The year 1914 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1914 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1914 in World ⚡

01 May
27 JuneThe US signed a trade treaty with Ethiopia.
04 JulyThe war of Bardun ended.
08 JulyIn West Bengal, Jyoti Basu, the longest chief minister and the basis of leftist politics, was born.
28 JulyAustria-Hungary declared war against Serbia. It was here that the First World War began.
05 SeptemberThe London Treaty was signed by 5 countries of the world, Great Britain, France, Belgium and Russia.
10 SeptemberThe war between the armies of Germany and Russia started near the lake called Mesuri.
22 SeptemberThe German warship Imden bombed the port of Madras.
13 OctoberGarrett Morgan discovered and painted a gas mask.
31 OctoberBritain and France declared war against Turkey.
02 NovemberBritain incorporated Cyprus into its empire.
01 AugustThe First World War in history was initiated by Germany and Russia.
03 AugustDuring the First World War, Germany declared war against France.
04 AugustEngland declared war against Germany.
05 AugustFirst traffic light installed in America.
15 AugustThe Panama Canal was formally opened for commercial traffic.
28 AugustIt was on this day that the First World War began.
08 DecemberThe Falkland Water War was fought between Britain and Germany around the islands of the same name in the Atlantic Ocean.
05 JanuaryFor the first time, the American company Ford set the example of the minimum wage to the world by setting a limit of five dollars a day for employees.
01 FebruaryActor Avatar Kishan Hangal was born.
16 FebruaryThe first aircraft flew between Los Angeles and San Francisco.
28 AprilIn the US, a coal mine accident in the Essels area of ​​West Virginia killed 181 people.
05 JanuaryFord Motor Company announced an eight-hour workday with a daily wage of 5.
12 FebruaryWashington DC. In, the first stone of the Lincoln Memorial was laid.
01 MarchThe Republic of China joined the Universal Postal Union.
11 AprilAlpha Ro Chi, a professional architecture brothers, founded Hotel Sherman in Chicago.
14 MayWoodrow Wilson signed the declaration of Mother's Day.
12 JuneGreek Massacre: Ottoman Greeks were killed in Fokia by Turkish irregular soldiers.
30 JulyThe city of Belgrade, the artillery of Austria, became the capital of Serbia.
01 AugustThe New York Stock Exchange was closed due to war in Europe.
03 SeptemberPrince William of Albania had to leave the country after six months due to the opposition under his rule.
27 OctoberThe Greek army captured the city of Northern Epirus at the behest of the Allies.
24 NovemberBenito Mussolini was ejected from the Italian Socialist Party.
12 DecemberThe New York Stock Exchange reopened.
07 FebruaryThe film Kid Auto Races at Venice, featuring the first appearance of comedy actor Charlie Chaplin's character 'The Tramp, was released.
28 FebruaryIn the aftermath of the Balkan Wars, Greeks living in southern Albania proclaimed the Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus.
07 MarchPrussian William of Wied began his short reign as sovereignprince of the newly independent state of Albania.
20 April17 people died in Ludlo massacre due to a fire and gun battle between the National Guard of Colorado and the striking coal miners in Colorado.
21 AprilThe Mexican Revolution-colored state of America detained a German steameristing materal for the Mexican federal government.
21 AprilThe Mexican Revolution The United States detained a German steamer to Material for the Mexican federal government.
24 AprilThe Frank-Hurtz experiment, a column in the development of zinc mechanics, was presented to the German Physical Society.
01 MayOn 1 May 1914, a constitutional compact has been produced by a body of 66 men from the cabinet to change the temporary constitution of China after the formal disintegration of China's Parliament. The new legal system gave unlimited rights to the first President of the Republic of China on China's Army, Finance, Foreign Policy and Civil Rights.
17 MayAlbania officially recognized the region of the northern epirus as an informal region with the Albanian state, which was never established due to the First World War.
25 MayThe British Parliament, establishing a developed government in Ireland, passed the third Home Rule Act.
29 MayIreland's ocean liner RMS, Queen, collided with a Storestad in the river Lawrence, with 1,012 riding on a ship.
28 JuneThe assassination of Austria's Archduk Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie, Duchess of Hohenburg, (a painting of Ferdinand -stained) was performed by the nationalist Gavarilo Principal of Yugoslav during Sarajevo, during the outbreak of World War I, during the Sarajevo.
29 JuneDuring the second day of the anti-surprise riots in Sarajevo, several buildings owned by ethnic surbas were demolished.
11 JulyThe first 'Super-Drednote' of the USS Nevada, United States Navy was launched.
23 JulyAustria-Hungeri presented Serbia with an ultimatum to investigate the murder of Archduck Franz Ferdinand, that Sirbia would eventually reject the first world war.
27 JulyFelix Manlo founded an independent, non -Trinatorian Christian Church, modern Iglesia Nee Christorelizian in the Philippines.
28 JulyAustria-Hungeri announced the war after accepting only the condition of Serbia of the July ultimatum after the murder of Archduk Franz Ferdinand in Sergevo.
03 AugustFirst World War: Germany declares war against France
09 AugustThe First World War-France launched its first attack of war in a failed attempt to recover the Alses province from Germany.
15 AugustThe Panama Canal, which connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, was officially opened. The construction of this canal was launched by French engineers in 1880, but the French stopped construction after 20,000 laborers died of malaria and yellow fever. Therefore, American money and engineers completed the project.
15 AugustThe Panama Canal (Construction Picture) was opened for traffic, which provides a shortcut from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean via the Estmus of the Panama.
23 AugustIn its first major action of World War I, the British campaign team defeated German soldiers in Mons, Belgium.
28 AugustIn the first naval war of the First World War, British ships defeated the German fleet in the Heligoland Bite region of the North Sea.
30 AugustFirst World War- Tennberg's battle resulted in almost incomplete destruction of the Russian II Army by German Eiiiarmy.
01 SeptemberPassenger pigeon, which once had a population of at least 3 billion birds, became extinct, when the last person died.
05 SeptemberFirst World War: The first battle of Marne began with the French forces carrying forward the German army in the Marne River near Paris.
11 SeptemberDuring the First World War, the Australian naval and military operations attacked the German New Guinea, who won the Batta Pak's battle.
14 SeptemberHMAS AE1 was the first submarine of the Royal Australian Navy, which was washed into the sea; Its debris never found.
17 SeptemberAndrew Fisher became the Prime Minister of Australia for the third time, the period of unmatched reform in the Commonwealth began by 1940.
17 SeptemberAndrew Fisher, who was the previous term as the Prime Minister's Australia, was unmatched in the Commonwealth by 1940, became Prime Minister for the third time.
22 SeptemberThe First World War-German naval forces bombed the papaya in French Polynesia.
09 OctoberIn Antwerp, the Belgian soldiers of the First World War Belgian surrendered, causing the city to occupy the city.
22 OctoberThe Congress passes the Revenue Act, making the first tax compulsory on homes with more than $ 3,000 income.
13 NovemberZian war-zean barbaric tribals shifted the French army to Morocco at the Battle of Al Herri.
24 DecemberBritish and German soldiers disrupted the First World War to celebrate Christmas, which led to Christmas.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1914 in India ⚡

