The year 1944 has a special significance of its own in India and world history. Let us know some such important events of the year 1944 such as: born famous people, death of famous people, war treaty, independence of a country, invention of new technology, change of power, important national and international day etc., knowing which your general Knowledge will increase.

Important Historical Events of the Year 1944 in World ⚡

04 JuneThe American Army entered Rome during World War II.
10 JuneThe German army killed 218 Greeks during World War II.
22 JuneThe US enacted a law to help retired soldiers.
06 JulyMahatma Gandhi was first addressed by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose as 'Father of the Nation'.
17 JulyIn the United States, 322 people died in an explosion in two ammunition-laden ships near California.
18 JulyBritish troops captured the Baerkebus mountain range of Normandy.
24 July300 fighter jets dropped bombs on Germany.
12 SeptemberThe US Army entered Germany for the first time.
05 OctoberWomen got the franchise in France.
28 OctoberIn the second world war, Germany's constituent Bulgaria surrendered unconditionally to the Soviet Union.
05 NovemberAlex Karl, a French physician, biologist and philosopher, died.
06 NovemberPlutonium was produced for the first time at the Hanford Atomic Facility.
07 NovemberA rail accident in Spain's Aguadilla tunnel killed 500 people.
07 AugustThe first electronic calculator, 51 feet in length, 8 feet in height and weighing five tons, was built.
31 AugustWest Indies great batsman Clive Lloyd was born. In his career, he scored 7515 runs in 110 Tests and 1977 runs in 87 ODIs.
07 DecemberGeneral Radescu formed the government in Romania.
16 FebruaryDadasaheb Phalke, father of Hindi cinema, died at the age of 74 in Nashik.
17 FebruaryThe Battle of Eniwetok began during World War II in which American troops prevailed.
22 FebruaryMahatma Gandhi's wife Kasturba Gandhi died.
27 MarchTwo thousand Jews were murdered in Lithuania.
14 AprilThe ship of arms exploded in the port of Mumbai, killing more than 1200 people.
04 JanuaryGerman radio preached a decree to raise school children for war purposes.
02 FebruaryThe Germans won at the Battle of Sistarna.
13 MarchItaly and the Soviet Union restored diplomatic relations with each other.
08 AprilThe tennis court battle began as the Battle of Kohima.
06 MayAmerican submarines USS Gurnard attacked Le Ichi convoy, three submarines submerged in water.
07 JuneThe Battle of Bravil began.
09 JulyAmerica won the battle of Saipan in victory.
12 AugustThe Battle of Falize Pocket began.
07 SeptemberHungary declared war against Romania.
17 OctoberIn Athens, rival birds started fighting each other.
17 NovemberThe Second British Army captured Wasem.
11 DecemberThe Eighth Army of the British marched on Lamon, Italy.
22 JanuaryWorld War II-The Allies commenced Operation Shingle, anamphibious landing against Axis forces in the area of Anzio and Nettuno,Italy.
27 JanuaryWorld War II-The Soviet Leningrad–Novgorod Offensive successfully lifted the Siege of Leningrad, 872 days after it began.
29 JanuaryWorld War II: At least 38 people were killed and about a dozen injured when the Polish village of Koniuchy (present-day Kani?kai, Lithuania) was attacked by Soviet partisan units.
23 FebruaryIn response to an insurgency in Chechnya, the Soviet Union began the forced deportation of native Chechens and Ingush population of North Caucasus to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.
29 FebruaryThe Admiralty Islands campaign during the Pacific War of World War II began when American forces assaulted Los Negros Island, the third largest of the Admiralty Islands.
01 MarchWorld War II-American and Australian troops won the Battle of Sio in New Guinea.
04 MarchMurder, Inc. leader Louis Buchalter was executed, the onlymajor mob boss to receive the death penalty in the United States afterbeing convicted of murder.
09 MarchWorld War II-As part of the Battle of Narva, the Soviet Air Forces heavily bombed Tallinn, Estonia, killing up to 800 people, mostlycivilians.
20 MarchWorld War II—Four thousand US Marines land on Emiru Island in the Bismarck Archipelago to develop an airbase as part of Operation Cartwheel.
24 MarchWorld War II—German occupation troops execute 335 people in Rome for a partisan attack carried out the previous day against the SS Police Regiment Bozen.
24 MarchWorld War II-prisoner Allied airmen begin 'The Great Escape', breaking out of Stalag Luft III, a German prison camp.
28 AprilDuring World War II, exercise tiger, large-scale rehearsal for Normandi's invasion, German S-boats attacked a convoy of friendly countries, killing 946 US troops.
09 MayThe first eye bank was established on 9 May 1944 in New York, two physicians in the United States. John McLean and. To store eyes for cornea transplant by townly patton.
18 MayThe Battle of Monte Cassino ended on May 18, 1944 after a 123 -day series of four attacks by the Allies against the Winter Line in Italy by Axis forces during World War II. The fourth battle of Operation Dedem, Monte Casino took place on 11 May 1944 and was supported by an airstrikes called Operation Strangal; The German situation collapsed on 18 May.
18 MayThe Second World War-Polar forces under Lieutenant General Vladislav Enders captured Monte Casino, Italy.
18 MayThe Soviet Union forcibly deported the entire Tatar population as a special shelter in Uzbek SSR and other places.
04 JuneThe United States Navy Task Group captured the German submarine U-505, which is today alive as a museum ship in the Museum Offsens and Industry of Chicago.
10 JuneDuring the Second World War, six hundred and forty people, including men, women and children, were killed in the city of Ordor-Soon-Glain. Ordor-Sur-Glain was a city in France which was attacked by the German army. This phenomenon is known as the Ordur-Sura-Glain massacre.
15 JuneIn Suskechewan general election, Tommy Douglas-led Co-operativeComonweight Federation won sufficient seats in Legislative Assembly to form the first socialist government in North America.
17 JuneIceland declared independence from Denmark and became a republic. Eliminating the monarchy led to a slight change in the Constitution of Iceland. The people of Iceland celebrated the end of the long struggle for total freedom and praised Jon Sigur Icelandsson for their early independence movement and the first President of Iceland.
19 JuneThe World War II-World-United States of America and the Imperial Japan connected each other to the Mariana Islands in the Philippine Sea.
25 JuneThe Second World Wronged State USA and the Royal Navy ships bombed Bombardberg of France to support the US Army units engaged in the Battle of France, Carbberg.
