parliamentary election, Estonia Centrumlinkse Coalition Party won with the maximum votes.
07 MarchNew York is the 38th state in the world to have the death penalty.
08 MarchThe new President of Greece is Costis Stephanopoulos.
12 MarchRadka Kovarikova and Rene Novotny won the Ice Pairs Champ at Birmingham.
12 MarchPlatov and Gritshuk won the Ice Dance Championshipat Birmingham.
14 MarchFor the first time, there are 13 people in space.
16 MarchBhupinder Singh created record in world cup history. As he was accompanied by P Dharmani and both of them scored 461 run for the 7th wicket.
18 MarchMicheal Jordan gave an important announcement, the ending of his 17 month NBA.
19 MarchTranslation opened at the Plymouth Theater in New York City. It has made 25 appearances.
19 MarchArizona begins using the new area code 520 outside Phoenix.
19 MarchBonnie Blair of British skates holds the women's world record point total (156.450).
20 March12 people died and 4,700 were injured due to the release of toxic gas in Tokyo.
22 MarchThe deputy governor of the Bank of England, Rupert Pennat-Reay, resigns following the revelation of his affair with a freelance journalist.
22 MarchRussian cosmonaut Valery Polyakov of Soyuz departed from the Mir space station after 437 days in space, setting the record for the longest spaceflight.
23 MarchThe US currency dollar is equal to 88.41 of Japan's currency, the yen which is a record.
25 MarchAmerican computer programmer Ward Cunningham founded the first wiki site, WikiWikiWeb.
26 MarchThe Helen Hayes Theater protecting the Ances Caves opens in New York City with 671 performances.
31 MarchBombay defeated Punjab to win the Cricket Ranji Trophy in the first innings.
31 MarchThe American singer-song, Selena, known as the 'The Queen of Tosano Music', was assassinated in Corpus Christie, Texas, which was performed by her fan club, Yoland Saldiver.
03 AprilUCLA Brins defeated Arkansas 89–78 in the 57th NCAA men's baseball championship.
07 AprilThe media was released in a long acre theater in New York City. It lasted houseful for about 3 months.
07 AprilThe first Chechen War-Russian paramilitary forces began a massacre of at least 250 civilians in the Samashi of Chechnya.
08 AprilBPAA was held in the US Open year 1995. It was won by Dane Husted.
09 AprilAfter 25 demonstrations, translations stopped in Plymouth Theater New York City.
09 April59th Golf Masters Championship: Ben Krench wins, shoots 274.
15 AprilRepresentatives of 124 countries and the European community signed disagreement for the establishment of the World Trade Organization at the GATT ministerial meeting at Markesh, Morocco.
19 AprilTruck bomb killed 168 people in the federal building in Okhoma City.
24 AprilShanaya Twin, the 31st Academy of Sangeet Academy of the country, was honored.
26 AprilThe baseball season was started after a long strike.
28 AprilGas explosion in South Korean Metro, 103 killed
28 AprilCrashed in BAE748 Paleli, Sri Lanka, 52 killed
30 AprilLaura Davis won the LPGA Chik-Film-e Charity Golf Championship.
02 MayThe Croatian War of the Freedom-Sarb Army began firing rocketset in Zagreb's Croatian capital, killing 7 people and injuring 175 others.
13 MayEllison Jane Hargravas, an English climber, became the first woman and Sherpa to climb Mount Everest on 13 May 1995 without oxygen. She was also the mother of a child. He died in a violent storm while descending from the peak of K2. At the age of 33 on 13 August 1995.
14 MayOn May 14, 1995, Gedhun Chokai Nyima was nominated by the 14th Dalai Lama as the 11th Pancharen Lama of Tibetan Buddhism by the 14th Dalai Lama. The Chinese Authority recognized Gyenken Noru as the 11th Panchan Lama on 11 November 1995 and the hideout of Gedhun was never revealed by the Chinese government. The human rights organization called him the world's youngest political prisoner.
17 MayAfter 18 years as the Mayor of Paris, Jacques Shiraq was distinguished as the President of France.
23 MayThe first version of the Java programming language was released. Java is a common-manual computer programming language that is concurrent, square-based, object-oriented, and especially designed for some implementation dependencies as possible. Its purpose is to give the application developers "once write, run anywhere" (WORA), which means that the compiled Java code can run on all platforms that support Java without the need for rehabilitation.
