The year 1989 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1989 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1989 in World ⚡

25 MayMikhail Gorbachev was elected acting president of the Soviet Union.
23 OctoberHungary became an independent republic after 33 years of independence from the Soviet Union.
31 OctoberOzal was elected President of Turkey.
09 NovemberIn Britain, capital punishment was completely banned.
10 NovemberThe demolition of the Berlin Wall began in Germany.
21 NovemberCameras were installed for the first time in the House of Commons, the lower house of the British Parliament.
13 DecemberFive Kashmiri militants were released from jail in exchange for the release of the daughter of Home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed from the clutches of the terrorists.
24 DecemberThe country's first amusement park 'Accel World' opened in Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra.
02 JanuaryPopular dramatist Safdar Hashmi was so brutally beaten by anti-social elements during a play that he died.
06 JanuarySatwant Singh and Kehar Singh, both the culprits of Indira Gandhi's assassination, were hanged.
16 JanuaryPrem Nazir, one of the biggest stars of Malayalam cinema, died under the original name Abdul Khadir. He holds the world record for playing the lead in 725 films to his name.
30 JanuaryThe US closed its embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan.
14 FebruaryThe first satellite based on the Global Positioning System was placed near Earth's orbit in space.
14 MarchFWD in place of Peter Botha by South African National Party. Clarke was made president.
16 March4400 years old mummy was found in the pyramid of Chipose in Egypt.
25 MarchThe country's first supercomputer X-MP14 built in the US was dedicated to the nation.
27 MarchThe test of the US anti-missile satellite in space failed.
02 AprilYasser Arafat, leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization, elected President of Palestine.
09 AprilAsia's first fully underground Sanjay hydroelectric project was started.
02 JanuaryPrime Minister Ranasingh Premadasa took over as the third President of Sri Lanka.
02 FebruarySatellite television service Sky Television plc launched in Europe.
04 March5 were killed and 94 were injured in a train accident at Purley station in London.
26 AprilZad ibn Shekhar was elected as Prime Minister of JD al-Rifai.
01 MayWalt Disney World's Disney-MGM Studios opened to the public for the first time.
03 JuneThe world's first HDTV broadcast was launched in Japan's analog city.
23 JulyGiulio Underti takes over as Prime Minister of Italy.
09 AugustToshiki Kaifu became the Prime Minister of Japan.
10 SeptemberNorway's ruling Labor Party lost eight seats in the parliamentary election.
03 OctoberThe Dalai Lama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
02 NovemberNorth Dakota and South Dakota celebrated their 100th birthday.
19 DecemberWorkers went on strike in Romanian cities to protest against Communist rule.
07 JanuaryAkihito, the current Emperor of Japan, took the throne upon the death of his father Hirohito, who became known by the posthumous name Emperor Showa.
14 JanuaryIn Bradford England, 1000 Muslims burn Salman Rushdie's novel Satanic Verses.
17 JanuaryPatrick Purdy opened fire with an assault rifle on an elementary school in Stockton, California, killing 5 and wounding 30 others.
24 JanuaryAmerican serial killer Ted Bundy was executed by electric chair in Florida for the homicides of at least 30 women.
03 FebruaryAlfredo Stroessner, whose rule as President of Paraguay for 35 years was marked by uninterrupted repression in his country, was overthrown in a military coup by Andrés Rodríguez.
14 FebruaryA fatwa was issued for the execution of Salman Rushdie forauthoring The Satanic Verses, a novel Islamic fundamentalists consideredblasphemous.
15 FebruaryThe Soviet Union officially announced that all of its troopshad withdrawn from Afghanistan after a nine-year conflict.
24 FebruaryUnited Airlines Flight 811 experienced an uncontrolleddecompression after leaving Honolulu International Airport, Hawaii,killing nine passengers when their seats were sucked out of the plane.
27 FebruaryA wave of protests, riots and looting known as the Caracazoresulted in a death toll of anywhere between 275 and 3,000 people in theVenezuelan capital Caracas and its surrounding towns.
08 MarchA new theatre named ‘Plymouth Theatre’ was opened by ‘Heidi Chronicles’ to perform 621 performances at the New York.
15 MarchNew York Ranger actually retired Golie eddie Giacomins. This is a very serious matter for all the New York citizens and also for the Golie supporter.
23 MarchTwo researchers announced the discovery of cold fusion, a claim that was later discredited.
24 MarchThe tanker Exxon Valdez spilled more than 10 million gallons of oil into Prince William Sound, Alaska, one of the world's worst man-made environmental disasters.
