The year 1963 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1963 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1963 in World ⚡

14 MayKuwait became the 111th member of the United Nations.
25 MayFor the first time in African history, 32 African countries came together to form an organization called the African Union.
28 MayAbout 22 thousand people died due to cyclonic storm in Bay of Bengal.
08 JuneThe American Heart Association Agency (AHA) became the first agency to campaign against cigarettes.
16 June26-year-old Russian woman Lieutenant Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman in the world to fly to space.
21 JuneCardinal Giovanni Battista Montini was elected Pope Paul VI.
24 JuneThe Department of Posts and Telegraph launched the National Telex Service.
26 JuneAmerican President John F. Kennedy addressed a huge crowd in Berlin, the city of West Germany. He called Berlin a symbol of freedom in the world during the Cold War.
19 JulyJoey Walker became the first person to go into space by plane.
20 July17 African countries and Madagascar signed a peace deal with the European Council.
21 JulyKashi Vidyapeeth got the status of university.
04 OctoberIn Cuba and Haiti, six thousand people were killed by the cyclone 'Hyaflorah'.
18 OctoberLord Home was elected as the next Prime Minister of Britain after an uproar for leadership in the Conservative Party.
09 NovemberAn explosion in Japan's Meeke coal mines killed 458 people.
18 NovemberThe American telephone company Bell Systems brought the first phone to the world with a buttoned dialing pad.
25 NovemberFormer US President John F. Kennedy was cremated. In the US capital of Washington, about 8 lakh people saw his body while going to the funeral.
29 NovemberA Canadian jet crashed within minutes after taking off. All 118 people died in this plane crash.
25 August16 opponents of Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin were hanged.
21 JanuaryRenowned novelist, storyteller, editor and journalist Shivpujan Sahai of Hindi literature died.
22 JanuaryThe National Library for the Blind was established in Dehradun.
29 JanuaryBritain could not gain entry into the European Common Market (EEC) due to France's veto.
13 MarchArjuna Award was announced for outstanding performance in sports.
10 April119 US sailors killed by submarine USS Thrasher sinking at sea.
22 JanuaryFrance and West Germany signed the Elysée Treaty.
11 FebruaryAmerican-born poet Sylvia Plath committed suicide in London.
30 MarchGraham Hill won the 1963 Lambakh Trophy motor race.
09 AprilBritish politician Sir Winston Churchill became an honorary citizen of the United States.
01 MayThe Coca-Cola Company introduced its first diet drink, Tab Cola.
13 JuneThe New York Commodity Exchange commenced trading in silver futures contracts.
01 JulyZip code launched by USA Postal Service.
08 AugustTrain robbery in Buckinghamshire, England.
29 SeptemberThe University of East Anglia was established in the city of Norwich, England.
10 OctoberJames Bond's second film "Love from Russia" was screened in London.
18 NovemberThe Dartford Tunnel in England was opened to the public.
21 DecemberInter-sectarian fighting ensued between Greek and Turkish Cyprus.
02 JanuaryVietnam War: The Viet Cong won its first major victory in the Battle of Ap Bac.
21 JanuaryFollowing a period of chaos in Congo-Léopoldville and United Nations intervention, the secession of Katanga came to an end.
19 FebruaryBetty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique, a non-fiction books credited with sparking the beginning of second-wave feminism in the United States, was first published.
27 FebruaryThe Dominican Republic receives its first democratically elected president, Juan Bosch, since the end of the dictatorship led by Rafael Trujillo.
08 MarchThe Ba'ath Party came to power in Syria in a coup d'état by aclique of quasi-leftist Syrian Army officers calling themselves theNational Council of the Revolutionary Command.
17 MarchThe most recent eruption of Mount Agung on Bali, Indonesia,killed approximately 1,500 people.
21 MarchAlcatraz Federal Penitentiary on Alcatraz Island in California's San Francisco Bay - one of the world's most infamous and best-known prisons - was closed.
22 MarchPlease Me, the first album recorded by The Beatles, was released.
11 AprilPope John XXIII released in Terris ('Peace on Earth') compared to West in Territics, addressed Thefire Papal Encycal to 'No Good of Man'.
16 AprilMartin Luther King, Junior wrote his letter from Birmingham Jailin in response to an open letter written by a white pastor four days ago.
30 AprilA boycott was organized at the Bristol to refuse to give jobs to the black or Asian bus crew by the Bristol Omnibaskain, depicting nationality for racial discrimination in the United Kingdom.
03 MayIn Birmingham, Alabama, the police used high -pressure water -hostel dogs on the protesters of civil rights, causing a thorough investigation on racial separation in South America.
08 MayIn South Vietnam, the soldiers of the Republic Vietnam's army set fire to the Buddhist flag flying in the crowd of Buddhist flags, on fire against the Buddhist flag, killing and inciting the Buddhist crisis.
08 MaySouth Vietnam, soldiers of the Republic of Republic of Vietnam, set fire to banning the flying Buddhist flag in Vesakha against a crowd of Buddhist protesters, on fire to kill and incite the Buddhist crisis.
