The year 1982 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1982 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1982 in World ⚡

08 JuneThe Brazilian plane B-727 crashed, killing 135 people.
15 JuneSurrendered the Argentine armies to the British Army in Falkland.
24 JulyHeavy rains in Nagasaki, Japan, resulted in the collapse of 299 people.
30 JulyThe Soviet Union conducted underground nuclear tests.
31 JulyYugoslavia prohibited prices for six months.
14 SeptemberHollywood's famous actress and Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly was killed in a car accident in Motte Carlo.
15 SeptemberThe elected President of Lebanon, Bashir Gamayel, was killed in a bomb blast before he took office.
19 SeptemberScott Fahman became the first person to use online messaging.
02 OctoberThe bombing in Tehran, the capital of Iran, killed about 60 people and injured 700 people.
16 OctoberThe Soviet Union conducted underground nuclear tests.
31 OctoberPope John Paul II became the first bishop to visit Spain.
07 NovemberThe constitution was adopted in Turkey.
10 NovemberLeonid Brezhnev, the leader of the Soviet Union, died. Brezhnev ruled the Soviet Union for 20 years.
11 NovemberA gas explosion at Israel's military headquarters killed 60 people.
30 NovemberDirected by Richard Attenborough and starring Ben Kingsley and John Guild, the film Gandhi premiered in New Delhi.
17 AugustThe first CD compact disc in Germany) was made available to the public.
21 AugustKing Sobhuja II of Switzer Land passed away.
26 AugustNASA launches Telesat-F.
08 DecemberColombian writer Gabrielle García Marquez was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.
26 DecemberTime magazine declared the computer to be the "Man of the Year".
16 FebruaryJawaharlal Nehru International Gold Cup Football Tournament was organized for the first time in Kolkata (then Calcutta).
27 FebruaryAbul Fatral Mohammad Ahsanuddin Chaudhary appointed as the President of Bangladesh.
02 MarchMahatma Gandhi Setu was inaugurated in Patna, capital of Bihar.
19 MarchLegendary politician JB Kripalani died in Ahmedabad.
22 MarchNASA took its spacecraft Columbia on a third mission.
27 MarchAFMA Chaudhary was appointed President of Bangladesh.
30 MarchNASA's spacecraft Columbia returned to Earth by completing the STS-3 mission.
25 AprilColor broadcasting began for the first time on television in Delhi.
26 JanuaryMouno Koivisto was elected President of Finland.
28 FebruaryAdobe systems were established.
03 MarchElizabeth II inaugurated the Barbican Center in London.
02 MayThe weather-related channel first aired on cable television.
13 JuneThe 1972 FIFA World Cup was started in Spain.
12 JulyChecker Motors Corporation Automobile ceased production.
17 AugustFirst compact disc CD) production started in Germany.
21 SeptemberThe first International Day of Peace was declared by the United Nations).
12 OctoberThorborn Faldin became the Prime Minister of Sweden.
27 NovemberYasuhiro Nakasan became the Prime Minister of Japan.
26 DecemberThe Time Magazine Award, Man of the Year was awarded for the first time to non-humans, computers.
28 JanuaryAfter having been kidnapped by the Italian Red Brigade 42 daysearlier, General James L. Dozier of the United States Army was freed by the anti-terrorist force NOCS.
30 JanuaryRichard Skrenta 'Elk Cloner' became the first known computer virus found 'in the wild'. It infected Apple II computer via floppy disk.
02 FebruaryThe Syrian army bombarded the town of Hama in order to quell arevolt by the Muslim Brotherhood, killing about 7,000–25,000 people.
27 FebruaryThe D'Oyly Carte Opera Company, known for its performances of Gilbert and Sullivan's Savoy operas, gave its last performance.
01 MarchVenera 14, the Russian spacecraft lands on Venus. It has sent back the data.
29 MarchQueen Elizabeth II gave Royal assent to the Canada Act 1982, which ended Canada's remaining reliance on the United Kingdom's Bara Process, known as the "Patriots".
02 AprilSpecial forces of Argentina invaded Falkland Island, causing Falkland war.
17 AprilA new patriotic constitution in Canada, including Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedom, was signed in the law by Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, with the intention of protecting some political and civil rights in Canada.
19 AprilThe Salute 7 Space Station was placed in class by the USSR.
02 MayFalklands War-HMS winner launched three Torpedo and put Aragenral Belgrano into the ship, the only ship so far, sinking by a nuclearusomerin.
04 MayFalklands War -HMS Sheffield was killed by an exuset missile, killing 20 sailors and sinking six days later - the first Royal Navy ship has been drowned in action since World War II.
29 MayFollands War-About 1,000 Argentine surrendered, the battle of Goose Green ended.
29 MayFollands War surrendered by about 1,000 Argentine soldiers, which ends the battle of Goose Green.
03 JuneA murder attempt on Israeli Ambassador Shlomo Argov in the United Kingdom failed; It was later used for the 1982 Lebanon War.
06 JuneA war began in Lebanon when the Israeli forces attacked the Southernlanbon to root out the members of the Palestine Liberation Organization.
07 JuneThe mansion of Elvis Presley in Tennessi, Memphis, Tennessee, was opened to the public as the museum of the life of the Presley.
08 JuneFalklands War-The Argentina Air Force attacked Britishtrance ships as they were supplying their supply from the Bluff Cove Inthhel Islands, killing 56 British soldiers and injuring 150 people.
13 JuneFahd became the king of Saudi Arabia on the death of his brother Khalid. Fahd bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, Custodians of two holy mosques, were the king of Saudi Arabia from 1982 to 2005. Fahid was appointed Crown Prince when Khalid killed his half -brother King Faisal, who was murdered in 1975. Later, being ill, as a real Prime Minister during King Khalid's reign.
13 JuneFahd became the king of Saudi Arabia, he successor his half -brother Khalid after a later death.
18 JuneThe body of Italian banker Roberto Calvi, known as 'Godbanker ' due to a close relationship with the Vatican, found the Hagffy scaffolding under London's Blackpiers Bridge.
23 JuneChinese American Vincent Chin died after beating in ACOMA at Highland Park in Michigan, USA, two automotive workers who discouraged him to Japanese and who were angry about the success of JJO auto companies.
24 JuneThe British Airways Flight 9 flew in a cloud of volcanic ash by the explosion of Indonesia's Mount Galungung, leading to a malfunction in all four engines.
27 JuneSpace Shuttle Colombia launched the Final Research and Development Flight Mission, STS -4 from the Kennedy Space Center. STS-4 was the fourth NASA Space Shuttle Mission, and the Space Shuttle was also the fourth for Colombia. The final test flight for STS -4 shuttle was; It was then officially declared operational. Colombia run several scientific payloads as well as military missile detection systems during the mission.
13 JulyThe 53rd All Star Baseball game is over. NL won 4–1. The game was played at the Olympic Stadium, Montreal.
20 JulyMembers of the provisional Irish Republican Army exploded Tubobomes at Hyde Park and Regent Park in London, killing more than 50 people, while eleven others were injured.
31 JulyThe American European Football Federation (AEFF) has been formed. Those countries that are members of the federation are Finland, Italy, Germany, Austria and France.
20 AugustA multi -national peace army is sent to Lebanon to prevent conflict between Muslim and Christian militia groups and to monitor Palestinians who retreat from Lebanon.
31 AugustAnti-government demonstrations were organized in 66 Polish cities, which was asked to establish the Solidarity Trade Union, to celebrate the second anniversary of the Dansk agreement.
14 SeptemberWhen the Presidential Bashir Gamayal of Lebanon was murdered, when the bombings occurred at the Berut headquarters of Falange.
10 OctoberMaximilian Kolbe, who voluntarily prescribed the Catholic Church for the death of a stranger at the Nazi concentration camp in Aushwitz Inpoland.
10 OctoberMaximilian Kolbe, who voluntarily settled by the Catholic Church to die in place of astronomer at Aushiwitz's Nazi concentration camp in Poland.
20 OctoberDuring a UEFA Cup match between FC Spartak Moscow and HFCharlem, a large number of people at the same time tried to leave the Grand Sportsarena of the Central Lenin Stadium, resulting in 66 deaths.
13 NovemberSouth Korean boxer Dook Ku Kim suffered a deadly brain injury with the American Ray Mankini near Kaiser Palace in Las Vegas, which led to the significant regulations in the game.
13 NovemberVietnam veteran Memorial was given to Washington, D.C. Was dedicated to Constitutional Garden.
30 NovemberMichael Jackson's thriller was the best -selling album ever.
06 DecemberThe Irish National Liberation Army exploded a bomb blast in inballykelly, northern Ireland, killing eleven British army soldiers and civilian citizens.
24 DecemberVirginia is ranked 77–72 in # 1 place in a Honolulu holiday basketball classic with a student's body of only 850 students.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1982 in India ⚡