03 JulySecond World War: Minsk was freed from German control by Soviet soldiers during Operation Bagan. Operation Bagashan was the codename of the Soviet 1944 Belorian strategic attack operation during World War II. This removed the German forces from East Poland and Belorusian SSR.
07 JulyThe largest benzai charge in the battle of Saipan was used by the Japanese army against the US. There was a fight for Sayapan during World War II. This war took place on the island of Mariana. As a result of this fight, the United States won with several casualties from both sides.
09 JulyThe forces of Britain and Canada captured a city in France during World War II. The city was controlled by Nazi Germans after the French invasion. The fight was known as the battle of Normandy.
09 JulySaiPan was taken under control by the US. This incident took place during World War II. The island of Sapan Island of Marina Islands was captured by the Japanese Army. The United States started a campaign to capture the islands in association with Canada.
09 JulyThe bottom of the bottom of the end ended. This fight was won by Finland against the Soviets. This war was fought during World War II. It was the biggest battle fought in the northern part of Europe. The Finnish army is successful in stopping the soveit forces to enter through Finland. Finland was supported by Germany.
17 JulyTwo ships laden with ammunition for World War II exploded in Port Chicago, California at Port Chicago Naval Magazine, killing 320 sailors and civilians, and more than 400 others were injured.
20 JulyAdolf Hitler survived an attempt to murder by Claus von Stoffenberg, a member of the Germansistance, hidden a briefcase during a conference at the Wolfashenge Militaryquarter in Eastern Prisia.
21 JulyWorld War-American soldiers landed on Guam to free it from Japanese control.
22 JulyIn protest against the exile of the Polish government, the Polish Committee of National Liberation published its manifesto, in which the process of fighting in World War II against Nazi Germany, nationalization of industry, and a 'decent boundary' in the West ' Was involved. ,
01 AugustThe Second World War-Polar Home Army launched Warsaw Rebellion Invars against the Nazi occupation of Poland, a rebellion that lasted for 63 days until it was rejected by the Germans.
04 August15-year-old Jewish Diner Anne Frank and her family have been arrested by a Nazistan Guestopo from the seal-bound area of ​​an Amsterdam warehouse
07 AugustIBM first presented the program-controlled calculator to the Horved University, after which it came to be known as Mark I (Figure).
10 AugustThe German army contingent 'Narwa ' stopped the Sovietalingrad Front from capturing the strategically important Narva Istmusin Estonia.
12 AugustAfter a week, after discriminatory killing of citizens in Vola, Warsaw, Poland, SS General Eric von Dem Bach-Zelevski ordered that any remaining pole be sent to labor or concentration camps.
20 AugustThe Second World War-Gastapo transported aircraft of 168 friendly countries, which were classified as detectives and criminals, so that the prisoner of the war could not be sent to the Buchanwald concentration camp.
21 AugustRepublic of China, Soviet Union, United Kingdom and the United States delegation met Damberton Ox in Washington, DC to discuss the formation of the United Nations.
22 AugustThe Second World War Vaharamat infantry carried out an attack against the citizens of nine villages located in the Amari Valley on the Greek Island Crete.
23 AugustKing Michael dismissed the Government of Axis of General Iyanonosku, which put Romania on behalf of the Allies for the remaining World War II.
25 AugustThe Paris is free from Nazi occupation, which lasts for more than four years by the French 2nd Armard Division and the American 4th Infantry Division. In addition, General Charles de Gaul, who was the leader of the free French Army, set foot in Paris the next day.
15 SeptemberThe American and Australian army started the Morotai's war, landing on Japan -occupied Morotai.
19 SeptemberFinland and the Soviet Union signed the Moscow Aristis to end the continuity war.
25 SeptemberThe Second World War-Bitish soldiers began their return from the Battle of Arnhem in the Netherlands, ending the Operation Market Garden of the Allies.
07 OctoberHolocaust-Jews used to work in the member-achvitz of the Sonderkomando-they came to know that he was being murdered, revolted, arranged to kill more than 70 SS men before insulting themselves.
14 OctoberAfter being associated with the conspiracy to assassinate Adolf Hitler, German Field Marshal Irwin Romel was forced to commit suicide.
18 OctoberThe Russian army attacks Czechoslovakia.
20 OctoberWorld War II-He did a promise two years ago, General Douglas McArthur landed on Lente to start a recurrence of the Philippine Islands.
21 OctoberIn World War II, the German army surrendered to American soldiers, the three -week battle of Achen ended.
24 OctoberThe Second World War-Empiral Japanese war ship Mushi, who was the heaviest and most powerful armed, was drowned in the battle of the late Gulf.
25 OctoberThe USS Tang, United States Navy submarine was credited with bringing more ships to more vessels than any other American submarine, when it was submerged by its own torpedo.
25 OctoberHenrik Himmler ordered Edelweiss Pirates, a non-reformist youth group, who helped those who had assisted from the Army's desert and Nazis.
26 OctoberDuring his Vice Presidential campaign, Democratic candidate David Duke told reporters that he was never a member of the Ku Cluks Clan, nor would he ever be.
26 OctoberIn one of the largest naval battles in the Second World War-modern history, the friendly forces defeated the Imperial Japanese Navy in the seas around the Philipinian Island of the Gulf of Lyte.
06 NovemberHanford Atomic Facility in the US state of Washington designed its first plutonium, and it would proceed to make the entire American nuclear arsenal more.
12 NovemberThe Second World War-Royal Air Force drowned the German warship Tirpitz in the ninth attempt, resulting in about 1,000 deaths of sailors.
16 NovemberOperation started in Queen, Duran, Germany, one of the heaviest strategic bomb attacks of World War II.
11 DecemberThe city of Toronto is affected by the heaviest snowfall ever, with 20 inches of snow falling in a single day and 21 people are dying as a result.
16 DecemberThe Second World War-Nazi Germany's Wharamach launched its last aggressive war in the Western Front.
17 DecemberUnder the Jochim Piper, Nazi soldiers killed unarmed prisoners of Alwar, who were captured during the battle of Belg, which was with a machine gun near Belgium.
22 DecemberDuring the Second World War, General Anthony McAoliff of the US Army responded to the German ultimatum of surrender during the war with the word angle, 'Nuts! '