24 MarchThe tanker Exxon Valdez spilled more than 10 million US gallons of oil into Prince William Sound, Alaska, in one of the most devastating man-made environmental disasters at sea.
15 AprilThe death of former Chinese general secretary Hu Yobang gave birth to several incidents, which protested Tianmen Chowk in Beijing.
15 AprilDuring a human crush match between FA Cup semi -finals and Nottingham Forest at Hillsboro Stadium in Sheffield, England, 96 deaths occurred, which were the highest in any disaster related to the stadium in British history.
16 April1st Senior Golf Tradition was held in the year 1989. It was won by Don Bais.
16 AprilCosto Rica defeated US in the RD round of the Football World Cup to win the tournament.
19 AprilOn the United States Navy warship Iowa, a gun exploded in a gun, in which 47 sailors were killed.
25 AprilA drag race was held in New York. Luke Tyson gained ticket in this drag race.
26 AprilAn editorial was published in the People's Daily, condemning the unrest in Tianmen Square, which would stop the rest of the protest.
26 AprilA storm came in Manikganj district of Bangladesh, killing 1,300 people, which was the deadliest in history.
01 MayThe MGM Studio of 135 acres of Disney was opened on 1 May 1989 at Bay Lake, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. It is one of the four theme parks of Walt Disney's Hollywood studio, dedicated to the Hollywood industry as inspiration from the inspiration of the industry. In the 1930s and 1940s.
20 MayThe Chinese government declared martial law on May 20, 1989 following a demonstration by a million of residents to support the movement started by students at Tiananmen Square. The order of martial law soon resulted into Tiananmen Square Massacre or commonly known as June Fourth Massacre in which troops with assault rifles and tanks inflicted casualties on unarmed civilians.
30 MayDemocracy of Democracy (replication picture), a ten-meter (33 ft) statue, mostly made of polystine foam and papier-mache, was fraudulently made by student protesters at Tianmen Square, Beijing.
04 JuneThe People's Liberation Army violently vandalized the Tianmen Chowk protests in Beijing, killing at least 241 people and injuring 7,000, and the Kinis government was widespread international condemnation.
04 JuneAfter the death of Ayatollah Ruhullah Khomeini, experts from AASS elected Ali Khamenei as the supreme leader of the lady.
05 JuneAn anonymous protestor, which was later termed 'tank man', stopped a column of Chinese tanks before being drawn to one side during the Tianmen squareprists.
27 JuneInternational Labor Organization Convention 169, a major international conference regarding indigenous people, and the rights of indigenous people were adopted in 2007.
28 JuneSerbia President Slobodan Milaoevich gave a speech in which he described the possibility of 'armed fight' in the future of national development of Serbia.
05 JulyOliver North, a member of the United States National Security Council, was convicted in the case of Iran-Custra Affair.
06 JulyA member of a Palestinian Islamic Jihad kidnapped a bus and committed a suicide attack and dropped it into a ravine near Kirit Yarim, Israel.
19 JulyAfter withstanding unconfirmed failure of an engine, the United Airlines Flight 232, which broke all its hydraulic systems, made 111 breaks up during an emergency landing in the city of Iowa, Seuc's city.
28 JulyBrevs del Murphy played a domestic innings of 2 3 runs in an innings. He is the 14th man to score 2 domestic runs in an innings. He has also set a record of 6 RBI in an innings.
18 AugustIn the Gaza Strip, Palestinians did not go to their jobs in Israel and indicated protest. In response to the issuance of computerized identity card by the Israeli government, militants directed the strike. The strike shut down shops, educational facilities and businesses.
18 AugustColombian presidential candidate Luis Carlos Gallon was murdered during a public performance in the city of Kundmaramska.
19 AugustHungary opened its limit with Austria as part of the paan-european picnic, allowing several hundred East Germans to blame Westway.
20 AugustAfter hitting a dragger on the Tems River in London, the boat of Khushi drowned in only thirty seconds, killing 51 people.
20 AugustThe final phase of the O-Ban bus route in South-East Adelaide was completed, which became the longest and fastest bus in the world, with a total of 12 km (7.5 mi) buses 100 km / h. (Maximum speed of up to 62 mph) Example Fig.).
22 AugustNolan Ryan of Texas Rangers attacked the Rice Henderson of Oklandethletics, which became the only pitcher in the Major Leagbase to record 5,000 strikes.
23 AugustVidyaus, Lithuania experienced a crowd of about fifty thousand people on the 50th anniversary being seized by Stalin and Hitler. Baltic residents asked for independence, and formed a 370 mile long human chain, including 1.5 million people and displayed the injustice done to them.
23 AugustSinging of Revolution - Around two million people created more than 600 (370 mi) long human chain to display their wishes for freedom.
