Thailand has a different place in the geography of the world. There are many such things in this country that separate this country from other countries such as language, living style, dress, culture, religion, business. Let us know about some such unique facts related to the country of Thailand and important events related to history, knowing which your knowledge will increase.

Thailand Country Quick General Knowledge

CurrencyThai baht
National Anthem of CountryPhleng Chat, (National Song)

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The people of Thailand migrated from southwestern China to mainland Southeast Asia from the 11th century and the earliest mention of their presence in the region dates back to the 12th century name of Siamese. During the 18th and 19th centuries, Siam faced imperialist pressure from France and the United Kingdom After a bloodless revolution in 1932, Siam became a constitutional monarchy and was renamed "Thailand".
Thailand is the 50th largest country by total area, with a total area of ​​513,120 square kilometers. It is slightly smaller than Yemen and slightly larger than Spain. Thailand consists of several different geographical regions, partly corresponding to provincial groups. To the north of the country lies the mountainous region of the Thai Highlands, with Thanon being the highest place in the Thong Chai Range. The climate of Thailand is influenced by monsoon winds which have a seasonal character (southwest and north-east monsoon). Most of the country is classified as the tropical savannah climate of Köppen.
Thailand is an emerging economy and is considered a newly industrialized country. 2017 in Thailand was US $ 1.236 trillion (on purchasing power parity basis). Thailand is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia after Indonesia. Thailand is the 4th richest per capita GDP in GDP after Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia. In the third quarter of 2014, according to Thailand's National Economic and Social Development Board (NDBDB) the unemployment rate in Thailand was 0.84%.
Thailand's official language is Thai, a cry-dai language that relates to Lao, Shan in Myanmar, and Hainan and Yunnan are a number of minor languages spoken in an arc from the south to the Chinese border. It is the principal language of education and government and is spoken throughout the country. The standard is based on the dialect of the Central Thai people
  • Thailand, officially called the Kingdom of Thailand, is located in the Southeast of Asia.
  • Thailand is bordered by Malaysia to the south, Laos and Cambodia to the east, and Myanmar to the west.
  • Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country that was never colonized by a European country.
  • Thailand received its name on May 11, 1949, before it was called as Shyamadesh or Siam.
  • The total area of ​​Thailand is 513,120 sq km. (198,120 sq mi).
  • Thai is the official language of Thailand.
  • The name of the currency of Thailand is Baht.
  • According to the World Bank, the total population of Thailand in 2016 was 6.89 crore.
  • The religion of most people in Thailand is Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Hinduism.
  • The most important ethnic groups in Thailand are Central Thai, Khon Isan, Khon Mong, Thai Chinese and Southern Thai.
  • The tallest mountain in Thailand is Doi Inthanon, which has an altitude of 2,565 meters.
  • The longest river in Thailand is the Chi River, which has a length of 765 km.
  • Due to the 2004 tsunami in Thailand, up to 30 feet high water was hit on the Thailand Tato, in which about 8000 people died, about 1500 children were orphaned and more than 1.5 lakh people lost their jobs.
  • The mudskipper fish of Thailand is a unique creature because it can walk on the earth and can also climb trees.
  • The famous text in Thailand is Ramakien, which is actually the Thai version of the Ramayana.
  • 28 December 1767 - King Texin was crowned King of Thailand and established Thonburi as its capital.
  • 28 February 1767 - King Takasin became the king of Thailand and made Thonburi his capital.
  • 28 December 1768 - The Taxin Great was crowned the king of the new capital Thoneburi Kingdom in Thoneburi, the present capital Thailand.
  • 06 May 1782 - Construction began at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, which was the official center of the king of Thailand.
  • 28 August 1842 - The Treaty of Nanking, an uneven treaty that previously abolished Opium, was signed, forcing the Chinese King dynasty to give the right to control of Thailand that is now the site of Hong Kong, and the other of Babish There are concessions.
  • 09 June 1946 - Bhumibol Adulyadej, the world's longest rule, climbed the throne of Thailand.
  • 09 June 1946 - After the assassination of King Anand Mahidol, the current emperor, the world's longest rule, Bhoomibol Advantage, climbed the throne of Thailand.
  • 16 December 1946 - Thailand became a member of the United Nations.
  • 08 June 1949 - Syam was renamed as Thailand. Because of this, some people especially Chinese people who live here, even today like to call Thailand by the name of Siamese. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok.
  • 08 July 1955 - Burkha University was established in Chonburi Province, Thailand.
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Thailand FAQs:

The capital of Thailand is Bangkok.

The currency of Thailand is Thai baht.

Thailand is the part of Asia continent.

The languages spoken in Thailand are Thai (Siamese), Chinese, English.

The national anthem of Thailand is "Phleng Chat, (National Song)".

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