The year 1967 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1967 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1967 in World ⚡

05 JuneIsrael attacked Egypt and destroyed about 400 fighter aircraft.
17 JuneChina became the fourth country in the world to have hydrogen bomb.
27 JuneThe world's first ATM was installed in Enfield, London.
19 JulyAmerica launches 'Explorer-35' to enter lunar orbit.
04 SeptemberMore than 200 people died due to the earthquake of 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Maharashtra's Kayna Dam.
09 SeptemberUganda gained independence from Britain.
16 SeptemberThe Soviet Union conducted a nuclear test in eastern Kazakh.
18 SeptemberNagaland adopted English as the official language.
30 SeptemberInternational Monetary Fund IMF) reformed the monetary system.
09 NovemberThe US launched the unmanned spacecraft Apollo 4 with a Saturn 5 rocket from Cape Kennedy, Florida.
22 NovemberThe Security Council of the United Nations passed Proposition 242 regarding Palestine.
26 NovemberA cloudburst in Lisbon killed about 450 people.
03 DecemberFormer President of Indonesia Sukarno was under house arrest.
04 DecemberThe country's first rocket 'Rohini RH 75' was launched from Thumba.
06 JanuaryAllaah Rakha Rahman (AR Rahman), the eminent king of the world of music, was born.
07 JanuaryIrfan Khan, who revived the characters of Hindi cinema, was born.
05 FebruaryAnastasio Somoza was elected President of Nicaragua.
29 MarchFrance launched its nuclear submarine for the first time.
18 JanuaryJeremy Thorpe became leader of Britain's Liberal Party.
02 FebruaryThe American Basketball Association was formed.
01 MarchQueen Elizabeth Hall opened in London.
12 AprilAmaranson Theater opened in Los Angeles.
10 JuneThe Soviet Union ended diplomatic relations with Israel.
12 JulyGreek military rule cut 480 Greek pieces of his citizenship.
27 AugustEast Coast Wrestling Association was established.
01 SeptemberThe Khmer-Chinese Friendship Association was banned in Cambodia.
29 OctoberExpo 67 closed in Montreal after attracting more than 50 million visitors in six months.
08 NovemberThe BBC's first local radio station (BBC Radio Leicester) has been started.
13 DecemberKing Konstantine II of Greece left the country when his coup attempt failed.
02 JanuaryFormer actor Ronald Reagan began his career in government when he was sworn in as the 33rd Governor of California.
12 JanuarySeventy-three-year-old psychology professor James Bedford became the first person to be cryogenically frozen with intent of future resuscitation.
13 JanuaryGeneral Gnassingbé Eyadéma seized power in Togo after a coup d'état, ruling as head of state until his death in February 2005.
14 JanuaryThe counterculture Human Be-In was held in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, launching the Summer of Love.
23 JanuaryThe English new town of Milton Keynes was formed in Buckinghamshire as an amalgamation of several towns and villages.
27 JanuaryThe Apollo 1 spacecraft was destroyed by fire at the Kennedy Space Center, killing astronaut Gus Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee.
29 JanuaryThe Mantra-Rock Dance, called the 'ultimate high' of the hippie era, took place in San Francisco, featuring Swami Bhaktivedanta, Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, and Allen Ginsberg.
03 FebruaryRonald Ryan became the last person to be legally executed inAustralia, sparking public protests across the country.
09 AprilThe first Boeing 737 took its first flight, finally the most ordered and produced commercial passenger jet aircraft worldwide.
14 AprilAfter leading a military coup three months ago, Gnassingbéeyadéma established himself as the President of Togo, a post that he held in 2005.
19 AprilYugoslav author Mihaljo Mihaljov was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment.
22 AprilMartial law was implemented in the USSR.
23 AprilSoyuz 1, the first mission of the Soviet Soyuz spacecraft, was launched to take Cosmonot Vladimir Komarov from Baikonur Consomodrome.
24 AprilSoviet spacecraft Soyuz 1 crashed in Siberia during its spread of Earth, causing the first human todi cosmonot Vladimir Komarov during the spacecraft.
27 AprilThe Expo 67 world fair was opened in Montreal, with more than 50 million visitors with 62 nations.
04 MayUnmanned American spacecraft Lunar Orbitter 4, is a part of the Lunar Orbit Program, launched on May 4, 1967, so that the detailed photographic survey of the moon surface to increase the scientific knowledge of their nature, origin and processes Can be stored.
