The year 1960 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1960 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1960 in World ⚡

01 May
09 MayAmerica becomes the first country to legalize birth control pill.
11 MayThe first contraceptive pill was made available in the market.
22 MayA 9.5 magnitude earthquake struck southern Chile on this day. This was the highest intensity earthquake ever recorded.
09 JuneIn China, 1600 people died due to cyclonic storm Mary.
20 JuneThe Mali Federation later split into Mali and Senegal) gained independence from France.
23 JuneSecurity collision between Japan and the United States.
26 JuneMadagascar, the French colony, gained independence. Today is celebrated every year as National Day in this country.
30 JuneThe US decided to stop importing sugar from Cuba.
05 SeptemberAmerican boxer Cassius Clay, popularly known as Muhammad Ali, won the light heavyweight gold medal at the Olympics.
08 SeptemberFeroze Gandhi, the country's famous politician and husband of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, passed away.
26 SeptemberThe monarchical rule of northern Yemen ended. On this day, the army commander Abdullah Sallal brought an end to the monarchical governance by a military revolt, after which democracy was established.
01 OctoberNigeria became independent from Britain and today is celebrated as National Day.
25 OctoberThe first electronic wristwatch came to market in New York.
30 OctoberSir Michael Woodruff first performed a kidney transplant from the body of a living human in a UK hospital.
31 OctoberThe cyclonic storm in the Bay of Bengal killed about 10,000 people.
13 November152 children were killed in a fire in a movie theater in Emude, Spain.
14 November110 people died in two rail collisions in the Czech Republic.
20 NovemberAt the 7th Convention of European Countries in Sweden, a proposal for the formation of an independent European trade organization Efta was agreed.
28 NovemberMauritania formally declared its independence.
01 AugustThe old capital of Pakistan was changed from Karachi to Islamabad.
06 AugustCuba nationalized all the country's assets.
11 AugustThe African country of Chad gained independence from France.
13 AugustThe country called Central Africa became independent from the occupation of France. Earlier it was named Abankishari.
16 AugustCyprus gained independence from the United Kingdom. This day is celebrated there as Independence Day.
23 AugustThe world's largest frog (3.3 kg) was caught.
10 DecemberThe Nobel Prize-awarded African National Congress leader Albert Luthley appealed to end apartheid in South Africa.
14 DecemberOrganization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD) was established.
16 December136 people were killed in a plane crash in New York City, USA.
18 DecemberThe National Museum was inaugurated in the capital Delhi.
09 JanuaryConstruction of a dam called Aswan started on the Nile River in Egypt.
21 JanuaryThe experimental spacecraft's launch escape system, Little Joe 1B, took the experimental flight.
02 FebruaryChatursen Shastri, the great novelist of Hindi literature, died.
29 FebruaryThousands of people died in the massive earthquake in the southern Moroccan city of Agadir. The magnitude of this earthquake was 6.7.
06 MarchSwitzerland gave women the right to vote in local body elections.
04 AprilThe African country of Senegal declared independence from France.
13 AprilFrance becomes the fourth country to test a nuclear bomb in the Sahara Desert.
24 April500 dead due to severe earthquake in South Iran.
27 AprilEstablishment of National Defense College in New Delhi.
28 JanuaryChina and Burma (now Myanmar) signed an agreement specifying the border between the two countries.
05 FebruaryThe CERN particle accelerator was inaugurated in Geneva, Switzerland.
10 MarchEight people were taken out of the Agadir wreck, 12,000 dead in Morocco, ten days after the deadly earthquake.
04 AprilSenegal signed a power deal with France, leading to the country's independence.
28 MayThe American Society for Cell Biology was organized.
11 JuneThirty people were killed by a roof fall in a wedding reception in Multan, Pakistan.
23 JulyYusuf bin Ishaq inaugurates St. John Ambulance headquarters in Singapore.
10 AugustThe Heraldry Institute was created under General Order No. 29 of the United States Army.
09 SeptemberThe first Hardy restaurant opened in the city of Greenville, North Carolina.
17 October34 people died in a bus accident near the city of Quito, Ecuador.
08 DecemberHayato Ikada began his second term as Prime Minister of Japan.
06 JanuaryNational Airlines Flight 2511, traveling from New York City to Miami, exploded in mid air due to a bomb placed by an unknown party,resulting in the deaths of all 34 people on board.