26 JuneAir India's first Boeing Gourishankar crashed in Mumbai.
25 JulyZail Singh became the 7th President of India.
24 OctoberSudha Madhavan became the first Indian female athlete to run in a marathon.
09 JanuaryThe first Indian scientific expedition team reached Antarctica.
22 FebruaryNoted Urdu poet Josh Malihabadi of the Indian subcontinent passed away.
10 AprilSuccessful launch of India's multi-purpose satellite INSAT-1A.
30 AprilThe Bijan Satu massacre took place in India.
30 AprilIn Calcutta, India, sixteen monks related to Anand Marg and a nun were taken out of taxis by unknown persons in three different places, beaten and then set on fire.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1982 😀

25 NovemberJhulan Goswami / Player / India
03 DecemberMitali Raj / Player / India
28 SeptemberAbhinav Bindra / Player / India
03 DecemberMithali Raj / Cricketer / India
09 JanuaryAnusha Dhandekar / Actress / India
11 SeptemberShriya Saran / Actress / India
13 MarchNimrat Kaur / Actress / India
16 OctoberPrithviraj Sukumaran / Actor / India
20 JulyNikesha Patel / Actress / India
20 JanuaryRuchi Sanghvi / Engineer / India
21 NovemberAarti Chhabria / Actress / India
24 NovemberMary Kom / Player / India
25 NovemberJhulan Goswami / Player / India
28 SeptemberAbhinav Bindra / Player / India
28 SeptemberAbhinav Bindra / Target Shooter / India
28 SeptemberRanbir Kapoor / Actor / India

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