The year 1940 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1940 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1940 in World ⚡

15 MayTwo brothers named Mac and Dick Macdonald started the McDonald's Restaurant in San Bernardino, California.
18 MayThe German army captured Brussels.
28 MayBelgium lost to Germany during World War II.
04 JuneDuring World War II, the German army entered the French capital, Paris.
08 JuneThe discovery of the 93rd element Neptunium was announced.
09 JuneNorway surrendered to Germany during World War II.
10 JuneItaly declared a fight against France and Britain during World War II.
11 JuneThe European country Italy declared a fight against the Allies.
14 JuneDuring World War II, the German army captured Paris, the capital of France.
14 JulyIn World War II, German bombers bombed Suez.
21 JulyThe Soviet Union occupied Estonia Latvia and Lithuania.
03 SeptemberFamous composer of Hindi cinema Pyarelal was born.
10 SeptemberGermany bombed Buckingham Palace.
17 OctoberMahatma Gandhi declared private Satyagraha.
20 OctoberCheese also began to be found in ration in the Netherlands.
25 OctoberBenjamin O. Davis, Sr. became the first African-American general of the US Army.
10 NovemberThe 7.7-magnitude earthquake in Bucharest, Romania killed more than 1000 people.
27 NovemberKarate's legendary sportsman and actor Bruce Lee was born.
08 AugustArjuna Awardee cricketer Dilip Narayan Sardesai was born in Madgaon, Goa.
17 DecemberMahatma Gandhi postponed the individual Satyagraha movement.
22 DecemberManvendra Nath Rai announced the establishment of the Radical Democratic Party.
10 JanuaryNoted singer, songwriter and actor K.J. Yesudas was born.
07 FebruaryRailways were nationalized in Britain.
23 FebruaryRussian forces captured the island of Lasi near Greece.
08 JanuaryThe British government introduced ration cards for butter, bacon, ham and sugar.
07 FebruaryThe Walt Disney animated film Pinocchio premiered at a theater in New York City.
21 MarchPaul Ryanad became Prime Minister of France
02 AprilBritain and Denmark signed a trade agreement.
11 MayThe Battle of Grieberg began in the central Netherlands.
07 JuneDaisy Duck's character first appeared in the Disney cartoon Mr. Duck Steps Out.
15 JulyThe 1940 Democratic National Conference was held in Chicago.
13 AugustCanberra Air Accident: Ten people, including three ministers of the Australian cabinet, were killed.
13 SeptemberThe Italian army captured Libya in Egypt and Fort Campuzzo in Sallum.
14 OctoberThe Nationality Act was a United States law signed.
19 NovemberA German bombing on Birmingham killed about 900 people.
10 DecemberHitler gave a speech for munitians activists in Berlin.
07 JanuaryWinter War-The Finnish 9th Division stopped and completely destroyed the overwhelming Soviet forces on the Rate-Suomussalmi road.
07 FebruaryWalt Disney's Pinocchio, the first animated motion picture to win a competitive Academy Award, was released to theaters by RKO Pictures.
16 FebruarySecond World War-The British Royal Navy boarded and captured the German tanker Altmark and freed 299 captured British sailors.
27 FebruaryAmerican biochemists Martin Kamen and Sam Ruben discovered the radioactive isotope carbon-14, which today is used extensively as the basis of the radiocarbon dating method to date archaeological, geological, and hydrogeological samples.
30 MarchSecond Sino-Japanese War—Wang Jingwei officially installed Japan as the head of a puppet state in China.
07 AprilEducator Booker T. Washington became the first American American, depicted on the US postage stamp.
09 AprilDuring the German invasion of Norway, Vidakun Quisling captured the government in the Nazi-supported coup.
01 MayThe Summer Olympics, formally known as the game of XII Olympiad, was canceled on 1 May 1940 due to the spread of World War II, which originally in Tokyo, Japan, from 21 September to 6 October 1940 in Tokyo, Japan Was going to be held.
05 MayIn the Second World War Heggft, a team of 250 Norwegian volunteers finally surrendered to a very better Nazi army after a 25-day siege.
07 MayA debate began in the British House of Commons and several days later the replacement of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlane with Winstonchillin ended.
10 MayBritish Prime Minister Neville Chamberlane resigned and recommended Winston Churchill as his successor.
14 MayThe wholesale of the Second World War-Dutch forces surrendered to the Vaharmach, ending the Battle of the Netherlands.
15 MayMcDonald's, the world's largest range of Hamburger Fast Food Restaurant, San Bernardino, its first restaurant in California was founded on 15 May 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald. It is also the second largest private employer in the world after Walmart.
24 MayIgor Sikorsky performed the first successful single-rotor helicopter flight. The Igor Ivanovich Sikorky helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft were a Russian American aviation. He designed and blows up the world's first multi-engine fixed wing aircraft, Ruski Whitez and the first Airlander, Ilya Muromates in 1914.