Important Historical Events of the Year 1944 in India ⚡

09 JulyNetaji Subhash Chandra Bose ji accepted the leadership of Azad Hind Fauj to make India independent from British rule.
24 NovemberFamous Indian film actor and film director Amol Palekar was born.
20 AugustThe 6th Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi was born.
23 AugustThe famous Indian film heroine Saira Banu was born.
18 MarchThe Azad Hind Fauj of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose entered India through Burma.
19 MarchAzad Hind Fauj hoisted the national flag in Northeast India.
14 AprilThe cargo SS Fort Stickin, who carried a mixed goods of cotton, gold and ammunition in Bombay, India port, drowned nearby ships and killed about 800 people.
05 MayMahatma Gandhi was released after 2 years on 5 May 1944 due to deteriorating health. He was arrested on 9 August 1942 by the British Authority to refuse to support war efforts in India during World War II.

Famous People's Birthdays in 1944 😀

21 JanuaryPratibha Ray / Author / India
21 MayMary Robinson / Politician / Ireland
01 MarchBuddhadev Bhattacharya / Politician / India
01 JanuaryParikshit Sahni / Actor / India
04 AugustDilip Prabhavalkar / Actor / India
04 NovemberDr Padmavathy Bandopadhyay / Flying Officer / India
06 OctoberJitranram Manjhi / Politician / India
09 NovemberChitresh Das / Choreographer / India
09 JulyTabassum / Actress / India
10 AprilPrem Kumar Dhumal / Politician / India
11 JanuaryShibu Soren / Politician / India
13 JulyPu Zoramthanga / Politician / India
16 OctoberLachhu Maharaj / Instrumentalist / India
17 MayPriti Sengupta / Writer / India
20 AugustRajeev Gandhi / Politician / India
20 AugustRajiv Gandhi / Politician / India
21 OctoberKulbhushan Kharbanda / Actor / India
21 AprilN. Gopalaswami / Civil Servant / India
21 MarchPinarayi Vijayan / Politician / India
24 AprilArjun Nehru / Politician / India
24 DecemberOswald Gracias / Cardinal / India
25 DecemberMani Kaul / Director / India

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