14 JanuaryThe Reserve Bank of Australia, the country's central bank and bank note-issuing authority, was established.
01 FebruaryFour African American students staged the first Greensboro sit-ins at a lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina.
08 FebruaryThe first eight brass star plaques were installed in the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.
13 FebruaryAfrican American college students staged the first of theNashville sit-ins at three lunch counters in Nashville, Tennessee, partof a nonviolent direct action campaign to end racial segregation.
29 FebruaryMorocco's deadliest earthquake struck the city of Agadir, killing at least 12, 000 people.
05 MarchBritish marine biologist Alister Hardy introduced his aquaticape hypothesis, theorizing that swimming and diving for food exerted astrong evolutionary effect that was partly responsible for thedivergence between the common ancestors of humans and other great apes.
05 MarchCuban photographer Alberto Korda took his iconic photograph ofMarxist revolutionary Che Guevara.
10 April24th Golf Masters Championship: Arnold Wins Palmer, shoots 282.
19 AprilStudents in South Korea organized a nationwide anti -democracy Sigman Ree, eventually forced them to resign.
21 AprilBrasilia, a planned city mainly designed by architect and suburban planner Lucio Costa, was officially inaugurated, Rio de Janeiro was replaced as the capital of Brazil.
25 AprilUS Navy submarine USS Triton (SSRN-586) completed the world's first submerged enclosure.
03 MayOff-broadway music The Fantestics made his premiere, which eventually became the world's longest moving music.
06 MayPresident Dwight. Eisenhawar signed the Civil Rights Act 1960 on 6 May. This new United States federal law abolished the flaws abandoned by the Civil Rights Act 1957 and gave legal rights to vote under which no one would be denied the right of race or color.
07 MayCold War-Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev announced that her country was catching American pilot Francis Gary Power, whose U-2 detective aircraft was killed six days ago in the Soviet Union.
09 MayNigeria became a member of the Commonwealth on 9 May 1960. In 1995, Nigeria was suspended for two years from membership, but its suspension was removed on 29 May 1999 with a democratic -elected civilian president's swearing -in.
09 MayThe United States Food and Drug Administration announced that the use of Sarel's Anovid has been approved for birth control, making it the first oral contraceptive pill.
10 MayUnited States Navy Nuclear Poward Radar Picket Submarine USS Triton completed Operation Sandblast on 10 May 1960. It was the world's first submergence enclosure in history.
16 MayRuby laser, the first working solid-state laser, was invented on May 16, 1960 by Theodore Maiman at Hughes Research Laboratories in Malibu, California. This device was built on the concept of optical marser.
16 MayAmerican physicist Theodore Maiman conducted the first workshop at Hughes Research Laboratories in Malibu, California.
22 MayThe Great Chile earthquake measuring 9.5 on the moment magnitude scale occurred on 22 May 1960, affecting southern Chile, Hawaii, Japan, the Philippines, eastern New Zealand, South Australia and the Aleutian Islands. It was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in world history.
22 MayThe 9.5 magnitude earthquake triggered a devastating tsunami heard in Valdivia, Chile that reached Hawaii the next day.
24 MayCordon Quul, explosion began in Andes in Chile, exploded in the region a few days after the Waldivia earthquake.
16 JuneThe thriller / horror film, directed by Alfred Hichochand, was released by Robert Baloch's name.
20 JuneMali Mahasangh gained independence from France. The Mali Federation was a country in West Africa that connected the French colonies of Senegal and Sudani Republic for a period of only two months. It was established as a region with self-governance within the French community and became independent after interaction with France. It was later divided into Mali and Senegal.
20 JuneThe Mali Mahasangh gained independence from France, but lasted two months before being divided into Senegal and Mali.
25 JuneThe United States went on leave for two cryptographers Mexico, who worked for the National Security Agency, and removed the Soviet Union from there.
26 JuneMadagascar gained his freedom from France. Madagascar is a semi-presidential representative democratic multi-party Republic, in which the popular elected president is the head of the state and selects a Prime Minister, who recommends the President to the President to constitute the cabinet of his ministers.
