The year 1943 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1943 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1943 in World ⚡

13 JuneFreedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose began his journey from Germany to Tokyo by submarine.
10 JulyThe US, British and Canadian forces attacked the island of Sicily during the Second World War.
03 SeptemberThe Allies attacked Italy during the second world war.
10 SeptemberThe German army occupied Rome and took the security of Vatican City.
13 OctoberItaly declared a fight against Germany's former Allies.
14 OctoberItaly declared a fight against Germany's former Allies.
19 OctoberAlbert Schütz, a student of Rutgerg University, developed the drug 'streptomycin' used in the treatment of tuberculosis.
23 OctoberNetaji Subhash Chandra Bose founded the 'Rani Brigade of Jhansi' of Azad Hind Fauj in Singapore.
26 OctoberThe cholera epidemic in Calcutta (then Kolkata) killed 2155 people in the third week of October.
06 NovemberDuring the Second World War, Japan handed over Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
17 NovemberA conference of the same name started in Qahera, the capital of Egypt. One of the most important decisions was the independence of Korea.
05 DecemberJapanese airplane bombed Kolkata. Kolkata was attacked for the first time during the day.
03 JanuaryFor the first time, information about missing people was broadcast on television.
07 JanuaryThe famous American Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla, the father of Wi-Fi, died.
15 JanuaryConstruction of Pentagon, world's largest office building, completed.
16 JanuaryThe first air strike of the US Air Force occurred on the island of Ambon, Indonesia.
27 JanuaryThe US launched an air strike on Germany for the first time.
07 FebruaryThe shoe rationing system was implemented in America.
08 FebruaryFreedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose left for Japan via a ferry from Kell, Germany.
17 MarchWillem J. Kolff performed the world's first hemodialysis using an artificial kidney machine that failed.
26 MarchElsie S. Ott received the US Air Force Medal and became the first woman to receive this medal.
16 JanuaryIraq entered World War II, Germany, Italy and Japan declared war.
19 FebruaryThe third battle of Kharkov began.
03 MarchGandhi of Mohandas ended his fast after 21 days.
06 AprilThe war of the Wadi Aktitat began in Tunisia.
22 MayBritish commandos raided the Yugoslavian island of Maggette in an operation Farrier.
20 JuneThe New Georgia Campaign began.
11 JulyThe American won the Battle of Enogai from New Georgia.
07 AugustThe Second Battle of Smolensk began on the Eastern Front.
09 SeptemberThe Battle of Rhodes began between the German and Italian forces.
06 OctoberBritish commandos successfully completed Operation Devon.
07 NovemberThe Soviet 1st Tank Army captured the city of Fastive near Kiev.
08 DecemberVera's war ended in an Allied victory.
14 JanuaryWinston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Charles de Gaulle, and Henri Giraud ) met in Casablanca to plan the Allied European strategy for the next phase of World War II.
15 JanuaryThe highest-capacity office building in the world, the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense known as the Pentagon, was dedicated.
18 JanuaryWorld War II: As part of Operation Iskra, the Soviet Red Army broke the Siege of Leningrad, opening a narrow land corridor to the city.
29 JanuaryWorld War II-The Battle of Rennell Island, the last major naval engagement between the United States Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy during the Guadalcanal Campaign, began.
02 FebruaryWorld War II-The Soviet Red Army captured 91,000 tired and starving German soldiers, ending the Battle of Stalingrad, one of the bloodiest battles in human history.
07 FebruaryWorld War II-Japan successfully withdrew its troops from Guadalcanal.
09 FebruaryWorld War II-Allied forces declared Guadalcanal secure, ended the Guadalcanal Campaign as a significant strategic victory for Allied Forces fighting Japan in the Pacific War.
14 FebruaryWorld War II: General Hans-Jurgen von Arnim's Fifth Panzer Army launched a concerted attack against Allied positions in Tunisia.
16 FebruarySecond World War-Norwegian commandos trained by the British Special Operations Executive destroyed a factory to prevent the German nuclear energy project from acquiring heavy water.
18 FebruaryJoseph Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda minister, delivered theSportpalast speech to motivate the German people when the tide of WorldWar II was turning against Germany.