15 MayGordon Cooper, an American astronaut, was launched into space on 15 May 1963 in the Budh-Atalas 9 spacecraft. This was the last mission of the first manned space program called Project Mercury and Gordon became the first American sleeping in space. 34 hours mission.
24 MayThe United States Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy met with unsuccessful attempt to thwart breed relations with American -origin author James Baldwin.
30 MayBuddhist crisis-one supporter was held outside the National Assembly of South Vietnam against Catholic discrimination, the first open performance against President Nego Dinh Dim.
30 MayBuddhist crisis was organized a protest against Catholic discrimination outside South-Vietnam's National Assembly, first open protest against President Agon
03 JuneBuddhist crisis-south Vietnamese army soldiers attacked Buddhists in Hu?, 67 people were admitted to hospital, with liquid chemicals from tear gasgrains.
05 JuneIn the war, British State Secretary John Profuumo admitted and resigned in the House of Commons during interrogation about his involvement in the essential scandal.
11 JuneAlabama University was removed from the post of Governor as Alabama Governor George Wallace stepped into an auditorium after opening the obstruction.
11 JuneVietnamese monk Thich Quang Duke burnt himself in Insenon to oppose the oppression of Buddhists by the administration of South Vietnamer Nago Dinh.
12 JuneThe African American civilian rights activist was from Bayran de la Bekwith, a member of the Medagar Erers Ku Clox Clan.
16 JuneSoviet Space Program: Vostok 6 Mission: Cosmonot Valentina Tereskova became the first woman in space. Valentina Vladimirovana Tereskova was the first woman to flow into space to be selected from more than four hundred applicants and five finalists in Pilot Vostok 6.
16 JuneAboard Vostok 6, Soviet Cosmonot Valentina Tereskova became the first woman in space.
17 JuneAbout 2,000 people in South Vietnam faced riots despite blaming the Joint Community to resolve the ongoing Buddhist crisis from day one.
20 JuneThe so -called 'red telephone' between the White missile and the Kremlin was installed, after the Cubian missile crisis that unlimited communication between the two countries was necessary.
21 JuneCardinal Geoani Batista Montini was selected as Pope Paul VI. He ruled from 21 June 1963 after his death in 1978. Following the success of Pope John XXIII, he continued the second Vatican Council, which he shut down in 1965, implemented several reforms of it and promoted better ecological relations with Eastern Orthodox and Protestants, resulting in several historical meetings. And agreement.
21 JuneItalian Cardinal Geoani Batista Montini was selected as Pope Paul VI.
30 JuneA car bomb, intended for mafia boss Salvatore Greek, killed Satpulis and military officials near Palermo.
01 JulyThe British government revealed that former MI6 agent Kimfilabi was engaged in espionage for the Soviet Union.
07 JulySouth Vietnam's lead political advisor, Nago Dinh Nu, brother and chief political advisor to South Vietnam, Engo Dinh Dim attacked a group of American journalists protesting during the Buddhist religious leaders.
07 JulyNgô nnh Nhu, brother and Chief politician of the President of South Vietnam Ngô HN Di? The police attacked a group of American journalists who were covering a protest during the Buddhist crisis.
12 JulyIn Gorteen, England, 16 -year -old Paulin Ryid disappeared, Moore murders were the best victims of Ian Brady and Myra Hindle.
24 JulyA major Canadian symbol replica, Bluenos II, Lunberg, Nova Scotia were launched.
05 AugustThe United States, Britain and Russia were as a signator on a partial nuclear testing restriction treaty. The restriction ends the atmosphere, outer space and water testing.
08 AugustThe Zimbabwe African National Union was formed when Nadabingisthol, Robert Mugabe and others decided to separate from the Zimbabweican People's Union.
15 AugustAfter the three -day rebellion in the President Fulbert YouLOU capital, the Republic of Congo was overthrown.
18 AugustJames Meredith is the first African American to finish a degree in political science from the University of Mississippi; He was also the first black student of the university.
24 AugustThe Buddhist crisis-American Foreign Department ordered Ambassador South Cabot Lodge, Junior to voluntarily encourage officers of South Vietnamese army to take out Nago Dinh Dim to remove Nago Dinh Nu from his power status.
28 AugustEvergreen Point Floating Bridge, the world's longest bridge, was opened in Washington, Lake Washington, USA.
29 AugustDuring a large political rally by Washington, DC, Martinluon King, Junior gave his 'I have a dream' speech from the steps of Lincoln Memorial, describing his wish for the future where black white is with harmony with harmony Will reconcile.
06 SeptemberVictor Kruk was sent on a mission to assess the progression of the Vietnam war by CanadyDerection, and was against the withdrawal of South Vietnamese President Nago Din Din Din Din Dim's Buddhist crisis and the return of the XA Loi turban raids.
15 SeptemberA bomb planted by members of Ku Clox Clan was exploded in the 16th Street Baptist Church, an African American Baptist Church Barringham, Alabama, America, killing four children and injured at least 22 children.