01 JulyGhana became a republic with Quame Nakrama as the first republic.
11 JulyThe Congo state separated from the Congo during the Congo crisis. This was a period that included many types of civil war. This happened just after the independence of Congo from Belgium. The opposite parties who were fighting in the war had the support of both the US and the Soviet Union during the Cold War period.
11 JulyKill to Mockingbird, a novel by Harper Lee, which featured the themof racial injustice and was the first time destruction of innocence in the Americanadip South.
12 JulyOrlyonok was installed in Russian SFSR. It was a young leading camp. It was given the status of federal state by the country. It is an educational camp center for children between the ages of 10 to 16 years. It is located on the eastern coast near the black sea.
14 JulyThe fire has erupted through Guatemala City, Guatemala. 225 died in this. 225 people of Sharan died. 300 people were seriously injured.
14 JulyThe English Primatologist Jane Gudal Gombay Stream Chimpanzi Reserve, in Tanganika, arrived to start his studies about the Thecenosial and family interactions of Junglee Chimpanzee.
03 AugustNiger officially gained independence from France as part of the thedecolonization of the French community.
16 AugustJoseph Kittinger parachutes over 102,800 feet (31,330 m) in New Mexico, setting records for a high-altitude jump, free-filing height, and fastest speed by a human being from an aircraft.
19 AugustSoviet space dogs Belka and Straelka began revolving around the Korbal -Sputnik -2 spacecraft.
10 SeptemberMickey Mental hits which were originally considered to be the longest running in the major league baseball, an estimated 643 feet (196 m).
19 SeptemberChabbi Checker has a number 1 record with The Twist. Dance craze began around the world for this dance form.
12 OctoberJapan Socialist Party leader Engir Asanuma was murdered using a Samurai sword on a live TV.
19 OctoberThe US has banned exports to Cuba.
04 NovemberKasakela in Tanzania in Chimpanzee community,. Gengudal (painted in 2010) saw a chimpanzee using a termites with grass stalks from a termites, the first recorded case of equipment for animals.
11 NovemberAfter an attempt of the army's coup against Vietnam President Nago Dinh Dim, Diem was crushed after promising wrongly corrections, saving him by the loyalists.
25 NovemberMeerabal sisters, who opposed the dictatorship of military Rafael Truejillo in Dominican Republic, were beaten to death.
03 DecemberMusical Calot (Julie Andrews and Richard Burtonpreatard), which would be associated with John F. Kennedy's presidency, opened on Broadway.
13 DecemberWith the Ethiopia's Emperor Heli Selassi out of the country, four conspirators tried to coup and established Crown Prince Asfow Vosan as the new emperor.
14 DecemberAustralian cricketer Ian Mekif was run out on the last day of the first Test between Australia and West Indies, leading to the first Test in the history of cricket.
16 December134 people died after a collision between two aircraft collided between two aircraft in heavy clouds on the Stinnius land in New York City.
17 DecemberDue to the contamination of fuel, the US Air Force agreement crashed in the downtown Munich shortly after the C -131 Samaritan, killing all 20 people and injured 32 more on the ground.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1960 in India ⚡

16 MayTelex service was introduced between India and England.
09 NovemberFirst Indian Air Force Chief Subroto Mukherjee died.
26 NovemberTelephone STD service started between Lucknow and Kanpur for the first time in India.
01 AprilThe two states of India, Maharashtra and Gujarat were divided separately.
20 AprilBoeing 707 became the first jet aircraft in Air India's fleet.
01 NovemberKalyani University was established in West Bengal India.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1960 😀

01 JanuaryKunika / Actress / India
02 JanuaryRaman Lamba / Cricketer / India
03 AugustGopal Sharma / Cricketer / India
04 MayPaul Bhattacharjee / Actor / India
05 MayAruna Sethi / Civil Servant / India
07 NovemberShyamaprasad / Filmmaker / India
09 JulySangeeta Bijlani / Model / India
09 NovemberTanvi Azmi / Actress / India
11 JulyKumar Gaurav / Actor / India
13 AugustApra Mehta / Actress / India
13 AugustKetaki Dave / Actress / India
13 SeptemberN. Kiran Kumar Reddy / Politician / India
17 NovemberAlka Saraogi / Author / India
20 DecemberTrivendra Singh Rawat / Politician / India
21 JulyAmar Singh Chamkila / Writer / India
21 MayMohanlal / Actor / India

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