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Find Hindi meaning of Somnolent. Build English vocabulary online and learn similar words, opposite words and uses of "Somnolent" in sentences with examples. "Somnolent" का मतलब हिंदी में जानिये और अंग्रेजी की शब्दावली सुधारें।

Definition of "Somnolent"

adjectivesleepy; drowsy.

Similar words, opposite words and meaning in Hindi of "Somnolent"

Hindi Meaning of Somnolentउनींदा, थकाऊ, निर्दालू, सम्मोहक, निद्राजनक, स्वापक, शांत, मंद
Synonyms of SomnolentSleepy, Slumberous, Soporific
Antonyms of SomnolentAttentive, Awake, Conscious

Related Synonyms of "Somnolent" with Hindi meaning

Soporificआसवपाक, निद्राकारी, निद्राजनक, स्वापक, उनींदा, मुर्ख, निर्दालू, ऊंघता हुआ

Use of "Somnolent" word in sentences, examples

  • The somnolent Giants' bats are already a concern.
  • EL was classically described by von Economo and has somnolent-ophthalmoplegic, hyperkinetic, and amyostatic-akinetic forms.
  • Boy whose hobby periodically jolts the movie out of its somnolent seriousnes
  • Refreshingly different from the staid and somnolent Manmohan Singh arrangement no longer thrall.
  • The most symptoms that they notice with the kids or the person who eats too much, or takes too much – they're sleepy, more somnolent.

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