30 JuneMahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, was arrested for the first time while agitating for the rights of Indians in South Africa.
03 AprilIndia's first Field Marshal S. HF Jay Manekshaw was born in Amritsar.
30 JuneMahatma Gandhi arrested for the first time during the promotion of rights in South Africa. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a prominent leader of the Indian independence movement in British -ruled India. While working as a non -violent citizen disobedience, Gandhi inspired India to freedom and inspired the movements for civil rights and freedom around the world.
09 NovemberIn the First World War, in the Cocos Islands, the Australian light cruiser HMAS Sydney submerged the last active central jurisdiction in the SMS Amden, Indian or Pacific Ocean.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1914 😀

03 AprilSam Manekshaw / Military officer / India
18 MarchDr Nagendra Singh / Judge / India
AugustSarla Thakral / pilot / India
24 OctoberLakshmi Sahgal / Freedom Fighter / India
01 FebruaryA.K. Hangal / Actor / India
01 FebruaryAk Hangal / Actor / India
01 JanuarySarat Chandra Sinha / Politician / India
03 AprilSam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Ma / Soldier / India
03 AprilSam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw / Indian Army / India
03 AprilSam Manekshaw / Army Chief / India
03 AprilSam Manekshaw / Field Marshal / India
08 JulyJyoti Basu / Politician / India
08 AugustSarla Thakral / Pilot / India
15 NovemberV. R. Krishna Iyer / Lawyer / India
16 NovemberVizol Angami / Politician / India
17 DecemberMushtaq Ali / Cricketer / India
18 MarchDr. Nagendra Singh / Lawyer / India
18 MarchDr. Nagendra Singh / Politician / India
18 MarchMaharaj Sri Nagendra Singh  / Lawyer / India
18 MaySarukkai Jagannathan / Civil Servant / India
22 AprilBaldev Raj Chopra / Producer / India
22 FebruaryDev Kant Barooah / Politician / India
24 OctoberLakshmi Sahgal / Army Officer / India
24 OctoberLakshmi Sahgal / Freedom Fighter / India

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