20 FebruaryA fissure opened in a cornfield in the Mexican state of Michoacán and turned into the cinder cone volcano Parícutin , growing 424 m (1,391 ft) in eight years.
20 FebruaryThe Saturday Evening Post published the first of NormanRockwell's Four Freedoms, some of the most widely distributed painting sever produced, in support of U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt's 'Four Freedoms'.
03 MarchSecond World War-During a German aerial attack on London, 173people were killed in a stampede while trying to enter Bethnal Greentube station, which was being used as an air raid shelter.
05 MarchThe Gloster Meteor, the first operational jetfighter for the Allied Powers, had its first flight.
13 MarchThe Holocaust: Nazi German troops began liquidating the Jewish Ghetto in Kraków, Poland, sending about 8, 000 Jews deemed able to work to the Plaszow labor camp, with the rest either killed or sent to Auschwitz.
13 MarchThe Holocaust: Nazi German troops began liquidating the Jewish Ghetto in Kraków, Poland, sending about 8, 000 Jews deemed able to work to the Plaszow labor camp, with the rest either killed or sent to Auschwitz.
15 MarchWorld War II-German forces recaptured Kharkov after four daysof house-to-house fighting against Soviet troops, ending the month-longThird Battle of Kharkov.
21 MarchWorld War II-Wehrmacht officer Rudolf Christoph von Gersdorff attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler in a suicide attack, but had to cancel the plan at the last minute.
22 MarchWorld War II – The entire population of the village of Khatyn Inbelars was exterminated by Nazi German forces, with the participation of the northern Ukrainian and Belarusian collaborators.
13 AprilWashington DC. In the 200th anniversary of the birth of the new classical Jefferson Memorial, Thomas Jefferson.
13 AprilThe Second World War-German News announced a massive discovery of the polish prisoners of the war killed by the Soviet forces, which led to the adiplomatic crack between exile and USSR in the Polish government.
19 AprilHolocaust Nazi soldiers entered the Warsaw Jewish settlement to score the remaining Jews for the first time in Poland against the German occupation.
30 AprilSecond World War: Royal Navy submarine HMS Seraf started Operation Minsmeet to cheat Germany about Sicily's upcoming attack.
14 MaySecond World War: Australian Hospital Ship Santor was attacked and drowned by a Japanese submarine on the coast of Queensland, killing 268 people.
16 MayRoyal Air Force Dampers raided the German dams at Operation Chaseis during the Second Freaal War.
19 MayBerlin was declared as Judenrein on May 19, 1943 following the Holocaust, a genocide in which millions of Jews were killed by Nazi regime and its collaboration during World War II.
01 JuneEight German Junners Xu 88s shot the British Overseas Airways Corporation Flight 777 over the Gulf of Biskay on the coast of Spain and killed France, actor Leslie Howard and many other remarkable passengers.
03 JuneOff-duty American sailors fought a lie suit riots with Mexican American youth in Los Angeles.
20 JuneIn Belle Isle, Detroit, Michigan, riots started between blacks and whites and continued for three days.
01 JulyThe Tokyo City was dissolved, the area of ​​which was divided into specific wards of the newly created Tokyo Metropolis.
04 JulyThe plane that took the Prime Minister Vladislav Sikorski of the exile of the Polish government crashed, killing him and fifteen others, leading to the principles of many conspiracy.
09 JulySicily was a brilliant attack by the concerned forces. This operation was known as Operation Haski. This incident took place during World War II. Friends of the friendly countries invaded the Italian city of Sicili which was under the control of the Axis forces. It was a major amphibian and air campaign.
11 JulyIn a large -scale ethnic cleaning campaign, Units of the Ukrainian Army Army attacked various polish villages in the current Ukraine in the Walhinia region, killed Polish citizens and burnt thresets on the ground.
12 JulyThe battle of Prokhorovka took place. It was fought between the Soviet Union and the German forces. It was one of the largest number of tank battles. It was fought during World War II. The fight took place on the land of the Soviet Sangha.
12 JulyThe Second World War-German and Soviet forces participated in the battle of each other, which was one of the largest tank battles in Militistor (Soviet T-34 tank picture).
24 JulyThe Second World War-RAF Bomber Command began Operation Gomorah, a strategic bombing of Hamburg, Germany, eventually at least 50,000 people killed and more than a million people became homeless.