27 MayAmerican actor Christopher Reve was thrown from his horse, making him a quadrilateral; He later became a worker on behalf of people with spinal cord injury.
02 JuneUnited States Air Force captain Scott O 'Gradi was killed by the Bosnia Serb Army SA -6 surface -to -air missile, while patrolling the Nonato No -Fly Zone over Bosnia in an F -16, But was able to safely take him out. Six days later.
07 JuneBoeing 777 began its first commercial flight in the US Airlines. Boeing 777 is the world's largest twinjet aero aircraft. It is a long distance aircraft. Its operational circle is about 20000 km.
08 JuneDanish-Greenlandic Programmer Rasmus Lardorf released the firstview of Scripting Language PHP, which is now used as a server-side language at about 40% of all web sites.
14 JuneIran's official news agency, IRNA, says Iran has not sold crude oil per day as 200 million barrels as the US has approved.
29 JuneSpace Shuttle Program: The STS -71 mission first works with Russian space station Mir. The STS-71 was the third mission of the US / Russian shuttle-Mir program and the first space shuttle for the Russian space station Mir. Shuttle took two cosmonott Anatoli Soloyev and Nikolai Budarin to the relief team and recovered the increment astronaut Norman Thagard.
29 JuneThe shuttle-Mir program began when the space shuttle Atlantis formed the first spacecraft to do a dock with the Russian space station.
05 JulyThe Republic of Armenia adopted its constitution four years after its independence from the Soviet Union. Armenia is a mountainous country in the South Caucasus region in Eurasia. It is located in Western Asia.
09 JulyIt was advisable to take citizens in Sri Lankan Civil War-Bads to the places of worship, the Sri Lankan Air Force bombed a church in Navali, killing at least 125 people.
11 JulyThe Bosnian massacre-Bosnian surb forces began the Serebrenicameseere in the region of Cerebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was eventually a total estimated number of 8,000 Bosninx.
14 JulyThe MP3 Digital Audio Encoding format was named.
18 JulyAfter a long time of lethargy, the Sautere Hills Volcano is still running, destroying the island of Montserat.
18 JulySelena's album Dreaming of You play an important role in popularizing Tejo music.
21 JulyThe Chinese Peoples Liberation Army began to fracting water missiles north of Taiwan, the third Taiwan Strait Crisis.
23 JulyHal-Bope, which is one of the most widely seen comets of centuries, was discovered by two independent observers, Allenhail and Thomas Bop, who were far away from the Sun.
28 JulyTwo followers of Lord Shri Rajneesh were convicted for killing the District Oregon of Attorney of the United States.
28 JulyOsho's two followers (Lord Shri Rajneesh) were convicted of killing the United States Attorney for the Registrar of Oregon.
29 JulyCarolina Panthers have defeated Jacksonville Jaguar. He defeated his first NFL exhibition game in 20–14. This was a big success for him.
04 AugustThe Croatian Army launched the operation Storm, the last major battle of freedom of the Croatian war and the largest European landslide since World War II.
05 AugustDuring the operation store, the Croatian forces recovered the city of Kenin from the Republic of Serbian Krajina.
07 AugustInteractive television is this year's fashionable technology. It allows people to give grocery items, do banking, or leaving their place. Some test sites have been developed, but interactive television is not expected to be made public soon.
14 AugustIran's official news agency, IRNA, says Iran is not able to sell 200 million barrels of crude oil per day since the US approval.
30 AugustBosnian war-drain started its bombing campaign against Armyoff Rape Sripaska in Bosnia and Herjegovina.
06 SeptemberBaltimore Oriol Shortstop Cal Ripan, Junior played his 2131 -consecutive major league baseball game, broke the 56 -year -old old record set by New York Yanki's first Basman Lu Gehrig.
17 SeptemberThis year US wheat prices have increased by 25%. The reasons include increased volume and bad weather conditions by China which has unpleasant effects on crops.
19 SeptemberUnabomber 'Ted Kakzensky's manifesto thewashington post and the New York Times were published in the Thewashington Post, which was withdrawn after about three months.