25 MayWorld War II-A German Penger Division captured Boglne-Sur-Mer of France, forcing the British campaign force through Dogic.
26 MayA Floatilla of World War II-'Small Ships' launched a warship of British, French and Belgian soldiers by the German army during the Battle of Dankirk.
28 MaySecond World War- On the same day when Belgium surrendered Germani, the friendly army captured Norway, Norway again.
03 JuneFraz Redmacher, a Nazi government official, proposed that Madagascar should be made available for the rehabilitation of the Jews of the Jews.
04 JuneSecond World War: The remaining friend forces protecting the Dunkark withdrawal, surrendered, which gave Germans a strategic victory in the Battle of Duncark.
10 JuneNorway surrendered to the German Nazi forces during World War II. The German army attacked Norway with sea and wind as soon as Operation Weserbung was taken into action. The unexpected Norwegian forces failed to oppose a powerful attack and officially surrendered to Germany.
17 JuneThree Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania came under the possession of the Soviet Union. The Soviet suzerainty of the Baltic states covers the period of invasion and invasion in 1940 in 1941 from the Soviet-Baltic mutual support agreement in 1939.
17 JuneThe biggest marine disaster of the Second World War-Britain was in at least 3, at least 3 thousand people were killed by the sinking of the military contingent by Luftwafa near St.-Nazier, France.
25 JuneSecond World War: France officially surrendered to Germany. In the Second World War, the France's Battle, also known as the France's collapse, was a successful German invasion of France and lower countries, mainly by defeating the French forces. The fight included two main operations. First, Gir Gelb (Case Yellow), German Bakhtarband units pushed through Ardanese and then to aligned with the Somme Valley and to surround the friendship units that moved forward in Belgium.
25 JuneWorld War II - The withdrawal of soldiers of about 200,000 friendly countries was completed from French ports.
25 JuneSecond World War: The evacuation of about 200,000 friendly soldiers from French ports was completed.
03 JulyThe Second World War-Bitish Navy attacked the French fleet (French destroyer Mogador painted), fearing that the ship would drop the German hands after a ceasefire between those two countries.
03 JulySecond World War: The British Navy attacked the French fleet, fearing that the ships would fall into the German hands after a ceasefire between the two countries.
06 JulyThe Story Bridge in Brisbane, the longest Cantillar Bridge Inaustralia, was opened by Sir Leslie Orm Wilson, Governor of Queensland.
10 JulyThe German Luftwafa began attacks on the British convoy to begin Britain's war in the British battlefield.
11 JulyVichy France was formally established during World War II. Philip Patent became Prime Minister. It was a supporting axis kingdom that was a puppet government under German rule. The incident occurred after the French German invasion.
11 JulyFrench Filip Pete became the head of the Vichie state, the hero of the French World War I.
20 JulyArroyo Seco Parkway, one of the first built states, open to traffic, which connects the city of Caspena, California with Los Angeles.
23 JulyThe US Under Secretary of State Sumer Wales released a manifesto that the US would not recognize the announcement of the Soviet Union's Breetal states.
27 JulyBugs Bani started in animated cartoon a wild green.
03 AugustThe Second World War-Italy began his attack on the British Somalland.
20 AugustIn the midst of Britain's fight, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave a speech thanking the Royal Air Force, which said, 'never was so outstanding for so many people.
07 SeptemberSecond World War: German Luftwaf changed its strategy in Britain's battle and started bombing London and other British cities and towns for more than 50 consecutive nights.
16 SeptemberWorld War I Italy captured the city of Sidi Bairani, the Egyptian Bataheer invasion did not carry forward.
19 SeptemberVitold Pilki, a member of the Polish resistance, removed himself from the German forces and sent it on the order of the Aushwitz Concentration Campin to gather intelligence.
29 SeptemberNumber 2 Service Flying Training School RAAF's two Everro Anson Brocklesby, New South Wales, collided in the air between Australia, stayed together after colliding, and safely landed.
01 OctoberThe first section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the United States' first Inter-City Express, which is equal to the German autoban, was opened for traffic.
14 OctoberDuring the Second World War Bloitz, a semi-piercing fragmentation bomb of a 1,400 kg (3,100 pounds) fell on the road above the bomb, which was being used as an aerial-aircraft shelter, with at least 64 at least 64 People were killed.
16 OctoberThe Second World War-Nazi Governor-General Hans Frank founded the Jewish Jewish Jewish Vevre Getho, the largest Jewish Jewish occupied at Poland.
17 OctoberA French Communist, the body of Willy Munnenberg, who was a misleading campaigner for the Communist Party of Germany, was found to be a saint-marselin.
26 OctoberOne of the most effective aircraft of the Allies during World War II, North American P -51 Mustang created its first flight.