16 SeptemberMalaya, Singapore, North Borneo (present Saba), and Sarwak merged into Malaysia.
28 SeptemberVama!, Roy was now considered one of the most important functions of Lichnstein, Leo Castile Gallery, was the first film in an exhibition held in New York City.
29 SeptemberThe University of Eastern Anglia was established in Norwich, England, the establishment of such a university in the city was talked about in the early 19th century.
02 OctoberHurricane Flora, Haiti, Cuba, Trinidad, and Tobago, Grenada die of heavy storms, it was considered to be deadly and one of the worst storms recorded for destruction.
03 OctoberOswaldo Lopez Arelano converted Hindon President Ramonwilda Morales into a violent coup and took the initiative of two decades of military rule.
04 OctoberFlora (depiction of radar's image), which is one of the most fierce and deadly storms in history, first became a landfall in Cuba after Cuba became Tobago and Phagniola.
05 OctoberU.S. The commercial import program suspended his main economic support for South Vietnam, in response to the harassment of intelligence by President Nago Dinh Dim.
07 OctoberThe first sample leaves on its first test flight in LearJet, a large -scale business jet Wichita, Kansas.
09 OctoberA landslide from Wajontdam in Northern Italy displaced a large amount of water, causing waves and floods, causing far-off villages and killed about 2,000 people.
01 NovemberThe Arecibo Observatory, with the world's largest lapsingle-dish radio telescope, was officially opened in Erecibo, Puerto Rico.
01 NovemberLH Quang Tung, the loyal head of South Vietnam SpecialForces, was killed in an American -backed coup after a period of religious unrest against the President in an American -backed coup.
02 NovemberSouth Vietnam President Ango Dinh Dim was assassinated, which marks the culmination of the coup under the leadership of Duong Van Minh.
06 NovemberGuyen Nong Thor was appointed as the head of the South Vietnamese government by General Duong Van Minh's military jute, five days later President Nog Dim Dim was removed and murdered.
18 NovemberThe first push-button was made available for the telephone AT&T, to the customers.
22 NovemberThe first B -2 Stealth Bomber of the United States Air Force was first displayed in the Air Force Plant 42 in Pamdale, California.
23 NovemberThe first episode of Doctor Hu, which was the world's longest fiction television show, was aired on BBC television, starring William Hartnel as the first avatar of the title role.
24 NovemberBusinessman Jack Ruby shot and injured Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged killer of US President John F. Kennedy, during the living television broadcast and airing the principles of conspiracy on the case.
29 NovemberFive minutes after the takeoff from Montreal, the Trans-Canada airline flight 831 crashed, killing all 118 people.
08 DecemberAfter being affected by lightning in a holding pattern, PAN M Flight 214 crashed near Elkton in Maryland, US, killing all 81 people.
14 DecemberThe Dam that binds the Baldwin Hills reservoir in Los Angeles releases 277 houses destroying houses.
31 DecemberDespite the efforts of Prime Minister Roy Valensky, the Central Arffrekan Federation officially divided into three separatists-Jambia, Malawi and Rhodesia.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1963 in India ⚡

22 MayIndia's first glider Rohini took off.
07 SeptemberAshok Chakra winner Indian Airhostess Air Hostess) Neerja Bhanot was born.
21 NovemberIndia's space program began with the release of rockets from the Thumba region of Kerala.
01 DecemberNagaland became the 16th state of India.
10 JanuaryThe Government of India introduced the Gold Control Scheme. Under which the jewelery of more than 14 carats was banned.
31 JanuaryThe peacock was declared the national bird of India.
03 FebruaryRaghuram Rajan, former Governor of Reserve Bank of India was born.
08 FebruaryFamous cricketer and former Indian captain Azaruddin was born in Hyderabad.
28 FebruaryThe first President of India, Rajendra Prasad died.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1963 😀

01 AprilRohini Khadilkar / Player / India
07 SeptemberNeerja Bhanot / Air Hostess / India
01 NovemberNita Ambani / Business Woman / India
01 NovemberNita Ambani / Industrialist / India
01 AprilRohini Khadilkar / Player / India
02 JuneAnand Abhyankar / Actor / India
03 FebruaryRaghuram Rajan / Academic / India
03 FebruaryRaghuram Rajan / Economist / India
04 DecemberJaved Jafri / Actor / India
07 SeptemberNeerja Bhanot / Air Hostess / India
07 SeptemberNeerja Bhanot / Model / India
08 FebruaryMohammad Azharuddin / Politician / India
10 AugustPhoolan Devi / Politician / India
13 AugustSridevi / Actress / India
14 SeptemberRobin Singh / Cricketer / India
15 AprilManoj Prabhakar / Cricketer / India
16 MayChitra Ramakrishna / Business Woman / India
21 DecemberGovinda / Actor / India
29 NovemberLalit Modi / Business Man / India
31 AugustRituparno Ghosh / Actor / India
31 AugustRituparno Ghosh / Director / India

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