28 SeptemberRussian President Boris Yeltsin has offered to maintain Russian peace in East Yugoslavia. It would be working with NATO forces, provided that NATO stops bombing the Serb forces.
28 SeptemberMore than 30 mercenaries led by Bob Dunard landed in an attempt to an attempt on Komoros Inan, fourth on the African Island nation since 1975.
16 OctoberLouis Farakhan of The Nation of Islam called Million American ruler in Washington, DC, who was trying to unite in self-help and self-protection against the economic and social diseases of the African American Duniya.
28 OctoberThe world's deadliest metro accident occurred in Baku, Azerbaijan, when an electrical failure caught fire causing 289 passengers and injured 265.
30 OctoberIn a referendum, 50.58 percent of the voters supported the province Quebec in a part of Canada, which was about to reduce sovereignty.
02 NovemberFormer South African Defense Minister Magnus Malan and 10 other former military officers were arrested along with 13murders in the 1987 Kwamakhutha massacre.
04 NovemberIsraeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin was murdered by Yigal Amir, while at Tel Aviv at a peace rally in Kings, Israel Square.
05 NovemberIn an attempt to assassinate Andre Dalire, it was thwarted that Kakanian Prime Minister Jean Cheretin closed Thedoor when Cheratiin's wife closed Thedoor.
06 NovemberThe rove of Madagascar of Antananarivo, who worked as a royal palace from 17th to 19th century, was destroyed by fire.
14 NovemberAs a result of the budget struggle between the United States Congress President Bill Clintand, led by Newton Gingrich, the federal government was forced to close non-necessary services.
22 NovemberToy Story, was the first feature film made using only computer-early imagery.
05 DecemberAzerbaijan Airlines flight 56 ​​crashed immediately after flying from Nakhchivan Airport, killing 52 people.
15 DecemberThe European Court of Justice handed over to the Bosman regime, allowing footballers in the European Union to be allowed to move freely from one UEFA Federation to another at the end of their contracts.
20 DecemberPaul Roebson Longcare Theater opens for 14 demonstrations in New York City.
20 DecemberAccording to the Daton Agreement ending the Bosnian war, the NATO -led IFOR launched a peace campaign in Bosnia and Herjegovina.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1995 in India ⚡

25 OctoberThe then Prime Minister of India, Narasimha Rao addressed the 50th anniversary session of the United Nations.
19 NovemberIndian weightlifter Karnam Malleshwari holds the world record in weightlifting. She is the first woman player from India to win a medal in the Olympics.
07 DecemberIndia launched communication satellite INSAT-2C.
25 FebruaryThere was a bomb attack on a train in Assam, India in which 27 soldiers were killed.
12 MarchCongress party looses general election in India.
12 MarchWest Indian batsman, Brian Lara, scores 139 in ODI at Port of Spain against Australia.
11 MayThe Nuclear Non -Proliferation Treaty was unanimously expanded unanimously during the review conference in New York on 11 May 1995. India, Pakistan and Israel have never signed the treaty, although India is following the Haave No First Use 'policy about its commitment to indispension.
19 MayIndian-american Balamurali Ambati became the world's youngest doctor at the age of 17 on May 19, 1995, graduated from Mount Sinai School of Medicine with distinction. He received the prestigious Raja-Lakshmi Award in Chennai in the same year.
28 MayThe National Center for Labor was launched in Bangalore to promote the movement of unorganized laborers in India. The construction of NCL as the National Association of the labor organization in the unorganized / informal sector of India was the result of a study by the organizations in the informal sector, which concluded that a collective voice was absent for the workers / workers of the informal sector at the national level at the national level. . Not being effectively addressed in National L
05 JuneBose-Einstein condensed was first built in the laboratory. Bose-Einstein is considered as the 5th state of condensed substance. The matter was taken by Indian scientists Satyendra Nath Bose and Albert Einstein in the 20s.
22 JuneThe MoU has been signed by the India and International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to enable them to visit suspected terrorists and individuals detained under human view. This action was praised worldwide by humanists.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1995 😀

05 JulyP V Sindhu / Player / India
01 MayRadhika Madan / Actress / India
05 JulyP.V Sindhu / Player / India
18 FebruaryDeborah Herold / Cyclist / India

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