25 JulyThe Grand Council of fascism voted on the proposal of without confidant Benito Mussolini, which was arrested by Victor Emmanuel III on the same day and was replaced by Pietro Badoglio.
17 AugustThe Second World War-Royal Air Force launched a strategic bombing campaign by attacking the Peenmunde Army Research Center against the Nazi Germany's V-Hathiyar program.
23 AugustSoviet Vijay, deciding in the Battle of World War II- Thekursk, gave a strategic initiative to the Red Army for the rest of Alwar.
06 SeptemberA group of businessmen in Monteri, Mexico founded the Monteri Institute of Technology and Higher Education, which is now one of the best universities in Latin America.
20 SeptemberWorld War Australian soldiers defeated royal Japanese troops at the Battle of Caipit in New Guinea.
10 OctoberWorld War II- Kempitai, the Imperial Japanese army troop, arrested more than 50 civilians and civilian doctors on suspicion of involvement in an accidental attack during the Operation Creator.
13 OctoberItaly announced a war on Germany, who was once his ally, and was also called co-star by the United Nations.
13 OctoberThe Second World War-a new government along with the new government led by General Petero Bidoglyo, parts of Italy reflected the Allies and warned the Axis powers.
14 OctoberSecond World War- During the second raid on Shwenfurt, the US 8th Air Force suffered so much damage that it ended the dominance of air for several months.
17 OctoberThree days after a successful rebellion by the prisoners, the Sobibor fleeing camp was closed at Holocost, Eastern Poland.
19 OctoberStreptomycin, the first antibiotic remedy forbuterulosis, was first separated by researchers at the University of Rutgers.
19 OctoberFriendly nation aircraft drowned cargo ship Sinfra, killing more than 2,000 people, most of which were Italian powers.
05 NovemberWorld War II-An unknown aircraft dropped four bombs on the Vatican City, which led to neutrality during the war.
15 NovemberAccording to the orders passed by Henrich Himmler, all gypsy as well as mixed gypsy should be placed in concentration with Jews with blood.
15 NovemberHolocost-Henriques Himler ordered that the Romans were placed at the same level as the Jews and were placed in the concentration camp '.
19 NovemberHolocaust-Inmines staged a failed rebellion at Ukraine's Jemoska Concentration Camp Lemovurn, following which the camp ssliquidated, resulting in at least 6,000 people.
28 NovemberWorld War II-U.S. President Franklin. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin discussed the strategy of war against Axis powers at the Tehran conference.
02 DecemberWorld War II- The LuftWaffe attacked an aerial attack on a ship in Italy, with 18 ships sinking and a ship's mustard gas was left.
04 DecemberThe Works Progress Administration has ended. It was designed to provide employment during the Great Depression period in the 1930s.
28 DecemberWorld War II- After the eight-day cruel house-house, 1 Canadian Infantry Division captured Italian Townhoff Antona.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1943 in India ⚡

31 OctoberIndian scientist and former chairman of 'ISRO. Madhavan Nair was born.
30 DecemberFreedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose waved India's independence flag at Port Blair.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1943 😀

23 AugustReita Faria / Doctor / India
01 JanuaryRaghunath Anant Mashelkar / Scientist / India
03 JanuaryNirmal Chander Vij / Soldier / India
03 MayPrasanta Pattanaik / Academic / India
05 JulyAditi Pant / Oceanographist / India
06 JuneAsif Iqbal / Cricketer / India
08 AprilGiridhar Gamang / Politician / India
10 DecemberChitra Mudgal / Writer / India
10 AugustShafqat Rana / Cricketer / India
11 NovemberAnil Kakodkar / Scientist / India
12 AprilSumitra Mahajan / Politician / India
13 NovemberDr. Amruta Patel / Environmentalist / India
15 MarchSahib Singh Verma / Politician / India
21 JanuaryPratibha Roy / Author / India
23 AugustRita Faria / Doctor / India
23 SeptemberTanuja / Actress / India
24 NovemberMontek Singh Ahluwalia / Economist / India
24 JanuarySubhash Ghai / Producer / India
27 FebruaryB. S. Yeddyurappa / Politician / India
30 JuneSaeed Akhtar Mirza / Writer / India
31 OctoberUmman Chandi / Politician / India

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