11 MayAndreas Papandraus was imprisoned by Greek military Janta on 11 May 1967. He was the first socialist Prime Minister of Greece and gave two terms as Prime Minister from 1981 to 1989 and 1993 to 1996. He was the most influential Prime Minister in Greek political history.
27 MayThe Australians approved two amendments to the Australian Constitution, giving the government the power to benefit indigenous Australians and count in the national census.
30 MayChukumayka Odumgwu Ozuku announced the establishment of a separatist state of Biyafra in Southeast Nigeria, a week later the Nigerian civil war began.
01 JuneSergeant. The famous album of Payppar's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the famous album of Beatles was released.
02 JuneGerman University student Benno Ohnenga was killed during a ritual in West Berlin against the visit of Iran's Shah, Mohammad Raza Pahlavi, which provoked the formation of the June 2 movement.
05 JuneThe six -day war between Israel and Egypt began. Israel started a series of stunning attacks on Egyptian air locations and fields. The attack was carried out in response to the deployment of Egyptian army soldiers on the Israeli border.
07 JuneIsraeli soldiers entered the city of Jerusalem during a six -day war. The war was fought between 3 billion countries and Israel. Arab countries include Jordan, Egypt and Syria. East Jerusalem was occupied by the Israeli defense forces along the south river bank.
09 JuneSyrian Golan Heights were captured by Israel during the six -day war. Golan Hights is a plateau surrounded by Mount Hermann in the north, the Yarmuk River in the south, Galilee in the west and the ocean of the Hula Valley and Rakkad in the east.
10 JuneArgentina became a member of the Burn Convention Copyright Treaty. The Burn Convention, known as The Burn Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, is known as the Copyright Treaty, is an international agreement controlling copyright, which is first accepted in 1886, Burn in 1886, Burns, Switzerland it was done.
12 JuneVenera 4 was launched. Venus was an investigation at the Soviet Venera program to discover Venus. This was the first successful probe to analyze in-place analysis of the atmosphere of another planet. It can also be the first investigation into landing on another planet.
15 JuneThe first widely publicized and began in a heavy Rock Festival, Monteri Pop Festival, Monteri, California.
16 JuneThe Montere Pop Festival began in the site, Monteri, California, the site for major American performances by The Jimmy Hendrix Experience, Thewo and Ravi Shankar.
17 JuneThe People's Republic of China announced a successful test of its first thermonuclear weapon. A thermonuclear weapon is a nuclear weapon that uses energy from primary nuclear fragmentation reaction and ignites a secondary nuclear fusion response. When the result explosive power increases much of the results compared to single-phase fission weapons.
25 JuneMore than 400 million people saw our world, the first live, international satellite television production.
29 JuneActress Jene Mansfield, her lover Sam Brodie and her partner, were killed in a car accident outside New Orleans, while Hitchildener Miklo, Zolton, and Mariska Hargite survived only minor injuries.
10 JulyUruguay became a member of the Burn Conference Treaty. The real name of the treaty is the Burn Conference Copyright Treaty. Under this treaty, the right to copyright is protected by the real owner or inventors who consider unauthorized copy as a crime.
10 JulyThe decimal currency was adopted by New Zealand. The decimal posture is a type of posture that contains sub -units. Many countries have decimal currencies such as Arab, South Asian etc. Non -decimal postures are also used by many countries of the world.
15 JulyLA wolves defeated Washington Whips 6-5 in OT. He has become the president of the United Soccer Association. Everyone appreciated the success.
15 JulyU.S.S.R has conducted a nuclear test in Semiliptinsk, East Kazakhstan. This has added another benefit in the development of the country's research and scientific progress.
15 JulySweet charity closed in Palace Theater New York City. It has been closed after 608 demonstrations. It was a very big success.
24 JulyDuring a speech at Montreal, French President Charles de Goldecaler made a statement 'Long Live Free Cubec!', In which Ibbac was assimilated from Canada to Quebec Freedom.
29 JulyDuring the Vietnam War, during the preparation of another strike in Tonkin's Gulf, the aircraft vessel USS Forestal caused several reaction explosions due to an unusual electrical discrepancy on its deck deck, causing 134 sailors to be killed and 161 others were injured Went.
08 AugustIndonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand supported the Union of Southeast Asian countries.
25 AugustAmerican Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell has been shot by a sniper by a shopping center in Arlington, Virginia.
25 AugustAmerican Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell was killed by John Pataller, a former member of his group.