27 OctoberThe World Fair in New York concluded with a day's conclusion of 537,952 visitors.
28 OctoberGreece replaced Italy's ultimatum, marking the introduction of Greco-Italian War and marking the entry of Greece into WW2.
28 OctoberThe Balkan Abhiyan at the Second World War-Itley attacked Greece, Greek Prime Minister Ionis Metatex rejected the ultimatum of Italian dictator Bentito Mussolini as they were demanding the occupation of the creator.
01 NovemberItalian fascists captured a well -populated area of ​​Greece. According to further report, Italy was moving towards the border of Albania. Meanwhile, the British took an edge over Italy's Naples.
05 NovemberThe Germans destroyed two different ships in the water of the North Atlantic Sea. One of the ships was the British passenger ship and the other was a cargo.
08 NovemberThe Italian invasion of Greece failed as the few Greek people pushed the Italians back in the battle of Ilaiah-Kalamas.
10 NovemberIn the 20th century, the country's strongest earthquake occurred 7.7 mL earthquake in the Verranasia region of Romania.
11 NovemberThe Second World War-German Assistant Cruiser Atlantis captured the top secret documents of SS Automedon, which would later affect Japan's decision to enter the war.
12 NovemberThe Soviet External Affairs Minister Vyacheslav Molotov reached Berlin and dismissed the possibility of joining the axis powers of the Soviet Union.
13 NovemberWalt Disney's Funtasia was shown in the first commercial film, which premiered in thirteen cities across the United States.
14 NovemberThe Second World War-Coventry Cathedral and Coventry, Most of the cities in England, Coventry Blitz were destroyed by German Lufatafuring.
25 NovemberDey Havilland Mosquito (eg for example) and Martinbar -26 Maruder, who are two of the most successful military aircraft in Worldwar II, were the first flight of both.
27 NovemberIn the Battle of World War-Cip Spartivanto, Roylanvi engaged in Regia Marina near Sicilia.
27 NovemberThe Iron Guard killed more than 60 political prisoners at the appointment near Bukharest and chased several pre-Prime Ministers, including former Romania Prime Minister Nikoleyorga.
09 DecemberThe Second World War-Bitish and Commonwealth forces opened the Open Operation Compass, the first major aide of the WestWour Desert Campaign.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1940 in India ⚡

13 MarchIndian revolutionary Udham Singh shot and killed former Punjab Governor Michael O Dyer in London to avenge the Jallianwala Bagh from the British.
23 MarchPakistan Movement—During its three-day general session, the Muslim League drafted the Lahore Resolution, which called for greater economic cooperation in British India.
13 JuneRevolutionary leader Udham Singh was hanged on the charge of killing Mitchell Odire, who was the Governor General of Punjab at the time of Jalliawala Bau murder case. Singh is a prominent person of the Indian freedom struggle. He is sometimes known as Shaheed-e-Azam Sardar Udham Singh.
22 JuneNetaji Subhash Chandra Bose established the 'Forward Block' after differences with Congress leaders. Of Mohandas. Netaji resigned from the post of President of the Indian National Congress after Gandhi became vocal. The formation of forward block was announced to the public at a rally in Calcutta. Bose said that all those who were joining, they had to never turn away from the British and have to fill the pledge by cutting their finger and signing with their blood.
02 JulyIndian freedom leader Subhash Chandra Bose was arrested in Calcutta. Subhash Chandra Bose was known as an Indian nationalist and a prominent person of the Indian independence movement all over India. Bose was two -time elected president of the Indian National Congress and the founder and president of the All India Forward Block.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1940 😀

24 SeptemberAarti Saha / Swimmer / India
08 AugustDennis Tito / Engineer / United States of america
13 AprilNajma Heptulla / Politician / India
26 MarchNancy Pelosi / Politician / United States of america
01 NovemberRamesh Chandra Lahoti / Lawyer / India
03 JuneIndira Jeising / Socialist / India
05 JanuaryMubarak Begum / Singer / India
05 OctoberNar Bahadur Bhandari / Politician / India
05 DecemberSundararajan Padmanabhan / Soldier / India
06 JanuaryNarendra Kohli / Writer / India
08 AugustDilip Sardesai / Cricketer / India
09 FebruaryVishnu Khare / Writer / India
12 NovemberAmjad Khan / Actor / India
12 JanuaryM. Veerappa Moily / Politician / India
12 DecemberSharad Pawar / Politician / India
13 FebruaryG. V. Satyavati / Doctor / India
13 AprilNajma Heptullah / Politician / India
13 DecemberSanjaya Lall / Academic / India
15 DecemberRavinder Kapoor / Actor / India
15 AprilUstad Sultan Khan / Singer / India
20 JanuaryKrishnam Raju / Politician / India
20 AugustRex Sellers / Cricketer / India
21 JulyShankarsinh Vaghela / Politician / India
22 MayE.A.S. Prasanna / Cricketer / India

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