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Find Hindi meaning of Fleeting. Build English vocabulary online and learn similar words, opposite words and uses of "Fleeting" in sentences with examples. "Fleeting" का मतलब हिंदी में जानिये और अंग्रेजी की शब्दावली सुधारें।

Definition of "Fleeting"

adjectivelasting for a very short time

Similar words, opposite words and meaning in Hindi of "Fleeting"

Hindi Meaning of Fleetingअस्थायी, अस्थिर, क्षणिक, क्षणभंगुर, पलायक, बेलगाम, सामयिक, क्षण मात्र का
Synonyms of FleetingMomentary, Ephemeral, Temporal
Antonyms of FleetingLong-Lasting, Permanent, Staying

Related Synonyms of "Fleeting" with Hindi meaning

Evanescentजल्द मिट जाने वाला, अस्थाई, अस्थिर, क्षणिक, भगोड़ा, विचलित, व्याकुल
Momentaryक्षणिक, अस्थिर, अस्थायी, अवर, क्षणभंगुर, त्वरित, सरसरी
Transientअनित्य, अस्थायी, क्षणिक, चलायमान, अल्पकालिक, स्वल्पायु, क्षणभंगुर
Transitoryअनित्य, आसार, अस्थायी, क्षणभंगुर, क्षणिक, नाशवान, सामयिक, कालिक

Related Antonyms of "Fleeting" with Hindi meaning

Enduringस्थायी, चिरस्थायी, टिकाऊ, अविनश्वर, अविनाशी, अक्षय, सतत, अनवरत
Perpetualअनवरत, अविरत, चिरस्थायी, नित्य, निरंतर, शाश्वत, सर्वकालिक, सनातन
Relentlessकरुणरहित, दयशून्य, अनवरत, कठोर, निर्दयी, निर्मम, अटल, वज्र

Use of "Fleeting" word in sentences, examples

  • Just as at the playground, the conversation is both deep and fleeting, subject to easy distractions and the call of duty.
  • Coated with ephemeral effects and inhabiting shifting atmospheres, his songs feel imbued with a sense of how fleeting life can be.
  • By their count, Trump had the most “fleeting interruptions” last night of any debate so far, while Clinton didn't fleetingly interrupt him once.
  • Momentum is fleeting, but Carson Wentz should guard against an Eagles slide. play.
  • As a lifelong New Englander, I know how beautiful and fleetingfall foliage is each year.

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