25 AugustThe Vyzer 2 spacecraft provided a certain proof of the existence of the planet's rings (images) to its nearest approach to Neptun &.
01 SeptemberThe new car safety law requires all newly manufactured cars to install an air bag in favor of the driver.
17 October6.9 MW's Loma Preeta Earthquake killed 63 people in the Sanphronisisco Bay area of ​​California, injuring 3,757 people and at least 8,000 people homeless.
19 OctoberThe Tubbles-The Guildford Four counted his beliefs and had an alleged involvement in the guildford bomb blasts for 15 years.
23 OctoberThe Philips 66 Houston Chemical Complex led to a large -scale explosion and fire, killing 23 employees and 314 others injured.
09 NovemberEastern Germany announced the opening of the German border within the Berlin wall, marking the symbolic end of the Cold War, adjacent to the Warsaw Treaty, and the end of the Soviet Union.
13 NovemberHann-Adam II, ruling the prince of Lictenstin, took the throne of his father's death.
13 NovemberHans-Adam II, ruling the prince of Lictenstin, took the throne on the death of his father.
16 NovemberEight employees of the Universed Centreramanikana 'Jose Simekonasus' were murdered by the Six Catholic religious leaders and the 'Death Squad ' of the Salvadoran Army.
06 DecemberClaiming that she was struggling with 'Feminism', 25 -year -old Marklepine killed fourteen women before committing suicide in Montreal's Ecole Polytechnic.
10 DecemberDuring the first open democracy performance in Mongolia, journalist Tskhiagin Albegdorj announced the formation of the Mongolion Democratic Union, which will help in termination of Calogist regime after four months.
13 DecemberThe Tribals-Provisional Irish Republican Army conducted a fierce cedar FIET with Kings on Scottish Borderrs at a vehicle Czechpoint Complex in County Ferranag, Northern Ireland.
17 DecemberSimpassons, currently the longest running American prime timetensship series, made her debut with 'Simpasson Rosting on a Open Fire' on Fox television network.
20 DecemberAmerican forces attacked Manhem Noriega to overthrow the government to attack Panama.
22 DecemberMinus 18 ° F in Denver, Consula in Kanses City, Missouri, -42 degree F in Denver, Scotsbrasska -47 ° F, F in Hardine Mont F and Black Hills South Dakota -60 ° F.
25 DecemberRomanian Revolution-Dictator Nikole SIS and his wife Elena was condemned to death under a wide range of allegations.
28 DecemberAmong Australia's most severe natural disasters, a 5.6 Mlearthquake killed Newcastle, New South Wales, killing 13 people and more than 160 others died, and an estimated $ 4 billion lost.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1989 in India ⚡

07 JuneIndia's second satellite Bharskar I was launched with a Soviet rocket.
05 OctoberMeera Sahib Biwi became the first woman judge of the Indian Supreme Court.
15 NovemberFormer veteran Indian player Sachin Tendulkar made his Test debut against Pakistan. He played the last Test on 14 November 2013 against the West Indies.
29 NovemberThe then Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi resigned.
02 DecemberVishwanath Pratap Singh became the 7th Prime Minister of India.
17 JanuaryColonel J.K. Bajaj became the first Indian to reach the North Pole.
02 AugustSri Lanka's Civil War-Indian Peace Sena greeted 64 minority Sri Lankan Tamil citizens during the two-day period in Vilvathithurai, Sri Lanka.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1989 😀

08 MarchHarmanpreet Kaur / Player / India
19 AugustRohit Khandelwal / Model / India
03 AugustChetna Pandey / Actress / India
05 MayRai Laxmi / Actress / India
08 SeptemberCharlie Chauhan / Actress / India
08 MayDinesh Patel / Baseball Player / India
08 MarchHarmanpreet Kaur / Player / India
10 SeptemberManish Pandey / Cricketer / India
13 NovemberPayal Ghosh / Actress / India
18 MarchShreevats Goswami / Cricketer / India
19 AugustRohit Khandelwal / Actor / India
20 JulyArunima Sinha / Climber / India
21 DecemberTamanna Bhatia / Actress / India
22 AprilSaarah Hameed / Pilot / India
22 NovemberVindhya Tiwari / Actress / India
23 AugustAsha Negi / Actress / India
24 JulyAlisha Abdullah / Racing Driver / India
26 JulyDeepika Singh / Actress / India
27 NovemberSamaira Rao / Actress / India
27 FebruaryShilpa Singh / Model / India
29 NovemberChitrashi Rawat / Actress / India
29 AugustHeena Sidhu / Shooter / India

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