02 SeptemberPaddy Roy Bates, as an independent sovereign state-of-state princely state, announced the Mashel C Fort of the East World War in the North Sea from the Safolk, England, HM Fort Roughs.
02 OctoberThr good marshal was sworn in as the first African-American Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.
08 OctoberMarxist revolutionary and guerrilla leaders Che Guevara were removed near La Higura, Bolivia.
10 OctoberOuter Space Treaty, is a treaty that forms the basis of innumerable space law, which enters the force.
18 OctoberA saucewater capsule Venus 4, not operated by any man, was capable of achieving a smooth landing on the planet Venus and wrote back on the radio that the planet is hot for human life with temperatures at 800 degrees Fahrenheit.
18 OctoberSoviet Space Investigation Venera 4 demonstrated the direct analysis of the environment of Venus and became the first spacecraft to land on the planet, although he had stopped working before.
20 OctoberAround 10,000 protesters on the fifth day of demonstrations to express their protests and rejection against America's involvement in the Vietnam War set out on the streets of Okland, California.
20 OctoberRoger Patterson and Robert Gimulin filmed an unknown film at the Six River National Forest in California, which they claimed that they were Bigfoot.
22 OctoberAnti-prone protesters attacked the Pentagon, but were soon withdrawn by the American Marshall.
01 NovemberProblems are increasing in front of the country regarding the use of marijuana, new figures have been released, showing that American servicemen are court martial for smoking marijuana compared to any other crime and San Diego is a police in California The official said that all high school students have 1/4 smoking marijuana.
03 NovemberA series of Vietnam war-rich chains that went to something the most difficult and War K in the middle of Vietnam? The toughest war of Tôin war began.
05 NovemberA Commuter Express train going to London either derailed 53 people, killing 53 people and injured several people.
05 NovemberA train derailed near the Hoor Green Maintenance Depot in London, killing 49 people and injuring 78 others.
09 NovemberThe heroes of the French Comic Book, Valerian and Laureleen, for the first time, printed the pages of Pilot magazine.
09 NovemberThe American-based magazine was published for the first issue of Rolling-Stone, music, liberal politics and popular culture.
22 NovemberThe United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 242 after the six-day war between Israel and Egypt, Jordan and Syria.
03 DecemberCardiac surgeon Christian Bernard performed the first human heart transplant on Louis Washkenskey in Grot Posts in Cape Town, South Africa.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1967 in India ⚡

06 MayZakir Hussain became the first Muslim President of India.
13 MayThe leading educationist, Dr. Zakir Hussain became the third President of India. He was the first Muslim President of India.
01 OctoberIndian Tourism Development Corporation was established.
12 OctoberDr. Ram Manohar Lohia, a fighter, fierce thinker and socialist politician of India's freedom struggle, died.
23 NovemberFormer South African batsman Gary Kirsten was born. The Indian team won the World Cup in 2011 under his coaching.
08 DecemberThe first submarine INS Kalwari was inducted into the Indian Navy.
11 DecemberA magnitude 6.5 earthquake in western India killed 170 people.
06 MayDr. Zakir Hussain was the first Muslim President of India.
13 MayOn 13 May 1967, Zakir Hussain was elected as the third President of India. He was the first Muslim President of India and the first President who died on 3 May 1969 in the office. He was also awarded India's highest honor Bharat Ratna. Civil Award in 1963.
13 MayZakir Hussain took over as the first elected Muslim President of India.
27 JuneThe first Indian manufactured AVRO aircraft aircraft HS748 handed over to Indian Airlines. Hawker Sidli HS 748 is a medium -sized turboprop airliner originally designed by the British firm Everro. The aircraft was made in collaboration with the British AVRO and India's Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1967 😀

06 JanuaryA R Rahman / Musician / India
04 AugustArbaaz Khan / Actor / India
06 JanuaryA. R. Rahman / Writer / India
10 NovemberAshutosh Rana / Actor / India
10 OctoberSantosh Yadav / Mountaineer / India
13 NovemberJuhi Chawla / Actress / India
17 AugustSupriya Pilgaonkar / Actress / India
19 AugustKhandro Rinpoche / Spiritual Leader / India
19 AugustNandana Sen / Actress / India
27 JulyRahul Bose / Actor / India
29 JanuaryBobby Deol / Actor / India
30 SeptemberDeepti Bhatnagar / Actress / India
30 MarchNagesh Kukunoor / Actor / India
30 NovemberRajiv Dixit / Author / India
30 NovemberRajiv Dixit / Scientist / India

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